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RPAffinity Rules, Classes and Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 8:48 PM

RPAffinity Rules

:star: Rules:

Anything that has a :new: next to it has been updated.


:bulletblue:) You must have your character sheet approved before requesting RPs or getting comfortable in the chat. Please do not talk to the members while you are doing your character sheet you should focus on that alone. You may tab a mod if you have any questions.

:bulletblue:) Please do not re-post your RP request more than once every 15 minutes.

:bulletblue:) Bold is only allowed when making RP requests, and should not be used for anything else. If it is then you will be kicked as your warning and if done again, then you will be placed on a temp ban for 24 hours.

:bulletblue:) CAPS is allowed in moderation and we do mean MODERATION!! Each mod is different and will warn you on it. So do NOT abuse this (both member and mod) because if it is abused then Miyu WILL put her foot down!

:bulletblue:) Also, please avoid excessive "stretching" of words, which is repeating the same characters in a row.  We consider excessive to be over 15 characters.

:bulletblue:) NO advertising please. This means chat rooms, websites, pictures ect....Anything that a mod considers advertising. It will be a kick/ban.

:bulletblue:) Please avoid using "text speak" (or typing like "u r so cool lol").  As a roleplaying channel, we want people to put effort into using good grammar.  Occasional "text speak" can be considered acceptable, but overuse to the point where readability is affected is not allowed.

:bulletblue:) We have a one (1) hour idle limit for Readers, which is enforced through our bot.

:bulletblue:) We are an English-speaking channel only.  Please don't use other languages in our channel, so we can all understand you.

:bulletblue:) We do not allow spamming in our channel, and have set our bots to automatically remove people who spam in our channel.  Spamming is automatically handled by our bot, however, mods will intervene when they feel they must. Spamming can be icons, phrases, causing drama, the mods will decide. And they will be honored, nor does it need to be explained to you. It could be a kick for something small, or it could be a temp/perm ban if the mod feels it should be.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ignore the mods.  Our mods must be able to talk to you in order to resolve issues, and if they are unable to do so, they have to resort to using bans to get their points across.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ask for channel privileges (aka mod status).  We encourage everyone who wants to help to volunteer, but access to admin commands are given as necessary.

:bulletblue:) No bots in the room except those owned by the mods.  All bots in the channel must be used for the benefit of our community at large, and vanity bots (e.g. single-user welcome messages) are not acceptable.

:bulletblue:) All members and visitors are allowed to have one (1) account active in our chat at a time.  If you make a new account, you must talk to a moderator so they can activate your new account and remove your old one.

:bulletblue:) We have a strict no-drama policy.  We ask that people take personal conflicts to private channels.  A moderator can intervene if asked, but do not allow any fights to spill into the channel. This will also include bugging the mods, talking back to the mods, being harsh or an ass in general. Mods reserve the right to kick or ban a user for ANY reason, and it does NOT need to be explained to you, though most will give you a reason. If you argue about this then you will be perm banned. This is also applied to existing members.

:star: Applying:

:bulletblue:) DO NOT POST JOURNALS OF ANY KIND, NO LINK TO IT, NO COPY AND PASTE!! NO EXCEPTION!! It Must follow our sheet, however you can add info at the end of the sheet. ;) NO EXCEPTION!!

:bulletblue:) Once you have read all the rules and have chosen a class you would like to be in, then fill out a character sheet, and tab one of the mods to look your character over.

:bulletblue:) Once your original character has been accepted, you may use any other characters you see fit for your request. You DO NOT have to post each character you use.

:bulletblue:) If you post someone else's character, or if someone else does the sheet for you, you will be banned. That is a permanent ban, and will NOT be reversed.

:star: Enforcement:

:bulletblue:) We typically have a kick / kick / ban enforcement policy with the exception of blatant infractions. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, please send a note directly to MiyuDimon for her to make the decision to bring you back or not.

DAmn Rules

:bulletblue:) No spam. This includes icons and emoticons. (please don't use more than four in one post or too often.)

:bulletblue:) Keep it clean. All and any type of cybering (sexually explicit rping) references that are too mature is against dAmn rules and will result in a ban and a policy report to the staff. Here is a link to the dAmn rules.… Keep your requests PG-13... I will NOT tolerate this, First offense is a perm ban.


Ceo - This class is for MiyuDimon ONLY, she is the owner of the room.

CM- This class is for Arsonicace and Jacob-C-Wolf only, they are the Co-Owner's of the room. Works along side MiyuDimon.

Head-Security- This class is for our bots who maintain our welcome message and watch for spamming.

Editors - This class is for the mods of RPAffinity.

Proof-Readers- This class is for the secondary mods of RPAffinity.

Helpers- This class is for people to help check sheets and monitor when a mod is unavailable.

Copy-Writers - This class is for the bots of RPAffinity.

The-Imaginators- This is a VERY new class. This will be the class that creates events, advertises RPA, and thinks of new ideas.
(To be in this class, you MUST be a member of RPA for at least a month, and must send Miyu a note with request to join, make her want you.)

Special-Friends- This class is for friends of Miyu's who do not rp, but are in the room for the social aspect of the room.
(Mostly made for Miyu's friends at Deviant365 or Mods of dA- DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT IN THIS CLASS!!!)

Lovers - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do romance rp's over any other genre.

Fighters - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do battle rp's over any other genre.

In-betweeners - This class is for those Rpers who do NOT have a preference genre and will accept/request different genre's.

Novelists - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post over 400 words.

Short-Stories - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post under 400 words.

Readers - This class is for Guests who have not yet posted a character sheet.

Silenced- This class is for those who get into trouble, but not banned. Be careful!!!

Deleted - This class is for those who have broken the rules and are no longer welcome in RPAffinity.

:bulletblue: Character Sheet :bulletblue:

NO FAN CHARACTERS OF ANY KIND!! It will be auto denied.

Name: (First and last please. If it's only one name (IE something like Blood), then please explain why.)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: (If the character is immortal, like a vampire, then please tell us what age they look like and what age they really are. If you don't know, then please give us an estimate. We highly suggest you don't go over the top with the age. We do NOT allow any characters under the age of 13.)

Appearance: (This needs to be a paragraph long (Five sentences at the least for a paragraph.) If you find yourself having trouble describing your character, try starting from head to toe: Start from their head, starting with their hair. The down to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. etc. It really helps.)

History: (This needs to be at least three paragraphs long. Like the appearance, try and start from the beginning. When they were born, where, any important information about their family. Go on to child hood, then to teen, young adult, and then further on depending on how old your character is.)

Personality: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Try to explain your characters personality as best you can, what they normally feel like, what happens when they get mad or happy, how people would describe them.)

Weakness: (This needs to be a paragraph long, and their weakness must be able to kill them. A good example would be water killing a fire monster, things like that. Please list as many weaknesses as you can, and if your character happens to be a human, just point out that the normal human weaknesses apply to your character.)

Weapons: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Explain all weapons, if you do not have any weapons then please explain that. )

Abilities: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Please list all abilities, this includes the abilities your character has from its race (IE a vampire has super speed, super strength, high senses, etc. etc.) as well as physical abilities, like being able to fight very well or some magic abilities.)

Class Requested: (Feel free to pick whatever you like, though it's suggested that you pick something that fits your character. If you can't decide, feel free to ask a mods opinion.)

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

:new:(Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit this, if you don't use word (Which is high suggested) then you can use an online spell checker. Tab a mod when you've finished. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ALL SECTIONS THEN YOU WILL BE DENIED!!)

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  • Reading: What I am writing.
  • Watching: Me type...
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Mountian Dew
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Mixxylicious Featured By Owner Edited Apr 7, 2016  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
Mix Scratch (mixxy)

Half vampire Half human


24 but claims to be 21


Mixxy has pale skin with sky blue eyes. She has long, emerald hair and preferably keeps it in a ponytail. Around 80% of the time, she wears purple shades with a red frame and a white shirt with a vinyl record picture on her chest, she also prefers using shorts over anything else. Mixxy has a pretty lean body. She never dresses up for anything special unless it’s a formal event. Preferably, she wears a tux over a dress. Regarding her everyday attire, including days when she’s involved with fights, she always wears a jacket over her outfit. Because Mixxy is a HALF-vampire, she has retractable fangs that help conceal her identity. But when she craves blood lust, her fangs pop out.


As a child, Mixxy lived a decent life. One day, as she was taking a stroll around the city, she had just passed a nuclear power plant when it exploded. Miraculously, she survived but was barely alive with all her limbs gone and half her torso destroyed. Fortunately on happenstance, there was a friendly vampire was walking around who witnessed the child’s near-death experience, and had helped her. The vampire collected limbs off of various deceased bodies around Mix, and used her blood to attach the new limbs to her. Not only had this process neutralized and modified these limbs to adapt in accordance to Mix’s body and skin type, but she had also attained a number of vampiric powers.

When Mixxy headed home to check on her parents, she had found out that her parents were caught in the explosion and had died. Given her current state as an orphan, the vampire adopted had taken her under her guidance and raised her like a sister. The vampire prefered a quiet and peaceful life, and luckily for Mixxy, that was their life for majority of the time. Apparently, the vampire had owned a nightclub called “Limelight.” From there, Mixxy had learned her trade to DJ, and later had inherited the club.

As she was growing up, Mixxy was taught how to defend herself if put in any life-threatening situation. She was taught how to fist fight properly, followed by how to use and master her powers. Under her circumstance, she grew up to be a tomboy and also tried to maintain her act in front of everyone.

Being half a vampire only also means she does not have immortality, she can eventually die of old age.

Mixxy is a very outgoing person, spontaneous, and is an alcoholic due to working in Limelight. She also has a very fun personality and likes to fool around quite a lot, and because of that she rarely takes anything seriously, especially fights. She is a big flirt, and really likes flirting with both girls and guys. Due to most of Mix's powers, she has become quite cocky. Almost always, she underestimates her opponents and is never serious during battles. Once she starts losing in a battle, she starts to panic, and does not think before she acts, which can lead to dangerous situations. Mixxy unaffected by sunlight, but personally doesn't like it. Regarding her diet, she eats normal meals every day. But every now and then, she craves for blood but doesn’t necessarily depend on it to survive.Mixxy never really liked the idea of drinking blood. But when her bloodlust takes over and she gives in, she becomes very depressed and refuses to talk to others for about a day. This has been a constant and recurring behavior ever since she was a child.

Mix has enhanced power and speed. She can lift an entire truck with one hand, and can run about 150 miles an hour at optimum speed. She also has the ability to heal very quickly. However, she is in NOT as strong as a full fledged vampire and cannot fight one even if she tried, with the exception of assistance from others. Mix cannot wield weapons for its redundance compared to her immense strength. For fighting styles, Mixxy prefers to fight silently with an element of surprise, and strikes without warning. But if they discover her presence, then she just fights head on.


she is EXTREMELY weak to poison, and will shut down her healing abilities. Mixxy CANNOT use any melee weapons, due to her immense strength as exemplified when she swings and breaks weapons. She also does not like to use guns due to the loud noise it makes... this prevents her from fighting anything relating to armed trajectories, magic, or ranged attacks. At most, she can counter long-ranged attacks by launching objects at enemies. Finally, whenever Mixxy uses her healing abilities, it slowly drains her stamina to the point of exhaustion, and leaves her very vulnerable to counter attacks. Mixxy is not directly affected by sunlight in anyway, she just dislikes it in general, which is why she always uses shades. 

Class Requested:
Short Stories

Person who helped you when you came in:
No one

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?
JadeSound Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

Name: Aela Loristyn 
Race: Elf 
Gender: Female 
Age: 17 
Appearance: A grassy green nest of hair, with dead ends looking as dead as the 
namesake. It has a paler color at the tip. Skin colored only slightly by the sun and pale as paper. 
The eyes a pale blue as the sky and large enough to get lost in. Her nose is a small and barely 
noticeable except if she snarled and the cartilage pokes through the skin leaving a terrible look. 
She has a small mouth normally drawn in a line. She is noted for wearing fiery red 
embellishments on armor. If she took of her elbow length gloves you would see scars lining her 
History: Aela was born in a small village. It was unnamed in the idea it moved constantly, 
due to an enemy. Everyone one she knew was hiding, because long ago their ancestors stole a 
precious gem from the head family of the time. Enemies of the very home they had been born 
and raised they ran. Her parents had been apart of this since the beginning of their lives, and 
wanted more for her. So they left her at a side if a mountain closest to a town. 
3 years later she turned twelve and was long past the grief of being left alone. She had 
been taken in by a family of 8 in a cabin that had visitors that paid to stay. Soon enough she 
found it was a small scale inn. Not that she admitted the knowledge had not come to her for a 
while there. She worked her way around the establishment, cleaning and cooking. Finally she 
made enough that she decided to travel. 
It took her four years to start her journey. She left the second home she had come to 
know without a glance back. It wasn’t that she was stone cold, she just couldn’t bear to. That 
year she had multiple run-ins with bandits and creatures. Travelling from town to town she made 
money with the hides of her enemies and made a small name for herself. Her loses resulted in 
hunger and aimless wandering, but her winnings put her back on track. She wanted to find her 
family again. 
Personality: Aela has met many people over her travels. No one she has fought as of yet can 
speak but the vendors can remark she didn’t look the part of a young fighter. She would have 
agreed. If not for magic and the impending doom fueling her she wouldn’t fight anyone.  She can’t 
help but feel lonely most days,which describes her look of constant sadness. Pure hatred only 
flits across her face in battle and she is hard to anger. Her happiness is just as hard to draw out. 
When she had been happy in her way distant past she remembers it as a smile filled days as 
long as summer. 
Weakness: This elf isn’t immortal. So, age or just about anything can kill. She isn’t a fan of 
fighting unarmed humans. If any such attack she is more than likely to take any damage 
received. She isn’t used to any weapon that is unlike a spear. Giving her a shield would be 
pointless because she hasn’t the strength to use it to block blows. She uses agility over strength.  
Weapons: Spears  
Abilities: As an elf she is a bit inclined to like nature, magic and archery. She’s only used to one 
of those three. Her abilities are a work in progress as she sorts out the who’s and whats of being 
able to visualize and objects history. Read a few minds and withstand extreme temperatures. 
Though the last can just be a cause of conditioning in any case. Seeing how these are not the 
best defence or offence she is trained on a spear.  
Class Requested: Short Stories 
Person who helped you when you came in: Asuos  (?) 
Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?Yes 
overlycaffeinated Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Name: Shara Adare

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Appearance: Shara has long waves of fire red hair down to the middle of her back. (This hair is natural due to her being born with certain magical abilities.) She often keeps this hair tied back and wears hat or hood to hide it as it can draw too much attention in larger towns. She stands a little short at 5 feet and 5 inches tall. Shara also has a petite frame with average breasts. Her body may be slim, but she is still a little muscular due to conditioning she put her body through to be stronger. Her face is slim as well with a pair of large striking green eyes.

History: Shara's mother died during childbirth so she never had the chance to meet her. From a baby until the age of four she lived with her father who never really took an interest in her. He had trouble dealing with his wife's death and almost blamed Shara for it. It was also hard for him to look at her everyday with that red hair just like her mother's. So shortly after her fourth birthday he left. He took her into town and left her at the orphanage in the largest town nearby. 
This is when Shara got lucky. She only lived in the orphanage for a short time before a young woman came in She was shy a little skittish. Her husband had died on a hunting trip a couple years prior and she was lonely. She had always wanted a child and decided to adopt. She saw Shara and her vibrant hair and immediately became attached to her. So this woman who's name was Viola took her home and treated her as if Shara were her own.
Shara didn't remember her father so she had no attachment to her real parent's. She loves Viola as her own mother and enjoyed growing up with her. Viola was a herbalist and medic and she taught Shara much of this knowledge. So as she grew Shara became more and more capable as an herbalist herself and although she did enjoy it she had a much more adventurous side as well. She found herself in trouble often in her teenage years. 
When she was young she found fire fascinating and it quickly became obvious why. Shara possessed magical abilities the strongest of which was an affinity for fire. Although Viola did not really understand magic she let Shara study it and learn to control it. Shara was always amazed by magic and wished to learn more and more. She realized she didn't know how to actually summon fire and was never capable of it so she decided to carry flint rocks with her because as long as she could create a spark she could then create and control fire.
As she grew older she often got in fights mostly due to the attention her hair drew. She was naturally capable and also trained herself to be strong although the older she got the more she tried to avoid getting in pointless fights in town. She always craved leaving her small home and the one town she knew. So she left often and went exploring. The forests were a comfortable place for her.She hunted for her family as well.

Personality: Shara is kind and polite in general situations, but if she is threatened or irritated that quickly goes to the wayside. She has a bit of a temper that can get her trouble. She enjoys fighting and testing her limits, but doesn't necessarily try to get into fights. She enjoys exploring and can be a bit of a loner at times as she generally travels alone. Her personality can depend a bit on who she is with as she is always caring to her mother and those close to her. So if you can get to close to her she is a loyal friend. She can be a bit sarcastic and grating at times as well.

Weakness: Being a human she has the weaknesses of any human. With fire magic being her main style of magic she is weak to water magic. Also wind magic can be used against her if used properly and can be a major weakness depending on circumstances. Her petite size also gives her limitations in strength and larger opponents can over power her if they completely get a hold of her and she has to way to get out of their way. Her temper can be a weaknesses as well since it can get her into fights she may not be prepared to win. 

Weapons: Shara generally carries a thin, but very sharp sword that was left behind by her mother. It made of a very special material that gives it the ability to become a flaming weapon when flint is truck against it and used with fir magic. This is why she always carries flint to create a spark to let her use her fire magic. Shara may also carry kunai knives in a small pouch around her thigh. The only other weapon she is know to use is a bow and arrow, but she doesn't always carry one on her.

Abilities: Shara has her fire magic of course which is her strongest magic that comes naturally to her. She is capable of learning other magic, but hasn't had much of a chance to in her life. She is an adept fighter and quite quick and flexible for a human, but she does not have anything that could be considered "super" strength or speed. She is skilled with her herbs and medicine due to her upbringing.

Class Requested: In-betweeners

Person who helped you when you came in: No one. I was just greeted by the bot.

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes, of course.
MoonAngel1998 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  New Deviant
Name: MoonAngel (no middle and likes to be called moon)

Race: Angel

Gender: Female

Age: 17 

Appearance: 5,3 long brunette hair has blue eyes wears dark blue jeans a purple tank top and a grayish black hoodie she has a black choker with a purple crystal it and her eyes tells you how mad she is blue: normal gray: mad purple: she is past the breaking point and when her eyes are purple she can't hide her wings she can hide her wings other than that 

History: she was kidnapped by the jocks at her school and they sold her to scientists and tested on and she was constantly put throw pain and because of that she has a trust issue 

personality: she is a kind some what quiet person and she has a trust issue but she has a big heart and love helping people and when she gets pist just run 

Weakness: in her choker there is a purple crystal when it touches her skin she gets really weak and almost passes out 

Weapon: N/A

Abilities: flying and elemental powers (earth,air,fire,water)

Class Requested: in between please

person who helped me in the beginning: bot (maybe asuos if sending me the rules count)

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: I have read and agreed :D

p.s. I dont know how to make my print bold
FlaretheFire-wolf Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Student Artist
Name: Yusuke Tadashi ( No Middle Name)

Race: Demon Kitsune ( so pretty much a Ninetailed fox which is full on demon)

Gender: Male

Age: Nineteen ( he actually is super old but he doesn't really age but I suppose he is 300 years old)

Appearance: Long black silky hair which reaches his somewhat to his tails. Has no bangs as they are to long to be in his face. Light tannish skin with a rose tattoo on his back,fairly big. Golden eyes and black pupils. He occasionally wears somewhat colorful kimono's. His usual clothing is either a black kimono or a grayish kimono with a big blue eastern dragon on it that goes all the way around. Wears sandals which have a black strap so that they don't fall off him. He has a beaded necklace around his neck which are also all black. Well built body and no scars on any of his body parts. Short sharp nails that have no real color to them so somewhat white. He has canine teeth bottom teeth only and the color of his teeth are white and he makes sure they are clean. He has Nine black fluffy tails and Black ears.

History: Since he was young he was chased away from children and villages. He was hated by his parents and his village. He was looked at as a bad omen, his parents had knocked him out and threw him into a creek. He woke up somewhere that was unfamiliar to him. He noticed that he was drenched in water and knew right away that they kicked him out.
     He was angry that his parents did this. He got up and walked around as he had to find some shelter for tonight. He soon found a human village and walked towards it as night started to come over the humans. Luckily he had black clothing on to help him through the night. He soon entered a house not far from the village as it only had a young woman in it. He didn't fear the woman as he entered the house and tackled the frightened woman as she was going to scream but he covered her mouth and let out a growling sound.
    After many years of staying with this beautiful woman he came to love her. he learned many things about her and her view of her world. Even though he lived in a different world he wanted to stay with her and live with her. That changed when he was discovered by the villagers which had came by to see how she was doing and saw him. They ran off and the next day as he went hunting he seen smoke in the direction in which was where he has staying. He quickly dropped what he was doing and ran to his home only to see it was on fire, he could hear the screaming of his loved one. He screamed out her name but could not do anything. The rain came in and drenched the place as the fire went out. He was upset and sad, the light that he once held was gone. His heart was gone and broken, he swore he would not fall in love again.

Personality: He was once a loving person and somewhat caring. He is now a bit cold and a bit of a smart butt. He can be a bit of a bully but he only does it to keep himself entertained and to kid around. He is super picky about what he eats. He doesn't like it when other bully him or the people he knows. He is super serious about serious matters and can be a bit clueless. He tends to ignore some people if they try to make friends with him. He is super brave and reckless when something bad happens to him. He is some what short tempered and can get jealous easily at times but that only happens when he actually likes some one.

Weakness: He cant stand strong smells and the beaded necklace is actually a restraining limiter. so pretty much if you give him a command he has to do it but you need to have a bond or super strong spiritual power. Talismans and pure silver, Pure silver is something that can inflict a lot of pain for him. For Humans its just like being electrocuted.

Weapons: None (He doesn't have any because he sees them as a weakness. He isn't really interested in them.)

Ability: Heat vision, Night vision so he can see things in pure darkness. Able to control certain elements but not to well. Healing fast but not as fast vampires or werewolves. He can change how many tails he has and can also conceal his presence. He is also able to change into a pure black fox which only has one tail. He can turn into a human but he only does it so often.

Class Requested: In-between ( even though its hard for me to think about what to write)

Person who helped you when you came in: Just the Bot but other then that no.

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes I have ^^

P.s Im not good at making things like this. I put all my effort into this.
Falling-Failing Featured By Owner Edited Mar 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Barry Parker (Heck he doesnt have a last name but i gave him one just because.)

Race: Human!

Gender: Male

Age: Eighteen?

Appearance: A teenager who usually wears a brown sleeveless jacket with a green long-sleeved shirt underneath. He wears jeans and brown boots/Black shoes. He sometimes wears a blue hoodie, with a fluffy hood. He wears a belt with a sword holder with his talking sword inside, who most of the time derps around. On the belt is a pouch full of 'Telepellets'. He hairstyle is just one spike sticking up.

History: As a child, Barry was completely average. He lived in an average house, with average insides. Though he was not average. He enjoyed pretending he was a knight on a quest to save a princess. One night, he snuck out of his house just so that he could buy a toy sward and shield.

As he grew up he became different. Though the time that went by, he got less and less interested in being a knight, and rather just being an explorer in general. One night he was exploring a cave, and opened a chest, which sucked him into an alternate dimension, where shadows were alive and swords were sentient.

Along with finding his sword, he was given his belt and telepellets by some old wise wizards, and set off to make a new life. He built a log cabin, and even created modern technology with the materials provided. He now lives in his house, going out and exploring the Cave of demons, seeking to defeat the monster at the end. 

Personality: Most of the time he's VERY sarcastic, even in serious situations. Most of the time he shows off his abilities to others. If trapped/lost somewhere he would try to escape, most of the time succeeding. He is very sensitive about his hairstyles, if something ruins it he gets P I S S E D. His favourite hobby is just making cool poses on cliffs, with irony.

Weakness: Pretty much anything that catches him off-guard, which is barely ever. Also, if his hair get chopped or even shaved he'll retreat to fix it up. He hates shadows, trying to kill them at first sight.

Weapons: A talking sword, of which he loves. He has as mentioned before, a pouch of telepellets which teleport him when thrown. He has a 'Emergency Boomerang' for when he is weaponless in combat.

Abilities: He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though chooses that swordplay is more of his style. He is also highly agile, being able to leap across long jumps without assistance. He has quick reflexes, if something happens he'll react preeeety quickly. 

Class Requested: In-between, i do like battle RP though i like other genres.

Person who helped you when you came in: Nobody? Unless the bot Asuos counts.

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Name: Sam Warrant

Race: Fallen angle

Gender: Female

Age: 537 (looks 18)

Appearance: Sam has blood red curls that snake around her shoulders and dark grey eyes that half glow in the dark. Being a fallen angel she has Dark grey and black wings missing quite a few feathers. She has a tattoo saying “Live Loyal” on her neck and a black and white flame that looks like it’s licking its way up from her hip to her rib cage.

History: Sam was always a rebel even when she was a small child. She would have always gotten into fights at school and been expelled from 7 schools in 5 years. People say she was such a bad Girl because he mother died in child birth and her father was an alcoholic. Even though she was bad she kept her grads up and did okay in her exams. Only one day in school she got into a fight with the wrong guy. He stabbed her 3 times in her stomach and once in between her ribs. She still has the scars now even though she’s an ‘angel’. I guess you’re wondering why she is a fallen angel? Well, there is a very scarred book that has the power to turn a fallen angel into a human and finally let them rest. The only problem is that no one has seen this book called the ‘Divine Arcanomicon,’ for the past 1000 years. Until the archangels found it. Only 5 angels including Sam have tried to get past them to use it and have been kicked out of heaven because of it. Still to this day Sam and her fellow Fallen angels are trying to reach the book, along with other fallen angels who have been booted out for other offences.

Personality: Sam has a very short fuse and can be very harsh and aloof. She keeps to herself and finds it very hard to trust anyone. She wouldn’t think twice about putting her dagger to your throat, and she wonders why she got kicked out of heaven.

Weakness: Sam is extremely vulnerable without her stone pocket watch and cannot fly even though she has wings.

Weapons: Sam Has two Daggers that are always attached to her in holsters. 

Abilities: Sam isn't out of ordinary bar the fact she has wings and will stab you to death shes short of super hero Abilities.

Class requested: In-betweeners

Person who helped you when you came in: Urm... no one other that the bot ^.^

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Name: Vixxen Foxx.

Race: Human/Fox. Able to shift between Human, Anthro and full Fox.

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: Vixxen is shorter than average for her age with a thin build and almost no muscle. Her skin is pale and dotted with freckles on her face, shoulders and knees. Her hair is medium length, just below her shoulders, thick and straight. It's a light but vibrant ginger color with black tips, reflecting the colors she has as a fox. Her eyes are a light icy blue but they fade down to a pale gray if she's upset. She generally wears thick black eyeliner but no other makeup. Her nose, shoulders and knees have a slight pink tint. Vixxen wears white shorts, no shoes and a blue off shoulder croptop with a white splattered heart pattern. She has visible bra straps which are white to match her other clothes. She doesn't paint her nails nor does the every wear anything fancy as she finds it stupid.

History: Vixxen grew up as a fox with her mother even though she was half human she was encouraged to never use that side. She was taught all the basic skills a fox would need, hiding, hunting, running, surviving ect. Her mother was caring and always made sure she was safe until she was old enough to leave home. Once she was old enough she started living life as a human, as she thought it was more fitting. She was only 7 when she left home, which was fine as a fox but young for a human. She was a wanderer, peacefully running around the forest and mountains with what little she had. Around the age of nine she hit her head after tripping on a twig, it knocked her out but did little damage to her body. This bang on the head split the suppressed violent side of her brain into another personality which eventually split in two again, revealing two sides, anger and jealousy. These personalities would surface to help her cope with dangerous situations or defend herself. Not long after she made a small dagger to attempt to keep the personalities under control, while dealing with danger on her own. At the age of 14 she had already made a small wooden house in the woods where she lives. From then on not much has happened, and that brings us to where she is now.

Sorry if the history isn't great, I don't make histories for my characters.
This was kinda made on the spot, hope it's good enough.

Personality: Vixxen's personality is unpredictable, seeing as how she has MPD/DID. Each personality has it's own memory, personality and eye color. It's unknown exactly how many she has (As this part of her is somewhat a WIP so far she has only 3). When she switches between said personalities the others will have no memory of what happened, often leaving her confused. These personalities mostly use triggers to switch though sometimes they surface at random times, though it's rare.
As her normal self she is somewhat shy with new people and can be seen as rude with her sarcastic and snarky personality toward strangers, though when she warms up to people she goes from being quiet to quite loud and rude to playful. She's quite clingy to people she's close with while she stays away from strangers. This personality is represented by the color blue or sometimes yellow.
As her "angry" personality she tends to be violent, loud and aggressive. She has no proper morals at this point and is quite dangerous, though she gets quite confident leaving her open for attack. This personality is represented by the color red.
With her "jealous" personality she gets overemotional, violent and clingy around loved ones. This one is easy to deal with if you leave her loved ones alone which should be fairly easy as she doesn't have many. This personality is represented by the color pink.

Weakness: Seeing as how she is simply a human and a fox she has normal weaknesses. She can drown, burn, suffocate and bleed out like anyone else. She can also seem quite childish and naive at times which leaves her open to attack. When she goes from her ' Red ' personality to her ' Blue/Yellow ' one if she happened to start a fight she won't know what's happening, also leaving her open to attack. She isn't very strong but she is quick so she prefers to run rather than fight as her normal self. Just about anyone could kill her if they wanted to all they need to do is catch her.

Weapons: All Vixxen carries is a small dagger for self defense and her fangs. She won't use them in her normal mindset unless threatened. Generally running is more her style, she sees fighting as a horrible thing that she wouldn't want to participate in. Not much else to say about this, she has very basic weapons only for emergencies.

Abilities: She's rather quick and some of her senses, sight, smell and hearing are boosted from her fox side. She has no magic and very little strength meaning she can't fight well. She is also very good at dealing with injuries she knows how to treat wounds and stitch up major cuts and such. She also knows what things are poison and many other survival skills.

Class Requested: In-Betweeners I suppose.

Person who helped you when you came in: Er...Nobody? XD (Unless you count the bot I suppose)

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Name: Klark Janson
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
He is mostly average looking guy, with white skin, medium height and sturdy, though not extraordinary body. His short brown hair is always at a mess, but he calls it his own style. His face is not of unusual type, there's a spark of adventuring spirit in his eyes. More often than not, he has a crooked grin on his face. He usually wears weary brown trench coat and a casual sweater under it. He always carries around a grey satchel, that seems to have everything he ever needs.
History: He was born in a snowy country of Winterland in family of mechanics. For a few years he was the only child and that defined his character for his whole life - he was a loner, preferring to read something to playing with others. At year of 5 he became an older brother. He cared a lot about Janey. While he was growing, he's been studying different aspects of technology and mechanics.
When he was 15, some monster appeared in neighbour's house and they called the local monster hunter, who brought with his apprentice along. Next night, Klark heard noises from Jenny's room and moved to investigate. Almost immediately he was jumped at by the same creature that got to their neighbours. Luckily, the apprentice pushed the monster off him, for the creature to grab him. He was almost strangled, when a chair landed on the beast, knocking it out cold. Behind it, Klark was standing, shaking out of fear. That's how Klark and Lambert the apprentice became friends. And after that he got interested in martial arts and training with Lambert.
By 22, he learned all his local schools could have taught, so he decided to travel around. He travels around different places, helping wherever a mechanic is needed.
Personality: People around saying, that Klark is non talkative and sociopatic, but he's just quiet and awkward around new people. When he gets closer to someone, he remains awkward, but in a good way. He's quite sarcastic and snarky, but he can also be very caring and understanding. He often says weird and silly things, but never tries to hurt anyone. However, he will protect him and others around him if in danger.
Weakness: He's quite unsocial and has a hard time meeting people. Aside from that, he sometimes lets feelings control his actions and it leads to bad circumstances. Naturally, he's still a human, so anything that can kill a human can kill him for sure.
Weapons: He has a lot of tools in his satchel. Lambert, semi-professional monster hunter by now, taught him the basics of fighting, so he knows how to protect himself. He's long been fascinated by cowboys, so he got a revolver once he had the chance, but he barely can shoot it. Aside from that, he doesn't carry anything else - he's a mechanic, not a warrior.
Abilities: Klark knows how to fight with his fists. He's a talented mechanic with a lot of tools to carry around. Years of different studies made him rather savvy and perceptive. Aside from that, he's a regular human being.
Class Requested: In-Between (But short stories only - I'm bad with long descriptions)
Person who helped you when you came in: --
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Name: Scythia Marie Sylvette

Race: Human

gender: Female

Age: Fourteen

Apperance: Fiery frizzy orange hair  billows down in waves to the middle of her back, framing her pasty almost white face that is sprikled in freckles. Her eyes are a dull stone grey, with a small button nose and lips the color of her skin. Her cheeks have a tendency to turn red a lot, whether it be because of cold or because or embarressment. her body is petite, but curvy. Somewhat similar to a porceline doll. On her arms she has small but distict musles from spinning.

History: Her mother left when she was no more than a year old, and her father is a workaholic that is rarely home. She pretty much raised herself since she was the age of five. Upon entering high school she joined her marching band’s colorguard and has found a family with them. Everyone in her real family exept for her father is dead.

Personallity: She is quiet when you first meet her and somewhat immitating. But once you peel away her protective layers she is just a girl who has built a wall around her heart in self protection. She is like a volcano with her temper. She may apper calm but on the inside everything is threating to explode and when it does you don’t want to be anywhere near her.

Weaknesses: She has problems with trusting people, and when she is having a hard time she has no one. Once she lets someone into her heart if they hurt her she will be unable to function. Gaining her trust is never an easy thing.

Weapons: her hands and ocasionally a knife, and of corse the flag.

Abilities: Scythia is skilled at hand to hand combat, from people who have taught her how to street fight. She is extemly skilled at spinning anything from a two foot flag to a ten foot.

Class Requested: In-Betweeners

Person who helped me when I came in: Asuos

read and agree to rule: Yes
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<Arsonicace>third his weakness needs to be something physical and not some personality flaw

Name: Odd-Eyes Dragon

Race: A dragon, King of the Fire Clan

Gender: male

Age: 50, just to give a number

Appearance: He is a fire red dragon, with waves of heat coming off of his scales, showing the intense internal fire. In the light, his scales can span anything from rust red to rad as a flame. He holds himself highly because he is royalty. He has horns that look pale gold, a natural trait for the elite. On his body, he has a few war scars, remnants of the war he is now in. One on his snout, that looked almost black against his deep red scales. Another tore at his wing, almost putting a hole in his left wing. It looked raw and recent. On his right side was a scare from his first fight, long healed. He was still missing a few scales at that spot. He has sharp claws, ready to tear out the through of an enemy. The most unusual thing about him is that he has a birth defect that makes one eye red and the other blue, hence why his name is Odd-Eyes.

History: Long ago, there was piece between the neighboring clans, the Fire Clan, and the Water clan. They coexisted, each having very little contact with the other. The Fire clan had its Mountains, and the Water clan had its lakes, rivers and oceans. It was an oasis.

As a hatchling, he quickly got used to being treated like the royalty that he was. Dragons bowed to him and his parents. Dragons came to him with offers of the finest treasure and the best food. As he aged, his parents taught him how to run the Fire Clan, from simple things like patrolling his land to making sure his servants had food. He was care free, it all came to him so easily. However, once he reached a certain age, when dragons are fully mature, he started to rebel against his parents, even challenging them for the throne.

The battle was intense. Even though his parents outnumbered him, they struggled. He had a natural ability to plan in a fight, and he used it. His mother was under his claw, his father gravely wounded. Spreading his claws, he swiped his mother's throat away from her body, letting her bleed to death. Seeing his wife die, the father strikes out against his son, inflicting the wound that would later cause a scar on his side. Mad with pain and bloodlust, he strikes his father, actually snapping one of his fathers horns off. Blood filled the battlefield, most of it his parent's. Again, he strikes, this time tearing out his father's throat. It was his favorite way to kill, quick and easy. Now, with his parents dead, he is now ruler of the Fire Clan.

Now, as king, he commanded his servants to attack the Water Clan. Though they had enough land (and treasure) they started to become greedy and wanted more. So the King ordered and attack on the Fire-Water border. From that one spark, a war was ignited and could not be quenched. Then, there was an event that could change the whole direction of the war, and the Fire-Water relationship.

On the battlefield, the Fire King was fighting for his clan, aiming to pillage and control. Only, he did not plan on finding his Destined Mate, especially since she was a Water dragon. He looks down on her, ready to give the death blow, when there eyes connect and he felt it, in his very heart. Now, he has to hide that fact that his mate is a Water dragon, lest they disown him and kick him off of his own throne. Will his followers find out about his mate? How will the Water Clan React?

Personality: He is very dominating and brave, as seen by all his scars. If he sees something that needs to be done, he will do it, no matter what the cost. He is greedy and wants all he can get, hence why he is attacking the Water clan. However, he starts to develop a secret side when it comes to his mate, a Water dragon.

Weakness: He is very willing to go to battle to the death. Also, now that he found his Destined Mate, if she is killed, so will he be. he knows this, and tries to protect her, all while hiding her from his clan. If his clan finds out his Mate is a Water dragon, they will disown him. he will be on his own then, and easy pickings for the Water army. If he gets too wet, his internal fire will fizzle out, and he will be alive no more. Also, since that scar on his side is missing scales, he lost his "armor" for that spot. A claw or tooth can, if aimed correctly, could tear into him and seriously hurt him, if not kill him.

Weapons: Like any member of the Fire Clan, he can use a Fire Breath Weapon, though, thanks to his Royal Bloodline, his burns hotter then regular Fire Clan members. His claws are razor sharp, honed from being in many battles. His scales repel fire and heat, thus protecting the Fire Dragons from themselves. His smarts in battle also gives him an edge.

Abilities: Like all the dragons of his Clan, his is resistant to heat. he is also battle hardened, so he can plan attacks on the battlefield, either himself fighting or his followers. His Fire burns hotter then his followers. Of course, he can also fly.

Class Requested: Lovers
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Character Name: Taneli Kayser

Age: 23

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Taneli (Daniel in Finnish) is a stout man, though not as filled out as you would imagine with the word at 124 lbs and being 5' 5". His form is slender, but stately, speaking of strength in the density of his unimposing muscles. His skin is clear, his complexion a little dark for his heritage, like his hair, but the light sprinkle of freckles on his cheekbones gives away his European background. His hair, a dark brown matches his cinnamon chai-like complexion. (Oh gawd, lol, yes I'm saying that). His eyes are a honey-amber color, his gaze usually containing a biting edge of alertness and intellect. The most of his form is unmarred, but under his wristwatch, he covers a small lattice of scars. He also has a few other scars in secret places upon his form, but nowhere noticeable unless he were examined very closely, which is unlikely because he is not going to take off his clothes around anyone.

History:     Taneli was raised in a single-parent home. His parents divorced when he was about five, so he went to live with his mother, while his father stayed away for a large portion of his childhood. His mother, being drug and alcohol induced the majority of the time, and inattentive and unloving the rest of the time, was no pleasure to be around, so he found himself on his own much of the time, without much authority or supervision. Growing up, he spent a lot of his time in libraries and their computer labs, out on the roofs of buildings, and in his room, reading and researching everything that interested him, mainly, computer sciences and technology. But his home was more often than not a place of chaos, rather than solace. Being kind of under-developed socially, Taneli did not make a lot of friends in school, and so focused on his studies. Straight-A student and full-time worker, he rarely had time for anything else. He started working sophomore year to help with the bills his struggling, partly ill, partly depressed mother attended to, while also becoming her caregiver until she over-dosed on drugs. It was then he began to injure himself. Not for attention, not to commit any kind of self murder, but just to deal with what had been far too overwhelming for too long. It was something he kept secret, hidden. 
    The young man grew up, independent and self-teaching. From computer-programming to strength-training, so that he would be balanced, he raised himself to be what appeared to be the ideal specimen, at least in his own mind. Taneli, for several years, attended tae kwondo classes. Once he had reached the level of green belt, though, was when his mother passed away, so he had to quit to focus on his other responsibilities. His diet is one carefully chosen to suit his nutritional needs. With Taneli, everything is just so; not in a pretentious sort of way, but because that's the way it has to be...  
     Taneli graduated high school, able to continue on his own, being that fortunately, his mother had passed away after he'd turned into a legal adult. Juggling his job at the bakery, his advanced college courses and a tower of debt left to the surviving member of his family, i.e. NOT his father, but in fact, his young adult self, he begins to privately explore detective work. Being a loner, he is enthralled with the idea of helping people from behind the scenes. From his childhood, there is something he does not want to remember, something that is barely there in his mind, but exists all too clearly in his subconscious: one of the men his mother would have over, molested him and physically hurt him for a period of time, and though he blocks it out, sometimes manifests itself in intimate situation (which almost never occur anyway). Perhaps this is where the dislike of people came from, his inability to deal with stress in a healthy manner, and his lack of relationships in his life. But even the idea of this happening to him, he has pushed away, and refuses to think about. 

Personality: Taneli is a bit socially awkward, after a certain point. He can be friendly; he is the poster-board young baker's assistant at a small town business. He can talk about anything on the fly, but when it comes to personal things, he's very uncomfortable and unsocial. He wants to help people, he wants to be kind to people, but has a very difficult time getting close to them. He doesn't have anyone that he is close to, no close friends or family. He loves animals, but doesn't own any. He loves small children and cute things, and plants, but couldn't care for any, for fear he would let them die. He is afraid of getting close to someone and losing them. He is afraid of people also, seeing his pain, though he is not really conscious of this idea. Taneli also is very lonely, but not in any sexual way. He strives to have closeness, but cannot handle the price that comes with it, the doors it means opening, the feelings it means explaining, the secrets it means telling... Taneli is extraordinarily bright, as he is in advanced academic courses, and struggles with boredom on a constant basis. He can also be fairly proud and stubborn, especially when it comes to his idiot-savant-ism. 

Weakness: He gets nauseous and faints easily. It's not that he hasn't seen his share of disgusting things in his life; if anything, he's seen too much. He also has anxiety attacks. Other human weaknesses. He sprains his ankles easily and is a slow runner. 

Weapons/Abilities: Taneli has a little martial arts knowledge and training. He can pack a mean punch and knows the teachnique, but his forte is his cleverness, his quick-wittedness, and his premeditation, which he prides himself in. He is also pretty strong.

Other: He loves tea and coffee and reading. 

Class requested: In-Betweeners.

Person who helped me:Asuos.

Have you read and agree to all of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes, thanks. 
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Name: Aisaka Kurosaki

Gender: Female

Race: Shape-Shifter


Appearance: Aisaka has Brown hair down to her shoulder blades,Her bangs cover her left eye which is an Ocean blue and her right eye is an Emerald Green,A Scar is right under her left eye as well. She stands to be 5'11 and has fair skin. She always wears a black skinny jeans or dark blue,Wears either Converse,Vans,Or Boots. She mostly wears Button down shirts but aside from that is Tank tops and Plain T-Shirts.

History: Aisaka was born into a Clan called, "Senshi." She had been banned from the Clan at age 10,Aisaka and her sister Akira had gone out on an Adventure together near a lake,As they where playing around with their shape shifting abilities,Hunters where strolling by and came across Aisaka as a Deer and Akira as a Bunny. A Hunter had raised his gun ready to shoot at Akira,He pulled the trigger but Aisaka had scooped up Akira in her mouth letting the bullet scrape Aisaka's cheek. When they reached their home,The mother was pissed and punished Aisaka for running off with Her sister. Akira was always the spoiled one,She was supposed to take their fathers place in leading the clan,If anything happened to her the clan would not be able to go on as Aisaka was not a true leader. She was banned until futher notice. They have never contacted her since. (Needs some work)

Personality: Aisaka is strong as she trained everyday to become stronger,And prove her parents wrong. She is mostly in a good mood and is helpful at times,But her moods can waver. Aisaka also has a soft side to small and fluffy animals.

Weakness: Gold has an affect on Aisaka for some odd reason,It makes her vision go blurry and she cant move as if shes paralyzed.

Weapons: Aisaka carries around Daggers and if she is expecting to fight someone she would have a sword,There is also her Animal forms,Her wolf form is more Effective.

Abilities: Turns into any Animal as long as it is a Mammal,She has heightened senses and abnormal Speed and Strength.


Person who helped me: N/A

Have you read and agree to all of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes I have!
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Name: Emory Pines

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Female 

Age: 17

Appearance: Emory is a 5'2 mixed girl. She has curly dark brown hair with natrual highlights in varaious colors. She has big brown eyes and a small nose. She has curves and often flaunts it with tight shirts. She wears shorts all year round.

History: Emory was born into strong pack by the Luna. She is part of a ling ongoing Alpha bloodline. Emory has always been a curious child, always getting in trouble for wandering off to far. One day she wondered off to far and couldn't find her way back. She had wandered off about the age of 4, she still wasn't able to shift yet so became a rouge. She has been a rouge for a long time before a surrounding pack took her in at they age of 14. She took the position of betta at the age 16, and has been a loyale pack member ever since.

Personality:Extremley loyale, if you betray her she will not take this kindly at all. Kind, she is kind to all no matter. Flirty, very flirty it comes natrually. Paitent, as betta you must learn to be very paitent. Strong, both emotionally and physically. Optimistic, ussually always in a good mood.

Weakness: Silver, they only thing to kill a werewolf. Wolvesbane tempararily disables the ability to shift and mind link. Losing contact with wolf and/or mate.

Weapons: Emory does not carry around any weapons, knowing if in trouble she will just fight and/or shift.

Abilities: More than average; speed, senses, strength. Also able to shift into a wolf.

Class Requested: (Not sure, may I have a suggestion?)

Person who helped you when you came in: No one, I found it myself.

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Name: Daire Bryne

Race: Irish

Age: "Late 20's, Early 30's." Although, Much older. Thousands of years.

Appearance: While in glamour; He is 6'3, with a thin to medium build. Pale skin with deep, dark black hair. His hair is mid-back length, usually swept back behind his ears.  Slightly waved. Nearing sickly pale, as he avoids sending too much time in direct sunlight.  Gray eyes,  and 7 piercings on each ear. 6 black studs, ending in a 00 sized gauge at the lobe.   He has raised almost scar like marks all across his body, making out the symbols of runes. They start just under his chin, and trail down in a straight line before pushing over his  shoulders and down most of his forearms- chest, and the rest of his body.
Without Glamour;  Some of his appearance remains the same. His eyes black out, with very little iris to make out; which would be silver. Pointed ears. His teeth are slightly sharpened, angled.  The runes turn deep black-  and they fade down his forearms into his hands and calves. The darkness spreads out, his hands and feet completely blacked out.  His fingers end in sharp, pitch-black points. Not quite talons.

History: Daire is an Unseelie (member of the Dark Fae Court) who now spends the majority of his time in human 'glamour' to appear human to others. He once  had high standing in the Dark Fae court, but over time it was obvious he didn't really belong there.  Has now been ordered to live on earth amongst humans due his 'bad' choices, from his kind's point of view.   He had too much remorse for humans and human-kind, and for his own kind.  When making decisions based on punishments and such, he was not a good fit for his role.
A vote was held and it was decided he could keep some of his abilities on earth, but with no way to get back into the Faerie world. Not till he can at least show that he has learned the errors of his ways.  Either that, or he must somehow appeal to the Seelie court, (Light Fae Court) to he can have access into Faerie, but with no point of power.  This takes time and is difficult; especially since he'd not of the same court. When he arrived on earth, he arrived in Ireland and decided to try and start his life there.
When he arrived in Ireland originally, he looked for his kind among the humans. Those who had been sent to earth as well- or perhaps were just visiting.  He doesn't totally understand human customs, and English was not his first language. Fae and English are quite different- he has the most trouble with 'sayings.'  After spending some time in Ireland, meeting humans and kind of his own he finally managed to settle. He decided perhaps Faerie wasn't the place he wanted to be an he could make his home on earth. From Ireland, he travels as often as he can to try and learn how humans work.

Weapons:  Daire does not carry any physical weapons.

Weakness:Iron is the first weakness he has; any iron weapon (especially that can puncture) can be fatally dangerous to him.  Long periods without draining energy leaves him weak and unable to use any of his 'abilities.'  Fae are unable to break deals once they have been made, and must always fill their end of the bargain. Physically he is not very dangerous and not excessively strong, his power comes mentally. Using the correct runes can make him completely incapable of protecting himself, or imposing damage on others.  If he has strength in the dark- he is much weaker when spending extending time in the direct sunlight.

Abilities: Although he does not carry a physical weapon with him, he has his own 'biological' weapons. He has the power of glamour- This is the cast of an alternate appearance over his body to humans and most non-fae. So he appears most human in most situations.   He has the power of 'tongues' or 'Voice.' Which is a strong tone that is used to shift and persuade the mind of who he wishes- though not incredibly strong against something that is also a non-human.  As a Dark Fae he fends best for himself in literal darkness and has the ability to drain humans of energy with direct touch- but the person must be somewhat 'willing' mentally.

Class Requested: Lovers.

I read all the rules. 
Who bought me here: N/A
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Name: Scarlett Robinson

Race: Caucasian

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Scarlett has bright dyed red hair. It is spiky and styled in a sort of pixie cut with minimal bangs. There is one strand of hair that hangs in her eyes. Her skin is pale and her cheeks are rosy with very minimal freckles. She has her earlobes and the rims of her ears pierced. She wears red earrings and a jaguar ear cuff that is silver. Her eyes are bright green and she wears black eyeliner. Her eyelashes are long and her eyebrows are dyed red too. She wears a navy blue vest (puffer vest or whatever they are called) and a red and green plaid scarf. She sometimes wears a purple pleated skirt and always wears ripped pants or tights. She is slender and curvy.

History: Scarlett was born on a rainy night in October. Her birth name was Cat Robinson. She was born in her house, in her mother's bedroom. Her birth was not planned and she was premature. Her mother, after having Scarlett/Cat, developed a series of illnesses but quickly recovered from them. She was asleep most of the time which caused little Cat to bond with her father more. Her father, Tobias, requested that she call him Toby, because, "Many girls get their father's love, but only Cat will get Toby's love." When Cat was about six years old, her parents told her that her mother was expecting twins. Cat was outraged, she didn't know why she couldn't be the only child. She began to hate her mother more and more until a man, Tobias' cousin, Montague Pendragon came.

          Montague would play with Cat while her parents were busy with her new twin brothers. He would read to her at night and tuck her into bed. He loved Cat and she loved him, but their friendship would not last. Her father stopped giving her presents, her mother was too sick to do anything and often yelled at her and she, being only seven decided to run away. She talked it over with Montague and he was angry at her, so after he went to sleep that night, she slipped into her little green and white dress and put her white hat over her blonde head and went out the door, never coming back.

          She lived on the streets until she was thirteen when she found a friend. His name was Andha and he was a blind, homeless boy. He took pictures of her with his camera, so that when he would get his sight back, he would be able to see her. But one night, the two were talking and playing with Andha's dog, Whipper, when a red truck came around the corner and swerved away from Cat, hitting Andha and his dog. Cat was heartbroken and ran away farther. As she grew, she buried her past and purposely forgot her memories. She dyed her hair red and cut it and changed her name to Scarlett. She goes to college now and has a new friend, Raven, whom she lives with.

Personality: Scarlett is a generally quiet person and thinks situations through throuroghly. She blushes when she is excited, happy or angry. She is shy and wary around new people but once you get to know her, she is an overall optimistic person. When she is injured or sick, she tends to have a hot temper and she gets emotional easily in these situations. In tense situations, she generally stays strong but sometimes cries. She is close to her friends and they would describe her as generous.

Weakness: Normal human weaknesses apply. Although, Scarlett has a weak immune system from being born prematurely so she can get sick very easily. She has weak lungs and inhaling anything toxic will kill her. She is tricked semi easily, and she trusts people way too much, which can kill her as well. Blood loss can take a toll as well.

Weapons: She often uses Montague's magic feather from the tip of his wing. It is an enchanted feather, which helps her gain strength in duels. It is white and it often radiates light. She keeps it in a small jar so it doesn't get damaged when she does not use it. She also is a fast runner and is able to flee quickly. She is also good at normal combat, punching, kicking, biting. Her boots have spikes on the bottom and she uses them when she kicks.

Abilities: She has extremely sharp hearing and vision. She can also time read, which means that she has frequent memories that help her remember her past to become stronger. She has sharp teeth which she uses when she bites and she can run extremely fast. She can also bring one of her memories to life if she wishes, using it to her advantage. She can shapeshift at will after taking a potion that another character provided her with.  

Class Requested: In-Betweeners
People who brought me here: Asous
I read them all!

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Name: Icescale Freezingfire


Race: Ice Dragon/Underwater


Gender: Female


Age: 16


Appearance: Icescale she has soft blues scales she is quite long for her age. Her white horn is screwed in a loop backwards facing the tail. The tail is long and swift, in the end of the tail she has a spike not to long but sharp. The wings are wide and thin and have a very week blue spiral in the middle. In the end of the wings it exists spikes almost like the one on the tail. But directed upwards and sharper to cut out pieces of flesh. She haves innecent light green eyes. Her claws are for grabbing on to prey from above using her wings to cut deep wounds. She is white on her belly all the way up to her cheek. Also small strings leading down on her two front legs. Her head stands up height and proud almost always. Her paws are also equipped with a layer of scales between her claws to speed up swimming.


History:  Icescale was born in a under water cave unde a mountain. She lives with her father Blazingfrost and here mother Luna and her sister Frostmoon. The cave system wasn't to big but a good training place for hunting. Why because the only way to get into the caves is from under water and what lives in water fish a lot of it. There was few holes her and there that reach to other parts of the cave. Icescale was six years old after watching her dad and mom fish and hunt. They decided its time for her to try along with her sister. The two sisters had tried swimming in a shallow pond not to far from there parents but this is the first time alone without help. While her mother explained how to catch up to the fish. Blazingfrost used his claws to mimic Luna's talking trying to be funny but stops feeling a cold burst of air hitting his chin. He turns and slap both Icescale and Frostmoon burst into laughter soon Luna and her father to. As both of them get ready to dive in they spread there paws to get more speed. And then looks at each other and smile. Suddenly a school of fish the take in there wings and dive. It is all going well until Frostmoon gets pulled in to the school of fish. She tries to escape but fails Icescale sees it diving in to the school and tries here best to get her out. She need air but she ignores it grabbing her sisters paw to only lose it again. Suddenly her eyes starts to glow green and boom everything froze around here. The school of fish drops to the ice floor with her sister struggling to breath she runs over to her and slipps but quickly rises up again. She turned out good but they where both confuses what had happened suddenly Icescale faints and the ice room breaks but Frostmoon slowly rising up to the cave entrance screaming at her sister to wake up but for no need she gets caught in the water stream and disappears. Frostmoon breaks the bubble and swims up to the cave and tells her mom and dad what happened all of them sad and proud of Icescale they never saw her again. Icescales wakes up her whole body hurts she struggles to open her eyes. But when she does she sees a face that quietly says good morning young one slept well? Icescale answers drastically DON'T EAT ME - Do not worry your safe we saved you seeing another dragon entering her view - Good morning are you feeling better? - I am but where am i who are you? - We do not now much but we found you unconscious on the beach. So we took you to our home and took care of you. Do you remember how you got here and what’s your name my name Sara. After that she explained everything the loss of her parents and what happened underwater. Years past months of worthless searching with her new friend Sara. She was a Wyrm we lived happily until it was time to go she had made new friends. Trained and found her true power lost friends and walked the ocean floors around all the mountains in their territory it was time to move on. She is now 16 years old and adventuring around the mountains close to the water looking for a friend or a future partner. 




Personality: Icescales is a very happy and very emotional not to much knowledge about anything away from the shores. She is very shy and very easily scarred. And do not like to approach anything that she haven't seen or meet before. She is very active quick want to see everything type of dragon always kind around her friends but very defensive and smart. She will rather go with outthinking her enemy tricking it to her traps instead if fighting it. Very easily charmed but don't let her notice what your doing. She never gives up even if it seems impossible to everyone she can do it. She do not like to kill intruders just watch them fly around and learn there tactic. But if they come to close she uses their tactic against them.


Weakness: one of her weakness is in air combat her wings is made for gliding and latching on to things and the lack of training in it made is worse. She is also slowed down in hot climates as well as all ice dragons so if you want to go unfair take that route. Fire is her top weaknesses do not aim at her aim around her to slow her down. Try to keep her away from water or mountains. When she starts gliding she can strike you so fast that you can't even notice try to get her on plain dry ground if you can. And don't let her reach the water when she gets here head in the water you are done if you don't manage to escape.


Weapon: Her weapon is her mind and the two spikes on here wing and tail. If she combines those together she becomes a deadly weapon her self.


Abilities: Her abilities her inner power both her mind and her tricks. Under the battle when you are busy defending your self from becoming a ice cube. She slowly is harvesting water from plants clouds the grass and even you. If she reaches her full capacity she will transform into a water phoenix. Under the battle she will switch from ice to water and gaining full flying control slowly tiring you driving you closer to the shore. Most likely launching you straight in the water freezing your whole body except your head so she can laugh at your defeat. She does not kill her attacker only making him faint of the cold. Most likely and get finished of from sharks or other animals. Ice spike shoots ice spike dahh. Luna's Rain making it rain can be used to weaken fire-based dragons or stop fires.

Tail spike: putting a layer of water on your tail and she launches it away with extreme speed. Frost boots: Freezes the enemies foot/leg making it hard to move.


Both Phoenix and dragon: Charge she glides with enough speed to accurately charge down from above on to her enemies body causing extreme pain. Bite: She bites with a strong force: Spiky tail. Turning her body sideways launching her tail at a nearby creature.


Phoenix form Abilities 

Luna's Rain + Ice spike = Blizzard storm making the rain suddenly turn against the opponent aiming for the wings of flying enemies making it harder to keep up. Ice ring: fly past your opponent leaving a ring of water around him that she can freeze to make the enemy be pushed down of the weight. 


One time ability Final tap: glide under the opponent in phoenix form and grab his/her claws and slowly take away her phoenix form while she are giving him the ice on to his body making him unmovable and makes her self week.


Class: Short stories.


It was Asuos who told me where to go

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Name: Sir Lucius Iumentum

Race: Human, although has been cursed with what is called “Shadowborne”
Curse explanation: The curse of the Shadowborne is a rare on that has lingered only within the family of the Iumentum. It began over three centuries ago with one of the original ancestors of the family. His name had been forgotten over the years. However, the story of the curse's origin has not. The origin of it was caused by the Iumentum Ancestor, who had been a loyal knight to the king of a dark land. His king was a corrupted one, though he hadn't started out that way. Having been the king's childhood friend and known that he wasn't always evil, the Iumentum ancestor stayed by his side, even though he had grown cruel and ruled unfairly. Soon enough, a witch doctor of a foreign land came to challenge the king, only to be denied. The king sent his knight, the Iumentum ancestor, to fight by his word. The ancestor fought with the witch doctor, and the battle between the two was long and enduring. The witch doctor was much more powerful than the knight, but the knight was unrelenting, refusing to cease fighting for the one he was loyal to. This shocked the witch doctor, seeing how the ancestor fought so strongly to the one he was loyal to. However, he also saw this, as well as the strong will and emotional strength of the knight, as a way to bring down the corrupted king. The witch doctor decided, the best way to take down the king, was to turn the knight against him. Therefore, the witch doctor cursed the knight with a demonic mark, a curse that would haunt his family name until the name became nonexistent. The curse, called "Shadowborne" caused the host to fall to an inner beast that would manifest in the form of a phantom beast. Dark shadows, those that surrounded him, would mold together and take a form, enveloping the host within a sort of "suit". The host would lose all rational thought, becoming nothing but a mindless beast driven by basic instincts. The curse would not manifest in a host until they hit their adolescent years, the first instance of losing control happening some time in puberty. The curse is triggered by the host's emotions and their state of well being from then on. If they were close to death, feeling an extreme negative emotion such as anguish or rage, they would lose control. The curse can be affected by certain magic, black magic having a special affect. Those knowledgeable in the art of voodoo and black magic can control the cursed individual to an extent. Also, the curse becomes especially sensitive on nights of the new or no moon. Only death through holy magic, or the use of a special metal, Silistice, to kill him will vanquish the curse. The only way to subdue the curse, is to calm the host. There is no known cure for it.

Gender: male

Age: 26

Human form: He has long, often messy red hair that falls down to his middle back. His bangs often fall into his bright, happy green eyes. He has pale skin with faint freckles across his cheeks. He is a decent sized male, healthy for his age. He stands at a height of 6’2 with a well maintained body structure. He is a knight after all and he takes that position seriously. He often wears normal attire for a knight, a tunic and trousers, along with light armor made of hide. A lone blade sets at his side, ready for use at all times. He also is always wearing an old, rugged scarf. He has a few scars from battle scattered along his body.
Demon Form: His hair becomes a darker shade of red with black tips. His eyes will become black with red irises, his pupils becoming slits. His skin becomes even more pale, and his body gets covered in black markings. His nails grow into black claws and his canines elongate.
Shadowborne Form: His eyes will turn white and the shadows around him will seem to come to life. He becomes devoured by the shadows and takes a form of a 7 foot tall wolf. His eyes shine through as silver orbs, and the cross around his neck will shine through, making a silver cross in the beast's chest.

History: Lucius was born in the southern lands of the world, foreign lands that were secluded from all others. He was born to the cursed family name; “Iumentum”. He was born to a young maiden for a mother and a royal knight as a father. His father was the knight to the current king of the lands, as the family line had always been. Lucius, from the time he was old enough to move about on his own, was paired with the young prince of the royal family, the two being raised together. As the prince was raised, being taught the ways of royalty, Lucius was taught the ways of a knight. The two grew up to slowly take the roles of a prince and his loyal knight. However, an incident broke the natural chain of events.
Lucius's father, on a no moon night, lost control to the curse. He went crazed and slaughtered his wife, as well as many villagers. He was finally killed by the royal guard, ending his killing spree. Shaken, the king separated Lucius from his son and had him taken out of the kingdom's lands. Lucius was then placed into the care of an uncle, Torence. He, too, had been taught the ways of the knight, but had a stronger control on his curse than his brother. He raised Lucius, teaching him further on the ways and codes of a Knight of the Old Code. As Lucius hit his adolescent years, his first instance with the curse took place. His uncle, luckily, was prepared and helped him keep control. From then on, the young knight was trained solely on how to control the beast within.
As soon as he was old enough, Lucius was told about what his father had done, since before then the truth was hidden from him to help him keep a hold on his emotions. Learning this, Lucius decided to head out on his own. He first went to visit his old friend, the Prince, finding that the prince had grown to become a strong and independent man. The two greeted each other and the prince wished the knight a safe journey. Then Lucius set off, going in search for a cure to the curse. 
Lucius went to far distances to seek out someone to assist on breaking the curse. He crossed many lands and met many powerful magicians. Soon enough, he came across a great sorcerer that claimed to know a way to break the curse. Lucius happily complied to the cure. However, the sorcerer had lied. The sorcerer hadn't found a cure, but instead had wanted to control the cursed knight for his own intentions. So, he placed another curse, one that sealed a demon within Lucius. A demon he believed he could control. Unfortunately, the demon was too powerful for the sorcerer, and he was killed by the very creature he had created. Before the demon could go on a killing spree, the strong will of the knight subdued it, and Lucius overpowered it. Victorious on controlling his own mind, he felt a strange power. Even though the sorcerer had only created more trouble for the knight, the demon within had actually given the knight more control over his curse. Settling for the fact that there was no real cure for the curse, Lucius decided to simply learn for himself how to keep control. He spent the whole next year learning how to keep self control. He even found a trinket of holy power, a cross, that could help subdue the demon's power, along with the cursed creature within. Eventually, the knight decided to finally head back home, to his Uncle and his Prince.
Upon returning, he found that his home land had changed. Everything was more intense, darker and sullen. In his absence, the kingdom had been through hard times. Sensing that something was amiss, Lucius sneaked into the castle, having learned the many secret paths with the prince when they were young. He confronted the prince, only to be faced with fear and contempt. The prince explained what had happened.
His uncle had been chosen to become the king's knight. However, in the midst of a sneak attack from a foreign kingdom, he had lost control to the curse and killed the king, along with most of the royal guard. He regained control before killing the prince, but was executed. There was a declaration that any person of the cursed Iumentum family was banned from the kingdom. If they were caught, they would be executed. After Lucius had told the prince about his travels and accomplishments, the prince became the old friend that the knight had once known. He gave Lucius a keepsake, a red stone that resembled an apple that the two had found in the river one day. With that, Lucius left, fleeing the kingdom that no longer accepted him.
And so now, Lucius wanders the lands in search of a place of purpose. He still has the deep set need to protect, and seeks a prince to serve.

Personality: Lucius is a very laid back man. He is often considered a slacker, due to his calm demeanor. Along with that, he is a… well, a goofball. He often times will smile brightly, being hyperactive and almost always happy. It is dificult to make him angry, and he will almost always try to avoid conflict. He would much rather make himself out to be a fool than draw his blade. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a worthy opponent. He was trained in the ancient art of battle. So when he does have to fight, he will fight like a cornered and rabid dog. He is relentless and unyielding. This fighting style is also very firm, meaning that he will stand his ground stubbornly until he can no longer. Stubborn, goofy and loyal, he is the utmost image of a dog. He even tends to act like one, being easily pleased and depressed. The simple things in life will make him smile and he is always wagging his tail.

Weakness: Going from simple weaknesses to more dangerous, his hair is oddly enough one of his weaknesses. You see, his hair is so long because he can’t cut it. Nerves go all down his hair, making it sensitive to the touch. Though he can usually overlook the pain if pulled. His temper can be his weakness, along with his reluctance to fight. Sometimes he will go so far as even getting almost killed without doing much to fight back. If he is pushed to his limits, his curse will take over, changing him into a mindless beast that runs solely on instinct. If he stays in this for too long, he will either lose himself and never return to his human form, or waste all of his energy and collapse from exhaustion. Being possessed by a demon, any holy attacks or magic that is effective against demons can weaken him. Lastly, there is one type of metal that is lethal to him. That is a metal similar to silver, but is called Silistice. It is black, as black as ebony, and majorly weakens him if it touches him.

Weapons: His sole weapon of choice is the blade at his side. It is an ancient blade given to him by his master. The blade is red with many markings carved into it. The blade is named Animametit. It is known to withhold any lives it takes, but has purification abilities. Torence planned to use it to help Lucius control his curse.

: He has a high stamina. He can run and fight for very long periods of time without needing a break.
Strength: He has a decent amount of strength, though it is nothing unnatural. 
Agility: His speed is rather impressive. It is his most relied on ability. In battle, he often will use his speed to attack relentlessly for long periods of time, not letting his opponent have a time of rest or time to attack.
Stealth: He is not very stealthy, being a bit clumsy when not focused on battle. He can be loud and his emotion can get the better of him. He prefers more direct approaches.
Endurance: He can take an impressive amount of damage before slowing down. His will to get back up is always there, even if he is about to fall over from exhaustion.
Senses: His sense of hearing and smell are equivalent to that of a dog. If he tries hard enough, he can track someone's scent.
Melee: His skills with the sword are natural of that of a knight. His hand with the sword isn't perfect, but is well formed.
Special attacks:
Magic: Although not the best with it, he does know a few spells. He mostly knows spells of fire, one of his skills is setting his blade on fire during battle for stronger attacks. He also knows a few spells to heal as well as repel unholy creatures.
Curse Related: In his curse form, he becomes much stronger. His speed and strength increases drastically, as well as his senses. He becomes even more relentless, and even more aggressive. He attacks incoherently, not thinking about his attacks and using brute force to assault. 

Demon Related: Although he has almost complete control over the demon, it will make an appearance when he is emotional, usually appearing before the curse is triggered. It is normally a sort of signal that the curse is about to take over. The demon causes him to act animalistic, but it also makes him... submissive to anyone who know how to really control a demon. So it does make Lucius tamable and controllable.

Class Requested: In-betweener

Person who helped you when you came in: PrinnyOrchid
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Jesus, another character sheet. Alrighty, here I go!

Name: Junior. The reason he is only known as Junior now is because he has forgotten the name he was given due to not feeling he deserved his father's title. 

Race: A Japanese-French Vampire.

Gender: Male

Age: Junior is immortal due to being a vampire. However, he appears to be a seventeen year old teenager but considers himself fourteen.

Appearance: A highly feminine male, Junior has shoulder-length, glossy-paint-black hair with two glimmering silver strands of hair falling gently over his forehead and either side of the bridge of his nose. His eyes are a mysterious, shadow-like, ghostly, vampiric, seductive purple eyes with feathery eyelashes that almost appear like wings females put on their eyes with eye-liner. His nose is utterly subtle and feminine, and his lips are of a pale peach color. He sports the common Japanese-French complexion, with the Asian coloration dominating the French pretty severely. A 6'01" young man, his arms are long with semi-muscular characteristics, and he has long, semi-muscular legs with size 11 feet. He normally wears a long-sleeved black shirt tucked into a pair of black slacks with a long black overcoat over it. To top it of, black boots.

History: Born on January 15th, 2020, Junior's mother, Kiriana, was the first one to notice the boy was a purebred vampire. Remembering how she was when she was a young vampire, Kiriana chose to stay out of Junior's life. This was so she could try to prevent her child fro bringing great danger to the human race the way she had. She still loved her first child, but the fear of being around him consumed her greatly. However, Junior took this just the opposite, thinking that she was trying to avoid him all together because she didn't love him, and so Junior fired back at her profound hatred for the women, making several comments how 'he never wanted to see her horrendous face of misery and betrayal ever again'. For Junior's father, though, he refused to leave Junior's side, feeling he was a misunderstood being.

When Junior entered first grade, he was told many horrifying things such as, 'Oh if only vampires weren't immortal you could just go die in a ditch' and 'curse the fact vampires can't perish, because I would love to watch you take your last breath and die'. This was due to everyone's fear of vampires, and the fact Junior was quite the intimidating vampire didn't help. For the longest Junior struggled to hide his tears whenever someone told him something that basically was saying 'Go kill yourself', but he talked to his father about it, and his dad told him that that was the kind of reaction they wanted from you. That the kids in elementary school wanted to watch you bleed and cry, but you couldn't let that get to you. Junior ended the long conversation with, "I promise you, the next idiot that tells me that, I will kill them and eat their dead body." His daddy thought he was just saying that because kids at that age say things they don't necessarily mean. But boy was his father wrong.

On the day before Christmas break during 1st grade, Junior decided to do the unimaginable: challenge the boy who tells him the horrifying statement to a fight-a fatal fight. One boy told him, "I see you've managed to live this long through the pain of the words of knives stabbing you and watching your emotions bleed...Why don't you just give in? Wouldn't it be worth it to end it all? Just to die and not feel any pain, not caring if anyone missed you? I bet you deep down even your daddy wouldn't care." That last sentence made Junior snap, karate chopping his school desk in half straight down the middle and turn to the boy with burning purple eyes. "Meet me in the unsupervised section of the playground. You'll regret ever bringing my beloved father into this conversation," were his words just as the bell rang for class to end and lunch/recess to begin. Thinking Junior had nothing on him the boy did as Junior wanted, only to be horribly mistaken about a vampire's abilities. 

When he seen Junior leaning up against the tree, staring at his claw-like nails, the boy mocked him, saying, "Are you gonna just lean there all day or are you going to fight me?!" Junior's eyes had become a deep, pitch black as the urge to murder grew far too tempting to resist, and as he glared with eyes of steak knives at the young boy, Junior hissed, "If you desire to perish, then of course. I'll be happy to oblige. Come at me, little human." With that the fight started, and Junior managed to dodge all of the young human's throws, and Junior kicked the boy extremely hard into the tree, causing the tree to snap and fall on the boy. Ambling to the bleeding boy, the vampire pulled him from under the tree, seeing he was still breathing, causing him to hiss under his breath. In an instant before the boy could scream for help, Junior sank his teeth into the boy's neck, sucking every last drop of blood from the victim before tearing him apart and eating him.

This marked the start of Junior's massive killing spree of a grand total of 762 innocent people. By the time it was third quarter during his fifth grade year, Junior's dad had finally found out what Junior had done. Due to him finding out, Junior never came home from school that day, but instead found an unwelcoming alleyway to curl up and cry in. An unknown man happened to chance upon Junior, and the vampire was foolish enough to trust the stranger, for his true motive..was just to rape him. As he tried to rape Junior the young vampire screeched, screamed, and squealed in multiple ways to try and alert his father where he was and tell him he was in danger. Being the father was already looking for him he heard the noises all too clearly, causing him to race to his son, unsheathe his katana, and slice the man straight along the waist. Sheathing his deadly blade the dad embraced his son closely, crying at how close Junior was to losing his innocence. Junior sighed in his father's arms, crying silently at how Yoh still wanted him after all the horrible things he had done. Taking Junior home, the daddy swore a vow to be more involved in his son's life.

Zooming on to his final year of middle school, on the last day of eighth grade Junior ambled out of the school towards where the car rider's parents would always wait for their kids, only to not find his father's vehicle. Beginning to panic, Junior automatically called his father with a shaking hand, and when it picked up on the other end Junior whispered, "Papa? Where are you? Are you alright?" When his father finally answered after ten minutes of silence all he said was, "I will always love you-" before the sound of a gun going off blasted into Junior's ear and caused everything to echo before going silent. Immediately Junior ran through the grass, through every shortcut he could take until he discovered where the murder had taken place. Trying to tell himself the abandoned storage unit wasn't the last place his father would ever see, Junior ambled in, discovering his father's dead body. Racing to it, Junior pulled the bleeding body into his lap, crying loudly at how he lost the only person that truly loved him and feeling that God was just planning to take every life-worthy thing he was given. Junior carried the dead body all the way to a nearby place where they could cremate his beloved father and he could have him with him forever-literally. After that day, Junior swore he didn't worship God or the Devil. He worshiped the 'Shadow Binder', a Dragon of Darkness that he learned created the bad in this world but mostly out of Karma. 

Wanting to escape the horror of 2033 with the box of his father's ashes, Junior began practicing what many know as 'time travel'. For him it wasn't easy at first, but eventually he mastered it, being able to summon a time portal to take him either backwards in time or forwards in time. In this case, he chose to move backwards in time since he figured the past would be at least a little more decent than the world he was currently living in. Opening a portal to 2015, Junior had packed up many things, and just before he entered the portal he caressed the precious box of his father's ashes, stepping though the portal and entering the year of 2015, where it became his new home. Afterwards, he resided in the city, where he somehow manages to pay a nice house by having multiple jobs-around eight to ten. However, to him the house feels incredibly empty, and he only wishes he'll find a lovely girl-or even guy-to spend the rest of his life with.

Personality: A normally calm and easygoing young male, Junior can have many sudden mood swings due to his Bipolar disorder. Things that upset him easily are ignorant children, people touching/attempting to touch the treasured box that contains his precious father's ashes, or daring to rid himself of his innocence. Things that please him are people paying him compliments, people respecting the fact that he doesn't desire to hurt people, or just simply seeing two people conversing with incredibly accurate manners. He has a gentlemen attitude, but beware. If you attempt to leave him when he wants to have a conversation he will hug on you and start bawling tears. Sometimes he has random bursts of hyperactivity just because of something good going on in his life, and at other times he reminiscences in the memories he's shared with his father, causing him to cry all alone while hugging his father's box of ashes. He longs to cry on someone's shoulder so he can be reassured someone loves him.

Weakness: Junior has a good bit of weaknesses, such as sunlight and holy water, being he is a vampire. Another weakness Junior has is witnessing a holy cross weakening his powers. A weakness that could kill him inside and make him wish to die are if someone mentions to him his beloved father or if a stranger asks him, 'Don't you have at least a daddy?'. Some other things that kill him on the inside include people telling him off, people asking him if he was the one said to have killed hundreds, and people just straight-up ignoring him.

Weapons: The only weapon Junior owns is his father's katana. The katana belonged to his father ever since he was thirteen years old, and he used that very sword to protect Junior's innocence with it. Therefore, he traveled back in time without leaving the valued sword behind. It serves mostly as a reminder to himself how his beloved daddy went out of his way to protect his innocence by unsheathing the deadly blade. Very rarely will you ever see him unsheathe the weapon, however, due to him trying to have it remain a souvenir.

Abilities: Junior, being he's an S-Ranked Vampiric Monster, has several things going for him. One if them is the ability to dodge literally anything-even a bullet-with his supernatural speed. Another thing is the incredible supernatural strength, allowing him to do what a normal human would consider a normal looking kick, but be able to snap a tree in half due to unnoticeable strength. His senses are incredibly sharp as well. His sense of vision is sharp, being able to see the tiniest detail from afar, and his sense of smell is unparalleled by any other. He can remember the scent of his beloved-when he does discover her-and track her down from miles and miles apart. His abilities in battle are unmatched, being he can use his bare hands to chop literally anything apart.

Class Requested: Lovers because Junior is the romantic type.

Person Who Helped You When You Came In: Nobody actually, I just read I had to create a character sheet, and so here I am. 

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes sir and ma'am I have! ^^
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Name: Sir Lucius Iumentum

Race: Human, although has been cursed with what is called “the Shadowborne”.

Gender: male

Age: 21

Appearance: He has long, often messy red hair that falls down to his middle back. His bangs often fall into his bright, happy green eyes. He has pale skin with faint freckles across his cheeks. He is a decent sized male, healthy for his age. He stands at a height of 6’2 with a well maintained body structure. He is a knight after all and he takes that position seriously. He often wears normal attire for a knight, a tunic and trousers, along with light armor made of hide. A lone blade sets at his side, ready for use at all times. He also is always wearing an old, rugged scarf. He has a few scars from battle scattered along his body.

History: He was born in the southern lands of the world, foreign lands that were secluded from all others. He was born to the cursed family name; “Iumentum”. The curse had gone far back into the family history, stating long ago with an ancestor that had gave up his right to heaven to protect a corrupted king. The curse takes the form of a sort of werewolf shift. However, this shift doesn’t physically change his body, but devours the host with a phantom cloud of black that takes the form of a demonic wolf beast. It would act up due to the host’s emotions and physical well being.

And so, Lucius was raised under the family name, being trained from the day he could lift a sword to protect his prince, who was also a boy around his age. His master, a close family friend, had taught him the ancient knight’s code as well as taught him about how to view life. The man, Torence, raised him in place of his deceased parents who had been killed when his father had fallen to the curse of their family. As he reached his teens, Lucius finally had to deal with the family curse, as it only made it’s appearance as it’s host hit their adolescent years. His first few dealing with the curse were disastrous as he turned out to be one of the most emotion driven member of the family yet to live. He soon enough had to leave out on his own to learn how to somewhat control the beast within. Two years later, he returned to his home only to discover that his family curse had sentenced him to exile. His master had already been executed. So he fled the country and continued out his life as a rogue knight. Deep down, he still has a drive to serve a prince, it being the one instinct that was embedded into his family genes.

Personality: Lucius is a very laid back man. He is often considered a slacker, due to his calm demeanor. Along with that, he is a… well, a goofball. He often times will smile brightly, being hyperactive and almost always happy. It is difficult to make him angry, and he will almost always try to avoid conflict. He would much rather make himself out to be a fool than draw his blade. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a worthy opponent. He was trained in the ancient art of battle. So when he does have to fight, he will fight like a cornered and rabid dog. He is relentless and unyielding. This fighting style is also very firm, meaning that he will stand his ground stubbornly until he can no longer. Stubborn, goofy and loyal, he is the utmost image of a dog. He even tends to act like one, being easily pleased and depressed. The simple things in life will make him smile and he is always wagging his tail.

Weakness: Going from simple weaknesses to more dangerous, his hair is oddly enough one of his weaknesses. You see, his hair is so long because he can’t cut it. nerves go all down his hair, making it sensitive to the touch. Though he can usually overlook the pain if pulled. His temper can be his weakness, along with his reluctance to fight. Sometimes he will go so far as even getting almost killed without doing much to fight back. If he is pushed to his limits, his curse will take over, changing him into a mindless beast that runs solely on instinct. If he stays in this for too long, he will either lose himself and never return to his human form, or waste all of his energy and collapse from exhaustion. Lastly, there is one type of metal that is lethal to him. That is a metal similar to silver, but is called Silistice. It is black, as black as ebony, and majorly weaken him if it touches him.

Weapons: His sole weapon of choice is the blade at his side. It is an ancient blade given to him by his master. The blade is red with many markings carved into it. The blade is named Animametit. It is known to withhold any lives it takes, but has purification abilities. Torence planned to use it to help Lucius control his curse.

Abilities: Besides his Impressive stamina, the curse is the only thing that could be considered as an ability. When he loses control, his eyes will become silver and dark, ink-like shadows will consume his body. The shadows form a beast-like image around him. In this state, he is much faster and stronger. He is also hard to damage because normal attacks simply go through the shadow around him. Only holy or psychic attacks can really damage him in this state. Of course, so does Silistice.

Class Requested: In-between-er
Person who helped you when you came in: PrinnyOrchi

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What is a shadowborn
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ame: Kiyiya Redbird (kee-yie-uh)

N.N: Kiya (kai-yah)

Race: Werewolf, Native American-Klickitat Tribe (Yakama Tribe)

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Appearance: Being considered one of the few tallest men in his tribe, he stands at a good 6’3.  His wide/broad jaw and his high cheekbones made it seen to others that he was sculpted by Greek sculptors, but only if it wasn’t for the long thin scar that ran from his upper left brow to his jawline.

His straight black hair reaches to the center of his neck and his bangs peek over his eyes, which are slightly slanted and are greenish/light brown (hazel).

History: He was born October 31,1988 on the Yakama Indian Reservation, In Washington.

The people of the Yakama Tribe were shell-shocked because he was born a few months pre-mature. Many believed that there was no way that he’ll be able to survive at all, but he did.

His grandfather, who was one of the last few “shifters” in the tribe knew that his grandson will be like him and named him Kiyiya “The Howling Wolf”.  

At a few years of age (11), he went hunting with his older brother and had gotten lost deep in the woods. There were creatures lurking in the darkness, as they treaded through the woods blindly.
His brother, who was the lead, was attacked by large wild dogs. Itsu was being torn apart as he stood by watching, paralyzed by fear. When the dogs turned their attention towards him. He saw the insanity in their eyes, the hunger. As if reacting towards it, his body forced itself to change form. The dogs had realized the monstrosity that he was and not food, so they turned tail and ran.

He had fell unconscious before he can chase after his brother's murderers, but the agonizing pain had proved too much for him.

He was found weeks later, bailey breathing. His grandfather and the rest of the shifters had decided that he was going to be trained and taught on how to master his shifts. After many years  (9 yrs) of harsh training, he left the reservation so he can find his own way. He traveled across the united states on a old motorcycle that he found and fixed. He makes a living by doing small jobs for people and depending which state he’s in, he’ll stay on the local ranches and work.

Personality: He tends to say very little when it comes to interacting with strangers, but tends to loosen up after he gets to know him/her. It’s rare to see him smile or show any true emotion.

He believes it’s best to keep others at an arm's length, because losing another person that he cares about will destroy him completely.

Weakness: He can die like a human, if his injuries are left untreated, but wolfsbane and a silver bullet can mean instant death.

Weapons:He keeps a revolver (Colt New style) in his coast and a large hunting Knife strapped to his calf under his pants.

Abilities: He holds the ability to shape-shift from man to wolf. In his wolf form, he looks like any ordinary wolf, but is slightly bigger (due to his actual size). He is also able to shift in between forms, so he’ seems anthropomorphic (wolf on two legs). He can enhance his strength and speed slightly. (but not superhuman)

Class Requested: In-betweeners

Person who helped you when you came in:

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Name : Adam

Race : Time lord (Human like aliens that regenerate when dying.)

Gender : Male

Age : 1005 (Looks 25)

Appearance  : Short hair. Blue eyes. Big nose.  White skin. 5 foot tall. Big eyebrows. Small ears. Wears a red jacket with buttons done up. Wears a white shirt under the jacket with blue spots. Wears a snapback hat. Wears purple trousers with a yellow belt. His shoes are black.

History : He was born on Gallifrey and immediantly regenerated into an adult and given a TARDIS to escape the Time war. Since then he's just been going places and meeting people with the occasional alien to destroy.

Personality: Tries to be cool and hip but just acts like a doofus. When he needs to be he is very serious and understands human problems. He is very nice.

Weakness : He has two weaknesses one of them is if he runs out of regenerations he can die. The other weakness is if he gets shot or something during regeneration he dies.

Weapons: Adam has two "weapons" in his arsenal , the sonic screwdriver which can be used to add universal roam , which allows you to call anyone in space and time , to a phone can be used to unlock stuff , scan stuff , turn on TVs and other electric appliances on and disable weapons. However it doesn't work on deadlock seal or wood. The other "weapon" is a time machine called the TARDIS time and relative dimension in space. It can travel anywhere in space and time and even has a chameleon circuit to help it blend in with it's surroundings. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside and has a main console room in which Adam uses to fly it. The TARDIS can also be redecorated to change the interior.

Abilities: If Adam ever dies fire shoots from his hands and head and after a while the fires die down and he changes his face and personality.

Class : Fighters

Person who helped you when you came in : nobody i just found it and came to the rules and this

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? : yes
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Name: Ty Sherker

Race: Full-fledged Demon, can turn into a large raven on command.

Gender: Male

Age: 27 years of age

Appearance: Ty is a tall boy, about 6,2, and he has died orange hair. His hair goes down to the bottom of his neck, and covers the top half of his face. His hair is always very messy and unkempt. He has very pale skin, with no freckles or blemished whatsoever. his eyes are never visible, as they are covered with bloodied bandages. Ty drew x's over where his eyes would be on the bandages. He has very straight, sharp teeth. He always wears collared shirts to hide a large slit on his neck. His shirt is a white-button-up, and his pants are orange jeans. He wars black converse.

History: Ty was born in the human world by a large female demon who he never met. When he was found, he was put into a boy's home. He hated the boy's home and all of the boys in it, as they bullied him because he was quite small as a child. Once he was about six years old, he discovered that he could make the other boys do what he wanted them to, just by thinking about them doing it. He often made the boys do stupid things such as slam their face into their food during dinnertime, or to pull the cat's tail and get in trouble. Soon enough, things got bad, as Ty made a boy burn down the whole home. All of the people in the building die that night, but not Ty.
            After the fire, many news reporters wanted to know how only one eleven year old boy managed to survive the fire that night. Ty never told them about what really happened and made up many fake stories to tell the humans. Ty was soon moved to yet another home, and he liked this new one much more. All of the boys living there worshiped him as the boy who survived the fire. He loved the popularity, and he started going out and doing what normal boys would do. One day, a new fire, much like the one he caused at the boy's home happened at a large mansion, with only one survivor, a girl named Quen. The public made him and the girl meet up, and they talked to the news about their survivals. 
           On Ty's 18th birthday, Quen came to the boy's home and brought him a cake. Ty seemed very excited, and Quen was excited too. Ty tried to see if he could make Quen do something, but he didn't want t hurt her, so he tried to make her light the candles on the cake. His only result was a headache, but she immediately whipped her head around to look at him, and as she did, her pupils formed non-human slits. At that moment he knew why she survived the fire, and that she too had the powers. She grabbed his arm, and pulled him into the back yard. All she asked was if he could start fires too. He shook his head, and she looked nervous, he told her that he could control others' actions, just by thinking about them doing what he wanted them to do.
           That day, Ty as let out of the home, as an adult. he looked to see if Quen was leaving, but all he saw was an unnaturally colored wolf running away from the home. He yelled, "Quen!" and the wolf looked back at him and seemed to smile. He was very confused, he contemplated about whether or not he could turn into an animal too, after about half an hour of standing in the street, concentrating, he morphed into a raven. After that moment, he was able to see differences in the people on the street, he could see the demons hidden among the humans. After that day, he pledged that he would destroy every demon that he found on the street, and he would do it with Quen. 
           When he was 24, he was fighting a large female demon, the demon took out his eyes, but she spared his life because she was the one who birthed him into the world. The female demon however, had injured Quen very badly, and they had to take her to a healer. Quen had  very small chance of living, and Ty thought that she had died. In aguish, he slit his throat, trying to end his life, but he survived. The gash has never healed however, because he use a demon weapon to inflict it. He learned that Quen had lived, and they continued their mission.

Personality: Ty is normally quite happy and hyper. When he is happy, he jumps around and happens to speak a lot more than usual. When he is mad, however, his powers ramp up and e is much more dangerous than most demons of his level of power. Most people would describe him as odd, as he seems to be blind and can easily find his way around. Some people would even describe him as frightening, because of his bloody bandages.

Weakness: Ty's main weakness are weapons that were made in the demon realm, as they do not harm humans, but they do kill demons with enough exposure to them. He is also quite trusting or others, making him more likely to make deadly mistakes. Another one of Ty's weaknesses is excessive sun exposure. He can stay out in the sun for up to 8 hours, but after that, he has a risk of getting horribly burnt. 

Weapons: Ty has a set of demon-made daggers that he fights with. One has a serrated blade, meant for cutting through bone or shells. The other dagger has a smooth blade, meant for cutting through flesh. One blade is golden, the other is silver, and both were created in the demon world. If the daggers are lost or stolen, the will teleport back to their rightful owner, Ty.

Abilities: Ty, as a demon, has the power to turn into a raven, and the power to control other by thinking about what he wants them to do. He cannot however, mind control other demons, or part demons. He also has the power to be able to withstand fire or extreme heat. He is able to fight very well, and is great at the martial arts. He also has the ability to assess situations very quickly and to make allies very easily.

Class Requested: In-betweeners.
Person who helped you when you came in: Asuos

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Name- Eckhart Howe

Race- Human

Gender- Male

Age- 15

Appearance- Dark midnight blue hair that goes down to the neck. He has pale skin and dull blue-grey eyes. He wears black collared shirt with a dull blue ribbon where the collar is that lets his black cape stay in place. The cape is almost similar to a cloth claw-like weapon thats black with a blue outline. Black pants that goes down to black slip-ons. He also has a yellow three pointed claw (his weapon) that also can serve as a mask-like thing he can put on anytime and take it off anytime.

History- When he was about eight he would go out and help people, if needed or not. He loved to help others and soon stopped robberies until his hometown caught on fire and burned to the ground by a unknown person. He now travels alone, as a anti hero, but no one knows his name, nor did he give one to himself (his "hero name"). He also looks for the person who destroyed his hometown.
IF you go back farther, he also dropped out of school. He wanted to do so so he can take long walks in the day, and help people if he though he needed it. He never liked walking at first but it helped him with forgetting other things that had happened in his past life. He also started to hear voices and found out he was able to talk to the dead. He never saw them after the fire however.
Things he needed to forget... bothers him to talk about it.  He had witnessed his death of his parents and believed it was him who killed them. He had tried to protect his mother with a knife his father had and tried to stab the person who was trying to kill his parents in the first place, but he missed and stabbed his mother in the chest. He father had laid beside her whiling saying that he was going to die being next to his wife. So the person killed his father with Eckhart running away.

Personality- Its usually hard to say, he's really polite, but it's hard to see what he is feeling because he tries to not show feeling. He can joke anytime, no matter how serious but usually doesn't do so. And if you see him smiling, he's feeling very confident, maybe he's trying to do so to get something out of someone, or he's hiding something. Or you could be suspicious to him. He can be persuasive and tends to be "smart" about things. Say "nothing" to him and he'll tell you that nothing is something.
He also lives by a quote that only people hear him say, and its "They only smile for yours, which could make you feel better... But the pain is still there." It refers to himself, he can smile but is still upset by the past.
I forgot to add he talks differently than most. Like he'll say "needn't" like some noble from a kingdom or something.

Weakness- He may be human, but it seems like he's impossible (see his weapon details). He can be killed just like any other human with him maybe setting him on fire or drowning him. BUT his mask has techno stuff in it so he'll die of electrocution before he drowns hehe... He also has a weakness when around locus flowers, hes deathly allergic to them. XD

Weapon- His mask/claw has techno stuff in it. He was suppose to be a pokemon oc, and the mask had his pokemon "moves" made into it which are Mist, Scald, Metal Claw, and Whirlpool. Mist is just the claw releasing a mist that's about... 20 inches maybe? too long? That's the best number I think I can get close to... Scald is where the bottom of the claw releasing boiling hot water. It really burns too, trust me, he done it before. Metal Claw is where the claw turns harder and sharpens, and he can throw it to cut someone, or hold it to stab someone. The steel is made from the same material as his father's knife, as a way of remembering him. Whirlpool is just a vortex of water that spins in place that's made by him  throwing the claw when its coated in water and makes the person spin in place or use it to jump in with someone to melee fight.

Abilities- I said he had the power to talk to ghosts (without that board and stuff like... the ghost is there as a person to him). He also fights very well and used to be able to persuade anyone, but now only some people.

Class request: In between
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//If their is one thing I dislike more then anything, it's having to write full character sheets, anyways here's Wonderwall a sheet//

Character Name: Acer Saccharum
Age: 20ish on average, (fluctuates depending on the context and time of the rp, I have AU's of my characters, this sheet is just one version)
The most Canadian vampire ever. Basically he's a vampire, but not the normal strain/breed. Since most vampires only drink blood, that shit can get pretty boring and taste kinda lame. Acer was the result of some experimenting to make tastier snack packs, as a result he doesn't require blood to sustain life, but instead needs a constant supply of maple syrup or other maple goods. His blood ends up being very sweet and delicious as a result, making him a success.  
Gender: Male
Appearance:  From first glance he doesn't look that different from anyone else, his skin is slightly paled from living in a climate that has snow and cold weather for 60-80% of the year, because of that he doesn't seem to mind the cold as much and doesn't always dress appropriately for it in comparison to other people. He has a very strong love of plaid and red, so typically he can be seen wearing a red plaid button up shirt with some kind of t-shirt underneath and jeans. His hair is of a rich/dark auburn colour and of a medium length, staying above his shoulders but below his ears in a casual shaggy way. His eyes are little different though, they have a varying range of colours, from green, yellow, red, orange, purple, and anything in between. For the most part they just change without him really noticing, (the colours are based off maple leaves in the fall) as a result of his vampirism. His two canine teeth are elongated and sharper then normal, and 99% of the time he has a lollipop in his mouth. He also has two tattoos, a maple leaf on the top of his right hand, and one over his heart.   
History: 1
" Sugar, Spice, and Everything nice, these are the ingredients inside the perfect Canadian. but then the professor intentionally added an extra ingredient to the concoction... Maple Syrup, thus Acer Saccharum was changed! "
Just note that ^ is mostly a joke
Acer was born and raised in Canada. as a child he didn't have that rough of a time. Both his parents were of an older age when they had him, because of that he was blessed with financial security and didn't need to worry about getting by on a day to day basis. He was able to get the things he both wanted and needed and lived a rather normal life for a single child. Because his parents were of an older generation then the average for a child Acers age, They had some health problems. When he was just a teenager, roughly 15 his mother had passed away from a heart attack. They lived a fairly healthy life style, for the most part so it wasn't exactly expected. After that he noticed his fathers health beginning to deteriorate, (both of his parents were roughly in their 60's being older) the stress of losing his life time partner and soul mate was having a toll on him, as well as taking care of a teenager. Thankfully Acer was quite the agreeable child and always helped out and did what he could, including but not limited to cleaning, working part time, and cooking meals. His father appreciated the help and very much loved Acer, always being there for him to talk, give advice, and he would always volunteer at his school and come see him when he played on various sport teams and supported his hobbies no matter how crazy they seemed. Which was mainly his fascination with maple. After his mother died it helped him realise just how fragile life can be and that you never know when someone is going to leave so why be a bitch? He always was a polite child, not the aggressive type and always wanting to help, and genuinely meaning it with a smile.

As a Canadian child it wasn't really surprising that he had a fascination with the sweet amber substance. Although for him it was almost an obsession, he took things in moderation for the most part though. His first real encounter with the substance happened in elementary school, it was the middle of winter and he couldn't really remember what they were suppose to be learning aside from their being maple treats being made. The adults had been heating up thick maple syrup and laying it across the clean snow, the kids would then take popsicle sticks and roll of the cooling down syrup and eat it like a candy. Acer had become so fascinated by the experience and the wonderful feelings It gave him that from then he always tried to find any maple products he could enjoy, his favorite of course being pure syrup but he enjoyed a lot of variations. Maple sugar candies, maple syrup candies, gourmet maple syrup (either barrel aged, or Grand Marnier infused. He loved that one and they way the orange liquor mingled with the sweet amber taste. He saved that one for special occasions) He loved sharing his love of maple with all of his friends and small family. His father accepted it, although it was a little strange even for a Canadian, although his friends weren't so keen on it, nor his relationship partners. When he got a little older, he ended up getting two tattoos to commemorate his love, a red maple leaf on the top of his right hand, and one over his heart. He figured their was nothing more Canadian then the leaf on their flag, nor his love of the sweet treat. When he thought about maple, he always got a warm feeling inside, thinking of all the memories he made sharing his love with others even if they didn't a hundred percent understand where his passion was coming from, and his family. When he first discovered the orange liquor maple syrup his family put together a special brunch just for him, thick fluffy pancakes to try it out on, with maple bacon and fresh fruit, plus a little champagne with a splash of orange juice, although he was under aged his parents didn't mind the odd drink at home for special occasions or for dinner, he wasn't a wino so it was okay plus he was a responsible kid. More then once has he found a wallet full of cash and returned it without thinking of a reward.

His happy days didn't last forever, things never do and always change with time, for better or worse. His father began to become a lot more forgetful about things, simple things and often repeated tasks over and over to the point where this wasn't just some forgetful brain fart. Since health care didn't cost an arm, leg, and the soul of your first born child, they got his brain looked at and realised that he was suffering from Alzheimer's and was slowly deteriorating. Although they had caught it, there wasn't much that could be done for him. Because he wanted to ensure his father was okay and well taken care of, instead of going on to post secondary education, he worked part time on a grave yard shift so he could spend as many days with his father as possible before he to forgot him. It hurt and he cried a lot when it happened. Eventually he had no choice but to have him move into a place where he could be watched and cared for more, although it broke his heart more then anything. He ended up going into a slight depression over it, although he did his best to remain his upbeat cheerful, and helpful self, figuring that's what his parents would have wanted for him. By this time he was still just a punk, 19 years old, his birthday having just passed, one of the last moments his father remembered him. Knowing exactly what he loved, his father had given him an assortment of maple goods, including his favourite bottle of maple syrup with a note saying he loved him. He always kept that bottle and never drank it.  Staying stubbornly hopeful that one day he'd drink it with his father. Although it was hard, he kept his childhood home, now that he was an adult, he had been given the power of attorney over his fathers well being and powers over the estate. He was the kind that cared too much and too hard, he got hurt a lot because of that but managed to stay his positive way. He worked hard, having a fulltime job but using every opportunity he could to visit his father. He was a good kid, almost naively so, even though various friends and past lovers had betrayed him.

He had a hard time keeping relationships. He could find them easy enough, his bubbly personality and caring nature always attracted people to him but he ended up burning them out. They couldn't understand his various love of things, It was hard for him but he managed to preserver, he figured if he never tried he'd never know. Part of his issue was that he didn't show certain emotions to people, his fears and insecurities, or grief. he kept it inside or would try and deal alone but never in front of anyone. He figured it was a bother and would be bad. Even though that was one reason why he lost relationships.

One night while working a grave yard shift, he was approached by a tall man asking for help. Being the almost overly kind person he was, he offered to help. Obviously he knew about stranger danger but figured since he was an adult now it would be fine. It wasn't. This man had ended up being a pureblooded vampire and was looking for people to help him, but not in ways you'd want. Taking Acer to a more, secure location he took advantage of his caring nature and chomped on his neck. He wasn't going to kill him, or at least intentionally. The vampire was a researcher looking for new food ideas. Just drinking plain blood can get so boring and tasteless, especially since most vampires are not able to stomach human food. He had ben trying to create a new breed of snack pack basically. Walking blood bags that were more resistant to munching then humans, but also tasted so much better. Having a bit of a sweet tooth, he figured maple was a good way to start, (which was convenient for Acer since he already loved it) The idea was that while a human was changing into a blood sucker, their genetic code changed and was making their desire to consume blood overwrite their previous basic needs. If it could be changed once, why not to something else? The Pureblood had been experimenting with this for a while now, trying it first on other vampires of different ages, all of which ended in failure and death, because the code had been solidified and their bodies had become so used to the need for blood it couldn't handle the change. After he learned that he began trying it on different humans, he had been getting closer but still had yet to be successful in making a sweet treat. After biting Acer he injected a needle into his neck, some sort of thick amber concoction with a sweet scent.  It was a very painful experience to say the least, and he ended up passing out from it.

The vampire thought Acer was dead and almost disposed of him but thankfully the brunette had managed to wake up in time, panting quite heavily and kind of needing to know what the hell happened to him. The vampire was actually quite surprised that Acer hadn't died, he was almost certain he had failed, whether it was due to dumb luck or just Acers natural love of the substance he lived. Over the following weeks the vampire kept Acer around and monitored him, seeing if he really was okay, and to study him a bit. He had explained what he had done, and kind of why. It was sort of hard to take, I mean how often does this happen? You just up and get bitten by a vampire. The proof was all their however so there was no denying it. It was quite the adjustment and learning experience for the two of them as they tried to figure out the effects of the experiment, learning that it a) work and he didn't need blood to survive, he tried starving him for a week, only feeding him maple things to keep his blood sweet and he didn't die. After they did the reverse, and it almost killed him. The blood helped to a certain degree and prevented any major sudden plummet, but if his blood was absent of the sweet compound it affected him.  Through other various experiments and accidents, it was discovered that he could go in sunlight, since he wasn't exactly a complete vampire, as well as could stomach normal human food, along with blood, (which Acer chose not to eat)

While all of this was happening, his father had gotten into an accident at the care center where he was living and it didn't end well. To spare the details. Acer ended up alone with a bottle of syrup he wont ever drink, even if it was the last thing he had and he needed it to live.

(that should be sufficent for now)

Personality: Acer is very kind, and literally almost every Canadian stereotype embodied. Hes politeness comes naturally and is genuine, whether it be towards someone he has known for a long time, or a stranger he has only met for 5 minutes. He would and will always do anything he can to avoid confrontation, which means he is very quick to apologize in situations even if he isn't the one at fault, he figures its best and their isn't any shame or issue with defusing situations. He's quite bubbly and optimistic, always looking at the positive side of things and why things aren't as bad as they could be. He's rather generous as well, since he literally always has maple candy on his person, (unless something happens) he's quick to offer and share with anything, but not limited to just his candies, (which he needs to sustain life mind you) He goes out of his way to make sure people and things are okay. Sees a homeless person, "better bring him home to my place, its getting cold outside" without any real concern or care for his own safety and wellbeing. Acer is also a bit of a pushover, because he does his best to be kind to people it can lead to people taking advantage of him quite easily, he's not naïve and knows better, he just refuses to change anything about it, saying things are fine as they are. As open and bubbly as he is, hes somewhat secretive about his feelings if they aren't happy or exciting, his feelings of sadness, disappointment and fear are all thing he doesn't share no matter how long hes known a person, (typically) since he figured it would get in the way. Hes trusting to a fault and will give anyone or anything the benefit of the doubt at least twice if not three times etc. He'd really care free and it takes a lot to get him riled up, although he has a strong sense of justice.
Weakness: Because Acer isn't exactly a full vampire he has some of the weakness that he should but not all or not all to the same effect. Silver wont kill him or make his flesh start burning up in agony, but he has an allergy to it and if it contacts his skin it is going to irritate the surface and lightly burn/itch. He has a slight arithmomania (the thing that makes things count grains of rice, and roof panels etc.) but mild. He more or less does it because he finds it relaxing some but he isn't typically compelled to do so. usually anyways. depending on the circumstances and maybe how stressed he is, he'll have no choice but to count the things, plus whats thrown effects it. If you throw rice on a dirt path, he's not going to be that compelled to count them, since he can realize that its probably point less, but shinny marbles or things like that, he'd totally go for. A stake through the heart will kill him, (granted the kills human too). He doesn't do well with holy things. If drenched in holy water, he wont melt, since he is still technically part human, he'll just feel a lot of pain, same with crosses and walking into churches, he doesn't go to church. (Hes no cherry from vassalord) (this should be sufficient for a sheet, he may have more, I just haven't discovered them yet) Oh yeah, and the most obvious, if he doesn't eat maple goods/products he'll starve to death. He does not instantly heal, since his blood isn't exactly pure and he doesn't drink life essence he heals faster then a human, but noticeably slower then a standard vampire.
Weapons/Abilities: Acer can go into the sunlight, although he does and can get sunburn relatively easy, however being from a place that's colds 60ish% of the year, totally helps avoid that. He doesn't need blood to live, but is capable of drinking it. Due to some of the vampirism running through his blood he is a little faster, and has greater senses but not as good as his pure blooded counterparts. He wasn't created to be a super monster after all, he was created to be food. He is capable of stomaching more then just blood and maple and can happily enjoy human substance. He does not require an invitation to enter buildings or other such locations. He doesn't carry any weapons due to his passive nature (unless you count kindness XD) Hes not much stronger then the average human, again because he eats maple goods instead of human life substance.
Class requested: In-betweeners
Other: Google his name Acer Saccharum for an added laugh.
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Name: Beatrice "Gem" Mortumbane

Race: Pureblood Demon.

Gender: Female.

Age: 25 in appearance, 2,560,000 years old, Immortal

Appearance:  5 ft 6 Inches in Height, Crimson tone of Skin, Jet Black Hair, Piercings on her lip on ears, wears (formally) a grey, midriff tank top with a militaristic camo cargo pants. She doesn't want to talk about her weight.

History: Beatrice is from Macrocosm B.12, located in one of the many multiverses that The Ones Above Creation make and shape. At birth, she was assigned to Lucifer's Totem, where she would be given tasks to travel to different Macrocosms and spread disease, filth and famine. Around her younger days, she would usually dispose of her duties and find her way with mortal men in the Earthrealms, this displeased her higher-ups incredibly, as she didn't finish her assignments as planned and told to. around 2014 AD, The Ones Above Creation were met with a dangerous foe, Beings from beyond the Ultiverse, named the Tyrants. They started wreaking havoc across multiple multiverses, tearing them down in what seemed like only mere minutes. This made The Ones Above Creation very irritated, as this was proof to the lower creatures that even The Ones Above Creation had difficulty dealing with even this sort of threat. To protect the idea of them being 'Omnipotent' they created two weapons that only the lowliest of creatures, or demons, could handle. Two Short-Barreled Customized Shotguns, named "Might" and "Potency". These weapons took Millions upon Millions of years to make, and once they were finally forged, they were handed to Beatrice, where she would go across the Ultiverse and find these Tyrants, kill them, and claim her freedom from Hell.

Personality: Very sarcastic and a lover of irony, somewhat lazy and dim-witted but she can be a good friend to those who know how to bargain with her. She doesn't particularly care for making enemies, so she is more of a friendly kind of demon.

Weakness:  Even though she is a Demon, she is only mostly at Peak Human Capacity. She cannot survive intense explosions or universal destruction, but she knows her way around dodging things. She is also, very naive. She is willing to follow a man and do whatever he wants her to do, and it will only occur to her that she's been tricked when it actually happens.

Weapons: Two Shotguns, "Might" and "Potency." Might is for slaying the Tyrants, Potency is for killing anything else. She usually dual-wields, more efficient.

Abilities: She can summon portals to move across entire Multiverses or Universes at her whim, there is a limit to how many portals she can summon within 24 hours, so she has to be careful when she uses them.

Class Requested: In-betweeners

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History needs more  detail. Personality traits aren't what we are looking for and  not being able to survive explosions is a human weakness, we are looking for things that would be used to stop her in her tracks that aren't shared by  all human like races.
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Character Name: Nastazio Dante Cyllisto Amorati

Race: Nas is a human vampire. He began life born as a human being, died as a human being, and was reborn undead. He is a typical aristocratic vampire, similar to the likes of Anne Rice’s creatures. His bodily functions, other than the need for blood and rest in a coffin, are all but gone. His hair does not grow, his body does not age. To remove anything other than the heart or the head entirely from the body calls for almost instantaneous regeneration, dependent upon the need for blood or the extent of the physical injuries. He is sophisticated and cultured, intelligent, sentient, and not without a conscious. Although typically considered soulless, he is not without a sense of spirituality. He definitely does NOT sparkle.

Gender: Male

Age: 283 (appears 24)

Appearance: As a modest, yet impeccable, man he never was one for fashion. He kept his outfits neatly pressed and clean. They nearly always consisted of the same thing: A simple long sleeved shirt, black, with buttons all the way up the front. The sleeves were always rolled up, neatly, to right above the elbows. The shirt was tucked into neatly pressed fine black trousers, and  he was wrapped around the waistline with a thin black obi sash. His black leather steam pipe boots were neatly covering, almost to knee height, the trousers. He accessorized only with a long black cape and a steel wedding band. He never wore a hat.
   He stood 6‘2“, and weighed approximately 190 lbs., with fair skinned thin features and a long and narrowing face. His eyes were blue of the the coldest degree, speckled near the pupil with gray. His hair was perfectly straight, falling to about the middle of his back, and as white as snow. His facial features are slightly gaunt, sharp, and menacing, in a handsome gothic aristocratic way. His body was lean, yet firmly toned.

Born in 1732, with the founding of the Georgia colony. His mother died during child birth. He was an only child. His father never remarried. They returned to London, England, where his father was originally from and found employment as a professional gunsmith and blacksmith. Not able to seek any kind of evasion from despair and grief, Nastazio's father moves them from place to place, covering and extensive area through Europe, the Prussian empire, and eventually to India. His father eventually dies of a broken heart on Nas' 19th birthday, coincidentally also the anniversary of his mother's death. He works as a gunsmith for a year and then decides to join the British forces and fight during the Third Carnatic War. By this time Nas is in his early 20s, and fights for the British empire as an infantryman. He dies at the Battle of Wandiwash, but is taken by the french officer who kills him. He brings Nastazio back as one of the undead immortals, a vampire. Instead of taking on the man as his master, Nastazio opts to kill him, in hopes it would end his curse and he could die as he felt was fated for him. It only makes his powers and his thirst grow stronger. He wanders through southern India, feeding and hiding in shadows and sewers, living as the uncivilized monster he had believed he had become. He lives this way, making his way through southern Asia, the Philippines, China, and eventually into Edo, Japan. In 1856, as he lives in the shadows and feeds upon the largest city in the world, he finds a sense of peace with his form, and realizes his cultivation over the past 100 years. He has grown to appreciate the sophistication’s of a more civilized world. His appreciation for the Taoist influence leads him to believe that even his dark and soulless form can find some balance, some peace. In 1862, he moves to the United States, where he joins the Union Army and fights in New Orleans. He falls in love with the city and it's mixture of culture, and quickly finds residence after the war, and legitimate employment as a gunsmith. He meets a human woman, a widow of a large plantation to the north west. She learns of his curse and chooses to become one of him, pledging to love him and be by his side forever. They marry, and occupy the plantation until the servants and employees of the estate realize them for the monsters they are. They trap her inside the manor, and tie Nastazio to a tree outside using blessed silver chains. Unable to move or use any of his powers he is forced to watch as his manor, with his wife inside, is burned into oblivion. They lock him in a coffin, wrap the coffin in silver chains and bury him within a mausoleum in a graveyard in the French Quarter. He has remained there, in eternal slumber, awaiting a day to be resurrected and freed to exact his vengeance upon those who destroyed his wife.

Personality: He is a quite man, sophisticated and full of thought. He is extremely astute, and only speaks when he believes he has taken everything about the situation into consideration.
He can be arrogant and patronizing at times, believing his age and experience should show his wisdom. He comes across as strong willed and righteous, firm in honor and integrity.
Inside his soul he longs for nothing but death, yet can never find the courage to not fight back or to kill himself. He is forced to live in this world for eternity, until someone can come along and give him the honorable death that will lead him back to his wife. Every time he sleeps he has horrible flashbacks and nightmares of being with is wife, and ultimately of her demise. He strongly believes in tenants of love, chivalry, honor and respect, and will fight anyone in defense of those morals.He needs blood to survive, yet never takes it from a human being without permission. He lives on the blood of animals.

Weaknesses, Skills, & Weapons: His powers include seduction (overpowering charisma and charm), immortality (undead), and he can utilize a mist form for evasion and movement purposes, yet only if he is properly fed. He can also move faster than average, instantaneously maxing to almost the speed of sound, and can stop his movement instantaneously with total inertial dampening. Nastazio has strong upper fangs and long strong, claw-like, fingernails he can utilize as melee weapons. His major fatal weaknesses include any form of silver, with liquid or melted silver possessing the capability of poisoning his blood, decapitation, or cleansing by fire. If he does not rest at least 1 hour every 48 hours in a coffin of any make, he will loose all his powers and eventually will wither until he is rendered motionless and begins to decay. At the point of total decay of his head, or his heart, he will die. He is also subject to the gamut of a severe weakening to complete loss of powers the longer he goes without feeding. He will not die if he does not feed, yet drop into a deep coma-like state of sleep, remaining useless and motionless until he tastes blood again.

Class: Lover
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Name: Salvador Rasmus

Race: Nephilim (Half Angel, Half Human)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Salvador is unusually looking. He is 6"3 and weights 11.5st so he looks very thin. He has pure white hair that he often hides under a hood and has very pale skin that makes him look fairly ill. He has one green eye and one blue eye and usually wears ragged clothing, mostly brown breeches, a ragged light brown shirt, a ragged dark brown cape with hood and fingerless gloves. he doesn't wear shoes.

History: Salvador is the illegitimate son of an arch angel and a servant girl. His mother died in child birth and he was brought as a servant to the household that employed her. He spend most of his childhood as a servant but when he turned the age 13, he was sent to work for an assassin named Jim. At first, he was just treated as another servant but when Jim discovered Salvador had a natural flair for magic, he began to teach him the arcane arts and by his 15th birthday, Salvador had become Jim's apperentice and trained to be an assassin. He was a fast learner and within a few years, he became a skilled Assassin and Elemental. At age 18, he became curious of his bloodline and when in search for his father. He discovered his father was a fallen angel who despite his very existance and he was rejected. Defeated, he returned home to Jim and told him his discover. Jim taught him his greatest lesson. He taught him that people, human and angel alike, were cruel and selfish. Salvador agreed and when retired to his bedroom. the next morning, he woke and found jim had left in the night. His soul was crushed by the act as he looked up to Jim and he vowed that he would only ever rely on himself. he's been traveling alone ever since, using the skills he has to make a living. While he doesn't really like humans, Salvador likes animals. He likes wolves and cats and has a pet hellhound he calls Lucky. He found Lucky as a pup and rescued it from the bleak weather when traveling through a cold country. The pup was dying and despite that he hated warm, he lit a fire in the place he was staying to keep the dog warm. He shared his food with it and began to nurse it back to health. Once it was health, he tried to let it go but it followed him all the way to the next village. deciding that it was stubborn, he kept it and it's been with him ever since as his loyal friend and guard. Salvador also sells his paintings when there isn't any bandits to fight or targets to kill. he would much rather be a painter then an assassin but sadly most people would rather hire him to kill then to paint.

Personality: Salvador is a fairly cold person. He comes across as quiet and shy but he isn't actually shy. He observes people and determines their weaknesses. He acts more stupid then he is and often leads people into a false sense of security. he can also be kind but this is a rare sight and preserved for those who matter

Weakness: He has a weakness to heat and fire, his inability to keep his emotions in tact. As a result, it causes his abilities to lose control, resulting in freak snow storms and tidal waves in extreme situations. While a good fighter, he is not that strong physical and his mental state is questionable. 

Weapons: Salvador has a bow and arrows that he uses for long range, a dagger that looks like it's made from glass and he uses his body as a weapon too

Abilities: Salvador has a natural ability to manipulate water and ice, allowing him to manipulate, create and control great quantities of water and ice. He has enhanced strength, speed, stamina and senses due to his bloodline and is intelligent. He will not always engage with his enemies but instead will use mental techniques. He is an excellent unarmed fighter and a skilled assassin. He is trained in Archery, Blades and Alchemy.

Class Requested: In-betweener

Person who helped you when you came in: Arsonicace said hello

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes
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Name: Josith Helbourn 

Race: Human/Demon Hybrid


Age: 24

Appearance: Josith has spiky red hair and blue eyes. He wears Red Steel-plated armor. He looks like your typical average Human but has a Red scaly Demon hand concealed by his Holy Gauntlet, a White Glove with a purple crystal embedded in it. When he uses his Demon powers, He grows Horn, Demon wings, and has red glowing eyes. If he takes off his Holy Gauntlet, He transforms into a Gigantic Four-armed Demonic Monster!

He was raised in a village where he was feared and hated by the people who despised all because He was the demon child of the Demonic Overlord of Hatred! His mother didn't want him to become like his father so she took him to a group of Paladins who tried to exorcise the demon outside of him. When that failed, they succeeded in sealing his Demonic powers with the Holy Gauntlet onced used to defeat his father. They raised him like a human, teaching him the difference between right and wrong, and help him become the kind and considerate person he is today. He is now going on adventures helping people while always resisting his inner demon every single day.

He is quite polite and noble which stands a very sharp contrast from his Demon blood. He is rational and gentle who always tries to talk before engaging in senseless violence. He may be gentle but he is in no way a pushover, he despises anyone who is jerkass to people, oppresses people, and bad guys who just do evil stuff for stupid reasons. He also suffers from constant nightmares due to his demon blood attempting to take over his body and soul which leads to him losing control and going on rampages. When he fights, He always tries to hold back unless the person is a huge douchebag who deserves everything he can deliver to his face! 

Weaknessess: He is weak to Holy stuff and will give him severe burns, His powers also have no effect on them. He also holds back on his demonic power because if he uses too much, he loses more of his Humanity. He also responds to pain like a normal person, be it emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. He constantly suffers nightmares from his Demon blood trying to take over his body and can cause him to go out of control. His Holy Gauntlet holds back most of his power down to a level he can handle, If it is taken off his hand. He will transform into a gigantic Monster Demon who will permanently stay that way if he doesn't get his glove back on soon.

Weapons: He carries his Inferno Blade of Eternal hatred which is made completely out of pure Hellfire!

Abilities: He has power over Hellfire and can easily create and control it, like using it to create his Hellfire sword. He can grow Wings that allow him to fly. He has Demon eyes which causes anyone he locks eyes with, Full of Pain,Fear, and Despair. He is a skilled swordsman and fighter who is adept at both fighting with his Sword and his fists. He also has the unique ability to gain power from the evil of one's soul. So the eviler his foes are, the Stronger he becomes! He also has regenerative powers and can heal from the most dire injuries over time.

Class requested: Fighter

Person who helped you when you came in: None
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Name: General Lord Daevanus

Race: Angrarian demon (Angrarian demons are the soldiers of the dark god Angra.)

Gender: Male

Age: Immortal (Angrarian demons do not really have an age that they appear as, but if I were to give Daevanus one, it would probably be 33.)

Appearance: Daevanus has a black metallic helmet with two long horns protruding on each side of the helmet. The helmet contains a horizontal opening for the eyes and no opening for the mouth or nose, and his eyes are glowing red. He has spiked shoulder pads, and a shiny black metallic armored exoskeleton. His chest is similar to that of Red-Eyes Black Dragon. He has large black dragon-like wings with red undersides and a long black armored dragon-like tail. He has to knee pads with a spike on each of them and also has a spike protruding from his elbows. His feet are lizard-like with sharp black metallic claws and an opposable big toe. His hands are black and metallic with sharp black metallic claws.

History: Daevanus was previously a Celesteonite like his master Angra and most of the other Angrarian demons. When Angra was promoted to a god by Celesteon and later became the god of darkness, Daevanus along with many other Celesteonites joined Angra and were banished to the Netherworld along with their master. Upon joining Angra, Daevanus became very lizard-like with black skin, red eyes, and long sharp claws. Daevanus was an excellent soldier of Angra who quickly rose through the ranks and became Angra's top general and his right-hand. Upon promotion to a general, Daevanus's appearance changed from a regular lizard-like Angrarian soldier demon, to that of a humanoid dragon with a human-like helmet.

Personality: Like his master, Daevanus is pure evil with a strong desire to spread evil and chaos among the innocent. He is quick-tempered and fierce, becoming angry at those who dare mock him and not hesitating to incinerate them on the spot. He is also sadistic and cruel like most of the demons of the Netherworld. Daevanus's primary emotions are joy, pride, anger, and fear. He is very loyal to his master and obeys his every command.

Weakness: Daevanus may be powerful, but he is weak to white magic like all the other demons of the Netherworld. He is also weak to the power of gods. Without a Doom Crystal he can become exhausted if he uses his powers for too long. This is especially true when casting spells of high mana cost. Due to his temper, Daevanus can become distracted from his goals if someone angers him. When that happens, he will generally not stop until his offender is dead or he realizes that he is wasting his breath on them. Finally, Daevanus can go down if the amount of force of an attack he receives is heavy enough, especially if he is worn out.

Weapons: Daevanus does not use any weapons, aside from the occasional Doom Bomb.

Abilities: Daevanus possesses a vast range of abilities such as pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, flight, super strength, enhanced durability, super flying speed, enhanced agility, and dark magic. Daevanus can shoot powerful blasts of fire that can take down a small house. His lightning is also equally as powerful. He can also fire powerful blasts red and magenta-colored blasts of energy that destroy their targets. He is also able to use dark magic, such as casting curses and other spells of darkness, as well as spells that are not dark but still draw from his dark power. One powerful attack that he can preform is called Blazing Darkness, in which he smashes the ground below him and sends a wave of darkness that scorches or sets fire to anything it envelops. Daevanus is also capable of emitting intense heat from the undersides of his wings, enough to melt stone and metal in seconds. Daevanus is also able to inflict extreme pain on his victims including using Sadist's Lightning, which inflicts extreme electric pain enough to cause insanity. Finally, as an Angrarian demon, Daevanus is able to preform telepathy and is very physically strong--stronger than an Angrarian destroyer demon. In addition to telepathy, Daevanus can preform mind control, although it costs quite a bit of energy to do so.

Class Requested: Fighter

Person who helped you when you came in: None.
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Name: my name is Nia Knight bacause  my mom named me and liked the name Nia 

race: vampire


Age: 16(actual age 203)

Hair: curly,black and white is really long
face: freckled, scars
Clothes:  shirts:black and red. Skirt: blue(denim.) stockings:black. shoes:black pumps.
body shape:skinny

History: her mom and dad abandoned her at the age of six and has lived on her own ever since but she wants to know  who her mom and dad are, she feels isolated ,alone and that is why she hates parents because she thinks they will abandon her again and if she gets abandoned she will go mental she hates grown ups she wants to kill anyone from the age of 18+ she needs help to calm down and find her parents

she is calming down but still hates all 18+ people she has a lot of hate in her heart  and needs to let it all out  she does not know anyone who can help her she ......

Personality: she is a dark soul,she hates alot of things , sh can be nice if you get to know her but she is funny most of the time
Weakness: her weakness is the sunlight because it burns her and she is a vampire after all.
Weapons: her weapons are a machete because she is a melee type girl and a dagger because more blood comes out with the dagger/

Abilities:   she has super speed, super strength, high senses,

Class Requested: Can i get a mod opinion

Person who helped you when you came in : @LadyOfLittleRedHood

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denied, needs more history and detail
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