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Miyu-CrimsonRose by MiyuDimon

Name: Miyu Katherine Dimon

Age: One hundred and two, however she appears to be about twenty-one.

Race: Vampire- Mostly Psychic Vampire, however she does drink blood. She does not like to drink human blood, however she is not like the twilight vampires! It is just that she has lost control of her blood thirst on more than one occasion, and does not want to go back to those days.
Definition of Psychic Vampire- A psychic vampire is a person or being who feeds off the "life force" of other living creatures. Basically she can use the energy of another person to heal herself, or do what she must to protect those she loves.

Gender: Female

Height: Five feet three inches

Weight: around one hundred and twelve pounds

Personality: Miyu is a very outgoing person, she tries to help everyone whether she likes them or not. She seems to put others first before herself and sometimes that gets her weak but she doesn't seem to mind. She can also sometimes lose her temper and then afterwards apologizes like crazy. She is very happy most of the time, and will always help someone in need no matter who or what they are. This personality of hers is both a curse and a want from others. As she always puts others before herself, always helping others, and never giving up on anyone, no matter how bad the situation looks. She can get excited easily, as she loves to learn new things, or likes to discover, investigate everything she can. She can be quite fierce when needed, and many have been afraid of her when it comes to her temper.
The Blood Lust- When she gets a taste of human blood, now that is a scary thought. Once the blood is consumed, it is only a matter of seconds before she will lose herself to the blood lust. Normally she will lose her mind, not knowing who she cares about, all she wants is blood. She will kill anyone she can to get what it is she wants, and anyone who gets in her way for sport. She loves to torture people while in this state, and will take prisoners so that she can. While in this state she has even more heightened powers, and can take people to make them slave-like, to do her bidding.

Appearance: Her eyes shine brightly blue during the night when the moon makes it's escape from the dawn and control the ocean. When the stars once again make their way home and nestles in the most gorgeous of blue and blacks. However during the day here eyes shined brightly like the sun or the stars themselves. Her skin is pale, with almost a white hue to it. The skin that most see with a vampire, making her blue eyes seem to stand out even more. Her dark brown hair has a red tint to the wavy strands that fall to her ankles. It always seems to fall in her face, so she is always trying to push it behind her ears. There are times that she will wear her hair up on the top of her head, in a loose and messy bun. She is very thin, but has wonderful curves to her hips and chest area. As many males from the older days like to put it, she has breeding hips. She can come off a little bit as an hour glass of sorts. She is about 112 pounds give or take, she is a Vampire and will live forever, so she really doesn't have a need to weigh herself. Standing at about five feet and four inches, which allows her to be proportioned pretty well. She usually wears a pair of dark blue tight jeans that have two pockets on each side in the front. On the back of them it has the normal back pockets with small jewels making a cute design on them. Normally she can be seen wearing a black medieval type of shirt, V-necked, and with short sleeves, or sometimes she will wear long sleeved shirts that are long past her waist and wide open.

Bio: History:
March 1911: Born to a middle class family. Her father was a village leader, and taught the warriors of the village many things, including how to fight and to survive. Her mother died giving birth to Miyu so she never knew her mother at all, only learned about her from her father. She was an only child, which was rare for this time period and this place. At age three she got sick with a form of the plague, though at that time they did not know what it was, or why it was there. At age four she finally broke her fever, after being in a coma for almost a year. By ten she was promised to another village head. The man had lost his wife two years earlier to the plague, along with both of his children. The man’s name was Vlad Serbain, and all she had to do was to wait a few more years. At the time she was excited to become part of his family. Age thirteen brought herself to move into Vlad's residence, starting out as just a maid. She by law was not to be touched until her sixteenth birthday. As a maid, she kept the house in order, cleaned and cooked. Keeping the house together for her betrothed. When she was sixteen she married Vlad, becoming his wife. Within a few months, she became pregnant with their first child together. She was happy with Vlad, honestly loving him with everything she could give him. At age seventeen, she gave birth to Vladamir the second, named after his father. This pleased her husband, as he had wanted a son.  After giving birth, however, things seemed to change between Miyu and her husband." He would get upset with her more and more over small and simple things. When she was nineteen she became pregnant with another child, though Vlad seemed to deny the child and would constantly hurt her. Usually on a daily basis, causing her to lose the child she was carrying. The fact that she lost her child, made her husband beat her again. She once again was pregnant at age twenty, this time with a daughter named Katiana. Her husband continued to beat her, even when she was pregnant. Later she found out that he was sporting with another female in the village, only younger. Breaking the rules by doing so, he was executed along with his son. As in that time, the sins of the father are also the sins of the son. Age Twenty-One was the year she mourned the loss of her husband, and her son. Giving birth to her daughter at her father’s house she had got extremely sick during childbirth and was close to death. Her father had thought she would die, so she was left to the hospital by her father. Leaving her there as he left with Katiana as he felt she was too weak to be a real mother. He was a mean and cruel father to Miyu, but when she realized he left she ran after them, leaving the hospital to chase after them. She roamed the forest looking for her family but the days started to get colder, and she continued to get worse in health. Finally she could not take much more, and she fell to her sickness, with no help she collapsed to the ground and that is where she stayed until a man found her in his travels. His name was Dark, a dark vampire who was trying to redeem himself for all the terrible things he had done. Saving her was one of the many good things he had done, that went unrealized by all vampires. They despised Dark, because he had done the one thing they could never do, he saved himself. And now he was saving her, the only way he knew how. Though he hated to do it he asked Miyu if it was what she wanted, making sure she was aware of the consequences she had accepted his offer. And that day she became something different, she became someone of the darkness. Though she shone more beautifully than any other.

She spent many years with Dark, he taught her how to fend for herself, how to not harm the humans, or others. He also taught her how to fight, learning the ways of the sword and how to defend herself from sword, and from magic based attacks. Also helping her to learn how to use her powers that were given to her by the Gods. He was a father to her, someone who cared for her, and loved her as his own daughter. Many people throughout the years had assumed that they were romantically involved as they were extremely close though this is just not true. Eventually they found themselves in England, where they came across a gypsy family whom they saved from a pack of vampires wishing to kill them. Because of what they had done, the family decided to befriend Miyu and Dark and by doing so had earned them a place in their family. A few years later the head of the family, an older woman had deemed them worthy enough for a spell, one that would allow them to walk in the day light. As it would be easier for them to live. As the family helped them, they were now indebted to them and promised to protect the family for many more years to come, no matter what. And the one thing Miyu and Dark both would never do, was break a promise. From time to time, they would go back to England to visit their family and promise once again to always come if they needed them.

As the years passed on, they traveled the world trying to save who they could, Dark always trying to redeem himself. Miyu was trying to find her way through out life, finally she found a place at Draken Guard Academy. The school was for those students who were gifted, and Miyu wanted to have more help with mastering her elements. She spent over a year at the school, where she met the love of her life Ace. He was human, and was the best man she had ever met, aside from Dark of course. Ace fell in love with her, but she refused to love him in return as she was afraid of loss, losing someone she cared about again. Ace chased her, always trying to get her to accept him in her heart but she was a stubborn woman. Finally after a time of running she decided to give it a try after telling him what she felt and how scared she was. They were finally able to be together and love one another, and they were happy for a long time before the school was forced to shut down. Miyu and Ace had loved helping children with special powers so much that they decided to open a school of their own called Kokusai Academy. Thriving for many years they were Head Master and Head Mistress of the school changing lives in any way they could. After many years, like all good things it came to an end, and with the ending of the school as the students that were there had graduated and moved on. Most of them starting their lives and moving on to bigger and better things. And there were not many more students coming in to start their own time, so it was decided that the time had come to close the school. Miyu and Ace come to an end as well, they had been together for many years, and he had started to age. It was decided when they had first got together, that there would come a day when they needed to move on. Ace did not want to become a vampire himself, and she decided that it was time for him to move on and have a better life, one that he could be free with. Deciding it was time to move on, Miyu and Dark left Kokusai Academy and continued on their way through life. Still to this day they travel the world when they can, helping those they can and saving one person at a time.

She is a vampire, so the obvious strengths are apparent. Vampiric speed and agility. Hearing is also heightened, and strength causing her a somewhat upper hand in her fights. She can heal most types of wounds. Obviously she cannot heal the dead though. However as she heals those wounds on someone, she will take those wounds into herself, and of course as a vampire most wounds can be healed rather quickly. She also can do small teleportation trips, with two people including herself. Traveling to far places is also something she cannot do either. If she is weak, or tired it is something hard for her to be able to do.

Light is her affinity, it is what she is. Helpful, calming for the most part, and loving. All combined is to complete herself and prove to herself that she can help people. Water is also part of her, able to move water, allowing it to form with her hands and to be used for good.

Weakness: She is a vampire, so most things still stand, stake in the heart, holy water, crosses, except the one she wears around her neck of course. Other rules out there are however false, such as the reflection in the mirror, she does have one. However many years back she met a gypsy girl and became close to the family so she can now walk in the sunlight as the family placed a spell on her. Again, it is not like twilight or other vampire series out there. It is not a jewelry item or anything, it is just a spell. One that can never be broken unless every person in the gypsy family is dead. She also refuses to drink human blood as she does not like to take a life, nor does she want to go back into the blood lust spell. So instead she feeds on animals whenever she can, and because she more of a physic vampire, then she feeds off of energy and the things around her. Trees, the world and all living things, still having the heightened speed and strength. However she is not as powerful as she would be if she drank human blood.

Healing- The wounds she can heal will be brought to herself. Any sickness she heals will also be brought into herself as well. Obviously she will heal because of what she is, but it still is a weakness.
Telepathy- There is a very good chance that she could get permanently stuck in a mental link with someone, so she must be very careful when she speaks to someone. If she gets stuck in the wrong one then it is possible she could lose herself.
Darkness is a large weakness for her, as such with her affinity to light. Darkness poses a large threat to her. Sucking the light from her, the love, and the care she shows others. Too much exposure to cold, such as ice can cause her water powers to become too much for her to handle. It can cause her to drown in her own powers.

Here is your February feature!! This girl is amazing and wonderful! Check out her stuff because she does a heck of a job!!! Here is Nonsensical-Inks

-What is your name?
Name’s Rowan!
-How old are you?
I’m 17.
-Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a senior at an arts high school in Southern California, studying graphic design/design and interfaces (despite not liking it). Even though this is an arts school, I have never taken an art class in my life (this includes school).
-What type of art do you normally do?
Traditional pen-and-ink art in the surrealistic/conceptual genres, emphasis on blending elements of realistic illustration and abstract motifs together in one wonky piece.
-Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into art?
6 months ago I made a DA account because my friend had one. There was a pressure to upload something, of course, and I hadn’t drawn since elementary school, so my first deviation was crudely drawn. I practically forced myself to get better at art because I was extremely discontent with my current level of artistry at that time/was jealous of my artsy friends.
-What do you like most about the art you do?
I think my developing style is pretty interesting and unusual to look at. I like the complexity and intricate tendencies of my art, along with the deeper-than-superficial meanings behind them.
-Where would you like to see your art go?
I’ve made it my goal to achieve “professional freelance illustrator” status. I’ve always thought seeing my art as a tattoo or on an album cover would be pretty awesome!
-What would you like to learn how to do to make your art better?
I’m working on getting a better grasp of the relationship of light-and-shadow, especially. Dynamic gestures, composition, anatomy, foreshortening, and perspective are also fundamentals I need to study individually in more depth.
-What would you say to other artists out there?
Art is work. Some luck may be part of equation, but I think talent is subjective. If you want something as badly as you think you do, don’t sit and wait for inspiration, don’t wait to get out of your artblock, stop degrading your own work compared to others- chase after that desire to create, be relentless, study the fundamentals and build your art foundation strong, and practice, practice, practice. It’s the only way you’ll improve, I guarantee it.
-What made you come to deviantART?
A friend who had an account/ “I should probably start drawing again…”
-What do you think of the dA community, and the other artists on the site?
The community’s very encouraging, inspirational, and helpful. People will treat you with respect so long as you do the same. You can be greatly helped with advice, critiques, and feedback so long as you ask for it. I found out that everyone’s just like me, merely trying to improve at art too.
-Is there a shout out to a friend on dA, or a suggestion to the dA community or both you would like to do?
Shout out to this hooligan:iconaskthebagman: Without you I wouldn’t have even come to deviantART, and thus began this cycle of crazy art madness. Thank you for starting this whole mess. Do you know how many hours of my life I’ve killed by drawing?
-Do you take commissions?
Yes I do, traditional pieces and tattoo designs.
-If so where can we find the information for them?
I handle custom commissions privately. Feel free to send me a note for inquiries.

Now for her work!~

<da:thumb id="474291514"/> <da:thumb id="483887163"/>

<da:thumb id="477985040"/>

This is my personal favorite~
<da:thumb id="500300547"/>
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Hey everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! To start us off, it of course this month's artist feature, I apologize for it being late, I had some family emergency that I needed to take care of, but here we are!! This month I will be featuring an amazing artist, eko999 who is great at their art!! I am simply amazed, and surprised! So I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!!

What is your name?

How old are you?

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
-Hi! My real name is Eriko and most often called “Eko” and I’m a freelance illustrator living here in metro Manila, Philippines

What type of art do you normally do?
-Digital art

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into art?
-I have no Idea how got into it. All I ever wanted to do ever since a mindless boy is to draw

What do you like most about the art you do?
-I always like about how the way I do it 

Where would you like to see your art go?
-In the covers or any sort of media that I can be proud of

What would you like to learn how to do to make your art better?
-Learning on how I could overcome my weak spots

What would you say to other artists out there?
-Uhhh…… “Always do your best”?

What made you come to deviantART?
-My friend when I was on high school told me to have a DA account. and Deviant art is one of the first sites that you could make an art blog that I’ve recognized at that time.

What do you think of the dA community, and the other artists on the site?
-There are still lots of professionals

Is there a shout out to a friend on dA, or a suggestion to the dA community or both you would like to do?
Hi to :icongxpenstudio: !!!!!!

Do you take commissions?

If so where can we find the information for them?
-On my jounal page :…

Now enjoy some art~~

Bayonetta 2 by eko999      Arms by eko999      Waiting for Deployment by eko999

Airbrush Practice: Maria Ozawa by eko999      sketch gurl number:02 by eko999      The City Sparkles by eko999
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Week 49, 2014 at #deviantart365

Sun Dec 7, 2014, 11:03 PM

Last Week, Week 48, 2014 at #deviant365 we asked you to give us a link to your holiday cards!!! For the winners- ScarletLeonard and BritLawrence so Congratulations to  for their entries!! Each has won 500 :points:

Hello Deviants!!  Christmas Dance by BurgerBunny

As we continue to get close to Christmas, we seem to all want to watch the movies that get us into the mood of things! We see the movies on television, we see them on the shelves at the store. This is an amazing, and wonderful time of year! 'Tis the season!

This week, we want you to come up with your very own Christmas movie list. You can put together up to 15 movies, you do not need a full 15, but we will make that your maximum. Pick your order, do it how you like. Just make a list of the movies, you can make it look pretty, or simple. Add links to art from the movies if you can find them!! That way we can see some art as well! Be creative, it is Christmas after all ;)

:merry christmas: by luckylinx    Birthday Bounce by Mirz123  

Bullet; Blue Top fifteen (15) Christmas movies.
Bullet; Blue All entries must be submitted by Thursday, December 1 at 11:59:59pm PDT
Bullet; BlueOne(1) lucky winner will receive a 3-month subscription!!

 Good luck to everyone!! Deck the halls!

Frosty by melonhead-emotion   Merry christmas everybody by MenInASuitcase

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December Featured Artist 2014

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 7, 2014, 4:47 AM
Okay!! it is December, which means we get another featured artist Let me introduce you to rafun1312 ! It's a few days late, I apologize for this I was a bit under the weather and working way to much. However here we go!! Enjoy, this artist has some real talent and seems to be working her way up the ranks so let us all wish her the best of luck!

What is your name?

I go by Kerma B. on the internet, or by Rafun Li

How old are you?

On the 13th of this month I turn 25.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Germany, at the baltic sea, where I’m a student. I’m almost finished with my biology bachelor, but I’m considering changing towards an art/design degree.

What type of art do you normally do?

I’m a big fan of all things fantasy and science-fiction, so my art mostly goes in that direction. My work these days is almost completely digital, and a lot of my pictures are illustrations for stories I’m working on.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into art?

Drawing always fascinated me. I remember when I was in kindergarten, how I was jealous of other girls for being better at it then I was. I started with tracing from picture books, but eventually, I got tired of the limitations tracing brings. I don’t remember how old I was when I started drawing “for real”, around twelve, thirteen, maybe. At this point, my parents gave me the opportunity to take a weekend workshop with a professional artist, where I learned basics about drawing and shading from a real object. From then I was kind of hooked. I experimented a lot with pencils, watercolor, and acrylics, but finally settled on digital art.

What do you like most about the art you do?

Since I also write stories, drawing for me is often a way to figure out details of my character-designs, my world-building. It helps me to visualize what I’m trying to describe. Sometimes a picture does say more than a thousand words, I guess.
I also really love the endless possibilities digital art brings. The varieties in style, colors, brushes, all within one program.

Where would you like to see your art go?

I would really like to reach a professional level, go to art school, get a degree, work as an artist.

What would you like to learn how to do to make your art better?

A little bit of everything, actually. My anatomy still has issues sometimes, perspective is something I always struggle with, and there’s a lot about textures for me to learn. And then of course there are the big struggles, like color balance, composition, and overall impact of a picture.

What would you say to other artists out there?

Don’t worry about stuff like talent. Try to learn something from every piece you draw, and try to step outside of the box every now and then. Though this is actually something I have to remind myself to do, too ;)

What made you come to deviantART?

A friend told me about this site, and it sounded fascinating. After I joined my account lay dormant for quite some time, before I really grew comfortable with sharing my art here.

What do you think of the dA community, and the other artists on the site?

dA is such a huge and varied site that I find it really hard to talk about ‘the community’. There are many, many great artists and great people here, but of course there also are trolls. I try to learn as much as I can from the first, and avoid the latter.

Is there a shout out to a friend on dA, or a suggestion to the dA community or both you would like to do?

My shout out would have to go to all the wonderful stock-providers here on dA, with all their amazing galleries, and also to all the people who write tutorials and share their knowledge with less experienced members. They’re doing such a great job, and I learned a lot from them.

Do you take commissions?

Um, no? I came to dA to learn, I never felt like I was at a point where someone would want to commission something from me.

If so where can we find the information for them?

If anyone should want to commission me, just send me a note, and we could certainly talk about it.

Old Man Frost by rafun1312  Evening light by rafun1312  Duell by rafun1312

Shapeshifters by rafun1312  Rafun by rafun1312  the outcast by rafun1312

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