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June 23, 2012


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RPAffinity Rules, Classes and Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 8:48 PM

RPAffinity Rules

:star: Rules:

Anything that has a :new: next to it has been updated.


:bulletblue:) You must have your character sheet approved before requesting RPs or getting comfortable in the chat. Please do not talk to the members while you are doing your character sheet you should focus on that alone. You may tab a mod if you have any questions.

:bulletblue:) Please do not re-post your RP request more than once every 15 minutes.

:bulletblue:) Bold is only allowed when making RP requests, and should not be used for anything else. If it is then you will be kicked as your warning and if done again, then you will be placed on a temp ban for 24 hours.

:bulletblue:) CAPS is allowed in moderation and we do mean MODERATION!! Each mod is different and will warn you on it. So do NOT abuse this (both member and mod) because if it is abused then Miyu WILL put her foot down!

:bulletblue:) Also, please avoid excessive "stretching" of words, which is repeating the same characters in a row.  We consider excessive to be over 15 characters.

:bulletblue:) NO advertising please. This means chat rooms, websites, pictures ect....Anything that a mod considers advertising. It will be a kick/ban.

:bulletblue:) Please avoid using "text speak" (or typing like "u r so cool lol").  As a roleplaying channel, we want people to put effort into using good grammar.  Occasional "text speak" can be considered acceptable, but overuse to the point where readability is affected is not allowed.

:bulletblue:) We have a one (1) hour idle limit for Readers, which is enforced through our bot.

:bulletblue:) We are an English-speaking channel only.  Please don't use other languages in our channel, so we can all understand you.

:bulletblue:) We do not allow spamming in our channel, and have set our bots to automatically remove people who spam in our channel.  Spamming is automatically handled by our bot, however, mods will intervene when they feel they must. Spamming can be icons, phrases, causing drama, the mods will decide. And they will be honored, nor does it need to be explained to you. It could be a kick for something small, or it could be a temp/perm ban if the mod feels it should be.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ignore the mods.  Our mods must be able to talk to you in order to resolve issues, and if they are unable to do so, they have to resort to using bans to get their points across.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ask for channel privileges (aka mod status).  We encourage everyone who wants to help to volunteer, but access to admin commands are given as necessary.

:bulletblue:) No bots in the room except those owned by the mods.  All bots in the channel must be used for the benefit of our community at large, and vanity bots (e.g. single-user welcome messages) are not acceptable.

:bulletblue:) All members and visitors are allowed to have one (1) account active in our chat at a time.  If you make a new account, you must talk to a moderator so they can activate your new account and remove your old one.

:bulletblue:) We have a strict no-drama policy.  We ask that people take personal conflicts to private channels.  A moderator can intervene if asked, but do not allow any fights to spill into the channel. This will also include bugging the mods, talking back to the mods, being harsh or an ass in general. Mods reserve the right to kick or ban a user for ANY reason, and it does NOT need to be explained to you, though most will give you a reason. If you argue about this then you will be perm banned. This is also applied to existing members.

:star: Applying:

:bulletblue:) DO NOT POST JOURNALS OF ANY KIND, NO LINK TO IT, NO COPY AND PASTE!! NO EXCEPTION!! It Must follow our sheet, however you can add info at the end of the sheet. ;) NO EXCEPTION!!

:bulletblue:) Once you have read all the rules and have chosen a class you would like to be in, then fill out a character sheet, and tab one of the mods to look your character over.

:bulletblue:) Once your original character has been accepted, you may use any other characters you see fit for your request. You DO NOT have to post each character you use.

:bulletblue:) If you post someone else's character, or if someone else does the sheet for you, you will be banned. That is a permanent ban, and will NOT be reversed.

:star: Enforcement:

:bulletblue:) We typically have a kick / kick / ban enforcement policy with the exception of blatant infractions. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, please send a note directly to MiyuDimon for her to make the decision to bring you back or not.

DAmn Rules

:bulletblue:) No spam. This includes icons and emoticons. (please don't use more than four in one post or too often.)

:bulletblue:) Keep it clean. All and any type of cybering (sexually explicit rping) references that are too mature is against dAmn rules and will result in a ban and a policy report to the staff. Here is a link to the dAmn rules.… Keep your requests PG-13... I will NOT tolerate this, First offense is a perm ban.


Ceo - This class is for MiyuDimon ONLY, she is the owner of the room.

CM- This class is for SkittlesRus and Jacob-C-Wolf only, they are the Co-Owner's of the room. Works along side MiyuDimon.

Head-Security- This class is for our bots who maintain our welcome message and watch for spamming.

Editors - This class is for the mods of RPAffinity.

Proof-Readers- This class is for the secondary mods of RPAffinity.

Helpers- This class is for people to help check sheets and monitor when a mod is unavailable.

Copy-Writers - This class is for the bots of RPAffinity.

The-Imaginators- This is a VERY new class. This will be the class that creates events, advertises RPA, and thinks of new ideas.
(To be in this class, you MUST be a member of RPA for at least a month, and must send Miyu a note with request to join, make her want you.)

Special-Friends- This class is for friends of Miyu's who do not rp, but are in the room for the social aspect of the room.
(Mostly made for Miyu's friends at Deviant365 or Mods of dA- DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT IN THIS CLASS!!!)

Lovers - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do romance rp's over any other genre.

Fighters - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do battle rp's over any other genre.

In-betweeners - This class is for those Rpers who do NOT have a preference genre and will accept/request different genre's.

Novelists - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post over 400 words.

Short-Stories - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post under 400 words.

Readers - This class is for Guests who have not yet posted a character sheet.

Silenced- This class is for those who get into trouble, but not banned. Be careful!!!

Deleted - This class is for those who have broken the rules and are no longer welcome in RPAffinity.

:bulletblue: Character Sheet :bulletblue:

NO FAN CHARACTERS OF ANY KIND!! It will be auto denied.

Name: (First and last please. If it's only one name (IE something like Blood), then please explain why.)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: (If the character is immortal, like a vampire, then please tell us what age they look like and what age they really are. If you don't know, then please give us an estimate. We highly suggest you don't go over the top with the age. We do NOT allow any characters under the age of 13.)

Appearance: (This needs to be a paragraph long (Five sentences at the least for a paragraph.) If you find yourself having trouble describing your character, try starting from head to toe: Start from their head, starting with their hair. The down to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. etc. It really helps.)

History: (This needs to be at least three paragraphs long. Like the appearance, try and start from the beginning. When they were born, where, any important information about their family. Go on to child hood, then to teen, young adult, and then further on depending on how old your character is.)

Personality: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Try to explain your characters personality as best you can, what they normally feel like, what happens when they get mad or happy, how people would describe them.)

Weakness: (This needs to be a paragraph long, and their weakness must be able to kill them. A good example would be water killing a fire monster, things like that. Please list as many weaknesses as you can, and if your character happens to be a human, just point out that the normal human weaknesses apply to your character.)

Weapons: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Explain all weapons, if you do not have any weapons then please explain that. )

Abilities: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Please list all abilities, this includes the abilities your character has from its race (IE a vampire has super speed, super strength, high senses, etc. etc.) as well as physical abilities, like being able to fight very well or some magic abilities.)

Class Requested: (Feel free to pick whatever you like, though it's suggested that you pick something that fits your character. If you can't decide, feel free to ask a mods opinion.)

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

:new:(Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit this, if you don't use word (Which is high suggested) then you can use an online spell checker. Tab a mod when you've finished. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ALL SECTIONS THEN YOU WILL BE DENIED!!)

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Hellothere88 Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Midnight Blue ( Named for a feature on her body)

Race: Dark Imp/Forest Nymph hybrid (She was raised by Forest nymphs and adapted to that environment) 


Age: ??? (No one knows exact age, but she is only 24)

Appearance: She has no hair. Her ears are pointed (Like an Elf's). She has vampire like fangs, and her eyes are a deep Midnight blue (That is where her name came from) She wears a tattered green Ancient Greece type of robe. She goes barefoot. Unlike most Imps, she is quite attractive and even has a kind of cat-like appearance.Her hands are human like, but her feet are like a cat's hind legs. She has sharp retractable claws.  She is only 4 feet tall. The final feature is her wings. They are like angel wings, but instead of feathers, they are leaves. Her skin color will change with the environment (If she is flying over a lake she will be blue, if a meadow, green, etc)

History: Her birth mother gave birth to 20 other children besides her, and not only that, but she was the most feeble, and she was the smallest of the pack. So they abandoned her to die shortly after she was born. They had left her in a jungle like forest. But some forest nymphs found her, and the decided to take her in. The named her Midnight Blue because of her beautiful blue eyes. They raised her as if she was a forest nymph, but they never told her she was really a Imp. She had grown up believing she was an odd looking forest nymph. But at the age of ten, she ran into an Imp. This imp, was her father. He instantly recognized her, and he called the rest of the family. In the time she was gone, her mother had given birth to 30 more children on top of the other 20. Making a grand total of 52 family members (All of them having combat skills) to come and kill her. They had abandoned her to make sure Imps are portrayed in a bad way. They believed that even though she was now strong and healthy, they still thought she would show to the world that Imps were helpless and weak.  And they had expected her to die. And they wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

 Not wanting to hurt her family, she let them beat her, to close to the point of death. But that is when she discovered  a power she never knew she had. Not having wings before, her wings sprouted, and she flew high enough to escape her family. She then released a magic spell that turned every single one of them into stone, except her father. Who got away, and ran. She realized she was born with it

In her teens (About 12 to 15) She started to go out scavenging for food, and occasionally stealing it from humans. But on her 13th birthday, she came home to a horror show. Every single Forest Nymph was painfully murdered, each in a different way. And her adoption parents were together next to a tree, and in the tree, was engraved

"No one can live forever. Find me and kill me if you want all them back."

So she searches. And the rest of her life up until now was dedicated to finding her evil father. And until she does, she jumps from safe haven to safe haven, always wandering.

Personality: She is sweet and caring. She has a lot of empathy. She understands everybody who has lost someone important. And she is an easy person to get along with and talk to. But mention her family, or piss her off, there will be hell to pay. She is normally a loner. When she travels, she travels alone. To avoid hurting anyone.

Fire; Due to the fact that she adapted to a Forest Nymph

Silver: Because it was something that ran through the family. Most of the past generations had been killed with a silver knife

Her Father: Just the thought of the Imp will paralyze her into thought. Although she is pursuing him, she is still afraid of him. 

Weapons: She uses magic such as nature and dark magic to inflict a series of pain and paralysis before giving a final death glare that turns the enemy to stone.

Abilitys: Healing wounds: If a comrade is slashed badly by a sword or gets burned, she can heal using magic

Future sight: She can see a certain part of the future if a statement is said to trigger it

Mind Reading: She can read most others minds, and answer questions before they are said. She doesn't use this often, but she will use it against enemies to predict moves. The downfall is that she will not always read correctly. So she will read one thought, but it wasn't accurate.


I have read and agreed to all the rules and terms
Nyar1athotep Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Welcome. :)
Name ~ Piper Ericson

Race ~ Human

Gender ~ Female

Age ~ 23

Appearance ~ If you where to glance at Piper you would first notice her thick brunette hair reaching down to her ankles once reaching her ankles you would see her stylish boots with 5 inch heels yet somehow she is still only about 6 feet maybe even less. Her clothing is only the colors of gray black and white which sticks out since she is a very tan girl. If you where to study her body you would notice she does have womanly curves and a small thigh gap. Looking at her face you would notice sparkling emerald eyes and right in between her eyes is a large scar.

History ~ Piper was born as an only child constantly moving back and forth through the world since her parents had a criminal reputation. Piper would spend most of her time stealing food for her family or practicing sword skills with her father while her mother made sure they had a place to sleep. She never had time to make friends as a child so her socializing skills are pretty bad. She got the large scar going across her nose from having an accident during sword practice. The coat she wears was her mothers hand me down and Piper keeps it very close to her since she never sees her parents anymore.

By the time Piper was a teenager her parent finally found a nice place to stay and they could live steady for once which finally gave Piper some time to make friends and she even met someone even more special! Dallas, a boy about the same age as her, would always spent his time with her they would always get into trouble and play across the village. One day when Piper was going to see him he had seemed to disappear everyone searched and searched but never found him, distraught Piper ran away and vowed to be independent for the rest of her life. During this time she also decided to stop cutting her hair and its grown out ever since.

Piper is now an adult who travels around the land leaving her mark on the hearts and minds of others. When she turned 21 she soon discovered she has a strong love for liquor especially a small little pub located in a well known village so if you are ever in a search for her that is the best place you should look. She has almost mastered her sword art but is still learning, Not to mention she also teaches her sword skills to others. Piper like she vowed has never committed to another person yet but she does make the occasional friend. Piper has also overtime gained the ability to run and fight in heels.

Personality ~ Piper is a nice person and can get along with anyone but she isn't very sociable if you want to talk with her you always have to start it because she is more kept to herself then an outgoing peppy person. Piper isn't a mean person but she is normally in a grumpy mood but things that really make her tick are kids, snobby people, arrogant people, and I guess you could just say people. But the things that make her happy which are few are when she is able to do something right like sword skills or helping someone she also loves beer 

Weakness[es] ~ Piper doesn't have a large variety of weaknesses. Her vulnerability only shows when an opponent is strong then her or more skilled. Piper can also get caught in something bad if it demands heavy objects she is pretty weak and focuses more and her agility and speed. Piper basically has most human weaknesses.

Weapons ~ A long metal sword which she has been training with since she was just a child. 

 Abilities ~ Piper has impeccable agility and speed along with amazing sword skills.

Class ~ Fighter 

 Person who helped you when you came in ~ No one

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? 


Jacob-C-Wolf Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Heyy, I'd like to ask you to write a paragraph with the appearance. :D Thanks. And then everything looks good :) 
FortuneCookie123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago

Thank you ^_^
Jacob-C-Wolf Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Anytime :D just do the edit here int he comments :D
FortuneCookie123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Okay done if there is anything I should fix please let me know :D
Jacob-C-Wolf Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Nope Imma approve you. :D
FortuneCookie123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago

Thank you so much :D
Sunglin-t Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New member
Name: Reiss –--
[last name redacted due to disownment of prior clan]

Race: elf abomination. [Reiss became an abomination whenever she began to perform chemical experiments upon herself. The affects were undesirable, but she eventually grew accustomed to her predatory habits that she received upon experimenting.]

Gender: Intersexed, female identity.

Age: “13″ — With her chemical experiments having failed, Reiss’s body is stunted meanwhile her mind has aged in its place. She holds the mindset of a twenty-year old.

Appearance: Despite her small, stout stature, Reiss is nothing to be underestimated. Reiss stands to a veryimpressive 5’1” and the small creature is able to consume up to 11x her own size. Reiss is a manipulator of flesh and bone. Her form can take many shapes –both smaller and bigger than her default, her skin has a superb amount of elasticity– and will simply snap back into place in spite of any malformation Reiss inflicts upon herself.
Commonly dressed in thick, black ‘ceremonial’ robes, there isn’t much that is displayed of the elf other than her face. Even then Reiss prefers whenever her hood is pushed up, shielding her luminescent green eyes of any violating light. Peeking out of the hood is a small variety of colour, what otherwise would simply be pale thistle flesh, comes the stains of vitiligo, standing out as one of the most distinguishable features other than her hair. Two coal black sheaths of hair crowd either side of her head, which are always spiked up and slightly inward. Small tendrils of coal fall from either sheath, usually found plastered against her cheeks. The underlay of hair is snow white, juxtaposed against the black. The sneer that is always found on her lips can be defined in many ways, which none are positive. It reveals oddly sharpenedteeth, which are the most natural weapons that the elf would lastly resort to.

History: Reiss grew up in a clan of necromancers. She was born into the infamous ‘Dark Arts’, and was raised accordingly. The elf, back then, was taught composure, efficiency, that emotion of any kind was to be terminated. It was useless, destructive, that it was pointless and would only destroy a person rather than heal them. The clan who raised her was under the impression that the newborn was male, what with a penis present. When the newborn grew older, it was discovered that the child also had female genitalia. Repulsed by this discovery and ultimately crestfallen that this child could not possibly uphold the clan name, the Necromancer clan decided that they would continue to raise the child – however, they would release Reiss into the wilds upon growing old enough to defend herself.

During her time within the clan’s compound, the others made sure that Reiss’s experiences weren’t all too pleasant. Some beather for the person that she was, most simply looked upon her in disgust. Most considered her to be a nuisance, and kept her locked within the smallest room available. They treated her as if she were prisoner, and some time after Reiss grew sick of it.Although the age that she was originally intended to be released was fifteen, Reiss broke free of their reign and fled the compound when thirteen.

About a week or two living in unnamed woods,  Reiss stumbled upon the place that she now calls home. Basalt brick walls, Reissfinds comfort in the darkness of a collapsed dungeon. It was somewhere isolated, somewhere away from society. With Reiss’s raising she was lead to believe that everyone would look upon her with the same disdain, the same disgust as her old clan had. Her budding hatred for everything only seemed to grow in her time alone and her independence only seemed to swell increduously. The elf, at this point, used her previous training (before discovery) to set herself up, creating minor potions and traversing the Wilds to enter a nearby city to steal what ingredients she needed if she could not find them in the woods. It is here that she performs her experiments, both on herself and others; human(oid) and animal alike.

Personality: To put it bluntly, Reiss is the “holier-than-thou” type. She is seemingly uninterested in anyone and everyone around her, except for a select few. Outsiders are regarded with cold distance and apathy. Though having being spoken to, the abomination will reply curtly, matter-of-factly, and sometimes not at all, but instead with her eyes. Glaring and sneering are two of the default expressions when it comes to Reiss. There is one way to get underneath this necromancer’s skin, and that way is persistence, and lots of it. Persistence with one’s presence insists that they are determined enough to stay and explore the depths of Reiss’s mind. That isn’t always the case, however. There are occasions where the necromancer will break free of her anti-social regime. Those times are far and inbetween, the Necromancer puts little to no effort to make contact with others – and often falls out of the mood fairly quickly. Reiss mainly keeps to herself, found in a shaded corner of any place, munching obnoxiously on various snacks in an attempt to find another victim who dares to step into her path, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Weakness[es]: Heavy weights - As morph-able as Reiss can get, she is unable to physically strengthen her body. Her body is small, frail, able to quickly heal but can easily be eliminated if smashed.

Light - What with living in almost complete darkness a large portion of the time, her eyes have become rather sensitive to the light. The natural kind, mind you. Fluorescent lights mildly irritate her, but being shone upon directly have the potential of permanently blinding her. Reiss normally wears her hood or a special pair of shaded goggles to help her navigate through daylight.

Squishy Insides - When in haste Reiss begins to eat her prey whole, leaving the victim to digest with the other ‘bits n pieces’ that are within the fleshy confines of her stomach. The victim is left alive, if Reiss hasn’t beaten them into unconsciousness or ripped them apart. While inside, they have the potential of bursting out of her.*
*Damage not caused by her is not healed as quickly, therefore she would easily bleed out.

Weapons: See Abilities. Other than that; the occasional scalpel.

Abilities: Small stature - In battle, Reiss is more than likely mistaken to be fairly harmless due to her height (5’1”). The abomination often uses this to her advantage (as well as resent the fact).

“At Will” Appendages - Being that Reiss is able to manipulate her bone-matter, she is able to create as many limbs as is needed. This ability does not always pertain to combat, she multi-tasks within her home quite often and finds this particular feat to be quite useful. Like cutting multiple specimens up or organizing a room.

Night Vision - Reiss lives – more than necessary – in complete darkness, whenever at home. One of the side effects of her experiments on herself is that she could see in the dark, but it would slowly begin to take away her ability to see in the light; as well as give light the potential of permanently blinding her.

Class Requested: Novelists.

Person who helped you when you came in: No one.

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?
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