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RPAffinity Rules, Classes and Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 8:48 PM

RPAffinity Rules

:star: Rules:

Anything that has a :new: next to it has been updated.


:bulletblue:) You must have your character sheet approved before requesting RPs or getting comfortable in the chat. Please do not talk to the members while you are doing your character sheet you should focus on that alone. You may tab a mod if you have any questions.

:bulletblue:) Please do not re-post your RP request more than once every 15 minutes.

:bulletblue:) Bold is only allowed when making RP requests, and should not be used for anything else. If it is then you will be kicked as your warning and if done again, then you will be placed on a temp ban for 24 hours.

:bulletblue:) CAPS is allowed in moderation and we do mean MODERATION!! Each mod is different and will warn you on it. So do NOT abuse this (both member and mod) because if it is abused then Miyu WILL put her foot down!

:bulletblue:) Also, please avoid excessive "stretching" of words, which is repeating the same characters in a row.  We consider excessive to be over 15 characters.

:bulletblue:) NO advertising please. This means chat rooms, websites, pictures ect....Anything that a mod considers advertising. It will be a kick/ban.

:bulletblue:) Please avoid using "text speak" (or typing like "u r so cool lol").  As a roleplaying channel, we want people to put effort into using good grammar.  Occasional "text speak" can be considered acceptable, but overuse to the point where readability is affected is not allowed.

:bulletblue:) We have a one (1) hour idle limit for Readers, which is enforced through our bot.

:bulletblue:) We are an English-speaking channel only.  Please don't use other languages in our channel, so we can all understand you.

:bulletblue:) We do not allow spamming in our channel, and have set our bots to automatically remove people who spam in our channel.  Spamming is automatically handled by our bot, however, mods will intervene when they feel they must. Spamming can be icons, phrases, causing drama, the mods will decide. And they will be honored, nor does it need to be explained to you. It could be a kick for something small, or it could be a temp/perm ban if the mod feels it should be.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ignore the mods.  Our mods must be able to talk to you in order to resolve issues, and if they are unable to do so, they have to resort to using bans to get their points across.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ask for channel privileges (aka mod status).  We encourage everyone who wants to help to volunteer, but access to admin commands are given as necessary.

:bulletblue:) No bots in the room except those owned by the mods.  All bots in the channel must be used for the benefit of our community at large, and vanity bots (e.g. single-user welcome messages) are not acceptable.

:bulletblue:) All members and visitors are allowed to have one (1) account active in our chat at a time.  If you make a new account, you must talk to a moderator so they can activate your new account and remove your old one.

:bulletblue:) We have a strict no-drama policy.  We ask that people take personal conflicts to private channels.  A moderator can intervene if asked, but do not allow any fights to spill into the channel. This will also include bugging the mods, talking back to the mods, being harsh or an ass in general. Mods reserve the right to kick or ban a user for ANY reason, and it does NOT need to be explained to you, though most will give you a reason. If you argue about this then you will be perm banned. This is also applied to existing members.

:star: Applying:

:bulletblue:) DO NOT POST JOURNALS OF ANY KIND, NO LINK TO IT, NO COPY AND PASTE!! NO EXCEPTION!! It Must follow our sheet, however you can add info at the end of the sheet. ;) NO EXCEPTION!!

:bulletblue:) Once you have read all the rules and have chosen a class you would like to be in, then fill out a character sheet, and tab one of the mods to look your character over.

:bulletblue:) Once your original character has been accepted, you may use any other characters you see fit for your request. You DO NOT have to post each character you use.

:bulletblue:) If you post someone else's character, or if someone else does the sheet for you, you will be banned. That is a permanent ban, and will NOT be reversed.

:star: Enforcement:

:bulletblue:) We typically have a kick / kick / ban enforcement policy with the exception of blatant infractions. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, please send a note directly to MiyuDimon for her to make the decision to bring you back or not.

DAmn Rules

:bulletblue:) No spam. This includes icons and emoticons. (please don't use more than four in one post or too often.)

:bulletblue:) Keep it clean. All and any type of cybering (sexually explicit rping) references that are too mature is against dAmn rules and will result in a ban and a policy report to the staff. Here is a link to the dAmn rules.… Keep your requests PG-13... I will NOT tolerate this, First offense is a perm ban.


Ceo - This class is for MiyuDimon ONLY, she is the owner of the room.

CM- This class is for Arsonicace and Jacob-C-Wolf only, they are the Co-Owner's of the room. Works along side MiyuDimon.

Head-Security- This class is for our bots who maintain our welcome message and watch for spamming.

Editors - This class is for the mods of RPAffinity.

Proof-Readers- This class is for the secondary mods of RPAffinity.

Helpers- This class is for people to help check sheets and monitor when a mod is unavailable.

Copy-Writers - This class is for the bots of RPAffinity.

The-Imaginators- This is a VERY new class. This will be the class that creates events, advertises RPA, and thinks of new ideas.
(To be in this class, you MUST be a member of RPA for at least a month, and must send Miyu a note with request to join, make her want you.)

Special-Friends- This class is for friends of Miyu's who do not rp, but are in the room for the social aspect of the room.
(Mostly made for Miyu's friends at Deviant365 or Mods of dA- DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT IN THIS CLASS!!!)

Lovers - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do romance rp's over any other genre.

Fighters - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do battle rp's over any other genre.

In-betweeners - This class is for those Rpers who do NOT have a preference genre and will accept/request different genre's.

Novelists - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post over 400 words.

Short-Stories - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post under 400 words.

Readers - This class is for Guests who have not yet posted a character sheet.

Silenced- This class is for those who get into trouble, but not banned. Be careful!!!

Deleted - This class is for those who have broken the rules and are no longer welcome in RPAffinity.

:bulletblue: Character Sheet :bulletblue:

NO FAN CHARACTERS OF ANY KIND!! It will be auto denied.

Name: (First and last please. If it's only one name (IE something like Blood), then please explain why.)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: (If the character is immortal, like a vampire, then please tell us what age they look like and what age they really are. If you don't know, then please give us an estimate. We highly suggest you don't go over the top with the age. We do NOT allow any characters under the age of 13.)

Appearance: (This needs to be a paragraph long (Five sentences at the least for a paragraph.) If you find yourself having trouble describing your character, try starting from head to toe: Start from their head, starting with their hair. The down to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. etc. It really helps.)

History: (This needs to be at least three paragraphs long. Like the appearance, try and start from the beginning. When they were born, where, any important information about their family. Go on to child hood, then to teen, young adult, and then further on depending on how old your character is.)

Personality: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Try to explain your characters personality as best you can, what they normally feel like, what happens when they get mad or happy, how people would describe them.)

Weakness: (This needs to be a paragraph long, and their weakness must be able to kill them. A good example would be water killing a fire monster, things like that. Please list as many weaknesses as you can, and if your character happens to be a human, just point out that the normal human weaknesses apply to your character.)

Weapons: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Explain all weapons, if you do not have any weapons then please explain that. )

Abilities: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Please list all abilities, this includes the abilities your character has from its race (IE a vampire has super speed, super strength, high senses, etc. etc.) as well as physical abilities, like being able to fight very well or some magic abilities.)

Class Requested: (Feel free to pick whatever you like, though it's suggested that you pick something that fits your character. If you can't decide, feel free to ask a mods opinion.)

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

:new:(Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit this, if you don't use word (Which is high suggested) then you can use an online spell checker. Tab a mod when you've finished. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ALL SECTIONS THEN YOU WILL BE DENIED!!)

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Beffy-Hart Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Artist

Name: Vesna Jeznik


Race: Human


Gender: Female


Age: 23


Appearance: Vesna stands at the rather short height of 5'2" tall (and has a bit of Napoleon complex because of it) and weighs around 125 lbs. having a rather athletic build. She isn't all that curvy but is well proportioned. Vesna's complexion ranges from fair to medium, fair in the wintertime and medium in the summer when she's able to get more sun, she has a light amount of freckles dotting her nose and cheeks. Her hair is a vibrant ginger color and cut short- very short in the back but longer through the top and sides, the sides framing her face down to her jawline, she has a side bang that brushes across her forehead but is short enough to be kept out of her eyes. When it comes to the way she dresses she typically wears jeans paired with tank tops or V-neck t-shirts. She likes jackets often wears denim jackets or stylish leather jackets.


History: Vesna was born into a family that often struggled to make ends meet. Her father resulted to petty drug dealing which resulted in him not being around often due to his time spent in prison. Because Vesna's father was such an unstable figure, her mother left him. Throughout Vesna's childhood and teen years her mother dated many men, none of them stayed around too long. Vesna and her mother moved around frequently from crummy apartment to crummy apartment and Vesna had a rather hard time staying in one school or having a real interest in school entirely.


In her teen years Vesna found it hard to not stray down the same path her father had gone down. She had a hard time living at home with her promiscuous mother so she often just didn't go home. Most times she would stay at friends' houses or get herself into some kind of trouble with those same friends. She quickly became a delinquent, when she did manage to show up to school she brought trouble with her, she faced suspension on many occasions. Child services looked into her frequent absences but by the time they took much interest Vesna was of the age to legally drop out- so she did.


Like her father she started petty drug dealing, dealing smaller drugs to teens her age, most of the time. It allowed her to have some form of income regardless of how unstable or dangerous it was.  In order to protect herself from the threats the streets posed she learned how to fight through friends, a form of very rough street fighting, but it worked and she also learned how to shoot a gun. Learning how to fight opened more doors for her, introducing her to the world of underground fighting. She took much interest in it, she enjoyed the sport and thought it a better option, rather than dealing drugs.


In her late teens and early adulthood she began her practice in mixed martial arts, partaking in underground events for money, though, it wasn't nearly as profitable as selling drugs at times, so she still sold drugs on the side in order to sustain herself. At the age of eighteen she got herself a small, crummy apartment to live in with her earnings, making enough to pay the small monthly payments.


Currently she is trying to make MMA a more stable career for herself by putting her name out there in hopes that sponsors will pick her up and teachers will offer to further her training.



Personality: Vesna is a rather rough around the edges type of personality. She's very combative and snarky, and she's quick to throw an insult or say something sarcastic to someone. She's very skeptical upon meeting new people and it takes her a bit of time to warm up to others- but once she's made a friend she's very loyal to them and will go above and beyond to help her friends when in need- usually in very inconspicuous ways.  She does not like to be loud about any charity. She angers very quickly and doesn't hesitate to get herself into a fight. She won't start a fight though and will only fight when provoked (outside of MMA).


Weaknesses: Since Vesna is a human, normal human weaknesses apply to her. When it comes to fighting because she is small she is often outmatched by strength.


Weapons: Vesna does not use weapons aside from the occasional gun in extreme cases, usually a very standard hand model. She caries a small pocket knife around with her, instead of using it for the blade when in fights, she will grasp the metal (with the blade closed) in order to stabilize her fist and make her punches more effective during street fights. Other than that her defense normally consists of mixed martial arts style of fighting.


Abilities: Vesna is talented in MMA, a style of fighting that mixed combat sports with a number of martial art techniques. It’s a full combat, standing sport that allows striking and grappling in order to take down one's opponent. While Vesna is talented in the sport she could also do to improve, thus why she seeks further education.


Class Requested: in-betweeners


Person who helped you when you came in: Arsonicace


Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes.

AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Pikachu1109 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Student Artist
Character Name: Jinx

Age: 113 (looks like she is 15)

Species: Part human and part demon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Jinx is 5'7 and is skinny. She has pale skin, with long white hair and turns black at the tips. Her eyes are ice blue but turn silver in the light ans is sometimes mistaken for looking cat like. She has a small nose and a little bit of a point at her  chin. High cheekbones and has a faint pinkness in her cheeks. Her ears have a little bit of a point but you can barely see it unless you look closely. On her back there are a pair of small bird wings and she has a tail that is 2 inches long and is thick at the base and thins towards the end. She wears a shirt that says 'Good or Evil' on it under her hoodie that's too big for her so she can hide her wings and her tail, black jeans ( she puts her tail in one of her pants legs), and white sneakers. 

History: When Jinx was only a little girl, she had been put in an orphanage bye her grandmother. As she got older in the orphanage, her wings and tail started to grow in making the other kids scared of her. One night a robber came into the orphanage, everyone was asleep but her. She had always loved the night more then day. Jinx had heard a noise downstairs so she went to check it out. She hid in the shadows so she wouldn't be seen. The robber was looking through the kitchen and had headed into the living room and that was when he had seen her. Staring at him with her ice blue eyes. He screamed demon and pointed a finger at me. I looked at him with out moving. Without blinking, I stared at him until he left. He ran out the door leaving it open. She ran for it, wanting to get out. She took her hoodie off, stretched out her wings and took off into the night.
       As she flew around the city, she saw below her someone being attacked for their money. Jinx dived down as fast as she could and grabbed the guy. She flew up as fast as she could and flew until she got to the nearest police station. She dropped him at the entrance to the police station and flew off again. Jinx then decided she wanted to become a crime fighter but she didn't like guns. She always felt better with a sword or the magic that she was born with. She went back to the orphanage and took all the money that she had been saving up which was enough to get her a sword. She went into the living room a took the knife that was over the fireplace and whispered sorry. She flew back out into the night and found a place that sold swords. She put her hoodie back on and walked into the store. Jinx showed the store owner how mush money she had and gave her the sword that she would be able to bye. Jinx bought he sword and started practicing at night so she couldn't get caught. She worked on making her magic stronger also. 
       By the time she had mastered the sword, she  was ready to fight crime. She went out at night only when she could be sneakier and couldn't be found as easy. Jinx moved from city to city til she found the one she liked that best. By the time she was 72, she found the right town for here and started her life there.

Personality:  Can be really shy around strangers, doesn't like being around big groups of people, is a very observant person,  thinks things completely through, prefers to work alone then with a companion, she can be spoken to but will rarely speak back, she can trick people into giving her what she wants, very stealthy, will not fall in love cause she believes that feelings will only make her weaker.

Weakness: Holy water, anything that's iron, rock salt, any other magic that is used against her, any major wounds that she can't heal herself, uses magic but can only use so much until she doesn't have the strength to use magic, fire, poison if there is to much that she can't handle it

Weapons/Abilities: Uses a sword most of the time, always has a secret knife in her left shoe, can control control any animal by speaking in a language only known by her, can run for hours without stopping for a rest, good hearing, excellent night vision

Requested class: Fighters
Arsonicace Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
teentails Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
Character: Cici the Cat

Race: Cat

Gender: Female

Age: around 15 to 16 years old

Appearance: very skinny teenager anthro kinda similar to blaze from sonic except cici isn't a princess and looks more like a girl from beverly hills

Story: I wanna keep this brief an orphan cat who never lived with her parents because she was unloved and lives with her friends kiki and nini

strength. very athletic skills. runs darn fast

weaknesses: not that intelligent

Class requested: stories with humor and a little drama at times
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Denied. No fan characters.
teentails Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
okay fine do you know any roleplaying that does allow fan characters?
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
bigant812 Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago

AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Denied. Each section must be filled out a paragraph each, and the character is extremely over powered.
DeathShadow--666 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
denied. since u didn't read the rules.
DeltaChibiWolf Featured By Owner Edited Apr 25, 2015  New member Student General Artist
name: Norcova
race: wolf
gender: male
age: 15
Appearance: varies between rp
History: varies between rp
Class: doctor(in training) mage(in training)
ability: can speak to all races, above average intellect for wolves and some humans
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Denied. Read the rules, follow the character sheet and fill it out accordingly.
DeathShadow--666 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015
denied. since u didn't read the rules.
GhettoDodo Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Writer

Name: Jean Roy Harris

Race: Human

Gender: Male (Female to Male trans, pre-bottom surgery)

Age:  21

Appearance: Standing at around 5’10, Jean has a rather slender androgynous frame. Jean has blonde hair with blue ombre tips and bluish grey eyes. His face is rather slender and petite with not much definition on his nose or cheekbones. A splattering of freckles dots over the bridge of his nose and tops of his round babyish cheeks. Plump pink lips are pierced with snakebites. Usually Jean can be found wearing a hoodie and torn up jeans, generally a rather punkish band t-shirt and chucks.

History:  Jean was born to an upper-middle class family in the suburbs of Chicago. Growing up he just never felt..right. Until eventually he realized that he felt like a boy when everyone treated him like a girl. Jean hid this for two or three years until eventually he couldn’t take the pressure anymore and came out to his parents.

His mother was more than accepting, offering to take him to any doctor’s appointments and starting using his right name almost immediately. Jean’s father wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he tried his best to accept that he now had a son instead of a daughter.

Eventually everything settled into a calm normal that Jean actually enjoyed, relieved that he was considered valid he excelled in school and eventually ended up getting several scholarships for rather prestigious colleges.

However his passion lay with art, and after breaking the news that he didn’t plan to go to college. Jean’s parents didn’t take that very well and decided that they could go half-way and Jean was entered into a school for graphic design.

Now he pursues art in his free time, and works part time at a coffee shop.

Personality:  Jean’s a rather stubborn kid, usually in a way that relates to when he needs help he won’t ask for it. Unfortunately he’s also rather naïve and innocent, he trusts too easily and is easy to take advantage of. In general he’s pretty laidback and kind, very supportive of his friends and family.

Weakness:  Normal human weaknesses.
Weapons:  He’s an average guy, doesn’t need to carry 17 knives around.
Abilities: None.

Class Requested:  Novelist
Person who helped you when you came in: AriesTheShadowLurker
Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes and Yes

^ A display of how pro my art skills are - or not..

Arsonicace Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
there needs to be more detail to be a novelist
XxDarkxXxShadexX Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015
Name: Malic

Race: Demon-Human

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: He likes to wear skin tight clothes. He wears a long sleve shirt with red and black strips. He wears black skinny jeans and black shoes. He wears small glasses to help him see better but does not always need to wear them. He has long black hair that covers his face.

History: Malic has never been the out-going time when it came to others because he would always get shy when meeting new people. But sometimes when he is given the time to warm up to others he tends to be more open to them. But first let me tell you a little bit about his past. He was botn from a human woman. Now the spirit is demon but the body is human. He sometimes shows sertian signs from his demon half when his emotions out of of control with he is upset or mad. He has been in and out of many schools, having to transfer whenever something happens to him or when others start to notice he was not normal. Don't get me wrong, he had friends but not really hanged out with them or really even sociaized with them in school but for to walk with them home.

His mother, when she had him became very week and would alays get sick easily so he ha had to care for her and do all the chores when he is home. Most of the time she stays in bed not talking much and bearly looking at him. Blaming him for making her sick and having to quit her job and not being able to do much. He is an only child so he tends to get lonely when he is at home so he stands outside on his balcony attached to his bedroom and sit on the rails thinking to him-self a lot. Not any of his family come's over to visit because they are afraid of getting sick and having to take care of him.

He has a small job at the small resturaunt at a cashier to earn what little money he can make to buy meds for him mom and to keep his home as long as he can and to go to school before he goes to work. Not many good thing has happened to him since he has been with his mom so he has been thinking about leaving and trying to find him somewhat of a life doing something he wants to do for him-self instead of always feeling alone. But he cant till he gets done with school in another year. Well that about sums it up.

Personality: He is one of the shy silent types that tends to go along with what s happening around him. He does not like being around a large crowd and tends to stay to himself unless he asked to do something or talked  toby others. On his free time he likes to watch the rain fall on rainy days and read his books  he had collected for himself.

Weakness: He is afraid of Fire. He tends to stay away from and flames that would be around him.

Weapons: He has no weapons that he carries.

Abilities: He can control Lightning and bend it to his will. His body tends to heal when he is resting but in a fight heals slower than usual. He has speed that can get the jump on tho he is running from or attacking.

Class Requested: fighters
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
The appearance needs to be longer, as well as the personality section. The history is a little choppy, as well. What spirit is exactly demon? His? Was he possessed?
Ashnirai Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Nanashi (Her lack of true name is something she feels defines her. Unwanted and abandoned by her parents, they didn't give her a name. As a street kid, she was given a nickname like everyone else, but she left that her behind when she became a reaper. As an assassin, they earn single word titles that define them, not unlike names but not really the same. Thus, she is 'Nanashi', or 'no-name'.)

Race: Reaper - humanoid beings that straddle the line between life and death. No one knows exactly how reapers form, only that they must suffer a single wound that would have killed them instantly. Somehow, instead of killing them, they change into reapers, creatures that look human but aren't. Reapers have high pain tolerances - more than double that of an average human's - increased durability, a high healing factor and biological immortality. They also have higher endurance levels, stamina and stop ageing visually either at the age of their change or when they reach their prime. Reapers can see the spirits of the newly departed and if trained, can interact with the spirits. Most of them also inherit abilities to do with death, memories or shadows, although nothing very obvious. The price they pay for these abilities is high though. Reapers are not fully alive nor are they fully dead, and most of them begin to become detached to their emotions and the world around them within a few weeks. People stop noticing them as they fade into the background, half in the world of the dead and half in the world of the living, something not really truly there. They begin to lose their memories within a few years and most of the time, they fade away or become driven insane by the turn of the decade. There are ways to delay the process, however. Reapers are very rare and every deliberate attempt at creating one ha failed.

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: She has shoulder-length black hair that curls slightly at the ends. This is usually put into a serviceable braid or a short tail at the nape of her neck. She has icy blue eyes, thin eyebrows and a long, straight nose neatly aligned in the middle of her face. Her face is angular and thin with high cheekbones; finely boned like the rest of her. She's rather diminutive really, below average in height, slender and soft-looking at first glance. 

On a closer inspection, one could note the subtle muscles on her frame, the way that she is wiry with whipcord strength and much more solid than she seems. She holds herself confidently but not arrogantly, straight-backed and gaze unwavering, face impassive. Her clothes are sturdy and light, durable but easy to move around in and usually with a lot of pockets, both hidden and otherwise. She wears dark colours, mostly blacks, dark greys and blues but the one thing that stands out most is her scarf. Her scarf is bright red on one side, grey on the other and it covers up the prominent scar across her throat. 

History: Nanashi started life as one of the many street rats scraping out a living from the harsh world, born on the wrong side of the line. She was taken in by one of the many street gangs and her quick mind, situational awareness and reflexes helped her survive the early years. Adaptable and a survivor at heart, Nanashi rapidly learnt how to thrive in the seedy underbelly of the town. One day, however, she got caught in the middle of a bad deal between two powerful Families and ended up with her throat slashed open. 

The wound should have killed her instantly. Really, it should have, but instead of dying, she became a reaper. Everyone from the seedier side of town knew about reapers. Said to be the enforcers of death, reapers were rarely created and thus highly sought after, especially by assassins, mercenaries and people in need of bodyguards. Before she could even fully comprehend what had happened to her, she was snatched up by a hired assassin from one of the Families and made into his apprentice.

As always, Nanashi adapted to her new situation and threw herself into learning. She took to the training quickly, her will to survive driving her on. He was a good teacher, a brilliant assassin and a reaper himself, and he helped her learn to 
control her new abilities, helped her to slow down the negative side effects of being a reaper. The underworld was, is and always will be a dangerous place however. He had plenty of enemies and competitors who would like to see him dead, and by extension, her. Although they evaded many assassination attempts, their luck could hold out forever.

They were ambushed one night by a particularly resourceful assassin. This assassin had an ability to cast illusions and alter people’s perceptions of her. The assassin, Chi, had manipulated it so that Nanahi’s mentor felt like an enemy and Chi herself a friend. In the confusion of the ensuring battle, Nanashi accidentally killed her mentor.

Nanashi was devastated as soon as she realised, even more so when she saw that Chi had survived and fled the scene. She vowed revenge on the assassin, promising to track Chi down and kill her. She recognised that she was too weak to do so at her current skill level though. 
Nanashi spent the next few years training, learning, making contacts and trying to find any information on the elusive Chi. She soon became rather infamous in the underground circles as an assassin and spymaster. She never forgot her goal though.

Personality: Nanashi is usually impassive, never really showing too much emotion. Time as a reaper has affected her no matter how much she has tried to slow it down and she is rather detached as a result. She doesn't speak much as she views every word as a chance for someone to figure something out about her, preferring to fade into the background and listen to other people. A result of the way she grew up, Nanashi is excessively paranoid, despising people at her back, crowded areas and anything that might make her vulnerable. She doesn't trust anyone (except the very very few people who have proven themselves to her multiple times and have wormed their way into her heart, but she acts like she doesn't trust them either), always suspecting people of trying to manipulate her and constantly categorises information about people, their weak points, strengths, how best to fight them, escape routes and so on. 

She doesn't care for anyone except herself and the very few people who have worked themselves into her heart. She has a very skewed moral compass - she lies, she cheats, she steals, she kills, she manipulates - but she doesn't take any pride or pleasure in those activities, feeling more a vague sense of distaste. Anything she does is to benefit her or the ones she cares for; when she has a target or a goal, everything becomes either irrelevant, an obstacle or potential help.  She does, however, possess a surprising sense of loyalty - if she has taken a job or sided with someone, she will not betray them unless they betray her first. 

Nanashi is a survivor at heart, extremely adaptable in order to keep living. She is stubborn, fierce when provoked but knows when to pull back. Pride and reputation are a distant second to surviving.

Weakness: Nanashi can be killed the same way as normal humans can: blood loss, fatal blow, poison, etc. If she is forced to use her reaper abilities too much, it will accelerate her degeneration. Her control of her abilities can be disrupted when she is particularly shocked, surprised or wounded. 

Primary weapon: 
Hidden blade - a blade that can be extended or retracted from a bracer on the wrist. The blade is light and sharp and mostly used for one-hit assassination strikes or deflecting. The blade itself is too light to be able to directly block a strike and will break if enough force is applied to it, thus forcing users to parry in close combat. The bracer can be made of several different materials; Nanashi prefers a semi-reinforced one that can dull a blow but not stiff or heavy enough to impede movement. The hidden blade can pass as a normal gauntlet or glove when the blade is retracted.

Secondary weapon(s): Nanashi carries around and can use a wide variety of weapons, mostly daggers and pistols. She hides them both in conventional and unconventional places and has half of her blades poisoned. She likes using a rifle if using a ranged weapon. She knows the basics of how to wield a sword, a staff, a glaive and other such weapons but almost never uses them, preferring to rely on her knives and guns.

Abilities: Nanashi has an ability that allows her to fade from people's perception, her primary skill as a reaper. This has several different levels of intensity. 

On a passive level, Nanashi hides the tells she makes, such as her heartbeat, the sound of her breathing, the sound of her bodily functions, her scent, her ‘aura’ and so on. This requires almost no energy or even thought to do as she has been subconsciously doing this for her entire life as well as training intensely to do so. Unless she is exhausted and/or near depleted or she purposefully turns it off, this level of her ability is always active.

Once she consciously activates her ability, the sound of her movements become muffled and people begin to overlook her. If someone is actively paying attention to their surroundings and her, this ability won't do much but make it slightly harder for them to spot her. To anyone else, she'll be forgettable, easily overlooked and dismissed. She will seem very uninteresting and nonthreatening, easily slipping from a person's mind when their eyes leave her. If she sticks to the shadows, she'll blend in easily; she'll fade from the senses of people. Her abilities from the passive state will also be stronger. This level of her ability costs her some energy but she can use it for a decent amount of time because of a lot of practice. She can choose what part of her ability to emphasise or activate and what part not to so as to conserve her energy. If she spends too much time in this mode, however, she’ll begin to feel like she’s fading, emotions becoming muted, slipping closer to a spirit state.

With her ability fully activated, any attention to her will be diverted. Unless she's standing right in front of person and doing something to try and catch their attention, they will not notice her. Some people with prematurely good senses may feel something is wrong but most will not be able to pinpoint anything on her specifically unless she is exceptionally careless or they are very good. Even very focused searchers will have their attention easily diverted. Anyone whom Nanashi directly interacts with will forget about her as soon as she leaves their eyesight unless they concentrate very hard on her. Her movements will become completely inaudible. She rarely used this level though as the energy required is immense. Nanashi can usually only active this level for a short amount of time before fatigue sets in. Using this mode too much will slow her mind and body and hasten her fading.

Nanashi's mentor had started teaching her his ability as a reaper, which was to step partially into death, however he died before he taught her any more than basics. This ability pretty much muffles her existence, erasing her from the senses of the living. She become partially intangible though - interacting with anything but the ground is extremely difficult. This is also extremely energy intensive, even more so than her fully activated ability, and she can only stay in this state for a short amount of time. It is also extremely easy for her to get lost in death and simply cross fully over, dying in the process.

She has a range of other abilities inherited from her reaper heritage, such as increased durability, high stamina, biological immortality (won't age but can be killed), fast healing factor, high pain tolerance, slow but potent regeneration, seeing newly dead spirits, and a slight increase in senses.

Class Requested: Novelists

Person who helped you when you came in: N/A

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes
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It looks good for the most part, but I need to know how this girl suddenly became a reaper after being killed in a gang related way. There's not exactly a lot about that, or who her mentor is or how he taught her.
Ashnirai Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Well, if you're asking about the process of becoming a reaper, when one is killed (must be a single fatal wound) their bodies die but their spirit doesn't detach from the body, instead reentering their body, healing the fatal wound and reviving themselves in the process. Dying changes their bodies, reentering even more so, with the end result being biology of the reaper. This process isn't natural, hence their degeneration over time and the rarity of the process. It only takes a few seconds for someone to die and wake up again as reaper. Nanashi was killed instantly via having her throat slashed open, but instead of dying normally, her spirit wouldn't detach itself, thus her becoming a reaper. 

Her mentor was a fully fledged assassin, trained since childhood like most assassins. He was hired by one of the Families to stand guard in the mentioned business deal but when the deal went bad and the gang fight broke out, he saw how Nanashi was killed then revived as a reaper and took her to be his apprentice. They were free to go after his contract with the Family was up and he took her with him to be trained.

As for how he taught her, he spent a few months teacher her the basics of an assassin's life then he took her with him as he took on assignments and contracts. Basically, training on the job, teaching her along the way. As a reaper himself, he knew how to reach for and train their abilities and he helped her develop those skills as well as teaching her how to augment her assassin's training with them. 

I hope that explains everything. 
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
All righty, seems pretty good. Sorry about not being in the room last night (at least myself) I had passed out WITH the chat still open. But you're approved. Welcome.
Ashnirai Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Nah, it's fine. We all have those moments when exhaustion gets the best of us. Thanks :)
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Name: Anges Scott

Race: Human:American ((But hes Half Chinese Hes ancestors was from China intl in 1950 hes Great,Great,Great,Grandma Moved to the US)  

Gender: Male

Age: 18 

Appearance: Hes is a 69.2 in height he weights 147.5  Male, With a black coat, Purple eyes, White hair, And Hes pants are sewed across the knee and he has fingureless gloves on He also has Black church shoes on.<--Best way I could describe the shoes.

History:  Anges was born in New York with hes Mother And Father. Because of His dad's drinking problem. Hes mother divorce the Dad at the age of 3 About 2 yrs later so he was 5 yrs old hes mother was murdered And shockingly by the Dad Then he got sent to live with his grandma where they read bibles and learned about Jesus and God. When he was 16 him and his friend Rick would go out a steal food Because, Hes grandma was poor And one day During a lightening storm he went out to steal some meatloaf from a store. Rick had the car ready to go. But when Anges got caught By one of the staff there He ran for it.
  Knowing he had a good friend that will never let him down He felt OK. Rick flew off And now Anges is all by himself  he ran towards the woods near by. He kept running not knowing Where the staff is there was. He climb A phone pole and held on to the wire for Balance The lightening Struck the wire and shocked Anges He fall in the lake near by knocking him out...He woke up in the hospital with hes Grandma praying. The Grandma filed out  some paperwork and left the hospital. Anges Didn't say anything Then hes Grandma said," Don't Ever Do that again I Know your heart was in the right place but you Scared me half to death. After 2 Month after the accident. Something Bad happened.
       Two Robbers broke into Anges's Grandma's house  They were taking everything Hes Grandma heard it and called the cops Next thing you know The robbers took her hostage. Anges Came out of his room and stared the Robbers into there eyes and said,"Leave her!" One of the Robbers said,"Or what?" The second robber pulled out a Gun and pointed at Anges And smiled he pulled the trigger and in that moment the bullets dropped To he feet. The robber had stun expiration on his face. He saw his figures sparking with electricity He pointed it at the robber a lightening shot out of his figures. One of got Forced against the wall and bumped hes head head. The other robber was holding his grandma hostage. Anges was scared But not showing it. Th Robber pointed a Gun hes Grandma and said," One more move and she gets it..." Anges Looked at his Grandma and said to the robber; Look over there..." The Robber looked and got Shocked by Anges Blast. But he didn't just hit the Robber The lightening traveled to hes grandma and gave her a Heart attack. Anges saw hes Grandma pass out and at that moment he realized She was dead.((Sorry If this is too tear Jerking and long)
        One of the robbers got away the other got arrested. One day after they had a funeral As heartbroken as Anges was he holed his tears in. The suddenly Hes uncle Called Anges to the hallway of the Church. He told Anges that hes Grandma left her house to Anges and Gave him two keys Anges; Asked What is this for?" His Uncle shrugged and Went back to the Funeral After he went back home He sat on the bed and looked up and saw a key hole on the Roof. He grabbed a ladder and put the key in the key hole and a stair case broke out with lots of dust. He walked up the stair case and saw A bunch of weapons and punching bags a weights . There was a note Written by his Grandmother saying;If your reading this I passed away and gave the key too you I only give the key too special people. You are my special person you are my chosen one.." Anges Knew of His power and knew it was a gift of God. He knew That he can do something about the evil of the world so he put hes powers to test and started training everyday to master his new ability of lightening.

Personality: Hes very intelligent when it comes to battle strategies, And opponents, He likes delivering punt involving his power Like Example: (Shocking isn't it?) (Sticks and stone may break my bones but Lightening does shock you.)You get the Point Also he takes hes training and powers seriously. Hes really friendly when it comes to New friends. And hes very religious, And He Steal from the rich and give to the poor 

Weakness: Even though hes the master of lightening Hes powers can not be used in water, Also He grow quiet a ego So he gets distracted easily Father more Even though he has lightening powers he can't Strike this thing: Wood, Dirt, Stone, Lead, Or gravel or obsidian Not even his weapons can damage this objects. ((Reading the story you thought he can't be shoot...Think again) If you have lead bullets you will be able to pierce through hes magnet field and cause alot of damage. Also, He Can't handle Much damage If he gets Man handled that could but him in a coma Father more abuse Will lead into his death Because,The more you cause Damage to him the more the electrons will leave is body causing him to lose all of the lightening to leave his body at once...

Weapon: he has an unsharpen sword Called the "Shocker" You may think it's not lethal but it is Because, Of the electrical current it makes the sword Like a teaser sword Stunning the opponent on contact Will least their made out of  Wood, Dirt, Stone, Lead, Or gravel or obsidian Their cool. Next the Brass knuckles of electricity It's Just not Brass knuckles it Brass knuckles that shocks you And also teaser you so it does amazing damage.He also have a electricity whip that can pull and hold a Giant. 

Ability: He can run over  224,000 mph as fast as lightening, He can shot lightening from hes figure tips, He can also create hes own magnetic field That keeps him safe from all metal bullets The only thing it can't prevent is Lead bullets, He can sense Hes opponent pulse  level from a mile away and he can also spark life back into people With hes hands And he also has super strength.((I Can't name more ability) 

Class Request: Fighter

 Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Of course I'm not a rule breaker And I'm glad to be Rp with you guys a gals...
Arsonicace Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
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Thank you
EndorTheDarkThief Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Name: Endor Neyodera (or Endor for short)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: 26

Appearance: Endor has black hair, reaching down to his neck. His eyes are two different colors, the left being a light purple and the right being brown. His skin color is also two different colors, the left side of his body is covered in black scales and the right is a tannish shade. He has a gray robe and a tooth necklace with a few weapons, one on his back and two inside his robe. His pants are a pair of blue jeans, and he wears a pair gray shoes

Birth: He was the only conceived son of the Ender Dragon. He was raised by her for 1 year then his ender side was hidden and he was adopted by Jane, and Bill Neyodera. He was a kind helpful kid, and stayed at home on the small island his family lived on. At the age of 6 he was enrolled in a school in a village a half day's travel away.

Teen years: Endor's only friend was a creeper like girl who was always picked on by the name of Yuta Rose. At 15 his Ender side was revealed, his left hand started to be covered in black scales. At 16 he moved out of his parent's home, as his ender had been fully revealed. And lived on his own exploring the world and all that it holds. His first year alone was spent in a small cave he chiseled out of a cliff face. He had made it quite cozy but got bored of it so he continued.

Now: At the age of 20 Endor had re-met Yuta who had gotten amnesia when she was 17 and forgot who Endor was. They became friends again and built a house near a mountain together. At the age of 24 Endor had started to go through some trouble with being a Dragon/Human hybrid. He went to a witch to turn him back into a full human and she did. But it put him into a coma and his Mom and Yuta had to save him from being stuck in a coma forever. At 25 he was turned into a wolf on accident and was stuck like that for a year. He is now 26 and is wandering the world alone again.

Personality: Endor normally is calm and collected but reckless at the same time. When he's angry, he turns into a dragon allowing him to shred through armies and take on giant monsters. When he's happy he looks about the same as when he's calm. Endor's friends think he's rather lazy and stupid (By stupid i mean he does things without thinking sometimes)

Weakness: Endor's weaknesses are: Water burns his skin, He is too reckless sometimes and gets himself in trouble by diving head first into danger. (Its a bad habit of his)

Weapons: He has an obsidian Katana made in the fires of the nether, as his main weapon. His side weapons are Ebony and Ivory, his two silver daggers that he adores. If none of those work he uses the natural weapon any humanoid has, his bare hands.

Abilities: His main ability is teleportation from the Ender in his blood. When he was turned into wolf his sense of smell heightened and has increased stamina. Due to his dragon side he can take alot of damage and can dish out almost as much. He's rather smart and can use tactics when he needs to.

Class Requested: In-betweeners
Arsonicace Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
what is  Endor and if he/she hasa gender what isi t?
EndorTheDarkThief Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Human Male
TheGreatAlphaWolf Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  New member  General Artist
Please click there -->…

Name: Evanna Wolf

Weaknesses: She can't fight well. Her kindness sometimes can get her in trouble, because sometimes she is kind to the wrong people.
TheGreatAlphaWolf Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  New member  General Artist
Class Requested: Asking a mods opinion.

Person who helped you when you came in: Uh.... ?

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes!
TheGreatAlphaWolf Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  New member  General Artist
Class Requested: Never mind, I don't need help. I want to be in the In-betweeners.
DeathShadow--666 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
Denied. since you didn't actually read the rules.
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Name: Jimmy Iovene 

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Appearance: dark brown cat ears (they're fake, he uses them as hearing aids),
Pure yellow hair that seems to have a good balance between messy and well kept,
bright blue eyes, fairly tanned skin, light blue long sleeved shirt,
no abs, fairly small hands, long grey-ish blue pants, black shoes

History: born on May 17th as the youngest twin out of him and his brother Jason (90 seconds apart)
making him the youngest sibling altogether as he has a 15 year old sister Jackie. at the age of 5 he
was at a beach with his family when a wave toppled over him and took him under and into a rip. He
had nearly drowned but was saved by an incoming surfer who saw him in the distance, he survived but
as a result he lost his hearing. He refused to use normal hearing aids as they seemed "low tech", this
is when he discovered his sister's love for robotics, he decided to help his sister in making him some new
hearing aids and made them look like cat ears to depict his love for cats and other furries.

At 8 his mother got caught up in a heist at the local bank and was killed, his father took this time to buy a new
house and have a fresh start, however, shortly after, the Furry population of the planet rose up and 
started a war to free their kind, at the age of 12 his father had decided that he had to join the war 
and thus left Jimmy and his siblings in their grandmothers care until he returned. At the age of 13 Jimmy 
and the remainder of his family were informed that his father had passed on. At 14, the war is still going and
Jimmy has had enough, he collects his things and gathers his friends as they search for a way to stop the war.

Personality: Energetic, always trying to be cheerful, willing to share his emotions with anyone, shy around new
people, very approachable in terms of sensitive subjects, very trusting, occasionally a little big headed

weakness: Since Jimmy is a human normal Human weaknesses apply, he's easily embarrassed and he's generally 
weak muscled (he's easy to take down in hand to hand combat)

Abilities: Jimmy is just a normal human being so he has the typical abilities of a human with only a few that tend to 
stick out, these stick-out abilities being: Fast learner, able to quickly figure out all possible outcomes, reasonable 
amount of agility and able to hack into nearly any supercomputer (little genius .3.)

Class requested: In-betweeners ^w^

Person who helped when you came in: no-one

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? yes I have and I hope I can rp here 
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name: felix kurst kurt

Race; Russian/Latvian (his father is Russian and mother is Latvian)

Gender: Male

age: 18

Apperance : he is five foot two with blonde shoulder length and messy hair that seems unkept, Felix's eye are an emerald green and he is as pale as a sheet of paper. He has quite a messy and dirty suit with lots of holes in it , it is complete with a black top hat ,cape ,jacket ,trousers and a green tie and waist coat witha white shirt followed by black boots and a cane.

History: Felix was born to a young unmarried couple which were poor, as he grew older they lived on the street with his brother and father. his mother had died before then due to suicide and it was up to him and his brother to steal food while their father begged but their father soon died when they were 12 due to diseases and they were left alone. at the age of 16 they spilt up and felix soon started stealing hearts in the form of one night stands and murders to keep himself happy and alive. And its no wonder that he's been in jail a few times but only for stealing.

Personality: Felix is a very sneaky and sly man, he is quite smart but perverted at the same time, towards men and women.He shows a certain innocence  when he actually makes a friend and will let the other know anything unless it was very bad. He has a certain charm to him and tries to get a quick fuck (pardon my langue ) often or when ever he can if he tries to do this, its a compliment.

Weakness: Even though he has good qualities he has two major flaws : when he gets hurt and he knows its bad or his temper , his temper is key to keep under control during crimes but he might give himself up from shouting at someone, and if he has an illness or is hurt he will panic and be very protective and refuse help , just dont listen to him.

Weapon: He will use anything as a weapon even a frying pan , as long as it gets the job done but he carries a knife in his coat pocket just incase.

Abilties: his main strength are stealing (hes been doing it so long he is just very good with a few slip ups), murdering or fighting (he will give up if he knows he cant beat you ) and hes smart (you need to be if your a criminal) and hes a charmr (if he needs you hell butter you up with complimentss or sex)

Class Requested:In-betweeners 

Person who helped you when you came in: no one

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? yes i do , and i hope im allowed to start rping here.
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Needs more history
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Name: Zessu Agra

Race: Manipulator, Human like race that employs magic over distortion and illusion.  Unique trade marks, small diamond shaped embalmings on the top of both hands, that shine bright purple when being used. 

Gender: Female

Age: Fifteen

Appearance: Zessu has long flowing Silver hair that reaches down to the back of her knees, her eyes are also silver colored.  Her skin color is white with a slight browning from the sun.  She does not wear make up, so everything you see it natural.  She's short for her stature often being confused as a young child.  She wears multiple outfits, none of which truly exist given that they are all created by her illusion magic, but in case of people whom are immune to her magic, she's always got a silver skin tight one piece on under all of her magic.  The top of her hands are marked with the Manipulator seal, which she attempts to cover at times with either long sleeves or gloves. 

History: Zessu was born to an under privileged family, in a time when Manipulators where being discriminated against. So from a young age she learned to fear all those who did not bear the mark of the Manipulator, even going so far as to forcefully take peoples hands from their pockets to stare at the marks.  This caused her to become paranoid.  When she was six years of age her parents where both killed leaving her with little of anything, aside from a key.
     It took a year but Zessu eventually found where the key went, a chest, that had been hidden in the basement of her parents house.  During that year she had learned for focus her abilities into hiding what she truly was.  Mainly to keep herself safe, but other people helped her because she was so young and if the government had found out they too would have been killed.  In the chest was an old book, written in a text Zessu did not understand.  She took this book all over the city in which she lived but not a soul could decipher the language.  She then decided that the best idea for her was to leave her home and search for someone who could help her with the book.
      Three years had passed and Zessu was learning how to survive in the wild with little food or water.  Being a manipulator helped a little but in the end it all fell back on base instincts.  She had been searching for so long and to no success.  She had been dodging bandits and military soldiers alike very well for someone of her age, but this day was different, it was the anniversary of her parents death and while she was distracted with remorse she was attack by bandits. It was no problem for her to fend them off, illusion magic works in special ways, but when they died she felt even more scared than before.  She vowed to never kill again, no matter what was happening.  To this day she treks from town to town searching for assistance with her personal quest, eventually finding people in each area that needs help and though it distracts her from her quest, she helps the best she can.

Personality:  Zessu has major trust issues, it takes a long time for her to open up to others so usually she's quiet unless someone is in need of help.  She keeps to herself though she eventually melds with a group of people in each area that she goes too.  When she's used to someone and trusts them she's the most hyper little girl ever, and since her childhood was taken from her at  a young age she tends to be extremely child like when a responsible person is around her.  She hates fighting, but understands its necessity and will do so, so long as she does not have to kill. 

Weakness:  Manipulators have several key weaknesses, more commonly known as weapons.  They can die just as easy as anyone else, magic, weapons, dehydration, starvation.  A unique weakness is to cut off the marks on the hands of the Manipulator.  For Zessu, it's her inability to trust, her unwillingness to kill, and once she trusts you she's always going to trust you no matter how bad you are to her or her friends.  To kill Zessu you must simply manipulate the Manipulator into thinking you care for her, or just shoot her when she's distracted.  She's frail due to her lack of true physical training and therefore would break easily if she falls or gets attacked and physically injured.

Weapons: Zessu does not carry any weapons, she relies on the illusion spells she casts to trick her opponents.  She can wield light weapons such as knives or even short swords.  She knows minimal hand to hand combat that was mainly self taught, it combines illusions and her fists usually.  There is a weapon waiting for her in the shrine of her parents burial, but she has yet to attempt to find it, or what it is.

Abilities: Zessu has very few abilities but the few she has includes all things illusion based, anything she can think up she can make someone see or believe.  She also has the ability of distortion, though much like illusions she can make time seem to slow down or speed up or objects seem to move or change shape.  She has been living on the road for years now, she's gained a type of survivability, such as which berries are okay to eat and what not.  She's also been avoiding soldiers and bandits, be that luck or a skill she's gained she has a keen ability to avoid people she does not wish to be around.

Class Requested: In-Betweeners

Person who helped you when you came in: MiyuDimon

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes I have, I hope to enjoy roleplaying for many days to come.
MiyuDimon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2015  Student Writer
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Name: Lihyan the Panda Girl( She has no surname because she doesn't know her real parents and was raised by panda fairies)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age:15 (but she stops growing on the age of 18)

Appearance: She Has long brown hair she always have her magical panda earbands on .She is usually wearing black and white clothes or usually clothes with panda prints on them but she always wear her panda shirt black skirt and black and white striped knee socks and black sneakers sometimes she wears her panda jacket. She has a fair skin she has green eyes light pink cheeks .She has a medium height and average weight.

History: When she was still a baby lihyan and her parents love to travel a lot but while they were travelling one time a group of bandits attacked their car which caused it to crash and the death of her parents . the bandits didn't know that there was a baby in the and left after they smuggled the goods they could get but they didn't notice the baby in the mothers arms tightly wrapped  around the baby , a few hours have passed but rescue was nowhere to be found in the forest then panda fairies heard the hungry baby's cry and went to check them out to their surprise to find a baby in a crashed car . the panda fairies felt pity for the baby so they decided to take care of her and a few years have passed the panda fairies decided to teach her things human kids would need to know they taught her to read and write , proper etiquette, subjects everything they knew they thaught to her .Then a few years passed Lihyan wanted to go to town to interact with fellow humans like her , since the panda fairies have become attached to her they disguised themselves as humans and co-existed with the humas in the town near them which brings them now Lihyan is attending school an and excels in school .

Personality: She is a very cheerful and clumsy child . She is shy at first to new people but once she gets to know them she loosens up a bit .She is popular because she is cute and smart but some people think sh is wierd because She has a wierd addiction to pandas , she just loves them and there are times when she would just stare blankly at space.She has a happy-go-lucky attitude but she has a good heart , but she can be childish and throws tantrums when she's upset . Usually when She's happy her magical panda earband (a birthday gift from the panda fairies) wriggles so much and when she's mad she just annoyingly throws tantrums or would give you a cold shoulder. She can also regenerate herself if she gets wounded but if she is heavily wounded it takes a long time to heal.

Weakness: She is just like any human being who can get killed by being shot in the heart or stabbed. and she can get hurt with metal because it burns her only pure metal though metal used in everyday doesnt affect her

Weapons:a spell book which was given to her by the panda fairies.

Abilities: She can regenerate but depends on how deep the wound is if it is shallow it can regenerate fast but if it is deep it consumes a lot of time to regenerate. She has super senses and can use some healing magic and can cast spells without a staff or a magic circle . She can shapeshift but it has a time limit.

Class Requested: probably in-betweeners O.O
Person who helped you when you came in:??

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Heres mine.

Name: Webmina Mari-Mzure

Race: Humarachnid (A hybrid between a human and a spider, that is more human than spider, or half-half.)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Her hair is silk-white, but very knotted at times. Her eyes (which she has 8 of them) are a dull shade of red. Her skin color is black, and she also has a midnight black shade of fuzzy fur. She wears a magenta t-shirt and cyan shorts, both which are very baggy. She appears to be at average weight and height. She also wears kahli (did i spell that right) shoes, with white socks, as well as having orange bands on her neck, arms, and legs. There are five of the bands in total, too. She also has 4 spider-like appendages sprouting from her back. There are holes cut in her shirt for them.

History: Her birth was shrouded in alot of mystery, but there are two things known about it. It was not in a hospitol, and the mother died. She lived with her father, in a secluded area outside of Quiet Town, in a forest. Her dad, whos name is classified, was also a scientist. However, he was very creative.
Her father's dream was to make a human being with the powers of an animal. So he went with something simple, yet powerful, and very likely to go wrong. Mix a human with a spider. So, of course, he used his daughter. He expected it to go well, but it went completly reverse.
What happened is basically, he ended up with this. A spider thing, with many traits of a human. The newfound species then ran out, and took up residence in the forest. The scientist seemed to have dissapeered 2 to 5 years later. What is known about Webmina is that she is still living, here and now. However, she just wants a friend, too.

Personality: She seems to be a very mixed person, and can be from calm and cool to hyperactive and jumping around. She can also act from human-like to a little animal-like. She twitches alot, and enjoys being petted. She may also purr, or nip someone. Her favorite area to be petted is her stomach.

Weakness: Her largest weakness is her fragility, as her endoskeleton is very easily broken. Other weaknesses include her lack of reliable weapons, as her only weapon is a spear.Well, she also has her venom, but its not that potent. She also exhibits "Curiosity Killed the Cat", in which were she'll tamper with things that would lead to her death. She can starve easily, and will seek any food, even if it was tampered with poison.

Weapons: One of her weapons is her biting, since it will sometimes inject venom. However, it isnt that potent to kill, and at its worst, will black out a weak person. Her main weapon is a spear she usually has on her back. It is usually used like a sword, but can slice flesh easily. It is made out of sticks and an unknown thing (possibly flint). It is also held together by ropes.

Abilities: One of her abilities is her heightened vision. As well as being able to see more than an average human, she also has (very limited) nightvision. She also can use her silk to do many things, like climb walls and the matter. She usually only uses her silk for practical things, and not fighting. She also has a quickened speed, and higher acrobatic/jumping abilties.

Class Requested: (*ironically sings I Cant Decide*)
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name: Geeky Forge AKA "The Blood, ruler of the streets" (or "the blood" for short)

age: late 17

species: a purple colored [fox/humanoid] hybrid

gender: male

appearance: noodle arms, 1 meter long purple tail, emo looking purple hair and purple fox ears, height: 5'2, no facial hair, needs a flea color, sometimes hits face with foot getting fleas off like a cat, always wear a dark grey t-shirt/hoodie with the minecraft logo on it, wears casual tan shorts, normal black shoes, face: stitch on right cheek, beautiful blue eyes, normal tan skin.

history: once used for experimental purposes now give him the ability to act like a cat, with purple colored tail and fox-like ears, he was able to escape the lab by murdering everyone inside and burn the corpses, later on forced to fend off in the streets for food and shelter, until he came across one gang who did not take kindly to him, but after word got out geeky murdered them with his claws, he was then given the nickname "The Blood, ruler of the streets".

personality: a really kind, nervous, teenager without a care in the world, respects others opinions and ideas, somewhat pervy, snuggles with girls when he has the chance, can be cruel, heartless, or even a monster at times, lays on side like a cat in front of the sun a lot, extremely energetic, likes parkour, and being pet on the head.

weaknesses: water, my stomach, krotch area, bad spelling/grammar, rabies problems, cute girls, extremely complex things, fish (food), all cat toys, big blankets, toy laser lights, seafood, warm milk, sad stories, love songs, and sunsets.

weapons/abillities: cat claws, fangs, fists, legs, ability to be agile and can do parkour easily, can sleep anywhere he want to (actually a good ability in my perspective), rabies helps me in fights when he bites people, good with the ladies.

(sorry if this is really short, it's my first one :I) -ThePurpleGeek
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Glad you came to us, but you need a lot more in the categories
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ok, i'll edit it
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Character Name: Nigel Sterling AKA "The Fixer"

Age: Early 22

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: Medium build, a few scars on his chest, hight: 6'1, usually wears a white button shirt, a real leather jacket, a black trouser belt with dark blue jeans and black casual shoes. Combed back oily black hair, (a mullet kind of.) straight side burns, Blue eyes, clean shave, sometimes 5-o'clock shadow. Face: Seems to look a bit older than his age, has a mid deep English accent.

History: Originally from an English-Irish family, but was born and raised in Northern Ireland. As a kid he was a care free boy who only wanted to enjoy life and live happy, but due to his parents family issues and the country suffering from terrorist actions during "The Troubles" he slowly became self isolated and confused, the only closest person to a father was his grandfather, who was from his English side. He learned life lessons from him and developed a "middle man" like personality, when learning the topic of "The Troubles". A (Real life) conflict, that began 60 years of terror and pointless bloodshed. Before The Troubles, the whole Island of Ireland was occupied by the British. The original I.R.A. (Irish republican army.) AKA The united Irishmen militia, where Irish men of all backgrounds, religions and races, came to fight the British to free Ireland, to win hearts and minds, they only killed British soldiers or police, no civilians, how Nigel see's it a true freedom fighter. After when Ireland was split into two, the I.R.A. disbanded and made peace with the British, but a Catholic sectarian group took the name of the I.R.A. and began terrorizing the north. The U.V.F had a similar story, even when the group became sectarian but under the Protestant faith. The Troubles began as both factions of terrorists terrorized the country of Northern Ireland, making a harder job for the British army to maintain peace. The Troubles eventually stopped on 1998 after the Good Friday agreement, but other groups claiming that their I.R.A. and U.V.F. still erupt the peace. He viewed both the P.I.R.A. and the U.V.F. as scum for their idiocy and simple-minded beliefs, he also noted he hated sectarianism, believing that it was pointless just because someone kills over religion. He became an atheist at 9 and saw no point in religion, but he isn't anti religion himself, for he sees that everyone has a faith no matter how supernatural it is, but believes that no one should bring politics and religion together. He later became interested in Gangster and Mafia movies, seeing that crime can have honour and morality. Coming at the age of 18, he had no job, his father and mother split up and his grandfather was in his mid 70's. He needed a job and fast, and punching the clock won't help. In his mid teens, he went to gun ranges and shot hand guns and even a few rifles. He was pretty good for a newbie. He later thought that maybe being a Hitman would help, but he had to be true to himself, he had his own standards. Rule number 1: No civilians/anybody who didn't have it coming. He had only one contact in N.I. who wasn't a terrorist, Bill Malloy who was after "The real I.R.A." who killed his wife and baby in a bomb blast. After killing the self proclaimed Real I.R.A. leader and going after the U.V.F., he left the country due to the "heat" and fled. Away from his past and living away from that "Political shithole" he would describe. Now he's a man for hire, and carries out jobs, but only under "certain conditions".

Personality: Nigel is a cynical, judgemental person, but has a heart of gold aside from his job. He labels himself as someone with no political identity, never getting taken in to politics, as living in N.I., he deems that politics and religion when taken to an extent can create unnecessary bloodshed. The closest thing to it is his moral out look on life. "Everybody is entitled to make cash, but how they conduct business is another thing," Nigel always judges the person of what they say and do, he only accepts based around organised crime or military based groups, never for political intention, If he is tasked to kill a figure like a commander in a conflict or to sabotage or assist the group, this can apply both in organised crime and warfare, he will only attack the opposition never civilians of any kind. How he judges people is like this, "A civilian is an average Joe or Jane who wants to live life and wish no physical harm, if he or she picks up a gun for either defence or attack or dons a uniform, they have a responsibility, they ain't a civilian no more. This applys to everyone, not just them, but me as well. I live by the gun, I might die by the gun, it all depends what you do with it. I know that for sure, if a balaclava bastard killed me back in N.I., the fact will be I died a criminal, not a terrorist." Nigel also keeps in mind that if he's taking a contract in a warfare environment, he keeps in mind that "This is not my war." He will only attack the opposition but as long as it applies to his "certain conditions". He lives a retro lifestyle (80's-90's), his music, his movies, his car, his appearance, his weapons, his style. For his "lighter side" he loves video games and movies, he jokes about modern society but likes some parts about it, he actually likes anthros, as a kid he loved cartoons that have anthro characters. Seeing and befriending them was a kinda dream come true, but likes to admire the beauty of the idea of a animal that can walk, talk and think. He's an asexual, he doesn't see the point in sex, but oddly he likes tomboys and believes latex clothing can be a way of fashion and not a fetish. He never lost his virginity and neither does he want to. This helps the fact that he has no sexual weaknesses. He however has been in a situation where people have opened up to him and admited their feelings towards him, mostly females, even anthro females, there are some instinces where males opened up to him. Responding to situations to situations like this, he'll just calmly speak back and say he can't be tied down to somebody else for the rest of his life and can not satisfay them sexualy due to his selavet like comitmit. But when towards females he would sometimes cuddle with them and maybe give a kiss or two, but never get 'dirty'. He never makes the first move in these situations. Plus the fact he can say this joke when he's called a wanker. "I can call you a wanker, you can't call me one, I never did it."

Weakness: He hates seeing innocent lives being killed and would not live if he had committed the crime himself. His asexuality could be a problem, he can't pick up sexual innuendoes or references and can be disgusted by sex. He can never be tied down to someone for the rest of his life, but believes in friendship. After suffering from his parents devoice he witnessed his mothers drinking and smoking habits. His father to him is more of a friend than a father, but he doesn't hate him but does have his views upon his family. He then didn't believe in unconditional love and doesn't see the values in it after witnessing his parent's relationship and modern society. Due to him living in the past he is how he puts it "A numbskull at computers." Doesn't know how to use a modern day cell phone aside from an Iphone or a 80's cell phone. Can't operate complicated computer options or programs and can't understand technical computing and terms like RAM or Megabyte. He's more of a practical man than a technical man. His only physical weakness is that he's not totality strong when it comes to fist fights, but he makes up for that in technique. But a big blow might take him down for the count.

Weapons/Abilities: Nigel is a Fixer in every sense of the word, he views his line of work is that he 'fixes' problems. He can range from a hitman, spy, saboteur, marksman/sharpshooter and intel gathering specialist. His weapon of choice is an M-16A1, (Vietnam War era.) One from the late 60's (The ones that don't jam as much after modification.) He has mastered it from firing it as a marksman's rifle and firing it from the hip. His favourite handgun is the Colt 1911 45. He has a general idea with weapons. He puts it like this: "Using a gun is one of the easiest things a man can do, it's like a camera, you point and shoot." He can shoot from the hip and has good precision when doing so at close to mid range. When for silent hits he uses a garrote wire, mostly for his organised crime work as a hitman but can be a useful tool for sabotaging jobs for he tends to sneak in. He has a good ability for stealth: He can stalk and hear good and get a general perspective of a situation, like how many guards, where they are at and what they see, he always has a plan B. There was a reason they call him, The Fixer.
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Name: Victoria deWitt

Race: “Caucasian” human; French/Welsh/English/Swiss heritage.

Gender: Genderfluid/pansexual femme identifying assigned-female-at-birth

Age: 17 years old – just on the cusp of starting a university experience, but still with plenty of time left to finish up high school.

Appearance: Victoria has a slender build, with long golden/dirty blonde hair tied back into two thin pony-tails. Her face is smattered with an assortment of freckles that bridge across her small, upturned nose, accenting her large, dark, blue-violet eyes. Though her school uniform is generally her outfit of choice during the week, she likes to wear casual t-shirts and pastel shorts over the weekend. She generally prefers her school’s gym outfit to the rather conservative and restricting unisex uniform. Her lithe body prefers the freedom to move freely and powerfully – while she may appear merely slender, her muscles are compact and powerful. She enjoys extracurricular sports.

History: Victoria deWitt was born into a life of relative luxury. Both parents being tied in with industry magnates, doing private consulting work and hosting galas for important political parties meant that as far as material possessions were concerned, young Tori had it all. She might have been lonely, had she not had a younger sister named Felicia to keep her company, and to go on adventures with. It seems her parents really were capable of thinking of everything, because despite their absence and despite the ineffectuality of the nanny they had hired to raise the two girls in their stead, Victoria had had a happy childhood. At least, until the scandal. Their father had gotten caught up in shady economic and political dealings, and had cost himself the prestigious position he had become so accustomed to. This negativity impacted their mother, similarly, and the previously idyllic family life quickly became one of terse animosity. Though they never had to suffer poverty in any monetary sense, the deWitt family suffered emotionally and psychologically for a long time.

Eventually Victoria took her sister away from their home, running away in the dead of night, to go stay with their closest school friends, the twins, Kay and Mary Holmes. The bruises on the deWitt sisters’ bodies spoke volumes to Mr. and Mrs. Holmes; thus, almost as abruptly as the deWitt name had come to fame, so too did the final vestiges of their prestige dwindle in a child abuse court case. Victoria and her sister won countless millions that were to be placed in a trust for them to receive upon their 18th birthdays. To them, this meant nothing. They had lost their family – and despite their friends’ family taking them in (and the Holmes family was a lively, happy, and stable bunch), it could not remove the pain they had gone through, the neglect, and the suffering. They had struggled through trials no children should ever have to.

As she made her way up through middle school – an awkward stage for everyone – Victoria began to turn her inner anguish and antisocial ideas outward, forcing herself to become the center of attention and a vocal socialite. A way of connecting to her disgraced parents, of remembering who they used to be – her mother, at this point, had been committed, and her father had turned to alcohol, passing his days in their empty, vine covered mansion on the otherwise empty hilltop far out of town. What had once been a popular destination for the elite in the town’s society had quickly become something of a social ruin.

Victoria, propelled by the success she found with her social and bubbly group of friends, managed to cover up the sore parts of her spirit, and repress that which had caused her such anguish as a child. Her group of happy and genuine group of friends would help her to move beyond her past. Only her friends Kay and Mary, remembered what she and her sister had gone through, though they of course would keep this to the grave. Victoria figured they weren’t the only ones with secrets in their extended friend group. Hannah, the rather quiet, bookish girl in the group, was probably reserved for a reason. Perhaps a similar one – she never talked much about her family. And Elisa, her clumsy and goofy attitude could be for some other sinister reason, though Tori couldn’t for the life of her figure out what that could have been.

Personality: Having repressed much of her childhood, Victoria’s outward personality is very personable, gregarious, and sociable. This is not a compensation, it is a careful calculation. For every part of kindness she shares, she backs it up with an equal amount of sarcasm, dry wit, or snarky criticism. She knows this makes her more valuable to her friends – by holding herself up above them, she becomes the de facto lead persona in the group. Though she may be perceived as cruel at times, she knows this will keep the group ordered and generally cohesive. It would be unlikely that they would separate for any real reason while she’s there to sort out disputes, lay on biting humor, or move the focus of the group from a disastrous topic to a more lighthearted one.

People think of her as one of the big personalities at the school. People know that deep down she’s a kind and lighthearted person – she cares deeply for her friends, and takes care of them – and people know too that if it came to it, she would fight for any one of them if she had to. Because of her violent attitude and her quick tongue, people like to joke about her not being very innocent or feminine, but inside she’s actually very vulnerable. She merely knows how to navigate and manipulate the social constructs that exist. She’s not exactly a genius but she’s definitely above average in intelligence, and does well on most if not all of her examinations.

Weakness: Her weakness would be her emotions, and her past. If people were to ever suspect that her social presence were a façade, were a careful construction, it might jeopardize her control and cause her to falter. Years of practice have made her capable of handling her anxiety, and maintaining a life of balance with her sister. Living with the Holmes’ made their life bearable – without them, they would have been tied to their family and would have suffered as a result. The Holmes’ family too marks a significant weakness on her part – if they were to be targeted or harmed, that would cause her to undergo severe emotional trauma, connected to her past. Any weakness that would apply to a normal human being would also likely apply to Tori. She has no supernatural or superhuman defenses.

Weapons: Being a normal human school girl, Tori doesn’t have any weapons per se, though she’s on the cusp of gaining access to the trust fund the state set up for her – she and her sister are to receive 11 Million each on their 18th birthdays. While Felicia still has two and a half years left, Tori only has one. Money can be a significant source of power, and can certainly be used as a weapon if need be.

Abilities: The world Tori lives in is one of hidden/occulted magick. She, however, has no exposure or experience in the arts, which remain well hidden to most ordinary people. She has strong physical capability, being able to run faster than almost every other one of her peers, and can similarly spar, with matched capacity, with the best of the students in the martial arts classes. With her aptitude for manipulation and control of her own emotions and thoughts, she’d have a strong connection to the magickal/spiritual world, if any of those things actually held some interest in her. But they don’t – she’s never really been introduced to magick, and none of her friends have much of an interest (though the younger of the twins, Kay, happens to have an interest in fortune telling, so that might be a way for her to get into spiritual works). If she were to gain access to magick, it would manifest in much the same way that it does in Unknown Armies – in embracing paradoxes, delusions, and ritualistic self-harm, to bring about changes in reality aligned with her particular school of magickal thought.

Class Requested: Probably an In-Betweener. She has strong martial and emotional/psychological fortitude, and provided she finds a reason/entrance into the magickal world that lies just beneath her world’s seemingly normal surface, she could have the raw emotional power needed to fuel the most complicated of rituals/spells.

Person who helped you when you came in: Not applicable

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