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June 23, 2012


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RPAffinity Rules, Classes and Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 8:48 PM

RPAffinity Rules

:star: Rules:

Anything that has a :new: next to it has been updated.


:bulletblue:) You must have your character sheet approved before requesting RPs or getting comfortable in the chat. Please do not talk to the members while you are doing your character sheet you should focus on that alone. You may tab a mod if you have any questions.

:bulletblue:) Please do not re-post your RP request more than once every 15 minutes.

:bulletblue:) Bold is only allowed when making RP requests, and should not be used for anything else. If it is then you will be kicked as your warning and if done again, then you will be placed on a temp ban for 24 hours.

:bulletblue:) CAPS is allowed in moderation and we do mean MODERATION!! Each mod is different and will warn you on it. So do NOT abuse this (both member and mod) because if it is abused then Miyu WILL put her foot down!

:bulletblue:) Also, please avoid excessive "stretching" of words, which is repeating the same characters in a row.  We consider excessive to be over 15 characters.

:bulletblue:) NO advertising please. This means chat rooms, websites, pictures ect....Anything that a mod considers advertising. It will be a kick/ban.

:bulletblue:) Please avoid using "text speak" (or typing like "u r so cool lol").  As a roleplaying channel, we want people to put effort into using good grammar.  Occasional "text speak" can be considered acceptable, but overuse to the point where readability is affected is not allowed.

:bulletblue:) We have a one (1) hour idle limit for Readers, which is enforced through our bot.

:bulletblue:) We are an English-speaking channel only.  Please don't use other languages in our channel, so we can all understand you.

:bulletblue:) We do not allow spamming in our channel, and have set our bots to automatically remove people who spam in our channel.  Spamming is automatically handled by our bot, however, mods will intervene when they feel they must. Spamming can be icons, phrases, causing drama, the mods will decide. And they will be honored, nor does it need to be explained to you. It could be a kick for something small, or it could be a temp/perm ban if the mod feels it should be.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ignore the mods.  Our mods must be able to talk to you in order to resolve issues, and if they are unable to do so, they have to resort to using bans to get their points across.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ask for channel privileges (aka mod status).  We encourage everyone who wants to help to volunteer, but access to admin commands are given as necessary.

:bulletblue:) No bots in the room except those owned by the mods.  All bots in the channel must be used for the benefit of our community at large, and vanity bots (e.g. single-user welcome messages) are not acceptable.

:bulletblue:) All members and visitors are allowed to have one (1) account active in our chat at a time.  If you make a new account, you must talk to a moderator so they can activate your new account and remove your old one.

:bulletblue:) We have a strict no-drama policy.  We ask that people take personal conflicts to private channels.  A moderator can intervene if asked, but do not allow any fights to spill into the channel. This will also include bugging the mods, talking back to the mods, being harsh or an ass in general. Mods reserve the right to kick or ban a user for ANY reason, and it does NOT need to be explained to you, though most will give you a reason. If you argue about this then you will be perm banned. This is also applied to existing members.

:star: Applying:

:bulletblue:) DO NOT POST JOURNALS OF ANY KIND, NO LINK TO IT, NO COPY AND PASTE!! NO EXCEPTION!! It Must follow our sheet, however you can add info at the end of the sheet. ;) NO EXCEPTION!!

:bulletblue:) Once you have read all the rules and have chosen a class you would like to be in, then fill out a character sheet, and tab one of the mods to look your character over.

:bulletblue:) Once your original character has been accepted, you may use any other characters you see fit for your request. You DO NOT have to post each character you use.

:bulletblue:) If you post someone else's character, or if someone else does the sheet for you, you will be banned. That is a permanent ban, and will NOT be reversed.

:star: Enforcement:

:bulletblue:) We typically have a kick / kick / ban enforcement policy with the exception of blatant infractions. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, please send a note directly to MiyuDimon for her to make the decision to bring you back or not.

DAmn Rules

:bulletblue:) No spam. This includes icons and emoticons. (please don't use more than four in one post or too often.)

:bulletblue:) Keep it clean. All and any type of cybering (sexually explicit rping) references that are too mature is against dAmn rules and will result in a ban and a policy report to the staff. Here is a link to the dAmn rules.… Keep your requests PG-13... I will NOT tolerate this, First offense is a perm ban.


Ceo - This class is for MiyuDimon ONLY, she is the owner of the room.

CM- This class is for SkittlesRus and Jacob-C-Wolf only, they are the Co-Owner's of the room. Works along side MiyuDimon.

Head-Security- This class is for our bots who maintain our welcome message and watch for spamming.

Editors - This class is for the mods of RPAffinity.

Proof-Readers- This class is for the secondary mods of RPAffinity.

Helpers- This class is for people to help check sheets and monitor when a mod is unavailable.

Copy-Writers - This class is for the bots of RPAffinity.

The-Imaginators- This is a VERY new class. This will be the class that creates events, advertises RPA, and thinks of new ideas.
(To be in this class, you MUST be a member of RPA for at least a month, and must send Miyu a note with request to join, make her want you.)

Special-Friends- This class is for friends of Miyu's who do not rp, but are in the room for the social aspect of the room.
(Mostly made for Miyu's friends at Deviant365 or Mods of dA- DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT IN THIS CLASS!!!)

Lovers - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do romance rp's over any other genre.

Fighters - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do battle rp's over any other genre.

In-betweeners - This class is for those Rpers who do NOT have a preference genre and will accept/request different genre's.

Novelists - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post over 400 words.

Short-Stories - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post under 400 words.

Readers - This class is for Guests who have not yet posted a character sheet.

Silenced- This class is for those who get into trouble, but not banned. Be careful!!!

Deleted - This class is for those who have broken the rules and are no longer welcome in RPAffinity.

:bulletblue: Character Sheet :bulletblue:

NO FAN CHARACTERS OF ANY KIND!! It will be auto denied.

Name: (First and last please. If it's only one name (IE something like Blood), then please explain why.)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: (If the character is immortal, like a vampire, then please tell us what age they look like and what age they really are. If you don't know, then please give us an estimate. We highly suggest you don't go over the top with the age. We do NOT allow any characters under the age of 13.)

Appearance: (This needs to be a paragraph long (Five sentences at the least for a paragraph.) If you find yourself having trouble describing your character, try starting from head to toe: Start from their head, starting with their hair. The down to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. etc. It really helps.)

History: (This needs to be at least three paragraphs long. Like the appearance, try and start from the beginning. When they were born, where, any important information about their family. Go on to child hood, then to teen, young adult, and then further on depending on how old your character is.)

Personality: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Try to explain your characters personality as best you can, what they normally feel like, what happens when they get mad or happy, how people would describe them.)

Weakness: (This needs to be a paragraph long, and their weakness must be able to kill them. A good example would be water killing a fire monster, things like that. Please list as many weaknesses as you can, and if your character happens to be a human, just point out that the normal human weaknesses apply to your character.)

Weapons: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Explain all weapons, if you do not have any weapons then please explain that. )

Abilities: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Please list all abilities, this includes the abilities your character has from its race (IE a vampire has super speed, super strength, high senses, etc. etc.) as well as physical abilities, like being able to fight very well or some magic abilities.)

Class Requested: (Feel free to pick whatever you like, though it's suggested that you pick something that fits your character. If you can't decide, feel free to ask a mods opinion.)

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

:new:(Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit this, if you don't use word (Which is high suggested) then you can use an online spell checker. Tab a mod when you've finished. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ALL SECTIONS THEN YOU WILL BE DENIED!!)

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CharnettexKamenwati Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Student General Artist

Character Sheet

Name: Vodtuna Black

Race: Cybohuman. Pretty much a full human but can use magic to creator Cyborg characteristic.

Gender: Female

Age: 17, Immortal Life, She is a new born.

Appearance: She a white skin human with blue eyes, and long black hair. She wear a black cloak that is open, so yes you can see her bra, and she lastly wears super short shorts aka booty shorts. She is an average woman height 5'4 for her. She isn't really know for herself. She been mostly battling people is hellish like areas, but she is known for her motorcycle a SR22. She is very nice, but also can be very mean.

History: Vodtuna Black history was a pretty hard children hood. She had many friends die and sent to hell for their wrong deeds and never came. Her parents got sent to hell and then she was getting trained to fight and, well, she did a magic that was pretty hard to earn and her journey started there. As she trained and got the magic to do what she wanted she had to control what it did because the magic was pretty strong and people who didn't know how to control it could easily kill others easily. She had a hard time doing what she had to do with the magic and never showed trouble to her trainer. As she said "Never give up the fate you dream in or you will have bad things"

 As her life went on as she was getting old to around 13 years old she started to get a hang of what she wanted to do in her life, and that was avenge her friend’s death and get their soul back from the devil, but what happen she never knew was going to happen. What she defeated the first demon she got a huge max in power. It what gave her the more power to be immortal? The 2nd demon she had to fight was a strong one but mange to different the last one, was another strong one but defeated that one. The more demons to killed the more powerful she got. On the final demon, Demon 7, she was 2 powerful that the whole hell started to take her as their leader, but she didn't want that. She left hell and got what she wanted back. Each demon gave her the souls she wanted.

When she enter into the later teens around 16 the trainer notice that sense of power in the school. The trainer wanted to take the power away, but he knew the sense of that much power could equal a big thing. Millions of death. See, the trainer knew that the more magic you have the bigger the "blowup" would be. He didn't want to take that much power so he left her keep the power. Others started to notice the change in her also. Even other with magic we're scared of her because of the sense of magic. When she turned 17 she got a power boost at her own school. She disappear after the power boost and now she under hidden detonation, She want to know more people but is social shy.

Personality: She is a pretty nice woman but loves speed. Her SR22 reaches speeds of 300 mph. She one of those girls who don't care for what others do around her unless she thinks it not a right idea. She is one of those who do a surprised attack on the enemies for a bigger avenge. She hates man for her life of what happened in her children hood. She is always looking down and never looks up unless somebody is talking to her.

Weakness: Her weakness are normal for humans, Hurting one she love, fighting man, other hers, mind confusion, and death of her family. It’s pretty much normal for her, just the fighting a man is hardly put out but can come into an effect at times. Her main weakness is wizards and very magical people. She had no chance against them.


Weapons: Her weapons is her cyborg weapons, 3 Round 55mm Mini-Gun. She can make the mini-gun duel. A large 150mm Laser Beam also a duel one to. In her other mode. A Sword and a Purple Firing laser machine gun tougher. Swords also, she has a sharped sword in the mode. Her main weapon in both is, believe me or not, 500mm Laser Beam Launcher, built to take out large targets. She can also use a magic spell that can call in green glow skull that fire lasers that send you flying the way you have been fired at. She can also use the magic of the blue to make a lot of herself and show what would happen if they are allow to live.


Abilities: She is pretty trained to move quickly and jump on breaking things to get to her enemies if she needs to. She a fast reactor and never shows a slow reaction unless caught in a trap, like when fighting the 2nd demon. Fighting on a cube and the demon could TP when the blocks smashed into the ground. She is fast to calls for help or to her boss, trainer. She tricks people easily. 

Person who helped you when you came in: Nobody I just came in myself.

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes

Character Class:

AcE-RateD Featured By Owner Edited 12 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Name:  Ace (last name unknown)

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Ace is a 5'6 tall girl with natural beige colored skin. She has long black hair that comes down to the back of her knee, and bangs that stop at her chin and cover her right eye (her hair is usually worn in a ponytail if not, down.) Her left eye is red and her right eye is gray. She wears a simple white button-up shirt and a blue and green plaid skirt, also she wears a long red scarf that comes down to her shin (she keeps the scarf around her mouth most of the time.) For her shoes she wears simple black wedges. Ace also has a dream catcher tattooed on her foot.

History: {Ages: 1-6} Ace was born in Kagoshima, Japan. Her father was a scientist and her mother was teacher. As a child she loved learning and didn't mind accompanying her mom to the university every one and a while. Although her parents were often gone her babysitter was a good friend to her. Her dad tended to stay in the lab a lot so her and her mother often ate alone at night. At school she only had one friend and his name is Taji, she didn't get along well with other people because it takes her a while to develop a friendship with people.

{Ages: 6-12} As she got older she started to put aside studies more and take up fighting. She was interested in every fighting style, so her parents put her into martial arts to keep her busy. After a year or so she decided she wanted to wield a sword so her parents got her one, and a personal trainer to teach her how to use it. She started getting these terrible nightmares at age 8-9. During this time period her dad took time off from work and often make dream catchers because he believed they trapped bad and evil dreams. (which is why she has one tattooed on her foot, it's a good memory of her father.) During her 10-11 age division her mother started staying out more and drinking after her losing her mom. She drank which led to her abusing Ace a lot. Her dad didn't like they way Ace's mother was acting and left. Ace learned to hid in her room whenever her mother was home. When she was twelve her best friend Taji had to leave, his family was moving to American and they would probably never see each-other again. Taji gave Ace his scarf which is why she wears it a lot and keeps it around her mouth so she can remember his scent.

{Ages: 12-17} Soon Ace was convinced she couldn't take her mother anymore. She left and, instead searched for her dad. That week her mother committed suicide. She gave up looking for her dad at age 14 (which she has been searching for two years). Instead she has been working on her skills and trains in dojo's she comes across. Since then she has mastered martial arts and wielding a sword. She has also come across new weapons such as guns and scythes. She has mastered many weapons but continues the search for her dad.

Personality: Ace is calm, shy but usually cold. She doesn't really like meeting new people because of her past. If she feels she can or wants to get to know someone she is usually shy at first but that disappears after a while. She's very calm under pressure and situations. She doesn't panic and makes sure she takes care of business as efficiently as possible. She is very passionate about beliefs and what she thinks is right.

Weakness: Ace's weakness is her "curse mark". Although she doesn't know about it could trigger things to go wrong in her body. It's not technically a mark but a type of liquid that was injected into her at birth. The triggers are unknown but it could cause death. Her father thought it would help in the future but doesn't know it will cause her harm.

Weapons: Her sword is long. The handle is black with a red bow on it. She uses regular black pistols. Lastly she uses an infinity ring (as i call it) which is a round blade with a smooth inside for her to hold it. She mostly throws it.

Abilities: Ace has super speed and high senses (from the "curse mark"). She is able to smell, see and hear up to a mile away. Because of training at a somewhat young age she is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and wielding any type of sword. She can also use guns and mastered her infinity ring.

Class requested: In betweeners

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes

ForsakenTiger Featured By Owner 15 hours ago
Character Sheet
Hanzo Tenshokame




Hanzo is a well built, large man who stands at six foot four inches in height with a tan complexion, his eyes are blue in color while his hair is black and slicked back. Hanzo wears a simple clothing, black kimono pants that are wrapped tightly around his ankles and shin with white straps to keep the pants in place. Hanzo wears a light weight chest piece, around a 1/4 inch thick and toned to a muscular physic, under a light blue shirt for protection against slicing attacks. He also wears silver tabi instead of shoes, as well as weighted wrist bands. He carries a katana on his left side, a wakizachi right next to his katana, a tanto around the back of his waist as well as a Tsurugi on his right side, as well as a bow.  Occasionally Hanzo will wear armor akin to Samurai armor, but missing the helmet, only keeping the mouth piece.

     Hanzo was born into a family of warriors in Japan. His father was a high ranking hitman for the yakuza and his mother was your average stay at home mother. When his father was out on business, Hanzo's grandfather would train him from an early age to hone his body and physical prowess in combat. The training started when Hanzo was four years old and consisted of getting Hanzo to understand that pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice. Now, this is a little messed up considering it involved having a four year old fight what was basically a veteran hitman until he chose to not feel physical pain. This left Hanzo with the ability to take a beating without letting a hint of pain, it also hurt. It hurt a lot and involved boiling water being poured on his skin till he did not feel it anymore as well as being cut until he could withstand the pain as if it wasn't there. Once that portion of the training was finished, Hanzo was taught how to fight in the sense that his grandfather showed him how to properly throw a punch, how to properly kick, how to properly grapple and would allow himself to be a dummy for Hanzo. When Hanzo was 5 years old, he was enrolled in Martial arts classes that would take up most of his days, for approximately 15 years the boy was trained at home and at a dojo, when he was at school he would participate in the Martial Arts classes and clubs as well.

    This training would continue as he grew older and would involve other forms of martial arts besides hand-to-hand combat. When Hanzo reached 10 years of age he began training with his grandfather as well as his father in the arts of Kenjutsu, swordsmanship with different types of edged weapons. His father would teach him how to wield a Katana and Tsurugi, how to use them in combat, assassinations, and general sparing as well as when to use which blade. Hanzo's grandfather taught him about the Wakizachi and Tanto, why to use these instead of their larger counterparts as well as the benefits of wielding the smaller blades along side the larger blades. Hanzo found kenjutsu as a hobby, he loved to use swords in combat and preferred them to other means of fighting besides using his fists. Later on, when Hanzo was 15 he was taught how to use projectiles such as bows and arrows for silence and guns for... precision. He chose to continue using more close range, although he was taught how to use other weapons.

    When Hanzo turned 16 he followed in his fathers foot steps and would part take in the hitman business. He was first trained in this with his father teaching him the art of silence, and why it was your friend. "The man who talks does not do, if you're going to fear someone, fear the silent man." His dad would always say this to him, something that he did not forget and something he uses to his advantage. Hanzo learned early on that the assassin is quiet in and out of work. He was not quiet out of work, he was the type who would warn before he acted, especially in school where he practiced his hand-to-hand combat in the boxing club. Hanzo, once graduated from high school would go on to higher education, using the money he earned from his 'job' to pay for it. Hanzo was now a wealthy man who was majoring in medicine and minoring in Business.

Hanzo is a blunt, calm, straight forward, and collected man who would much rather spend his time training and further improving his skill as a warrior. However; Hanzo is a generally social person who will willing spend his time at a bar, with friends, and doing generally pointless things with groups of people. This is mainly because he was brought up training and in his early ages spent his time off from training with his friends as a reliever from all the work. Hanzo was not the best in class, but he was a class clown who got himself into much trouble with other students as well as faculty when he was in school. He sees authority as something to be respected if authority is earned.

Hanzo, even though being well trained and skilled with the blade, he is still a human. This means that hanzo is not immortal and anything that could kill a normal person would also be able to kill hanzo as well, Like a bullet through the heart, an arrow through the head, a deep cut in his jugular and what not.

Hanzo carries 4 swords with him. He has a white katana with black and red wrappings around the hilt, the guard of which is the head of a tiger. His wakizachi is white as well, but has a regular circular guard and a long chain connected at the pommel. The chain to his wakizachi is normally wrapped around his wrist when in use, and when not its wrapped around the hilt, the chain is 3 feet in length. Hanzo's tanto is white in color, completely white and hidden in his white waist wrappings on his back. The Tsurugi he carried is black in color, tied to his right side and features a hilt with silver wrappings, a tiger paw pommel as well as a a guard in the shape of two tiger claws holding the blade in place.

Trained from an early age, Hanzo is capable of many feats. From a young age, hanzo was trained to build his physical prowess, strength, stamina, as well as speed. This gives him super human strength, super human reflexes, and a high speeds when compared to the normal human. He may not be fast moving, but he doesn't need to be. Hanzo has trained in many forms of martial arts, including Hapkido, Boxing, Kenpo, Kenjutsu, bujinkan, as well as developed his own form of martial arts that combines his sword techniques with his body techniques centered around the concept of kenjutsu being an extension of ones body. Hanzo is also able to move quietly

Class Requested:

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?
Yes, I did.
Arsonicace Featured By Owner 15 hours ago  Hobbyist Writer
Frenchvanilatea Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Traditional Artist

Name: Rumor Emilie Carter. (First middle and last)

Race: Death Bringer. (Death goddess's bounty hunters)

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: She has blue hair that reaches to her upper butt. She wears it in pigtails, and at the tips of her hair it is died a indigo purplish color. She has bangs, and the tips of her bangs are also the purple inidigo color. Her skin is a pale fair color. She has bright blue eyes, and her eyebrows are brown and are plucked near perfect. She wears a checkered blue shirt and a purple skirt, with a BIG bow to tie it all together, (see what I did there?) She wears a white apron over all of this, and wears a blue ribbon around her neck. She wears black stocking-like tights underneath, with glass-like shoes, that also has ribbons on them.…

History: Rumor was born on a stormy night. Her father was unknown and her mother died during giving birth to Rumor. The nurses kept her there for three nights. On the first night, she wailed for somone to pick her up and soothe her. On the second she slept through the night, occasionally screaming herself awake. The third night, the nurses all were sick and tired of the crying and screaming done by Rumor. They sent her to an orphanage 2 states away, called Miss Azura's Home for Odd children. Rumor was odd after all, little studs of blue hair poked from her skull. Miss Azura herself took in Rumor, raised her. Loved her.

On Rumor's 6th birthday, she started school. It was something she always had wanted to do, and she was not modest at all about it. She never followed the orphanage rules, she shouted, spoke without being talked to first, all because she wanted to learn. She wanted to be somebody. As she grew, she got bored with school (don't we all?). She talked with Miss Azura about viewing the cities in New York. Miss Azura forbid her to go to New York, where she would be misunderstood, maybe even killed. Rumor was heartbroken, and was quite angry at Miss Azura. This sparked Rumor's rebellious teenager, and she began constantly getting in trouble. Sneaking out, stealing stuff, ect. Miss Azura suggested finishing school, or thinking about getting married. Rumor thought about becoming something. Something deadly. She had read in a book once. She could become a Death Bringer, if she pleased the Death Goddess of course.

Rumor turned 17, and became the apprentice of Death Goddess. Rumor left Azura, and left the human world. She continued to work hard, doing all she could to take out the unwanted souls, or the souls that are wanted for bounty. Every momment she spent was going towards her apprenticeship. She would become a death bringer, even if it killed her. A year went by, and Death Goddess had a living breathing puppet. A bounty hunter. A Death Bringer. She was placed onto the earth, and caught souls for bounty. She now roams the Earth, catching souls.

Personality: Normally she says little to Alot. She always has something to say, and if you make her angry she'll shoot your face off, ya know? She doesn't screw around. She can be nice, but is always ready for someone to betray her. She has MAJOR trust issues, and she'd rather shoot off your balls before talking to you. She isn't really good at making friends if you couldn't tell, heheh?

Weakness: She has 2 weaknesses. If she touches brass it burns her skin, leaving a red irratated mark, and if she is burned too many times, she'll die. Her other weakness is ketchup. Yes, ketchup... I know, random. She cannot eat ketchup or get it onto her. If she does she will choke and eventually die, since Death Goddess hates ketchup, she doesn't want her Death Bringers eating it.

Weapons: A small white handgun and a bottle of posion. The posion is clear so it can be put onto pretty much anything without being noticed, although it has a funny smell to make it recongnizable. Her white handgun is pretty much a regular handgun but hers doesn't make the noise a regular gun does.

Abilities: She has always been silent, never crunching a twig or stomping her feet. She also has an ability to fight well, after all she spent 2 years of her life practicing. She is the ultimate assasian, sneaking around killing people.

Class Requested: Short Stories

Person who helped you when you came in: Asuos

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yup.

LeviHyphen Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Name: Natasha Winwood, but she really only lets people she’s close to call her that. She prefers Tash or Tasha, and if you don’t respect that, prepare to be creatively threatened.

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Tash is an averaged size girl who was born with brown hair, which she dyed in her later teens. She is moderately proportioned, though she has teensy feet. Her ashy green eyes are often hidden behind a pair of cat-eye shades, but they are very almond-shaped and soft. Tash has a thin nose, and medium sized lips that occupy her face too, but it’s clear her eye and brow area is front and center. She does her makeup in that subtle and enhancing sort of way, with natural tones that can make whatever she’s wearing pop. Tasha’s hair is quite a focal point for people just meeting her, with light pink locks that loosely curl down to her shoulderblades.

History: Natasha’s mother Margaret met her father at a party, and they fell fast in love. In the span of a year together, they had ultimately decided that marriage was stupid, being the young lovebirds they were. But after a risky night, and Margaret said she might be pregnant, the man left her. Thus Tasha was born without a father figure, and a mother who was a bit younger than the average.

Tash grew up in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, where her mother owned a smallish apartment. In elementary school she was a very shy girl, and never had any “best” friends. She seemed to blend in with the crowd, but that felt okay to her. She was a statistically average kid for her age, and she would often be snapped at by teachers by daydreaming. Her school years were nothing spectacular.

As a teenager, Natasha grew to be very closed off. She never had anything she was exceptional at that she really enjoyed, and people kept putting pressure to make something of herself. As she entered her second year of high school, this pressure really got to her, and she developed anorexia. Her logic was that if she was hopeless like (she assumed) people said she was, then she didn’t deserve food. Being as closed off as she was, nobody really noticed too much. Tash’s real turning point was six months later, when her Anthropology teacher brought in a semi-professional model. Tash became fascinated in fashion and style, and even joined a sewing class later in the year. This increased her motivation to take care of herself better and prove she was more than an average person.

Natasha became an impressive seamstress by her fourth year of high school, and even went on to create an Etsy store to help with her College fund. She had gained confidence, trust in her friends and family, and a better outlook over the years. In a final effort to prove her individuality to herself and others, she bleached and toned streaks of her hair snow white before graduation night. She then went off to college with a growing business selling custom garments. Once she settled in, her first year was loads of fun. She made new friends, joined clubs, and had a few flings too. On a whim, she decided to even out her fading streaks by getting all of her hair done bubblegum pink, which it remains to this day.

Personality: After her struggles of overcoming adversity and finding herself, Tasha has grown into a bright, caring young woman. She tries to put work over all, but only succeeds half the time. She is very forward thinking, having her own online business, but sometimes lets her ideas get ahead of her. In most situations she tends to underreact, making her cool and collected but also underprepared. Tash expresses herself in her fashion, often borrowing styles and trends from the past and integrating them with modern fads. She appreciates fashion the same way that one may appreciate music or sculpture, as an art that speaks volumes beyond their original impression. She is a bit of a flirt, opting for body language over pickup lines. People would describe her as quiet, but anyone who knows her better knows that she can run on about things she loves for hours. Part of the reason she is so collected is because she has invested herself in the art of meditation. In all, Natasha is a very free-spirited and lighthearted person with a lot of passion for the things and people she loves.

Weakness: If pushed enough, and I mean really enough, Tash is susceptible to fall back into depression and possibly anorexia. Even with her fresh start and new sense of self, she still gets self-conscious about being too “average” or blending in. She gets flustered when people, particularly lovers, start to talk about feelings that go beyond “I love you”.

Weapons: As a person with little to no affiliation with magic or the paranormal, Natasha has never needed weapons.

Abilities: Tash has no supernatural abilities, but she is very good at meditation.

Class Requested: Romance <3

I have read and agreed to all of the rules.
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Name: Conner Hoole

Age: 23

Race: Human/Caucasian

Gender: Male

Height: 1.6 Meters

Build: Athletic

Personality: Playful, Short Tempered, Serious, Happy go lucky.

Powers: Can Conjure Fire.
Fire Ball: Conjures a flame ball and is flung at enemies and has a chance burn enemies.
Spark: Is able to set things a alight eg. wood, dry grass, fuel, etc.
Pillar of Fire: A small area of fire is summoned from the ground and rush around enemies and race to the sky, scorching, burning and heating up metal and enemies.
Conflagration: Air is gathered around Conner and is superheated and takes on a orange tinge almost like flames; and the air is cast forward and can damage multiple enemies severely and often making them spontaneously combust. This attack does have its draw backs by exhausting Conner or even damaging Conner.

Weapons: Hardwood Quater Staff with slight groves carved into the staff to aid in grip. The staff is made out of Iron Wood, and tempered in dragon fire, but it is not unbreakable.A Small bone knife, only ever used in emergencies but mainly used for hunting, cutting ropes etc.

Hair: Dark black hair, with light yet somewhat noticeable stubble.
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: With a an intricately decorated metal chest piece (Torso armor) with a long flowing cape clasped by 3 circular clasps attached to the armor. With shoulder armor curving around his shoulders and upper arms and wrist bracers. His bottoms covered by layered cloth with leather chaps underneath; all held up by a metal belt.

Weakness: Any major wounds, Sickness, Infection, severe knocks to the head.

Resistances: Fire, Ice.

Class: Fighter

Conner was a normal child of 12 growing up with 2 parents and an infant brother. One dark day, Conner's village was raided by a group of rebels from far away lands and took over the village after slaughtering most of the residents, who stood up to them or refused them. Only farmers were spared to allow for the the longevity of the village. Conner's father was one of them, but at night the farmers would get together and plant a coup to take back the village, however their plans were thwarted by a back stabbing woman who sold the group out after promises of power and status by the rebel group. Conner's father was killed by the rebels after the failed coup. Conner's mother a house wife that was responsible for looking after Conner and his brother, and after the death of his father, looked to herbal medicines and pick me ups to try and get over losing her husband. After spending what little savings the did have and selling the property on her addiction she left Conner behind and took his brother in hopes to find finance elsewhere. Conner stayed in the rebel village for 6 years until it was liberated by a Templar platoon, where he was recruited and taken back to their HQ to under go training.
After 4 years of studying and training, Conner was close to graduation, only to drop out and abandon the the brigade, in hopes to find his Mother and Brother.
After a year of searching, Conner's journey ended after he found his mothers grave in a slum city, and his brothers grave right next to hers. Now he seeks to find his place in the world.


I have read and understood the rules!
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Character sheet
Name:Taylor Panther
race:Panther&human Hybrid 
Appearance: :icontabbydingo: red bangs black hair, black ears,wears Glasses,green eyes,wears white and Black hoodie ,wears Blue jeans,black knee-high boots,has a black tail 
History:unknown mother died father gave away
Personality:quit,Tends to Speak mind,Sarcastic,intelligent
Weakness: Death 
weapons:a simple Ninja Blade and nun-chucks
Abilities:fighting good at hacking and pick-locking doors
Class:in between
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Character sheet

Name: Smoke Smith (( wears gas mask ))

Race: human

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance:…. )) Red hoodie, black cargo jeans, black longish hair, pale green eyes, pale skin, black nails, combat boots with decorated chains and studs. Wear face piercing such as 2 lip rings and a nose stud (( mask covers )) wears a black and red gas mask that covers most of face. Has tribal tattoos on waist, left arm and one biohazard symbol on right shoulder.

History:: unknown on the most part. lost parents I a car wreck at age 8 and grew up into a bad neighborhood.
(( Please excuse this, there isn't much ))

Personality:: mute mostly but tends to get cocky but seems intelligent for his age. Is kind and caring to people that are towards him other wise he stays quiet. Has temperament issues.

Weakness:: a blow to his chest or blood loss.

Weapons:: A simple 45 hand gun and a pocket knife.

Abilities:: Great with tech and explosives.
Class:: In betweener

I have read all rules.
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» Name: Reiss Mnuvae
» Race: Elven Abomination.
» Gender: Hermaphrodoic // female identity.
» Age: (actual age unknown, appears youthful.)

» Appearance: Commonly dressed in thick, black 'ceremonial' robes, there isn't much that is displayed of the elf other than her face. Even then Reiss prefers whenever her hood is pushed up, shielding her luminescent green eyes of any violating light. Peeking out of the hood is a small variety of colour, what otherwise would simply be pale thistle flesh, comes the stains of vitiligo, standing out as one of the most distinguishable features other than her hair. Two coal black sheaths of hair crowd either side of her head, which are always spiked up and slightly inward. Small tendrils of coal fall from either sheath, usually found plastered against her cheeks. The underlay of hair is snow white, juxtaposed against the black. The sneer that is always found on her lips can be defined in many ways, which none are positive. It reveals oddly sharpened teeth, which are the most natural weapons that the elf would lastly resort to.

» History: Reiss Mnuvae was of royal blood, born to be next heir of an old necromancer clan. The clan followed a zero-tolerance absolute rule, traditional customs. The child was raised in a strict environment, implementing hard non-stop studies when they were of age and extreme discipline. Emotion were to be looked down upon; there was only room for responsibility and action. Reiss grew up mostly with a nanny, who, upon discovery of Reiss' true identity, kept it a secret in order to protect the child. Reiss upon public knowledge of the clan was male, the prince, the heir of a grand name, supreme rule. Only the keenest and most clever of minds could possibly take over the clan. Reiss in reality was a hermaphrodite, which by traditional standards was an abomination in and of itself. The child couldn't possibly be the Father of the clan when they weren't truly male. Reiss went about their normal life as they were taught, meanwhile the child's nanny kept the word under wraps.

Inevitably, Reiss's secret had been unveiled; and with this, her royal life had quickly come to unravel before her eyes. As a child she had grown to be flat-chested, but ever-nearing the age of puberty (13) she began to grow breasts, as every feminine body did. The scandalous lie of the heir's true identity was shortly uncovered and the consequences were exacted that very night. Reiss had been brought before the Father of the clan, forced down to her knees. The nanny who had raised her had been beheaded for treason right in front of the prince. Who at this point in time had been stripped of status and exiled from the clan, however, was kept in the dungeon as a prisoner.

As prisoner Reiss was subjected to any and all of the clan's torment. Looked down upon in disgust from those who used to look up to her, beaten and bruised by her siblings. The Mother often held sessions for the ex-prince where Reiss would be chained into a kneeling position, arms suspended above her head as she was whipped and brainwashed into believing she was the scum of the earth. A mistake that should have never been born. It had been several months before she was capable of breaking free. Using an eating utensil and what magick she had recalled before her life shattered, Reiss escaped the clan's compound by breaking through the floor of her cell. The hole lead to the sewer, the shining light at the end of the tunnel for the young elf. It was the way she escaped the horror that had been her old life. Reiss escaped into the woods that surrounded the compound, travelling far enough to lose the Clan's trackers.

Her life in the wilds had been excruciating however not nearly as bad as the life she lived in the dungeon. Luckily enough the first lessons she learned were exactly what she was facing now: how to live on your own, in wilderness. Three long weeks had gone by before the mottled elf had come across the collapsed Victorian dungeon corridor she now calls home. Its location was somewhere ideally isolated, from both normal society and the clan who had tortured her. Reiss's outlook on society was that she was going to be treated the same way as her old clan had; the same fury, disdain as the previous eyes she had witnessed. The ex-prince hid herself away in her literal hole in the ground- only daring to venture out to a nearby city when she required materials she wouldn't find in the wilds. It was here, in her new home, she would continue her practice in necromancy. In her carelessness she took to experimenting on herself in place of bothering with test subjects. The error of her ways caused dramatic change in the elf down to molecular structure. She had changed into a monster - one that blurred the line of elf and carnivore, an abomination to its very definition.

» Personality: To put it bluntly, Reiss is the "holier-than-thou" type. She is seemingly uninterested in anyone and everyone around her, except for a select few. Outsiders are regarded with cold distance and apathy. Though having being spoken to, the abomination will reply curtly, matter-of-factly, and sometimes not at all, but instead with her eyes. Glaring and sneering are two of the default expressions when it comes to Reiss. There is one way to get underneath this necromancer's skin, and that way is persistence, and lots of it. Persistence with one's presence insists that they are determined enough to stay and explore the depths of Reiss's mind. That isn't always the case, however. There are occasions where the necromancer will break free of her anti-social régime (though what occurs during those times will be found out during roleplay). Reiss mainly keeps to herself, found in a shaded corner of any place, munching obnoxiously on various snacks in an attempt to find another victim who dares to step into her path, like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

» Weakness[es]:  
Heavy weights – As morph-able as Reiss can get, she is unable to physically strengthen her body.
Her body is small, frail, able to quickly heal but can easily be eliminated if smashed.

Light – What with living in almost complete darkness a large portion of the time, her eyes have become rather sensitiveto the light. The natural kind, mind you. Fluorescent lights mildly irritate her, but being shone upon directly have the potential of permanently blinding her. Reiss normally wears her hood or a special pair of shaded goggles to help her navigate through daylight.

Squishy Insides – When in haste Reiss begins to eat her prey whole, leaving the victim to digest with the other ‘bits n pieces’ that are within the fleshy confines of her stomach. The victim is left alive, if Reiss hasn’t beaten them into unconsciousness or ripped them apart. While inside, they have the potential of bursting out of her.*
*Damage not caused by her is not healed as quickly, therefore she would easily bleed out.

» Weapons: N/A.

» Abilities:
“At Will” Appendages – Being that Reiss is able to manipulate her bone-matter, she is able to create as many limbs as is
needed. This ability does not always pertain to combat, she multi-tasks within her home quite often and finds this particular
feat to be quite useful. Like cutting multiple specimens up or organizing a room.

Night Vision – Reiss lives – more than necessary – in complete darkness, whenever at home. One of the side effects of her
experiments on herself is that she could see in the dark, but it would slowly begin to take away her ability to see in the
light; as well as give light the potential of permanently blinding her.

» Class Requested: Novelists.
Person who helped you when you came in: No one.
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Name: Ysero Tanal ( it's the name I use when ever I do fantasy and sci fi stuff )

Alias: The Ranger

Race: Elf Halfling - his mother was an elf and father a human, he doesn't live as long as ordinary elves but still lives longer than a human around 210 years is his lifespan but he still has some of the abilities of an elf

Gender: Male

Age: looks to be in his twenty's but his actual age is 50

Appearance: pale skin of an elf with dark blue eyes, short black hair swept to the right of his face covering his eyebrow on that side, he appears thin but still has the strength to wrestle with a small troll. He has the trademark pointed ears of an elf but his skin has warmth since being human he has dark red blood instead of an elf's blue blood. He's around 179 cm tall and weighs 70 kilos he has scars covering 20% of his body mainly focused on his torso from the fights he has been in. He wears tanned leather armour which is enchanted to stop elemental attacks such as fire, lightning ect.  He wears long black pants with a belt and leather boots which are enchanted as well and make his footsteps silent he also wears a dark green cloak ( the ones with a hood and cape design ).

History: he was born in the Elvin province called Ring City named after it's 3 wall design. His father was a human politician working at local human embassy his name is ornax Tanal and he fell in love with a local tailor called Maria Rosenfall Ysero's mother they married after 2 years of being together and then 3 years later Ysero was born. Growing up he was considered an outsider so he spent his life alone and fighting off the occasional bully, he was schooled by his mum learning to read, write and do mathematics. Since living around a politician he picked up his fathers silver tongue being able haggle, convince and lie pretty well. Around the age of twenty he acquired a from a blacksmith named Ernadrand he taught him how to make, clean, care for and wield any weapon but Ysero's preferred weapons are dual wield short swords, a Bow, a dagger and a one handed sword, his master also taught him how to enchant weapons and armour by using magic to place magical gems in items which last indefinitely unless the gem is destroyed. At the age of 30 he left to study magic at a local magic guild and became adept in Destruction, illusion and altering magic. After studying for 10 years his mother and father were robbed and killed by bandits while traveling back from a trip, with the skills he attained he hunted down each bandit and returned with their heads to collect the bounty they had on them after that he decided to become a mercenary removing any man or beast for a price hence the alias "The Ranger".

Personality: he's a very quiet person preferring to be alone, he pushes people away because of being seen as an outsider for most of his life. He's very self conscious only fuelling that feeling of being an outsider and the need to push people away so as not to be judged by them but if someone were to break through his wall insecurities they would find that he's a polite, charming and intelligent man. He secretly desires for someone to see him for who he really is and making him feel loved instead of being rejected just because he isn't a pureblood.

Weakness: a blade enchanted with soul stealer magic can kill him but he has to be stabbed in the heart, he can survive mortal wounds of any other weapon like implement or being stabbed. He can die from being beheaded by any weapon and can also die from magic if he has taken enough damage and continued use from spells depending on there cost of mana can drain his stamina causing him to pass out and in worst cases die.

Weapons: he carries 2 short swords which are attached to his back, a dagger on his left leg and a one handed sword attached to his belt he also carries a Bow and quiver containing 20 steal tipped arrows, 10 firetorm arrows which engulf an opponent in fire and 8 frostbite arrows which freeze an opponent in place.

Abilities: he can cast fire balls from his hands as well lightning spears, he can cast firestorm where flames engulf a radius 10m surrounding him. This spell however drains mana very quickly and can only be used twice and even then as a last resort. He can cast illusion magic being able to make him look like like anything as long as he has memory of it he also can spawn apparitions of anything if he has memory of it. He can alter the air to push something away or propel him as high as 20 m and slow his decent as well, he can alter water so he can walk on and under it and lastly he can change the density of his skin making it as hard as a tree but only being able to jog in this state and lasting 10 minutes or making his skin as hard as stone but only being able to walk in this state and lasting 5 minutes. Also he has the stamina, strength and fast healing ability of an elf. He can run 20 km an hour for extended periods of time he can survive being impaled and can lift a wagon with supplies on it with his bare hands.

Requested class: In-betweener.

Person who helped me when I came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes, yes I have.
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Name: Elrii Ror'zar ("Roar- zar") (Means: Dragon Sister)- In Elrii's culture, last names are never used. It can be a sign of severe disrespect. A last name is meant to identify ancestry only, and for someone to use the last name in conversation gives an implication that they do not wish to know the Elf by their common name. It is a strong symbol of disassociation. Last names are used to identify in cases of battle, death, or births.  

Race: Elrii is an Elf, put simply. I (Riley) did not "create" her race, but because Elves are a fantasy creature I will explain my take on her. Her kind lives in a dense forest, their dwellings are carved in trees. They worship no god, but they see the spirits of life in all things. They are hunters, gatherers, and growers. The race is an ancient one, who can live to be upwards of 300 years old. Some Elves are magic casters, some fighters, some fly, some speak to animals. Their abilities are determined by their genetics, it is born into them. Her race lives in communities called clans.

Gender: Female

Age: Elrii is approximately 75 years old. This translates to approximately her late 20's in human years. She is considered an adult by social standings. It is generally expected for females of her Clan to join in unison (marry) at about 50 years of age, But can be done as young as 30 years of age. This seems young (with the scale of Elrii's age) But the maturity of the Elf can not be measured on a direct scale, the Elve's life stages are not consistent with that of a Human.  (For example, infancy is estimated to be around 5 years time instead of one year. Adulthood is not assumed until approximately age 30.) 

Appearance: General frame: Standing at approximately 6' Elrii is average size for the women in her clan. She is very slender, and agile. Elrii has long arms and legs, but they are well muscled and very strong. She is seen as petite, being daintily framed. She has delicate shoulders, but wide, feminine hips. Elrii is similar in proportion to a human female, but her limbs are slightly longer. The Elf's skin is a pale shade of amethyst. Elrii's hair is kept at a shoulder blade length, and usually tied back with a leather band, she wears eyebrow length bangs. Her hair is a crystal white color with a bright luster to it. Her ears are long and pointed, they extend a full two hand's length from the base of her ear (backwards). She wears silver earrings with precious gemstones along the entirety of the edge of both ears. The Gemstones are not always the same, most of the time they are of purple, blue, and opal shades. Her jawline is refined and strong, but not masculine in the least. Her neck is long (not abnormally so for her race, but compared to a human.) and slender. Her eyebrows are white and well kept, they are perfectly arched over her piercing blue eyes. Her pupils are vertical resembling a reptile. Her nose is slightly upturned at the tip, but has a mostly straight profile. Her lips are thin, but not sickly. Her collar bone and chest are refined and feminine. Her hands are elegant and nimble, but very strong. Elrii has a flat, well toned abdomen. Her legs are extremely strong and well muscled. They can carry her great distances. Her feet are usually bare, but they are tender and well kept dispite that fact. 

Elrii has a shapeshift form. Her dragon form has the same skin color (pale amethyst) and its secondary color (wings, horns, etc.) are the same pearly white as Elrii's elven hair. She has two strong wings, that can carry her in flight for long distances. They are similar in anatomy to a bat's wing. She walks on four strong legs, and her build should be associated with that of a "European type" dragon. She has two pearl colored horns on her head that spiral upwards. All four feet are heavily clawed with pearl colored talons. She is a bulky dragon, but still agile. Her throat and underbelly have heavy plated pearl colored armor on them.  

History: Elrii was born to two Elven dragon breeders. Her parents had no special abilities or callings in life, they were considered middle class, they had enough to get by, but were not respected for their work. They just bred and trained the dragons that the clan used when they went to war. The family name Ror'zar translates to Dragon Sister (Ror'zor is the name used by the males in the family). When her ancestors had magical abilities, they related to the dragons. Some relatives could shapeshift into a dragon, some could talk to the dragons. Most family members did not have a special ability. Elrii's parents did not expect their only child to be born with any abilities at all, but at less than a 5 years of age, Elrii began to display many powerful abilities. 

When Elrii began her schooling, at ten years of age, her instructors began to help her harness her abilities. They helped mold her into the clan's most respected female. Elrii's schooling years were uneventful, she tried to keep to herself, and never made many connections outside the dragons she loved. As she reached adulthood, and word of her strength made its way through the clan, she quickly rose to influential power within the social hierarchy. The elders of the clan respected her, and recognized her wisdom beyond her years.

As Elrii attempted to settle into the life that her family before her lead, the clan was attacked by a vicious and fierce enemy. The Horgul are a race of nomadic humanoids with many beast qualities. They raided the town, slaughtered the majority of the dragon's, burned the crops, and assassinated the elders. Horgul left the town in shambles, and took anything they pleased. Many of the clan were killed in the ambush attack. Elrii's parents were no exception. Elrii, although badly injured at the time, survived. She made a complete recovery, and only has minor scars to show for it. The clan tried to convince Elrii to help lead them in their time of need, but she became fearful of their demands, and because of her lack of confidence, fled the clan. Elrii currently lives in solitude in the sanctuary of the forest. She occasionally finds a wild dragon to keep her company, but has adapted a mostly nomadic lifestyle to stay alive. 

Personality: Elrii is very quiet and reserved, she is a very timid Elf. Elrii never entered into a relationship because of her timid social nature. She chooses to not publicize her abilities for fear of people's reaction to them. Many people mistake her for rude or standoff-ish, when in reality she is probably just afraid of you. Elrii does not fear everything, it is just social engagement that she shies away from. When Elrii lost her family, and her beloved dragon's her quiet nature worsened. When she is deeply sad, she often cries quietly, trying to not draw attention to herself. When Elrii is angered, defensive, or protective, she is usually seen in her dragon form.  

Weakness: Elrii is not immortal, the same things that could kill a human can kill Elrii. She does have an exceptional weakness to dark magics. 

Weapons: Elrii does not carry a weapon with her for fighting, but she does carry a skinning knife, a hunting bow, and a short dagger for protection. If she needs to fight a more difficult battle, Elrii can shapeshift into a dragon. 

Abilities: Elrii can talk to dragons. She can shapeshift into a dragon as well, this is done at her own will, and has no adverse effects on her. (When she returns to her Elven form she is usually naked) She can summon light magic while in shapeshift form, in the form of breathing it. (Similar to a fire breathing dragon) Her light magic will create damage on almost any surface, (The exception being certain enchanted armors and metals) similar to that of a sci-fi plasma gun. When Elrii's light magic makes contact with skin it will blister it and melt it away, similar to extreme sunburns. 

Class Requested: Either Short-Stories or In-betweeners

Person who helped you when you came in: UsamaSaeed and Nyar1athotep

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes, I read them (twice!) and I feel like I have a good grasp on them. 
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Cool story. Welcome.
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Name: Bobby the kid

Race: Human

Age: he looks to be about 25...but nobody knows for certain

Appearance: he wears a black cowboy hat, with a trench coat and leather gloves... he has 2 old revolver pistols on either side of his waste and is known to use them against anybody trying to get in his way, has goatee and a moustache big black texas style boots...totally like somebody from the 1800's that you wouldn't mess with about 5 foot nine in size

History: Bobby was just 10 when his father was kidnapped and murdered by bandits in the night... he's been searching for answers and turned to a life of crime to get by...helping others rob a bank, being a hitman for anybody wanting to "Get Rid" of a person, selling things on the black market, and has gotten into many fights in bars being constantly drunk and violent the second he walks into one...running away from the cops, he's actualy killed other criminals if he finds them "Too evil" to live and is known as a vigilante in some towns after killing a man who tried to murder all the women in small mining town called"Brownstown, alabama"

One day he suddenly vanished out of Brownstown..and nobody's heard of him since..

Personality: He's usually a gentleman to ladies and acts weird around other men, he's kind of a hot head and doesnt like to use his guns unless he feels the need to....he doesnt usually even wanna commit the crimes he does unless he has  "A damn good reason to" which has led him in problems with "Getting rid" of people he finds "corrupt " and often known for taking thier belingings that he feels "They dont need" anymore

He tries to be a nice guy, but often gets words wrong which causes him to get upset and do more bad things

Weaknesses: he trusts people too much...he will do anything for a friend...and often times this burns him in the ass, And just about any other human weakness

Weapons: 2 Old revolvers and a knife

Abilities: he can litrally talk people into doing just about anything, which helps solve a problem or or create some problems.. alsomst like a Jedi mind trick but by talking nonsence in situations where he needs to get out, he often confuses people into not remembering why they needed him in the first place and walks out unharmed....unless somebody realizes that he;s trying to trick them and doesnt get it...only works on week minded peope

Class requested: i realy dont know...i'm new to this room
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Name: Leif Silverlight 

Race: Nephilim, a human with angel's blood. Leif, however, is a low-class nephilim. Basically, a mortal with a few abilities. The nephilim are constantly in hiding, fearing the judgement from heaven.

Gender: Male

Age: He looks 20, but he really is 45, having angel blood slows down his aging.

Appearance: Leif has short, silky, dark hair, usually slicked back - slightly tanned skin - green eyes. He is 5'7 and has a fairly strong, muscular build. He usually wears a white long coat, reaching down to his knees - a blue shirt, buttoned-up partway, revealing a little of his chest and his mother's necklace, dark-colored pants, and basic, plain, black shoes with grey socks underneath. Leif also wears this pendant that his mother gave him, a sapphire suspended with a leather loop that allows him to wear it around his neck, wears two silver bracelets with Cecelia and Laura's names engraved on them.

History: Cael, his father was an angel who fell for disobeying orders. Having no where to go, and stripped of his grace, decides to live among the humans. During this time, he finds a job as a waiter. That is where he meets Laura, Leif's future mother. Laura falls in love with Cael and, sure enough, they go out. Laura taught him most of the human dating rituals and customs that he should be aware of, and that lead Cael to adopt their ways...

Years later. Cael now owns a small cafe in town, and Laura having little Leif. They were a happy family. When Leif was four, he started to show traces of telekinesis. As Leif grew, he started to develop new psychic abilities, telepathy and weak mind control. He attended a private school, where he would play with his powers, eventually honing them to their full potential. He was often avoided because of these abilities. However, one person had become his one and only friend, she was Cecilia. She had taken interest in his abilities and in him. They, however, did not last, as he skips grade after grade until he finally graduated at the top of his classes at the age of fifteen. 

After a couple months after his graduation, his mother was diagnosed with stage three cancer in her lungs which slowly spread across her body, then passed away soon after. Leif, wanting no one to ever go through that, and after mourning, decides to become a doctor and help people, and so he did. He now attends a medical school, where he pursues his career of being a doctor. Leif received his degree in surgery and medicine and quickly was sought out by hospitals, but he opens his own clinic to help the poor. How it manages, financially, is because it is funded by his university so that students can gain some first hand experience on what they might have to do. He currently does research on a lot of diseases that have yet to be cured, but cancer is the one that he focuses on the most. He constantly goes on research trips across the globe, where he meets many new faces and learn new things.

Personality: Leif is, normally, a naive, mischievous individual who likes to help people. He has a good sense of humor. He dislikes violence, but if put in a difficult situation, he will put up a fight. Being a child, at heart, he will play around with his psychic abilities for the fun of it, this gets him into a lot of fights. He enjoys cooking and researching the supernatural, if he is not researching anything medicinal. 

Weaknesses: Any human weakness, except ailments. 

Weapons: Leif doesn't feel the need to carry a weapon because he has honed his psychic abilities to their full potential, however, he had been taught basic martial arts for self defense.

Abilities: Leif is able to manipulate the thoughts of a single person who stares into his eyes if he chooses to do so. Another ability he has is mind reading and only, through the person's consent, will he able to utilize it effectively. He also can move objects with his mind, the farther the object, the heavier it feels. He also is immune to any ailment. He can also communicate at long-range using telepathy. He can heal minor wounds, like a small cut, unless it's a very deep one.  Finally, he is very quick on his feet in short bursts, because he lacks the stamina. 

Class Requested: In-betweeners
I will most likely edit this later - It's half ass'd at this time =>=


Name: Nio Lancis - the name was given to him my his mother.

Race: Halfblood vampire - he was born as a vampire, but due to the mixed blood of being the offspring of a human and a vampire, he is not counted as strong and pure as some.
Nio is certainly not the Twilight Look-at-me-I-sparkle vampire, but he isn't quite a traditional vampire as well. The sun does not effect him in any way, nor does garlic. He still requires blood for food, but is capable of eating human food.

Gender: Male, identifies as male.

Age: Nio looks thirty-six (36) in appearance, but is at an exact age of three hundred and ten (310). Although, his age can and will vary depending on the roleplay and my partner's preferences.

Appearance: Nio takes the form of a human - two legs, two arms, two eyes, one head. No claws, paws, tails, animal ears, blue skin, third eye,ect.
Nio weighs 159lbs and is at the height of 5"11. 


 Nio is mildly tanned due to being in the sun for extended periods of time everyday. His natural and current hair colour is a medium ash brown shade, silky straight - the length falling down to his hips, which is more often than not tied back in a high ponytail - with a side fringe, and a low hairline. Nio has an ovalish shaped face, having a narrow jawline and high cheekbones. Yes, he has frown lines. His eyes are roundish-almond shape having a hazel colour, short eye lashes, natural round eyebrow (root colour). He has straight teeth,a medium defined nose, and medium sized ears - attached earlobes. 
Nio is a clean shaven man, refusing to let any facial or chest hair grow, he shaves regularly, although he does occasionally get a stubbly beard, of course root colour.


Nio's body type is mesomorph. 
Nio has narrow shoulders, his arms are toned and masculine as well as his chest and stomach - abs, six pack - from extended amounts of fitness/exercise from jogging, weight lifting, and push ups being part of a daily routines, and sort of a stress reliever for Nio. He has no piercings, but has a tattoo on his the right side of his back of a koi fish (just the outline, not coloured). The reason for getting such a tattoo is due to Nio's strange fascination for koi.


Nio's everyday clothes are usually a plain, white blouse - classic collar, long sleeve, the cuffs often unbuttoned - and fitted black jeans, no belt. The only type of shoe, well boots, he has and will wear is an ankle,flat heeled, laced boot, always being plain black. He never wears hats, glasses of any kind or accessories including wrist watches, wrist bands, rings, chains.
When exercising, Nio is often found in clothes that could be described as plain, worn and old. This usually varies from torn  short-sleeve shirts, shorts or sweatpants. He has no swim wear as he refuses to swim at all, unless he is forced into a situation where he absolutely needs to.
During formal events, if he ever decides to to attend one, he will bee seen in a fitted white tuxedo with a complimentary purple tie, and white derby shoes. This would be most likely the only time he would have his hair down. 

History: Emma Hart, a pureblood vampire, was only twenty years old (in human) when she fell in love with a human man, Ryoga Lancis, and despite being far different than each other, they still loved each other and eventually settled down years later and got married. After that, it was only a year later that Emma got pregnant with their first child. Although, with their village being invaded during those months of pregnancy, village people were taken as prisoners and slaves, including both Emma and Ryoga. Unfortunately, as Ryoga attempt to escape with her, he was beheaded on the spot. 
And as Emma gave birth to her first, and only son - Nio, in imprisonment, she struggled greatly to raise her son the way she had wanted. Due to small amounts of food given, Emma always feed it to Nio, loosing weight and strength herself. The two of them spent an exact eight years in prison, before they escaped. And, only knowing one safe place to go to, Emma retreated to her sister with Nio for help. And despite getting there in one piece, Emma died just days after, leaving Nio with no parents. In this case, his aunt - Maria, and uncle - Theodore raised him. 
Nio spent five years being an only kid in the house before Maria gave birth to her first son, Crim. And with a new addition to the family, the stricter Theodore and Maria got on Nio, not letting him get away with anything. With this, Nio learnt to be obedient and well mannered. Eventually, Nio's habits came to cleaning, washing and helping take care of Crim.
Then, three years later, Maria gave birth her second son, Griffin. Unfortunately, she died from the lack of strength she had during childbirth, therefore Theodore was left to take care of the three boys on his own. Which, Theodore did an exceptionally good job at, keeping all three obedient, healthy and safe. But, only four years years passed before they were put under attack, forcing Theodore into a situation where he fled the three boys to safety, only to disappear, leaving Nio to take the responsibility as the oldest and look after everyone. The three of them were led to believe that Theodore had died.

Yet, they all continued on. 
As Crim and Griffin grew older, Nio would take care of them but as they drifted apart, the two brothers assembling a clan of vampire. While Griffin became stronger and more capable of things, Nio continued to keep him close despite being pushed away many times. On the other hand, Nio's bond with Crim quickly fell apart, due to the many attempts Crim tried to force Nio into being some sort of personal slave, Nio would keep avoiding such situation. 
It seemed the whole family had fallen apart. But, Nio as grew on to thirty-three, he was re-united Theodore, who had supposedly been dead for fourteen years.

Personality: Nio is often seen as a grumpy and anti-social man.
He has a short temper, and if the sort of person to no hesitant in punching someone all the way to tomorrow, it doesn't matter if they're old or young, female or male, adult or child. If you piss him off, you best be ready for his temper.
He tends to steer clear of social events, or any situation involving socializing, as he feels awkward talking to others due to his serious attitude, and just prefers spending all his time on his own. To coax Nio into being party of a party or event is an impossible mission, as he is quite a difficult person to impress, interest and gain attention from. To even get the slightest attention from Nio, you would have to have connections with his family members, whether good or bad.
Though, if he ever roams into a public place, most likely a bar, there are a very slim number of people that he tends to become interested in. And while Nio continuously denies he wants part of a romantic relationship, he wishes for a partner, and as he can get easily seduced and tempted there are times where he stops being so stoic and shows his emotions, besides being grumpy and distant.
If ever in romantic relationship, he can be describe as a protective, possessive but reasonable man. He dislikes people touching or flirting in anyway with his partner. And while, his partner is ever threatens or attack, he will not hesitant to play 'hero', he would not be insensitive and will not say such words as "I will protect you even if I die" as he always considers the other's feelings, and will always defend his own life as much as his partner's. But, being in a romantic relationship is very slim, as Nio tends to close himself from such things. 

Weakness: Nio has a lack of stamina, therefore he is rather slow compared to other vampires, yet still faster than a human. He fails to socialize accordingly, due to his lack of communication and failure to actually attempt conversation with others as he finds such situations a waste of time and unimportant, therefore many people find him irritating and a joykiller to be around. 
By drinking a Christian's blood, Nio will be end up getting 'food poisoned' and get dramatically sick. Iron chains can be used as a binder to keep Nio contained.
Nio can be killed in multiple ways; beheaded, fire, silver knife through his heart (cutting is also effective but will only bring him pain, not kill him) .

Weapons: Due to  Nio finding no need to use weapons, being a vampire, he carries no such objects as he uses his own strength to his advantage. 

Abilities: Exceptionally good super strength - improved due to consistent weight lifting being a part of Nio's daily routines, poor supder speed - yet he still has speed faster than a human, super sight - advanced enough to allow him to see clearly in darkened areas, Nio also has an incredible sense of taste - being a vampire and all, he can pick the flavour from blood instead of that metallic taste that only humans know. 

Class Requested: In-Betweeners. 

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes, yes I have and I agree with the set rules~
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name: socio yuuki 
Species: Demon/bird
Sex: Male
Age: 16

Yuuki is average(5'5) you can tell he has muscle but he's relatively skinny(130, 5% body fat). He's perfect size for his species. He has black horns that hug his head and end at the base of his neck. His hair is silver bangs covering his right eye and in the back it ends at the base of his neck. His eyes are turquoise. He is very pale. He has black feathered wings 14 feet if you touch tip to tip. He has a 4 foot long black tail that usually stays wraped around his stomach around humans. He wears a beanie constantly to hide his horns. He looks about 18. He dresses in the modern earthly wardrobe.

He is the spawn of satan and a half bird woman. After his mom gave birth she died so he knows nothing about her. Satan and other demon lords have been raising him, teaching him about the rules of gehenna(hell) and asiah(The world in between hell and heaven). When he was a child they sent him to asiah so he could learn more then they could teach. While in 3rd grade he got into fights with other children. They would always call him a monster and bully him. Most of the demon lords weren't any help since they were always telling him to kill people. He respected the way humans lived and didn't wish to harm them. On his 8th birthday they decided it was time to teach him how to use his powers. It was along grueling four years of getting yelled at and failing. A lot of the time they would give up on him and call him stupid. Then one day he mastered his last power it was the first time his dad gave him any recognition and he was happy. But what followed was not on his agenda. Astaroth brought him to asiah and started wrecking havic. He watched as countless humans were murdered right in front of him. He ran as far away from that place as he could while astaroth was busy.
He had no intention of hurting anyone it didn't appeal to him. He ran until he found this cabin by a lake and thick woods. He decided that would be a good place to stay and that's where he met his bestfriend. He started living with this boy and his family. There were no questions asked they just accepted him in. He started to go to school. The beginning of 7th grade he started hearing his father voice in his head. He started going crazy he couldn't block him out. But he never let it affect his new life. Him and ishimaru (best friend) grew closer and closer together. The end of 8th grade he started to shoot blue flames everytime he was aggravated. He the shut himself in his room for months trying to control the flames. One day ishimaru walked in and saw what he truley looked like. He ran screaming monster to his parents. Before they could come up and see he had run out deep into the forest while tears blurred his vision. He decided from then on never to get to close to any human again. The pain in his heart was unbearable. Now he goes throught the streets doing misc. jobs and trying not to be noticed trusting no one. He travels a lot and doesn't stay in one place too long unless he has too.

Nice to everyone he meets. jokes a lot. Speaks his mind when he feels passionate about something and will protect what he feels he should. He loves nature and the outdoors. He's a pacifest . Really weird and creative.
He accepts everyone. He's caring to any human or animal who's sick or hurt. He helps everyone and doesn't accept anything in return. He's genuinly shy at first and doesn't talk much. He mostly hums to himself. Spends a lot of time taking pictures of nature. He's well educated from all the studying he does. He can be sassy and sarcastic at times. He is intimidated by tall people and will stutter if the time comes that he has to talk to them. He does as he's told without an arguement. when alone he lollygags a lot.

Being a pacifest. He won't fight. He has adhd and gets distracted easily. Cute things not even kidding.

Blue flames.

Can fly. If in a very quiet surrounding he can pick up sounds from 2 miles away. His vision is 10 times stronger then a humans. If the need arises he can hide anywhere. Horns can sense other non human species.

class requested:
in between-ers
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Name: Nicholas Arbalester

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Nicholas is relatively tall (~5'11") and well-built (185lbs, 10% body fat) for his age, sporting a muscled, if marbled form built from years of diligent weightlifting and a perhaps slightly excessively-measured bulk diet. His musculature is most prominently developed in his shoulders, upper arms, chest, and glutes, while significant fat deposits mar his abdomen and rear. His skin is pale and smooth, sparsely light-haired in all the places you’d expect save for a small patch of dark, thick hair on the center of his right shoulder blade. He bears scars on his forehead, both lips, abdomen, both outer wrists, both knees, and lower back.
Nicholas has light, wavy copper hair buzzed close on the sides and worn long, messy, and off to the left on top. He has confusingly hazel eyes, simultaneously mixed shades of green and brown in alternating radials, and distinctly faint eyebrows augmented by thin black half-rimmed glasses. His face is wonderfully symmetrical, with a strong jawline decorated with a thick patch of long chin hairs and a rather unremarkable nose. His facial structure places him only somewhat above average in appeal according to individual taste – a solid 6 or 7 to most, but tipping toward 8 or even 9 from certain angles in certain lights. His teeth are white and his smile is convincing.

Nicholas was born to two loving, if slightly older than usual parents and a brother two years his senior in a Connecticut suburb. His childhood was difficult from its beginning, dealing with an emotionally- and psychologically-abusive older brother from as soon as he could talk. From the moment he entered the local public school system, his brother became his superior in all regards, exceeding him in grades, social life, and personal development,  and would regularly berate him for his shortcomings. Beyond his knowledge, his father was a problem alcoholic, abusing his mother and eventually being arrested for a DUI and checked into rehab after a subsequent mugging. Toward the end of his elementary school years he became a pariah among his peers due to an early onset of puberty resulting in severe acne and vocal adjustment, both issues only worsening into middle school. In middle school, both of his grandfathers passed away, his mother's cancer resurfaced, and he was bullied harshly by the vast majority of his grade. His tormentors were so inventive and intent on doing him any form of harm possible that he was very nearly suspended on a number of occasions, and his capacity for trust was eroded over the course of numerous pranks and attempts at gaining, then betraying his confidence. Nicholas was so universally attacked, not only at school but at home by his brother, that he grew to distrust and dislike humankind in general, believing them all to be inherently cruel by extrapolating from the small sample size he had come to know. He hid his negative experiences at school from his family, but his brother managed to glean vague details from his friends, being only two years his senior, and wore further upon him for failures that his brother perceived to be Nicholas's own fault.
Nicholas's powers began to surface in the seventh grade, seemingly in response to the gradual change over from verbal to physical abuse by his aggressors. The many fights he was forced into ended up so disproportionately injuring his attackers relative to his supernaturally-reduced damages that he was ultimately expelled in the eighth grade. The school administration was insensitive to his situation, and removed him from the student body to reduce the amount of problems it had to deal with from his presence. Faced with a mother physically incapable of helping him, a father put out of commission through his drinking habit, and a brother actively out to get him, Nicholas despaired. He spent a week locked in his room planning before he stole what he could of his parents' money and made for New York City by hopping a train, hoping to leave both his hard life and concerning supernaturality behind him.
He was in the process of switching lines when he was caught by one of the railyard workers. Nicholas begged the man not to turn him in, explaining his situation and earning the man's sympathy. The man told him of a friend of his that lived in the city that might be able to help him, and allowed Nichols to sneak onto another train to reach New York.
Once in the city, Nicholas sought out the man's friend. He turned out to be the owner of a small gym in the Bronx and a few of the apartments above it. The friend, a man Nicholas would only ever know as "Dave," reluctantly agreed to give Nicholas a job at the gym and pay him under the table to keep him safely in the wind. He use the money to pay for the cheapest of Dave's apartments that he could, and has been living on his own ever since with Dave's guidance. Dave became his closest friend and a father to him, someone whom he eventually came to tell everything and would confide in for years to come. Dave taught him how to survive, and has done his best to help Nicholas deal with his psychological problems, helping him to construct a mask of normalcy until he can eventually put them to rest. In secret, he has struggled to come to terms with his strange abilities, working to understand them and hone them to their best in case he should ever need them.

Nicholas comes across as very friendly and affable, notably playful and easygoing from even a moment’s interaction. He’s fast and clever with jokes and good-natured witticisms, though his sarcastic delivery can often make well-intended pokes come across as malicious jabs. Nicholas is quick to care and offer help without expecting anything in return, and is honest, unbiased, and objective in all of his dealings. He’s a good listener and also an effective communicator in a variety of styles.
In actuality, Nicholas is unfeeling and uncaring, feeling no influential sense of obligation to or concern for anyone and taking no pleasure nor pain from any part of his life. Neither happiness nor sadness affect him with any kind of tangible or conscious feedback, and so do not act as incentives to him. He puts on a perfect façade of personality and humanity and lies as easily as breathing to maintain the illusion of normalcy Dave helped him to craft.
Nicholas's mind works in a strictly logical manner, and he operates on a general premise of utilitarian philosophy - though he has no attachment to others, he is not inherently selfish. He believes his inherent value as a person is less than others' due to his condition - what he perceives as a psychological disorder or emotional deficiency. Whether consciously or not, he considers his inability to feel a scarcity, and so consciously values emotion and seeks to protect others' out of a perception of value. However, his consideration for others' happiness is entirely dependent on his willful decision to consider it. His personal code is fluid to the point of being nonexistent, his will and his own desires overriding all other variables.

When immobile and unaware, Nicholas is a normal human being, vulnerable in all ways an ordinary human being is. He does not have superhuman speed or stamina, so his advantages while in motion are dependent on his natural ability as an athlete and his own capacity to keep moving.

Nicholas tends to carry a pair of spike knuckles - metal bars with holes for his fingers to fit through, with long spikes extending from between the middle and ring fingers.

While standing still, Nicholas weighs his listed weight and is of ordinary human durability. Whenever in self-propelled motion relative to a supermassive object such as Earth, Nicholas’s mass, strength, and durability increases in proportion to his speed. His strength is only increased as a property of his added mass, providing no functional improvement beyond allowing him to move his heavier body parts as though they were unchanged. His increase in power is immediate when accelerating, and decrease over a period of time roughly equal to the length of time for which he was moving at the approximate speed he was moving at before decelerating upon a reduction in his speed – if he fell for ten seconds before hitting the ground, his mass, strength, and durability would return to normal over the course of the ten seconds after stopping on the ground. These increases are separate across differing parts of his body – if he is standing still while punching, only his hands (and, less so, his arms) benefit from increased mass, strength, and durability, while the rest of him remains ordinary in these areas. Nicholas can also temporarily enhance the durability of certain parts of his body at will, though this is an extremely strenuous task.

Class Requested:
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Name: Lou Nicole McNeil

Race: Human, occasionally plays an elf in D&D

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Lou is boyish, her dark brown hair is short, messy, and her bangs hang in her pale blue eyes. She's pale, with a light dusting across her cheeks, shoulders, back, and legs. She wears baggy clothes, and has an affinity for a sun-bleached red hoodie that is three times her size, the sleeves reach about three inches past her fingertips. She's 5'3" and only about 120 lbs. She doesn't appear to ever smile. People tend not to notice or remember Lou.

History: Lou was born in Georgia, in a hospital 50 miles from where she grew up, because that was the nearest one. Her childhood home was miles away from any potential friends, her father owned 45 acres of land where he raised chickens, goats, two cows, and two horses. Lou was also homeschooled by her mother. Because of her distance to other children, she became particularly close to her older brother Will. Will liked to play the guitar, and she would sing along with him. He told her that one day he'd pack up and go to California and play guitar in a cool band, and she could come with him and get her voice famous. Unfortunately, he died in a car accident when she was 17. Lou became withdrawn, and didn't speak for six months after the accident. She had to be forced to bathe or eat for 3 months, her parents were terrified they would lose both children. After seeing a therapist for two years, she was able to "come out" again, and her parents stopped worrying as much about her. Then, one day, Lou decided that she was going to California. She is currently going to school, with the financial assistance of her parents, in a fictional Californian college, and lives in the dorms.

Personality: Lou is very quiet and introverted. She is also extremely sentimental. Her therapist continues to call her once a week and offer her advice on interacting with other people; she struggles with social interaction because her only real interaction with people was with her family. Lou enjoys music, especially opera and alternative rock, and modern art (she thinks artists are able to vent their feelings better through it). She shuts down at the mention of her brother, and does not want anyone in her new life to know about it. Nothing seems to faze Lou, and she is rarely surprised or visually happy.

Weakness: Normal human weaknesses apply to Lou, but she is also deadly allergic to peanuts if she eats them. Non-lethal weaknesses include her shut-down at the mention of her brother, and her slight obsession with hard candy and Japanese-American food.

Weapons: Lou has a small arsenal of self-defense weapons, as her father had her trained in self-defense, and fully outfitted, before he sent her cross-country. Besides her trained knack for disabling opponents, Lou has a can of pepper spray on her person any time she is out of her dormroom, and a baton she keeps in her backpack.

Abilities: Lou has an amazingly beautiful singing voice, although nowadays it is rarely heard. In addition to the self-defense training, her father also taught her how to properly shoot anything from a handgun to a shotgun. She is also skilled at skinning animals, usually rabbits, but she skinned a coyote she killed once, too. She can play a little guitar. Lou is also good at math, for some reason.

Class Requested: Lover

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?
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Name: Devilgirl (Her real name is Mesa Fringe, but she always uses her stage name) 

Race: Human, despite appearances 
Gender: Female 
Age: 19

Appearance: Devilgirl was born with a rare genetic mutation, causing her skin to be a boiled red, and her lips to be a grayish indigo. Her hands and feet turn the same color as her lips when they get too cold or hot. She has blue eyes, and dirty blond hair that is usually parted to the side. She used to let her hair fall over her face, or wear a ridiculous amount of makeup to hide her skin and lips, but she doesn't anymore. She does wear horns when doing a show, and she tells people they're real. She's short, about 5'3, and very slender. She has a very athletic build. She usually wears tights and a button up shirt, with boots. 
History: (Takes place in like the 1920's) Devilgirl has had this appearance since she was born. The doctor said she would grow out of it, but  she never did. The town she lived in was very religious, and thought she was possessed, or a child of the devil. Her parents were very loving, but it was hard for them to raise her because she would be in danger if she left the house. As a young child, she knew she was different from other people, but she didn't understand the fear and hatred the town had for her. As she got older her parents tried to let her outside some more, thinking that if the town knew that she was just a normal child then they would eventually get used to her. That wasn't what happened. Her mother brought her to the store when she was 5, and the people formed a mob that surrounded the store and wouldn't let them out. They started to get violent, throwing stones and bottles at the mother and child. They eventually escaped, but the mother had got badly beaten. That was when they decided to leave the town.
They moved to another city far away, and they lived on the outskirts of it in an almost empty apartment. Devilgirl never left the house, and almost no one even knew she existed. Her father worked for a  factory, her mother cleaned houses, and Devilgirl was left to her own devices. It wouldn't have been easy to keep any child indoors all day with no one knowing, but Devilgirl was especially tricky. She was extremely curious and had a lot of energy.  But she did her best, not forgetting what had happened in the other town. When she was about to turn 8, the circus came to town. It wasn't very big, but it was a talking point in the town, and Devilgirl begged to go to it as a birthday present. Her parents finally agreed, dressing her up in heavy makeup and a scarf to cover her face. They went and she was exposed to a world where being different made you desirable, made you important. She was so taken with this idea that she hid in the preparation area, intent on running away with the circus. She was found and her parents came and got her, but by then the makeup had worn off. When they got a look at her face, they offered her a spot in the circus. At first her parents were against the idea, but they decided it would be best for her to be somewhere she could openly be herself and be accepted.  
After that she lived in the circus. At first she was very shy, covering her face and rarely talking to anyone who wasn't in the sideshow. But she befriended another young girl who was training to become an acrobat, and she started making friends with the main performers. 
Flash forward 8 years. Devilgirl is fully accepted by the circus. She is one of the youngest acts, most of the other performers view her as a younger sister they adore. Her parents passed away due to influenza a couple years back, so the circus is really her only home. The young acrobat grew up to be the star of the show, called Primadonna, or just Donna for short.  Devilgirl and Primadonna grew up to be best friends, and Devilgirl is very good at acrobatics as well. One day Primadonna snuck out (she's a little rebel child) and asked Devilgirl to cover the show for her. (The sideshow only runs before and after the main show) Devilgirl did secretly, (the main performer wears a mask throughout the entire show) and that arrangement happened more and more.  Primadonna is a good acrobat, but Devilgirl is spectacular. Eventually the Ringmaster found out, but he was cool with it, because the show was better when Devilgirl was preforming. Only a handful of people know of this arrangement, the public still thinks Primadonna is the star. 
Personality: Devilgirl is incredibly cheerful and energetic. She used to be very shy, but now she's friendly with everyone, and always puts a smile on everyone's face, especially if they're feeling down. She used to be self-concious about her looks, but now she embraces what makes her different, and plays it up for the crowd during the sideshow, hinting that she's a demon and has magic. She'll even joke about it. However, she hates being called a "freak", and hates the sideshow being called a "freak show". She couldn't hurt a fly, and hates to see people upset. She doesn't like to talk about her past, it makes her remember that the rest of the world doesn't see her as a person, they see her as a monster. She isn't dumb, but she hasn't had any formal schooling, so she can be ignorant about some things. She's been taught what's important to know for living in a circus, and not much else. However, she's very curious and loves to learn new things, especially about difference places and cultures. She doesn't always use correct grammar. 
Weakness: As mentioned above, she doesn't like to feel like a freak, or for people to feel afraid of her. As a human, she has standard human weaknesses. She's been sheltered most her life, so she can be naive. She doesn't like big crowds unless it's an audience, because she knows how easily crowds can shift to mobs. She likes to take risks, even if they're out of her league. This has led to several injuries, none incredibly serious. 

Weapons: She doesn't have any weapons, she's a circus preformer. If she has any problems, she'll get the strongman to handle it, or (more likely) leave town. 

Abilities: She is an incredibly skilled acrobat/trapeze artist. She can also run very fast. She's also a good performer, she's a favorite in the sideshow. She's very likable, and can make friends easily if people aren't distracted by her looks. 

Class Requested: I don't know the different classes. 

Extra: There are some other circus characters, I was wondering if I could use them in RP as well? Not extensively, just as tools to move stories ahead. 
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Name: Trevor Yates


Race: Human


Gender: Male


Age: Thirty seven years old


Appearance: Trevor is a man of Scottish and English ancestry standing only five and a half feet tall with a stocky build.  Face is wide with a general square shape with pronounced cheekbones and soft wrinkles about his forehead and eyes.  Hair is a rich brown color and uniquely styled so that all is shaved close to the scalp except for the top which bears a crop of combed hair that is usually swept back and out of his eyes.  Facial hair is trimmed to the length of stubble but thick and styled to outline his jaw and upper lip.  Eyes are a vibrant blue and occasionally one is hidden by an eye patch.  Draped around his thick neck is a cross necklace made of silver, a prized possession and somewhat of a good luck charm.  Form is quite stocky but well muscled with thick limbs and a solid torso.  Skin is tanned from years of sun, scarred along his arms and hands from labor, and tattooed for the sake of storytelling.  From his outer shoulder down to his wrist bears nautical tattoos making various statements and depictions to remind him of the life he has lead thus far and to ward off bad luck; knuckles bear the words ‘HOLD FAST’.  Generally, Trevor’s upper body is donned in an off-white shift with long sleeves and a grey waistcoat embracing his torso, legs covered by brown trousers that tuck into his worn black boots.  Belt around his hips holds the trousers in place and stows the only two weapons visible to the public, his flintlock pistol, and cutlass sword, and two leather pouches that hold spare ammunition and gun powder, his compass, and coin purse. In colder weather, Trevor pulls on his frock coat, which appears rather worn.


History: Originally from England, raised in London, Trevor lead a troubled life as a young teen. His father was in and out of prison and hardly home while his mother worked several hours as a seamstress at the local tailor shop just to pay for the small apartment in which they lived. Having multiple run-ins with the authorities for stealing and fighting, it was no surprised that he joined a crew of pirates at the age of seventeen. Recruited in a tavern one night, the young boy, full of piss and vinegar, pledged loyalty to a complete stranger for nothing in return but the promise of adventure.  Pirating was not the best lifestyle with cramped quarters and half-rotten food but there was always somewhere to sleep and a job to be done.

Like all young lads joining a crew of pirates, Trevor started out on the bottom scrubbing decks and hauling barrels of gun powder – he didn’t have much say in when the ship left port or how long they would sail.  Through his travels and adventures he came across a beautiful young girl, by the name of Evette, and managed to charm her into marriage when he was nineteen.  Gaining some leverage with the captain, Trevor was finally working on deck with the sails and cannons not to mention pulling a larger share of the loot.  He and his wife settled in Cornwall, St. Austell, for a few years but Trevor often left for long periods of time with his crew and Evette was always eagerly waiting for his return. Struggling with the rent and affording food, the young bride worked around the clock while Trevor sailed around looting merchant vessels and small villages.  Though he was frequently away from home, Evette was always on his mind and the only reason he didn’t buy a whore with the rest of the crew while visiting other towns.

Four years later, Jack was born but it didn’t stop Trevor from continuing his pirating ways, believing it was the family’s only solid form of income. Despite his frequent absence, Evette was a woman hopelessly in love and faithful to a fault.  Trevor was only in his son’s life for a few months out of the year, due to his ‘occupation’. Shortly after Jack turned four, Trevor left to sail with his crew once more but never returned home voluntarily – the captain had announced a course to the New World and Trevor simply couldn’t refuse.  Evette learned months later that she was pregnant and held hope that Trevor would return like always.  A daughter, Clover, was born to the now single mother and would never get the chance to meet her father.  By the age of twenty seven, Trevor was a dead-beat father of two children and abandoned his family for the adventures of pirating, rush of battle, vast amounts of liquor, and cheap wenches.

Years later he found himself in the Caribbean, shackled in irons and locked in the brig for keeping shares hidden from his fellow crewman. The vessel was on their way to a far island to maroon the bastard but the passing of a merchant ship was too tempting. Busy assaulting and looting the merchant, they were blindsided by cannon fire from a naval vessel. Trevor found himself trapped while the ship slowly sank into the warm Caribbean water, men he considered friends never came to his calls for help. Only one person traveled below deck to investigate, an Angel, as Trevor calls her, and to this day he remains forever loyal to this individual.  By the grace of God, Trevor was granted a pardon from pirating and forcibly enlisted into the Navy with a contract to thirty years of service.  Taking his second chance with open arms, Trevor took his position as a deckhand aboard a British naval vessel and worked his shifts without a single negative statement about his new lot in life.


Personality: Trevor is generally a cheery fellow, always sporting a wide grin and laughing frequently. He is a man who lives to feel the spray of the sea and the sun’s warmth on his back; having spent most of his life working on the deck of a ship, it’s where he feels most comfortable.  Wielding swords, pistols, or cannons is simply a part of his life and not something he brags about or considers worth conversation. Believing in superstitions, like most sailors, he never whistles on deck, always busies himself with his work, and bears the words ‘HOLD FAST’ across his knuckles for better grip on the ropes.  His superstitions reach beyond those of sailors – he is a Catholic man whose belief in God has stretched further with his second chance at life.  Wearing his cross at all times, he prays silently before slumber and has a lengthily prayer tattooed inside his left forearm.  Knowing of all sins he has committed in his life, he has made valid attempts to straighten out his act but still struggles with self control around gorgeous women.  According to Trevor, wenches love a man with an eye patch – plus it’s a great conversation starter.  Those who knew him as a young man would say he has come far from where he started, if they could see him now - Trevor would never lay a hand on a woman, steal unless absolutely necessary, or break his word without good reason.  He loves to sing, and is quite good at it if you don’t mind the Cockney accent, enjoys music and dancing, and prefers his tankard of Bumboo to be brought over by a busty bar wench.  When ashore he is only found at three locations: the tavern, the brothel, or the underground fighting ring.  Though he loves women, he refuses to marry another after leaving Evette all those years ago – which he has felt terrible about for several years – and he still thinks of her and his son while quietly drinking alone some nights.


Weakness: Trevor is a human and has suffered many broken fingers and toes in his lifetime simply from working on the deck of a ship.  He’s only been shot once but grazed many times by pistol shots and burned many times by the sparks the guns let off.  Though he is a powerful man capable of hauling a few hundred pounds, he cannot lift entire cannons nor can he kill someone with a single punch.  His focus can be affected by various things depending on the situation, though in battle he is usually good at keeping himself together.  In the aftermath, however, is when he panics.  While comrades tremble in pain as the surgeon attempts to save their lives, all Trevor can do is nervously pace.  Any attempts he has made to assist have gone wrong because he is rather shaky, clumsy, and indecisive. 


Weapons: Trevor always carries a pistol on his person, his British Sea Service pistol, given to him when he joined the Navy at thirty two. The British Sea Service pistol is standard equipment and given to all men that are recruited into the military; with a 12 inch long, smoothbore barrel and a .62 caliber shot.  He was also given a musket, a Brown Bess, but never uses it and a boarding cutlass.  Of simple design, the boarding cutlass was a straight-bladed weapon with a pointed tip and effective at hacking and slashing as well as thrusting. Hands were marginally protected by a metal loop on the handle that rest over the knuckles.  Though it is not standard equipment, Trevor also carries a small pocket knife and marlin spike – both of which are primarily used for work but could also be useful as weapons.


Abilities: Trevor has the range of abilities all humans have, generally speaking, but the genre he is for happens to be realistic and magic does not exist.  He has perfect vision and great hearing but his sense of smell has been dulled by the constant smell of burning gun powder.  His talents with a pistol are slightly above average and mostly due to the fact that he uses it during close range combat. His ability to wield a sword is subpar – there is no learned style, just his best attempts not to get stabbed.  When operating a cannon, he has a keen understanding of the ship’s roll across the waves of the sea and how the shot will travel from the angle it was fired; unfortunately he doesn’t work with cannons frequently anymore.


Trevor is an original character of mine that I created for a realistic 18th century setting – during the Golden Age of Piracy.  Some of the events in his history above were developed through RP.


Class Requested: In-betweeners or Short-Stories, whichever you feel is accurate.


Person who helped you when you came in: No one, it looked like lots of folks were idle at the time.


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Name: Asuka Kasuki

Race: She's called a "wolf" as a slang used because of her wolf ears, tail and fangs. She's of the wolven race.

Gender: female

Age: 19 years old

Appearance: Her hair color is light gray-violet and is cut at an angle an inch below her jawline, she also has bangs. Asuka has a light and clear complexion, though she has three birthmarks; one on her left cheek and one on each hand and scars on her back from childhood. Her eyes are golden and almond-shaped. The rest of her features look like a mixture of European and Asian; small nose, full yet small lips. She's 5'10", her height being a primary trait of the wolven people. She is also very slender and has long legs. Instead of human ears, Asuka has dark gray wolf ears and a dark gray tail that reaches her ankles. She will typically wear a loose, dark violet dress with a silver trim, and she wraps her legs with bandages up to the knee. She doesn't wear shoes.

History: Asuka was born in Kasagi, a province primarily of Asian influence. Her mother was the princess at the time, known for being very kind to those in need. Her father was of the wolven people, a European based race, and one that was discriminated against because of a legend of their origin. Once Asuka was born, the Royal family found out about the princess's affair with someone outside of the royal court. They immediately sent guards to seek and find the man, and once they did, he was executed. Asuka's mother became extremely depressed by this and her character overtime worsened.

Into Asuka's childhood, her mother closed the young girl off from the world as a punishment. Asuka was only allowed to see her mother and a teacher who had volunteered to teach the child instead of leaving her ignorant. Her mother would come into the room and abuse Asuka out of anger and sadness, using a whip and sometimes fire on her back. The teacher knew about these beatings and would take Asuka secretly out to the garden to calm her down when he would visit. By the time Asuka was 6, her mother had an arranged marriage and was pregnant with who would be her younger sister. Young Asuka wanted to get to know her sibling but she was never allowed to. She was never supposed to go outside of her small room, even though her teacher would take her out when her mother was out. Her teacher became a sort of surrogate father for her, and he would secretly give her books of fairytales and of the outside world. Asuka eventually grew an immense interest and curiosity about nature and people, so she studied herbs and read books on the different animals and the history of Kasagi. 

By the time Asuka was 17, she had learned much about her interests, and she so longed to go out and meet people. On her birthday, her teacher came into her room and instead of teaching her, brought a sack of food and money. He knew that he was getting old and sickly, and the one thing he had wanted to do was bring her out of her room into the world to explore and experience life. He fought against the guards as Asuka fled, getting himself killed in the process. the 17 year old stayed in hiding for 2 years, staying in hiding with a group of wolven people in the space outside of Kasagi, the border between that province and the next, until she decided that she would go off on her own and travel.

Personality: Asuka is typically very kind and caring. She isn't one to start fights and will keep her feelings inside. If she were to get mad, she wouldn't normally show it. Asuka is still working on trusting others fully, but once she does she will show you more of who she is. Asuka loves books, but she would much rather experience it in the world than only see it on paper since that's all she could do as a child. If one was to abuse her, she would probably break down after an attempt to walk away.

Weakness: Asuka's weakness is pretty much normal human weaknesses. A psychological weakness is fire, as in she is not only burned by it but she may break down if she sees it in it's destructive form. She also hates it when anyone throws anything at her. It reminds her of the times when she was abused as a child, and her reflexes are to protect herself rather than to catch it.

Weapons: She does not usually carry any weapons around with her, though she has been taught how to wield a katana by the wolven when she hid with them on the border. the only "weapon" she may carry would be poisonous herbs, but not in a manner that she would purposefully use them to harm anyone. She had taken a large interest in herbs and plants as a teen and will carry some that she finds useful in a bag with her.

Abilities: Asuka has a heightened sense of smell, has more natural stamina than a typical human and has a better sense of balance. These are all due to her being of the wolven race, as they carry many of the same attributes as the wolf animal. This is why they are usually just called wolves in slang.

Class Requested: In-betweeners 

Person who helped you when you came in: /

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Name: Circuit Girl

Race: Cyborg/White

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: She has long mid back brown hair and one blue eye one brown eye. She is very strong, as you can tell with the muscle in her arms. She has wires coming out of her legs and arms, they are broken and ripped though. She is milky white and has long slender legs. She doesn't have strong feelings and you can tell by her straight face all the time.

History: (sorry i can't have three paragraphs, she has a small background)  She was born in England and she lives near a huge factory. One day, she wakes up in the factory not knowing why she was there, she had circuits in her body and she didn't feel a thing. A man came in and introduced himself as the doctor and he treats her like a child. She eventually gets out and escapes the factory. The doctor goes to jail and she has to deal with wires spewing out of her.

Personality: She is usually very strict and blunt. Since she doesn't feel love and stuff too strong she doesn't flirt. She can be nice, but she is more focussed on being safe and fighting. She hates it when people treat her like children, and she usually would never hurt you. She enjoys talking about her life in the factory and she prefers not to talk about the doctor and the staff.

Weakness: Water is a good weakness for her, since she has open wires dangling outside of her. She does though hate the doctor and since he made her, he can kill her. Another is the staff, they are the people that can take you apart and use your body parts for experiments. Basically doctors and water are her weaknesses.

Weapons: She has no weapons because she prefers not to fight.

Abilities: She can charge herself, and make herself 2x stronger. She also has the ability to charge items such as phones, etc. in case you need it. She doesn't have a max amount of energy so there is no limit of what is inside, especially is she is super charged. She can't really do much else, sorry this is short.

Class Requested: In-Between, but will not flirt with you.

And yes, I have read and agreed to all rules and restrictions.
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Name: Alexandria June (Prefers Alex)

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: (Death Age) 17    (Now Age) 137, She is a new found you could say

Appearance: Alexandria had light brown hair that she usually puts in a messy bun at the top of her head. Alex's hair has blonde strips in her hair that have slightly faded over time. She has gray eyes when she is not hungry. Alex usually wears anything loose. She hates showing off her body. She will only wear any gray shade. She will wear a long gray shirt and then a gray long sleeved shirt that ends under her waist. She is a very skinny girl and is about 5 feet and 8 inches tall. 

History: Alex was born as a human. Alex grew up with her mother a nurse that tended to people in the Revolutionary War. Her father was a general in the war and did eventually die. Alexandria had 8 siblings when she was human. One of her brothers died in war, one brother and one sister had died of sickness. She was the oldest and was the near second mother. She would wash their clothes,  do their chores, and do their dishes. She loved them with all her heart and would never hurt them.This is one of the reasons she ran away. She would tell them stories at night if they couldn't sleep and would sing them songs. She took even more care of her siblings once her mother became sick, with phenomena.

When she was 17 she was out washing the families clothing and saw many soldiers walking by. She believed they were patriots, as they were not wearing any red clothing. She saw a young man that looked exhausted and tired. he looked just plain drained. He was in need of food, so she took him inside while her mother and sibling were out doing chores. Then he bit her in the neck and she turned.

She ran away from home, in fear of hurting her family. But she would always be near incase they were in need of help. Even in the beginning she refused to eat a human. She lived with her turner, despite how much she hated him, until she was ready to go out without hurting anyone. She begged him to lock her in a room until she was ready. Finally she ran away and found a pack of vampires, they took her in. She met her new sister, Seraphine. She also met her new brother, Joseph, her new mother, Tula, and her new father, James. They introduced her to a young vampire named Justice and they fell in love. To this day they are still together. 

Personality: Alexandria would never hurt anyone intentionally. She is a hopeless romantic, meaning she would fall for anyone. Anger isn't something she has. She could never start or end a fight. She would help anyone even after her experience with Duke, her turner. Alex, even though she has never really gone to  school, has very high grades. 

Weakness: Alex's weakness is not being able to say no. 

Weapons: Alex doesn't have a weapon, because she is a vampire.

Abilities: No Idea

Requested Group: Lovers (But will also be kind of like a Short Story)

Helper: I have no idea

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Name: Sakarami Kaname

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: She has long honey blonde hair with soft flouncy curls. She also has soft pale skin, and her eyes amber that shimmer gold. She has adorable freckles and wears a short frilly pink dress. She wears her hairback in a red bow, and shehas white knee length socks wih bright red mary janes.She is about 4.9 in height and weights as 98 pounds. Also she is very cute.

History: Sakarami was born to a wealthy family, and life was good untill her father fell ill. Her mother went mentaly insane right in front of poor Sakarami. After her mother ran away her father passed, and she was left with her Orange Kitten named Pasta then she ran from life as she knew it. she ended up wandering city by city searching for her mother and mourning her father. she ran into a lovely old women and ended up staying with her. by this time she was 14 almost 15. The old women decided she would be enrollede in learning at a private academy. After 2 years she is now 16 years the oldwomen has passed on leaving her alone again she takes on lots of jobs to pay the bills for what used to be the old womens apartment so she could continue living there. 

Personality: Sakarami is a kind girl she is well mannerd and very shy. She is an optimist unless she falls into depression. she can't help but try to make others smile to make up for all the times she could'nt. She is caring and a bit of a bookworm mainly cook books. When she gets mad she bemes determined and loud oposite of what she usually is. 

Weakness: Some of her weaknesses are being tickled and being in depression

Weapons: She has one weapon and it is a butcher knife, and because she liks to cook so she chops up food a lot in order to create her desired dish.

Abilities: She is a human she has the abilitie to cook good food, and pay attention really well, and take good notes and observations.

Class Requested:Lovers 

Person who helped you when you came in: no one

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Name: Amelia Thompson

Race: Hybrid ( Half Human, Half Vampire)

Gender: Female

Age: Immortal, 17 years old. Real Age: 13

Appearance: Have wavy electric blue hair, white skin, Color of irises is red, skinny, wears large,cute spectacles, likes to wear a jacket to school.

History: Full grown (looks 17 then growth freezes) at 8 year old. Mom is human, Dad is a vampire. Fortunately, her mom DIDN'T die when she was giving birth to her. After her father died having to fight another vampire when she was 3, her mom finally had the guts to tell Amelia that she has a half-sister, who is also a hybrid (half human, half devil). Whats still in her mind is why her mom is easily in love with the supernatural.
Since she was born, she grows fast by 1 inches/day but still, every year, her growth will become slower, year by year. Since she's growing fast, her face looks older than her age. By the time she becomes 2, she's been able to read,dance and talk. She has quite a bond with her sister but the stop seeing, calling or even talking to each other when Amelia was 4.
She is learning as a 17 year old even though she is 13. No one except her family knows she's 13. She has never been grounded until she was 12. At 13 she was bullied by The FPG (stated below) and she can't control her anger, then she threw the leader of The FPG, Carly, to the other side of the room using her mind and her mom found out and grounded her for a week. Since then, she started to train and control her powers.

Personality: Always happy but NEVER make her angry, or she will use her mind control ability over you. She is intelligent, beautiful, adored by everyone in school but hated by the famous gang in school, The FPG (Famous,Popular Girls). Amelia is also known as a goody two shoes.

Weakness: Her weaknesses is chopping off her head then burn both her head an d body, burnt alive and common human weaknesses.

Weapons: She does not have a weapon because she does not really need any for she is a half vampire and vampires have their own abilities.

Abilities: Super speed, Super strength, High senses, Can control anything with her mind, Can fight hand to hand combat.

Class Requested: Short-stories

Person who helped you when you came in: No one

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Name: Solin Voelkel

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Appearance: Solin has dark hair and keeps it back, away from his face. It reaches the base of his skull and is kept clean and tidy. His eyes are a light grey with a slight tint of green to them. He insists on keeping his face clean shaven, as he thinks it will ruin his perfect image. He is 1.8m tall, is quite slim, not many muscles, but can hold his ground. He normally wears a pair of black and green headphones, a shirt, vest and tie that all somehow end up looking disgruntled and askew, and black jeans. He also likes to wear converse, normally grey. He keeps his shirt sleeves rolled up above his elbows. He also wears two rings on his left hand, grey and white, and one on his right, a silver snake coiling it's way around his middle finger. Solin also has pierced his ears exactly 3 times. 2 on his right and 1 on his left. He wears black and silver studs in his piercings. His skin tone is quite pale, and although he hates it, he does not tan, he burns.  

History: Solin was born in Italy, inside a gigantic mansion, surrounded by doctors. As soon as he was born, it seems as if he was a proper little lord already. This only continued as he grew up, being pampered by everyone around him, it's no wonder he developed a huge ego. As a child he was already picking out the best outfits for himself and posing in front of the mirror. When he hit the age of 4, his parents decided it's was time for him to be educated in the ways of the world. Things he needed to know as the heir to the title of Lord. As he grew smarter but no less egotistic, he started to learn how to act in public without seeming like someone who wasn't a total jerk. He was adept at learning languages but hated anything to do with math. Solin realised at quite an early age that he wasn't having as much interaction with his parents as he should be, talking more to their staff then anything else. It was through this that he became so independent. And that wasn't a good thing when puberty hit. He resorted to staying in his room for long hours conversing only with his tutors, and otherwise figuring out what exactly he wished to do with himself, and somewhere along the line, he realised he'd never wanted to become a prim and proper lord. So as soon as he hit 18, he took his inheritance and declared firmly that he was going to travel the world and nothing was going to stop him. Surprisingly, his parents complied with his wishes, with the condition that when his father died, he would come back and at least formally take the title. He agreed, and left promptly. He first set himself up in Paris, France, the city of love, to experiment how to flirt with men and women alike. It was there that he mastered one night stands and how to nicely kick people out. And it was also in France that he discovered the beauty of coffee. He has never been seen without it ever since. He is now living in England, and is probably moving house right now to escape from clingy partners.

Personality: Solin tends to be quite narcissistic, always fussing over his image, then bragging about it to everyone who passes. He doesn't seem to know the definition of "shy" and thinks that every man and woman in the world must love him. He will take ages to buy clothes, as he has a very particular taste. Solin also has quite a large ego, and is a player. He's all for one night stands and is not the kind of person to do long term relationships. His ego is slightly more inflated, because of the fact that he has large amounts of money at his disposal, coming from a rich family. He is very independent, and will travel excessively, language not being a problem as he was taught English, French, Italian and Russian at an early age. He has yet to master German and Spanish, although he dismisses them as unnecessary, as he will learn only romance languages, and if asked about Russia, he will promptly answer that by learning their language he is paying homage to the creators of vodka, which he enjoys massively within his coffee. He is obsessed with drinking coffee, and it's become somewhat like his perfume. He loves any kind of coffee and once was kicked out of a cafe for drinking too much.

Weakness: He has the normal human weaknesses, and if he doesn't get coffee he will pretty much collapse from exhaustion.

Weapons: Since Solin has never really used weapons, and he's never really needed one, he doesn't carry one around. From his years of tutoring, he has learnt how to wield a sword, but probably wouldn't use that skill in real life.

Abilities: Nothing much. He can speak English, French, Italian and Russian.

Class Requested: Lovers

Person who helped you when you came in: No one

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character Name: Sekai Kishikan

Race: Human



Appearance: Sekai is tall for a female. She is about 6'3 with broad shoulders. Her back muscles are defined just as much as the muscles in both of her legs. Sekai has her head shaved on both the right and left sides that leaves a long white braid that leads to her lower back. Her eyes shine a deep gold color with a deep red hue that appears when the sun shines bright in her face. The cat eye eyeliner that she had tattooed on her make her almond shaped eyes seem hidden with some type of mystery behind them.  Her smile is crooked and creepy because she hates showing her teeth. Her lips stay a plumped red color, the red in her lips seem to compliment her olive skin tone. Red wooden gauges make her ears pop from each side of her head. Sekai tends to play with the silver nose rings that is doubled pierced on the right side of her nostril.  Her hands look very feminine but when she opens her palm, there are callouses from constant use. Her nails are long and shaped like claws that are black as the night sky. Down her left arm she has a full sleeve tattoo that is decorated with cherry blossoms and gold koi fish. She wears white tight silk leggings that show her black and red geta and her black painted toe nails. She sports a black bandeau which is complimented with her detailed red kimono that is fringed at the bottom. Her kimono hides the scars on her back that she got from multiple beatings with a leather whip. She has two katana in sheaths that are crisscrossed on her back.

History: Sekai Kishikan was born
in a small farm town far off from the big city. Her parents Ami and Nana Yakamotoi named their daughter Mitzumi. Mitizumi was the middle child out of the three Yakamotoi offspring. Nana made sure that Mitzumi grew up to be a good house wife for a husband one day. Mitzumi looked up to her older brother Tatsuki, mainly because Tatsuki made sure the family had enough to eat and drink. Ami was a horrible father and Nana seemed to defend him every time he came home drunk and slept until noon. Mituzumi dreaded when her father would come home and cuss at her younger sister,Mio, who was only 6 years old. At night Nana would come and lay with Mituzumi and stroke her daughters hair. Mituzumi disliked her fathers actions and she didn't understand why her mother defended him so much so.

Two years later, when Tatsuki turned 21, he became married to a younger woman by the name of Rin. Rin was beautiful and many of the small towns folk were very surprised that the union even took place. At the young age of 12, Mitzumi watched her older brother and his wife travel away with minimal possessions in hand. She remembered feeling happy for her brother because he found happiness but at the same time she felt the dread wash over her. She would have to be the one to support her family because Tatsuki had left. One day as she was boiling water in the kitchen and her mother Nana was washing Mio's hair in frigid water, Mitzumi saw the figure of her father come into view in the kitchen window. Two other men walked slowly beside him. Mitzumi's heart began to race, she had no idea what her father did this time. In less than a few minutes her drunken father opened the door with no mercy. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed Mitzumi by the arm and dragged her. She glanced over to her mother, who had Mio soaking wet and naked wrapped in her fragile arms. A tear dropped down Mitzumi's face, she only let one shed. Her father had sold her to a group of evil samurai that were trained to kill merciless.

Over the next few years, Mitzumi found her self training and working with the Hitori. The leader of the Hitori took grace in her and decided a girl would make a great minion in the Hitori. She was trained hard and the trainers took no pity on her. They trained her like any boy would. They whipped her with leather that would make her bleed and sore in the morning. Puss would drip down her back as she would spare day after day. Her food only consisted of nori, sticky rice and fish it was just enough to fuel her. When she turned 17 she was a skilled fighter. She could weld both of the katana she kept on her back. She protected her leader when he made business trips into the city. Many of her male opponents were stunned at the fact that the Hitori had a female in their gang. After mitzumi defeated the north Yakuza leader and the south a little later, the Hitori decided to rename mitzumi. They named her Sekai for world, and Kishikan for deja vu. Sekai carried her name well, many of the gangs in the city were scared of her. Eventhough Sekai did her job well she hated every minute of being in the Hitori. She was constantly looking for a way to escape or kill her captures. One night after losing a battle with the south Yakuza, her leader grabbed her by her braid and about sliced her head off. Sekai didn't flinch because finally would be free from the Hitori. The leader unable to kill her let her go and after that split second sekai drew both her katana and cleanly sliced her leaders head off. The head dropped to her feet and she could see her leaders black eyes staring into hers. She kicked the head aside and cleaned her Katana from the blood of her kill.

After that night, Sekai walked for three days and two nights to find a peaceful town. Luckily a in took her in for free only after slaying a demon that had been causing the city havoc for years. After making a deal with the two in keepers Kosea and Ichiki they allowed sekai to stay in their home. Sekai would slay demons for the town in exchange for food and a place to live. Many of the towns people grew very fond of her as she did of them.

Every night when Sekai lays down for bed she fears the Hitori will find her in this peaceful town. She knows deep down, they will eventually track her down.

Personality: Sekai looks very stern and merciless. She hates gangs and has a vulgar personality from those who slay human beings for no reason other than just to kill for territory. She cusses when she is mad at others and is terrifying to talk to and even look at when she she is mad. She does have a soft spot, she likes being considerate and kind. Most of the towns children love when she comes back from slaying a demon. They wait at the edge of the town and watch for her to come in. She adores children and can be seen laughing and playing with them when she has the chance. She loves to have a long laugh once in awhile for it kills the anxiety she carries in her chest. She is very awkward around men she can't flirt at all and becomes very shy.

Weakness: When it comes to welding her katana she can be slow in transitions. Since Sekai is tall she can have some issues on maintaining balance when it comes to combining moves on her opponent. She has some scars on her body due to failing to be fast when she is needed to be fast. She can also be cocky when she thinks that her opponent lacks the skill of hers.Letting her guard fall down so she can talk smack to her opponent has almost had her limbs chopped off in front of her eyes. Sekai still doesn't learn from this and still is very cocky.

Weapons/abilities: Sekai welds two Katana that rest in sheaths on her back. Both of these swords are sharpened every night. They can pierce human skin with one tiny poke. The handle of the katana say Rest easy in kanji. The design of the handles have golden koi fish that literally move while shes in battle. Sekai uses silence and slow graceful steps to finish most of her opponents in two clean swipes. She can sometimes weld her Katana like a boomerang and can slice through multiple opponents at time.
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class requested: Short stories
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Name: Mika Onang

Race: Hybrid (part Human, part Fox)

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Mika has golden blonde fur, except for her lower head, and the end of her tail, which is white. She has a small, rounded nose, she can also walk on her hind legs, so she is able to stand tall. She stands at 5'11" and weights 144 lbs, which is actually lighter for most teen foxes in her tribe. Mika is also pretty slender and is usually capable of using her body to hide in many places, including on top of walls. As for clothing, Mika doesn't really wear much, aside from her white headband and white leather cuffs, she doesn't wear much, due to her fur covering most of her body parts.

History: Mika was born to a family of medical foxes, Darius and Kilana Onang. From birth, she learnt how to heal people up alongside her parents, but things went wrong. At the age of 7, Mika witnessed her parents being killed by human hunters, and they tried to gun her down, but failed. Mika has been hiding ever since, in hopes of not being the target of other hunters.
At the age of 11, Mika went out of hiding and seeked help from non-human races, she was taught how to fight by the Orcs and the Elves taught her archery and advanced healing skills. Her training wasn't done, Mika also got survival training from the Snow Mountain Trolls and learnt how to attack with her tail by the Giants. Mika also embraced her special power by the Humans that she dreaded, but meeting a friendly farmhand, she used her fire breathing ability to keep bandits and thieves away from the farmhouse, she has gained the trust from the Human. Mika learned that not all Humans are bad and has warmed up to them.
From there, a year after her intense training, she attended and graduated from a medical school, at only 13 years old. Mika has learned how to craft powerful syringes to fully heal people and restore their energy. She also attended cooking classes to cook up meals for herself and anyone who needed it. Mika also started attending military classes around the world to further her fighting skills. Mika mastered Kung-Fu,Hapkido, and American Boxing, Mika has also learned numerous spells, but, for the sake of this, she has limited her usage to four spells. Mika now yearns for adventure on the plains.

Personality: Despite being a female, Mika is kind of tough to befriend, especially by a human, due to her scarring moment at her hometown, regardless, she will defend the weak. She is proficient with many weapons and ranged gear, and is also an expert healer. She is also a potent spellcaster and uses her spells against evil. Despite her rough life, she is still very friendly to those around her and is fond of young children. Being a fox, her senses are better than those of a Human and is able to survive in the harshest of winters, thanks to her Troll training, she can also use her fur to protect lost or stranded people from hypothermia.

Weakness: Despite her survival training, Mika is actually very weak, stamina wise, so it doesn't take much to kill her, some of her spells backfire and can come right back at her, causing more damage. Being a fire fox, Mika is weak to cold water, Mika is also a protector, but can backfire if she helps a criminal. Being fond of little kids, Mika tends to protect them more than anyone else, which can hinder her training and possibly make her more vicious. Her biggest fear is guns, due to it being the murder weapon of her parents, but tends to bravely stand up to hunters from a distance.

Weapons: Mika's main weapon is a pair of Elven Long Daggers, which were given to her by the elves. She also carries around an elven longbow, to pick off enemies at a distance. She also uses her claws and fire breath to fend off enemies should she be disarmed. Her most powerful weapon is her tail, with the help of the Giants, she can harden her tail and use it and a blunt force weapon and even as a shield to block attacks. She also has her potent spells to use against her enemy.

Abilities: Being a fox, Mika has refined senses, and are better than a humans. Mika's healing mastery allows her to heal any type of wound. Her Orc training also makes her very proficient with all types of close range weapons, along with her Elven long range training. She can survive in the harsh winter and can even melt snow and heat up her allies with her powerful fire breath. She can channel her power towards her tail to make it as hard as steel, which she can use to bludgeon her enemies and shield her from attacks.

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Name: Zeke Malcolm Leigh

Race: Human (Mutant, specified below.)

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Zeke's about 1.80m (About 5' 11“) tall and of lean build. He is neither particularly skinny nor muscular. He has light, slightly freckled skin, and a slim, well-proportioned face with a straight nose, dull green eyes and a thin mouth. He wears his reddish hair at the length of his chin. It's well groomed, and kept at a perpetual state of deliberate unruliness. (Which probably requires at least half an hour in the bathroom every morning.)

Zeke always tries to look like he isn't trying too hard when he dresses himself. He has a faible for what would commonly be called 'simple elegance' – shirts (Expensive ones, of course.), sweaters with shirts below them, waistcoats – you name it. Those usually go together with leather shoes and a normal, digital watch – at that point, Zeke prefers usefulness over decadency. The brands he wears are usual expensive enough to be obscure again.

History: Zeke was born to a young couple of university students. His ability had not manifested at that point, and for a long time, he lived a rather quiet life with his parents and a younger sister, born two years later.
He went through school like a breeze – a child prodigy, excelling in science (not so much in artistic subjects – arts and literature were, in Zeke's mind, useless subjects that hindered the progress of humanity) and particularly in chemistry. He decided early to use his intellect to help people – mostly because helping people brought benefits for himself.

At age sixteen, Zeke woke up one morning and discovered that he had turned a rather unhealthy green. And after telling his mother – through the closed door – that he had come down with a horrible cold, and after ruling out the possibility of a joke, soon found the source of his odd coloration: His blood. It had somehow changed overnight, turning into something... different.

After a few experiments he found that his blood reacted when mixed with other substances – it adapted, turning indistinguishable from it; both in color as in molecular makeup.

It did not take him too long (Exactly long enough as it was acceptable to hide in the covers with a cold so his mother wouldn't see that he was, well, green) to learn how to control the nature of the blood still withhin his body – even if „blood“ was not the right discription anymore. The only thing that run-off-the-mill human blood and the liquid pulsing through his veins still had in common was the base substance, the serum.

Zeke soon realised the potential of this newfound skill. He could produce anything – the cure for cancer, unlimited supply of medication - except not.

After entering medical school and studying his skill for years, it occured to Zeke that it would not help him as a doctor in any way – he could not produce a miracle cure just by wishing for it. He still had to find the chemical composition himself. And that brings us to his current state of life: He has now been working a well-paid job in a hospital for a couple of months – but it already bores him to death. He wants to try and make something out of his ability – but at this point, he is not yet sure how. And selling drugs to patients, while certainly lucrative, is something that should better not be known publicy.

Personality: Zeke works for Zeke – and Zeke only. He would not go out of his way to actively harm anyone – but /not helping/ would definitely be a possibility if it interfered with his overall goals. He's self-centered, and helps only to help himself. He doesn't desire wealth, but reputation and, above all things, admiration – he wants to be way on the top, looking down at others and knowing that he's a better human being than them.

However, in his closed-mindedness he doesn't realise that it's exactly this kind of thinking that makes him worse....

Zeke's biggest virtue is his genius intellect. Ahead from the start, he was always on the spiral to success – maybe not stronger, but certainly cleverer than others. And that is exactly what harmed his character so much – he's ambitious, intelligent, and knows his way with people – and has been told these things a few times too often...

His Personality can thus be summed up as: Vain, egoistical, ambitious, and working for a good cause - but out of the wrong motives.

Abilities: (I decided to switch the categories around so they would make sense in context.)

Turning his blood into any substance known (in detail) to him.

This works for his whole body or only partially.

He has memorized a list of things he can turn his blood to at-will.

  • Any color. (Pure vanity. It's basically just normal blood with somehing similar to food dye.)

  • Water

  • Steel (Only for a very short period of time)

  • Basic medication (From his time as a doctor. Coughing syrup, fever medicine, that kind of thing.)

  • Very, very weak poisons. (A mild acid and another, numbing one.)

  • Pure Acid. (Tried it out once. Remembers the formula. Very, very dangerous to himself.)

  • Growth Hormones. (The only way to escape his mother's rather short genes. Used it to grow taller than he normally should have.)

  • Estrogen. (It was just an experiment to see if he could. He swears.)

  • Cocaine. (He doesn't want to talk about that one. Absolutely not - though he would probably want to specify that it is not for personal use. It just... sells well.)

Weapons: Carries a self-engineered device that functions like a blood pump. Strapped to his right forearm – basically like a bypass, or an external vein – the blood flows through it so the circle is not interrupted, but it can be removed at will to be used. His favourite method of producing large quantities of a substance is to turn his blood into the transformable substance (As in: The base substance, able to adapt into everything else.) so the tube is filled with it, then remove the tube and let one single drop of what he wants to replicate fall into the tube – it will immediately adapt, producing a larger amount.

Weaknesses: He has to know the exact make-up of the substance, studying it for a few hours – mostly so he doesn't harm himself. His body can work with pretty much anything, except for:

  • Solids (It is still possible for him to turn, say, his arm's blood into solid steel for a /tiny/ fraction of time, not more than two or three seconds, to ward off a blow. Any longer would block his veins for too long and harm his inner organs.)

  • Strongly harmful substances (Poison etc.)

  • Due to the fact that his blood is adaptable, it can also be manipulated from the outside - should a foreign, harmful substance somehow enter his bloodstream, the blood would adapt immediately, injuring him.

Class Requested: In-betweeners.

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Name: Mahtabi (she has no last name since her name comes in two portions of meaning "mah" means moon in farsi (persian) and "tabi" is a short name for tobasum which means smile in farsi)

Race: She is a human, but with some magical powers. They are innate and come out on rare occasions, normally for defense rather than offense.

Gender: Female

Age: She is 20 years old.

Appearance: She has "porcelain- like skin" she has a fair complexion, like that of the moon. She too has jet black hair and eyes. Her hair is fairly long, just above her rear. She is 5'6. Also, she is normally in formal attire, mostly long frilly dresses. She normally has a poker-face but this changes fairly often. She doesn't wear heels, mostly sandals or flats.

History: Mahtabi was born in an AU, she lives in the land equivalent to the Persian Empire. She was raised by both her parents, who often worked throughout her life, and so she realied heavily on her Grandparents for support. Mostly her Grandfather. Her Grandfather was the one who named her, he always loved her and also told her many tales of what she would become. He knew that her granddaughter would be able to control various powers, and through her pure heart and beliefs. Mahtabi unfortanutely lost her grandfather at five years old, he left her with one gift before his death; an necklace.(this necklace is a cloth-like necklace. It is held together with a yarn/rope; and the necklace itself was like a pouch.) It was blessed, but he warned her never to open it unless she was in danger. 

She one night was attacked by bandits. These bandit's motives were unknown but she hid as they slaughtered her family before her. At one point a man appeared and saw her shaking in corner. While capturing her and attempting to kill her, she finally opened the necklace and her powers were awakened. She was able to control these powers only if she had faith in herself and her own values. She successfully defended herself, but upon trying to stop one man from running from the scene, he grabbed her and opened a portal to our world. Mahtabi was no longer in Persia, and since she entered a new Universe, she had to restart her own life.

She now lived life as an orphan, and the only thing she has of her old life is that necklace her grandfather had given her before his death. 15 years has past and she slowly began realizing her powers through varous struggles. She begins a new path trying to realize who she is and who can help her to find some answers.

Personality:Mahtabi is a shy girl at first to any stranger. She gets uncomfortable near any male and has a struggle to breath around them. Upon getting to a person, Mahtabi's poker-face truly blossoms into her true self, with her unforgettable smile (hence the true name tobasum (which means smile)). She will befriend only those who are not rude to her and believes in mercy for those who correct themselves afterward. Many bullies in her past did not correct their actions and so she felt that they are no longer needing or her mercy.

Weakness: Whenever using her powers to defend herself, she must concentrate and use her own will against an attack. One can easily break her concentration if one were to harm a civilian or friend. Also if she has exhausted enough energy or will (since she has mere human strength) she will not be able to control her powers. This will can be broken through the use of a strong force like that of a car hitting a person. She can only focus her magic on one force rather than on multiple forces. She also needs her necklace in order to control any of her powers, if this is taken away she is easily defeated. She would most likely take off her necklace if she were to sleep or bathe.

Weapons: Her necklace is her ultimate weapon. Her necklace may look or described to be useless and humble, but it's power is not so. The power within this necklace can only be guided with those who (1) are of pure heart (even evil) and (2) who actually wear it.

Abilities: In the use of her magic, Mahtabi is able to: use spiritual magic, in terms of casting spells. She can summon holy objects, or people, guard herself or others (but this takes concentration and will), and a casting of a magical staff. With this staff she can cast any sort of spell, but those of only "white magic" and this staff can be used by those who she feels are worth of it's power.

Class Requested: in betweener
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Name: Shiro Sodairo Yinyang

Race: Monochrome Humanoid (Let's just say they're furry humanoids that come in only one color.)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Appearance: She has two long hairs that act like arms. In fact, Shiro uses them more that her hands! Her entire body is covered in white fur. She, in general, looks like a normal 15-year old. Her feet are so furry, they are almost impossible to see. She is technically considered albino, given the fact that her kind is usually light blue, and she is a sickly person.

History: She was born a hybrid, on August 7, when two beings, black and white met. She is the second born of two children (not counting a stepbrother), and has a brother who has the exact opposite powers as her, but they still care about each other. She was homeschooled- her mother didn't have enough money to send her and her brother to school, and couldn't find a good school, so they stayed home.

At age 4 she met her stepbrother. She was later trained by her mother to use her powers- light. She seldom trained, which made her powers somehow uncontrollable. That day, she developed her fear- darkness (except for her brother). As a kid she could never sleep without a night light.

At 10 years old, she was infected by a disease that infected her for over nine months. By the time she came out, she became at a more sickly state than ever. People couldn't find a cause, but they suggest that the virus that infected her is still there.

When she turned 12, she finally went to school, and was very shy when she was around others and would sometimes run away when she is in a group. She also developed claustrophobia, which would stress her out at times and make her pass out. Despite her physical difficulties, to this day, she is still getting the hang of using her powers, and she is still physically frail. However, she is still a happy girl.

Personality: Like a cat, she loves cuddling, and to be cuddled. She is a shy individual. She is very secretive and writes in her own diary. However, she is intelligent. She loves books and sometimes, eats a lot of sushi and hates people who seem cuter than her. People find her a wimp, because she is very prone to sickness. She is still a very happy girl, though.

Weakness: She is very prone to sickness, as if her sickness was raised to the second power. She is very weak against darkness, due to her powers. However, her brother is a master of darkness. Her power can also be her weak spot, because when she uses it, she can sometimes get hurt. Her injuries also heal slowly compared to others, so a broken bone can repair in nine weeks.

Weapons: None. She's a little girl who can't even lift a bowling ball really well. She also thinks using weapons is wrong. She, however, can turn into a living short-fused bomb.

Abilities: She can levitate and has the ability to fly. She is a trainer when it comes to using light as her main power, because her powers are somehow uncontrollable. Her hair has the ability to regrow very fast, and can even change in size and shape. Her powers aren't all that great though- light harms her and her hair isn't very durable. However, her powers amplify when she gets scared. She can also glow, which she does very well.

Class Requested: In-betweener
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Mike: age 17 nekoboy. An alchemist and a swordwielder, mike isn’t the tallest, the smartest, the strongest, or the best looking. but he is the funniest! His pastimes involve cooking, eating, laughing, and sleeping (usually in that order). Mike is a hopeless romantic and will do anything to get the girl. He has thick brown hair, warm brown eyes, and tabby cat ears and a tabby cat tail, as well as something of a goatee. His silver shortsword, the unmaker, isn’t exactly the most battle-worn blade, but its hilt contains a hidden flask of luck potion mike brewed. He is half Italian, so he has a bit of an accent, and yes, his favorite food is easily pasta. He goes by many names in his homeland of sicily, but he is most famously known there as ‘the Latin lover’ and ‘the Hellenistic heartbreaker’. He often drops these stage names though, and dons his favorite alais; pseudoreality. Mike is most often wearing a grey hoodie over a purple sleeveless shirt, along with worn out jeans, a pair of loafers, fingerless gloves, and his dad’s lucky military cap.
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take two:

name: Michael Bellecarpe (bell-a-car-pay)
race: neko! X3
gender: male
appearance: thick brown hair, warm brown eyes, lightly tanned skin, wears ash-grey hoodie, purple sleeveless shirt, worn-out jeans, brown loafers, fingerless gloves, and his dad's lucky army cap
history: raised by his italian father, mike never knew his irish mother. his dad taught him to use his shortsword (called the unmaker) and alchemy skills at a young age. as a result, he is quite proficient with both, however, he prefers to spend his time hitting on girls instead of brewing potions or practicing his swordplay. he spent his childhood growing up in sicily, and thus has an italian accent and an undying love for PAASTAAAA! he discovered anime when he moved to the states and has been an otaku ever since.
personality: though others occasionally do not understand his 'metaphysical fourth wall' sense of humor, he always has a joke ready. being a hopeless romantic has earned him the title of 'the hellenistic heartbreaker' in his homeland, a name he carries as a sort of joke. his main pastimes involve cooking, eating, laughing, and sleeping, usually in that order.
weakness:will do anything to get the girl.
weapons: besides his devilishly charming personality, the only weapon mike carries is his silver shortsword, the unmaker. it has a flask of luck potion hidden in the hilt, of which mike will take a swig in dire circumstances. also carries a plethura of various brews that can do anything from turning your appendages into avacados, to atomizing your digestive tract.
class: may i be both lover and fighter?
and AdmiralA helped me out first.
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First off you need more history, second you might wanna describe more than he is wearing as he does have a physical appearance other than his clothes. Third  doing anything to get a girl isn't really what we meant by weakness, that is a character flaw. now we mean something  that would slow him down in combat, not a preference to chase skirts.
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