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RPAffinity Rules, Classes and Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 8:48 PM

RPAffinity Rules

:star: Rules:

Anything that has a :new: next to it has been updated.


:bulletblue:) You must have your character sheet approved before requesting RPs or getting comfortable in the chat. Please do not talk to the members while you are doing your character sheet you should focus on that alone. You may tab a mod if you have any questions.

:bulletblue:) Please do not re-post your RP request more than once every 15 minutes.

:bulletblue:) Bold is only allowed when making RP requests, and should not be used for anything else. If it is then you will be kicked as your warning and if done again, then you will be placed on a temp ban for 24 hours.

:bulletblue:) CAPS is allowed in moderation and we do mean MODERATION!! Each mod is different and will warn you on it. So do NOT abuse this (both member and mod) because if it is abused then Miyu WILL put her foot down!

:bulletblue:) Also, please avoid excessive "stretching" of words, which is repeating the same characters in a row.  We consider excessive to be over 15 characters.

:bulletblue:) NO advertising please. This means chat rooms, websites, pictures ect....Anything that a mod considers advertising. It will be a kick/ban.

:bulletblue:) Please avoid using "text speak" (or typing like "u r so cool lol").  As a roleplaying channel, we want people to put effort into using good grammar.  Occasional "text speak" can be considered acceptable, but overuse to the point where readability is affected is not allowed.

:bulletblue:) We have a one (1) hour idle limit for Readers, which is enforced through our bot.

:bulletblue:) We are an English-speaking channel only.  Please don't use other languages in our channel, so we can all understand you.

:bulletblue:) We do not allow spamming in our channel, and have set our bots to automatically remove people who spam in our channel.  Spamming is automatically handled by our bot, however, mods will intervene when they feel they must. Spamming can be icons, phrases, causing drama, the mods will decide. And they will be honored, nor does it need to be explained to you. It could be a kick for something small, or it could be a temp/perm ban if the mod feels it should be.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ignore the mods.  Our mods must be able to talk to you in order to resolve issues, and if they are unable to do so, they have to resort to using bans to get their points across.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ask for channel privileges (aka mod status).  We encourage everyone who wants to help to volunteer, but access to admin commands are given as necessary.

:bulletblue:) No bots in the room except those owned by the mods.  All bots in the channel must be used for the benefit of our community at large, and vanity bots (e.g. single-user welcome messages) are not acceptable.

:bulletblue:) All members and visitors are allowed to have one (1) account active in our chat at a time.  If you make a new account, you must talk to a moderator so they can activate your new account and remove your old one.

:bulletblue:) We have a strict no-drama policy.  We ask that people take personal conflicts to private channels.  A moderator can intervene if asked, but do not allow any fights to spill into the channel. This will also include bugging the mods, talking back to the mods, being harsh or an ass in general. Mods reserve the right to kick or ban a user for ANY reason, and it does NOT need to be explained to you, though most will give you a reason. If you argue about this then you will be perm banned. This is also applied to existing members.

:star: Applying:

:bulletblue:) DO NOT POST JOURNALS OF ANY KIND, NO LINK TO IT, NO COPY AND PASTE!! NO EXCEPTION!! It Must follow our sheet, however you can add info at the end of the sheet. ;) NO EXCEPTION!!

:bulletblue:) Once you have read all the rules and have chosen a class you would like to be in, then fill out a character sheet, and tab one of the mods to look your character over.

:bulletblue:) Once your original character has been accepted, you may use any other characters you see fit for your request. You DO NOT have to post each character you use.

:bulletblue:) If you post someone else's character, or if someone else does the sheet for you, you will be banned. That is a permanent ban, and will NOT be reversed.

:star: Enforcement:

:bulletblue:) We typically have a kick / kick / ban enforcement policy with the exception of blatant infractions. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, please send a note directly to MiyuDimon for her to make the decision to bring you back or not.

DAmn Rules

:bulletblue:) No spam. This includes icons and emoticons. (please don't use more than four in one post or too often.)

:bulletblue:) Keep it clean. All and any type of cybering (sexually explicit rping) references that are too mature is against dAmn rules and will result in a ban and a policy report to the staff. Here is a link to the dAmn rules.… Keep your requests PG-13... I will NOT tolerate this, First offense is a perm ban.


Ceo - This class is for MiyuDimon ONLY, she is the owner of the room.

CM- This class is for Arsonicace and Jacob-C-Wolf only, they are the Co-Owner's of the room. Works along side MiyuDimon.

Head-Security- This class is for our bots who maintain our welcome message and watch for spamming.

Editors - This class is for the mods of RPAffinity.

Proof-Readers- This class is for the secondary mods of RPAffinity.

Helpers- This class is for people to help check sheets and monitor when a mod is unavailable.

Copy-Writers - This class is for the bots of RPAffinity.

The-Imaginators- This is a VERY new class. This will be the class that creates events, advertises RPA, and thinks of new ideas.
(To be in this class, you MUST be a member of RPA for at least a month, and must send Miyu a note with request to join, make her want you.)

Special-Friends- This class is for friends of Miyu's who do not rp, but are in the room for the social aspect of the room.
(Mostly made for Miyu's friends at Deviant365 or Mods of dA- DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT IN THIS CLASS!!!)

Lovers - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do romance rp's over any other genre.

Fighters - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do battle rp's over any other genre.

In-betweeners - This class is for those Rpers who do NOT have a preference genre and will accept/request different genre's.

Novelists - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post over 400 words.

Short-Stories - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post under 400 words.

Readers - This class is for Guests who have not yet posted a character sheet.

Silenced- This class is for those who get into trouble, but not banned. Be careful!!!

Deleted - This class is for those who have broken the rules and are no longer welcome in RPAffinity.

:bulletblue: Character Sheet :bulletblue:

NO FAN CHARACTERS OF ANY KIND!! It will be auto denied.

Name: (First and last please. If it's only one name (IE something like Blood), then please explain why.)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: (If the character is immortal, like a vampire, then please tell us what age they look like and what age they really are. If you don't know, then please give us an estimate. We highly suggest you don't go over the top with the age. We do NOT allow any characters under the age of 13.)

Appearance: (This needs to be a paragraph long (Five sentences at the least for a paragraph.) If you find yourself having trouble describing your character, try starting from head to toe: Start from their head, starting with their hair. The down to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. etc. It really helps.)

History: (This needs to be at least three paragraphs long. Like the appearance, try and start from the beginning. When they were born, where, any important information about their family. Go on to child hood, then to teen, young adult, and then further on depending on how old your character is.)

Personality: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Try to explain your characters personality as best you can, what they normally feel like, what happens when they get mad or happy, how people would describe them.)

Weakness: (This needs to be a paragraph long, and their weakness must be able to kill them. A good example would be water killing a fire monster, things like that. Please list as many weaknesses as you can, and if your character happens to be a human, just point out that the normal human weaknesses apply to your character.)

Weapons: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Explain all weapons, if you do not have any weapons then please explain that. )

Abilities: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Please list all abilities, this includes the abilities your character has from its race (IE a vampire has super speed, super strength, high senses, etc. etc.) as well as physical abilities, like being able to fight very well or some magic abilities.)

Class Requested: (Feel free to pick whatever you like, though it's suggested that you pick something that fits your character. If you can't decide, feel free to ask a mods opinion.)

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

:new:(Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit this, if you don't use word (Which is high suggested) then you can use an online spell checker. Tab a mod when you've finished. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ALL SECTIONS THEN YOU WILL BE DENIED!!)

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FoxyDaFoxRULZ300 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Shoot I cant join :(
Sanselam Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Name:Fleur Nyx Ai
Skin: Pale
Hair: Mid-length, curly, graying pastel purple,worn down
Eyes: Green with pink dots
Height: A little tall
Weight: Somewhat thin
Build: Average

She was born in greece 12.12.2001
Her family moved to spain when she was 2 since greece was under attack.
Her best friend is Juxie Myx Ia from Spain which she met in the spanish kindergarten
Her fourth birthday was a catastrophy as she disovered her Half/angel powers and destroyed the kindergarten which she was the day after expelled from.From that day on she was mentaly tortured by her human family.At the age of six she decided to give that torture an end and tried her best being normal.As she grew older and older (that was acctually two years) she became normal and hid her powers.In elementary Juxie moved away and Fleur was broken.She started falling in deppresion.She then met a boy named Pierre and fell in love with him.Apparently he liked another girl thats why she fell in deppression even more.At 11 years old she started cutting herself as the torture never ended.Her mother one evening hit her and she decided to run away.She was living with Her classmate for a year but then Her classmate discovered her powers and she accidentally teleported to Paris France where she lived two years.She met Juxie there again and moved in with her as her parents were tottaly fine with it. 
As she lived with Juxie she was allowed to use her powers which came in handy for cleaning and stuff.In the library she found a book about heself but  she didnt read it yet.She always carries it with her.She loves Juxie as her sister now.

Personality:intellegent,sometimes lazy,quiet,loyal, fears of getting forgotten,reads someones mind trough the eyes.

Weakness:Taking away Juxie or her book.Guns and water.(water because she was one burned by it.)

Weapons:Hands,mind and an old knife (she stole the knife from the kitchen of her family)

Abilities:Hand magick,fly,teleport,Mind reading

Class requested:Lovers
Sanselam Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Name:Fleur Nyx Ai (flower/french,darkness/goddes,love/japanese) also called Nyxie

Race:Shadow Angel 


Appearance:She is a very thin girl with very pale skin.She has a very tall slender body.She ussualy wears her long blonde hair which is down to her ankles down.She wears a black dress and a special necklace.Her eyes are black and her pupils are entirely blue.Her mouth has a light pink natural tint.

History:She was never born.As most angels she is born from a cloud.But her cloud was full of rain,that made her a shadow angel which is the biggest error in angels community.
She was ussualy in her dark corner of the library.She never met humans in her life.As she grew older (around 10) she discovered a secret  underground shelter for herself where she lives with animals now.She is nice and always was but her wild eyes always scared the peapole and undead away.She was the only one of her kind that is why she is sad and maybe a bit depressed.She never had friends and was never loved.

She still lives in that cave.She iis being chased by angels to kill her but she somehow manages to escape.

Personality:Quiet,shy,keeps stuff to herself and never talks until someone comes up to her.She has mastered mind reading.
She doesnt have much feelings.And is dead serious about everything.

Weakness:Humans,And water(she is scared of herself),mirrors and normal angels.

Weapons:her hands,mind and an old rusty knife.(the knife is from her gods kitchen)

Abbilities:flying,teleporting,hand magick,making shadows and reading minds.

Class requested:Lovers
Echowolf15 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Name: Echo (no last name yet)

Race: Wolf

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Appearance: Has silver hoop earrings in both ears, long black curly hair that goes past her chest, yellow-golden eye color. A neon blue tattoo on her upper left arm followed by a bracelet on her wrist, black fur. She's 5'7'', skinny but has some toned muscle, like abs and such. her tattoo is a tribal tattoo. Has a motorcycle.

History: Her family was killed in the war when she was 5 and was taken in by a family of Foxes that her parents knew, The father taught her how to shoot, fight and kill like the born natural killer she is. She has killed many people at her young age. She goes to school like any other teenager, but she has that cold look in her eyes so the others are scared of her at times.

Personality: Truly kind-hearted and loving sometimes can be a flirt, funny. When she's sad she just needs someone by her side. when happy she'll love you like no tomorrow, not to mention she's a total hottie/badass and is loved by both men and women.

Weakness: seeing people in pain, plasma and fire, some unknown weapon.

Weapons: 50 cal. sniper rifle, a pistol, assault rifle, some big knives and a sword.

Abilities: Assassin like stealth, badass fighting skills can kill on sight, high senses and strength.

Class Requested: In-Betweener

Person who helped you when you came in: AriestheShadowLurker

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

Yes, all were read
Arsonicace Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
denied appearance and  history need a lot more detail
Echowolf15 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
so I just need to add more?
Arsonicace Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
AxelAshes Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2015  New Deviant Student Writer

Name: Callus Gerald (alias surname: Fiersome)

Race: Human (Asian descent)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Appearance: Callus has lightly tanned skin; with dark copper eyes and short, jet black hair that curves slightly to his left. The bridge of his nose is small and rounded. His mouth is average, Callus possesses a natural poker face, apart from his eyes and eyebrows, which give away most of his reactions. His head is longer than it is wide, shaped similar to an inverted triangle. His general body build is average and is shorter than average height.

History: He was born to a small family consisting of only him, his mother and father, they lived on an isolated plot of land, hidden in the deep forests where very few dare to venture alone. Callus’ childhood was simple and peaceful, as he cared for the family farm along with his firm, yet gentle father, Caius; and ever optimistic mother, Donna. 

He knew little of the outside world and always wondered about the strange markings his father had around his hands and arms, however his father dismissed them as the remnants of his radical past. His only source of knowledge was what his parents taught him and the several books they had in their possession. By the age of fifteen, returning from a trip to the village with his mother; they find their home in a troubling state, nothing of value was taken; however his father was missing.

After collecting their thoughts, Callus’ mother assumes the worst, therefore, reveals to him the truth; his father used to work as a mercenary for most of his life until he became the personal bodyguard for Earl Henry Vaas, Donna’s father, whom was one of the most influential (and most often targeted) Earl in the kingdom. The two fell in love over time, Caius wished to marry her, however, her father strongly disapproved of the marriage; therefore the two escaped the Earl’s estate and eloped as far away as they could from Earl Vaas’ reach, as they were on the run from hired hands and bounty hunters for over two years, until they discovered an old cottage in the deep forest, which then became their home. 

Deciding their home is no longer safe, Donna suggests to travel to her husband’s former mentor, Dirk Venzar, in order to keep her son safe. A week later they reach the town where Caius’ teacher lives; more is revealed to Callus, as he learns that his father was a talented spell-sword, whom learnt the difficult art of pyromancy, very few people are capable of learning it.

After months of sanctuary, Dirk decides that Callus has the potential to learn pyromancy, part of the reason was the teenager’s copper eyes, similar to Caius; much to Donna’s disapproval of it her son chooses to learn the rare art. After two years of training and preparation, he is initiated with his first tattoos, on the palm of his hands that run down to the veins in his wrists; which allow him to produce basic fire magic. From there he proceeds to develop his skills with fire, as well as investigating the fate of his father, under a different surname to hide his identity, Fiersome.

Personality: Callus is socially naive, due to his lack of social experience, however, he is a fast and observant learner. Due to his upbringing he is usually kind in nature; despite his short temper and somewhat stubborn attitude. He usually acts around other with caution, meaning he acts in a polite, yet indifferent manner to strangers, especially to those he feels he does not trust; however acts more considerate to those otherwise. When Callus is mad or upset he tends to brood about it and act more indifferent to others. When he is happy he is more open and friendly. For others, Callus leaves the impression of a cool natured, but naive person.

Weakness: Normal human weaknesses apply. He is greatly weakened by water and extremely cold climates (unable to use fire magic if hands are wet or body temperature is too low); the flames he produces also need a constant source of oxygen to stay potent, this also includes Callus to have oxygen in his lungs to produce fire. Unlike most magics which require mana, pyromancy also relies on the user’s physical endurance; resulting in extreme exhaustion after excessive use. Callus is has an allergy to pollen, which results in hay fever that often incapacitates him until it passes.

Weapons: Mostly uses magic and hand to hand combat, knows the basics of swordplay but prefers not to carry a sword.

Abilities: Callus mainly uses magic; but specialises in the art of pyromancy rather than the arcane arts. It allows him to produce fire with his hands. It requires runes in the form of tattoo markings on the palm of the hands, which must connect to the veins in the wrists. More markings can be added to strengthen the utility of the flames; however he only has the basic runes which allow him to produce rudimentary fire magic. This includes a ranged attack similar to a flamethrower at a maximum range of 2 meters, drains mana and stamina slowly over time. He is able to produce a small fireball that can be shot from the hand, the maximum distance is 25 meters and moves quite fast, uses little mana and stamina for each shot. Callus can cast a mana shield that is large enough to cover the front and not the rear of the cast; this drains a lot of mana so he rarely uses it. He is adept in hand to hand combat after training with Dirk, incorporating his flames to his punches to sear enemies upon impact, he sparingly uses fire in his attacks for it moderately depletes mana and stamina (alongside the stamina used to fight).

Class Requested: In-betweeners.

Person who helped you when you came in: AriestheShadowLurker

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes.

luv2icesk8 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

Name: Princess Selene Anastasia of Aexlrea, House of Dragis

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Appearance: Selene has dark almost black hair that flows like waves to her shoulder blade. Her skin is slightly tanned, she has green eyes with flecks of amber in them. Her nose is small and freckled, her lips are mediumed sized and have a natural red tone to them. Selenes body type is average build but with slightly wider hips and broad shoulders. She has a small birthmark on the inside of her left wrist.

History: Selene was born with a twin named Alexander Hart, but they were seperated at birth due to a bargain that her mother made with a King that needed an heir, so her mother gave the King Selenes twin so she could move up in the political scale of the world that they seem to live in these days. As a young child Selene was being brought up to be a proper "Princess" for one day if her mother Lady Eyzana had her way, Selene would be Queen of some kingdom one day. Selene has never really had it hard but she hasnt had the easiest life either. But she always felt as though something was missing from her life, however she could just never place it. Her father died due to fever that plagued the area. Selene was only 10 years old at the time.

When Selene was about 13 teacher Jasper told her of her missing twin. She asked him all kinds of questions trying to understand why her mother would do such a thing as to give up one of her own children. She could now place what that empty feeling was. Jasper had told her that a lot of times with twins there is a special connection between them. So finally Selene had the courage to ask her mother of Alexander. Her mother told her to never speak of his name again, and to just forget about him. Ever since then she did just that. However she has never forgotten about him or gone long without thinking about where he was or what he was doing.

By the time Selene was 17, she was able to speak in multiple languages, was skilled in history, politics, mathamatics, equestian, fencing, hunting and dancing. She was what her mother called an "Ideal" match for any man of status. Selene could only roll her eyes every time her mother said something like that. Soon Lady Eyzana got sick with the fever, which at the time there was no real cure for. Selene did everything she could to help her mother but eventually her mother passed. Soon after Selene didnt know what to do, so she went to the temple to talk to her Goddess Ruzia. Her family practiced the worship of Ruzia for as long as she can remember. After hours of praying to her Selene had fallen asleep in the temple but before waking she dreamt of Ruzia speaking to her and telling her to find Alexander. That they needed each other...

Personality: Selene is generally in a content mood but keeps quiet. She keeps herself guarded from most people. She isnt to keen on letting people in, she learned at a somewhat young age that when the people you love get taken away from you it is one of the most terrible feelings in the world. The less people she cares about the better. Selene rarely gets for her Goddess Ruzia teaches to be forgiving and compassionate. However being human she does sometimes get mad, when she does she tries to walk away from the situation. If she cannot she will put a fight if needs must.

Weakness: Selene is human so much of what can kill a human can kill her. Stab wounds, sickness, along with any other deathly ailments that the world has to offer can kill her. She has a tendency to work herself to exhaustion, which leaves her weak. She had a bad ankle, when she was younger she had tripped and sprained it, when it gets rainy or the weather begins to change it can bother her enough to the point where she has to limp.
Weapons: A bow and arrow, her bow is made of elm wood and the string is made of hemp cord. Her father before his death taught her to soak the hemp in glue to help fight against moisture. She also had her fathers sword, which she rarely uses but when the need arises she is a skilled swordswoman. The sword was given to her by her father before he died. The sheath of the sword has beautiful carvings in it as well as the family crest. The hilt is wrapped in purple silk.
Abilities: Selene is very skilled with both her fathers sword and her bow and arrows. She can fight with her fists, but perfers not to. She doesnt know it but Goddess Ruzia has gifted her with the power of sight. The sight of the goddess will allow her find her bother and whatever else that her heart truely desires. She doesn't know that she has this ability yet. However after when she learned to use the power it will leave her weak and extremely tired.

Class Requested: In-Between

Have You Read The Rules: Yes

AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
History and appearance are short. We need her life before she was ten years old. It's jumping too much.
TRUXXXXXTON Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Aaron Ortiz Dallas

Race: Hispanic (Specifically, Puerto Rican)

Gender: Male (Transgendered FtM)

Age: 19 years (Birthday is on August 9th, 1995)

Appearance: Skin tone is very tan; almost like a golden brown, but not too dark. Hair is short, and is styled to the left (Brown color). Hazel eyes, medium sized nose, thin lips, and a somewhat pudgy face. Weight is leaning towards heavier standards, though his shape is somewhat feminine. He is pretty short, as his height is 5'4". Normal clothing style includes darker colored tank tops and baggy, worn out jeans or sweatpants. Dirty, scruffy sneakers if necessary (outside, ect.)

History: His early childhood included both of his parents and an older brother (Andrew). His relationship with his brother was very good, though his parents, much of the opposite feelings came through. His parents started to become verbally abusive, and much later, physically abusive. Though as soon as this happened, Andrew ran away with Aaron in his arms and they found shelter in a neighboring city (when this happened, Andrew was 15, Aaron was 7.) Their parents never made an effort to search for and find them.
Aaron spent his later years, up to his teens, living in a corner store on a city street with his brother. A friendly, old man took the two in, knowing that they were going through harsh troubles at that time. The store was a two story building on the corner of a street, the second story being the man's living place. He let the two siblings sleep in a guest room that he had, and they stayed in there for years upon years. When Andrew turned of legal adult age (18), he stayed with Aaron until he reached nearly the same (17). After that, they left the store, and the brothers parted into their own separate lives.
Aaron and Andrew had still went to school, although very risky, as they had to pass by their parent's house each time they would travel across the city to get their education. Aaron decided that after highschool, he would go to a neighboring college, where he resides in a dorms apartment, studying and fooling about. He currently lives in the same, run-down city, though a much friendlier, populated area.

Personality: A friendly guy, though very nervous when around new/unknown people. Mentally, he is very clever and curious about things, though it takes barely anything to set something off inside of him. He can become very jittery and anxious about the smallest of problems, and it takes from a few minutes to a few hours to cool him down. Otherwise, he seems like a very nice person, and an accepting guy, at that.

Weakness: Normal human weaknesses apply to Aaron. If servere allergies count, then any type of nut will cause a terrible, fatal reaction to him. He also has weak lungs, so inhaling smoke or drowning will result in a faster death than other things.

Weapons: The normal weapon he carries around is a pocket knife. He uses it only for his and others' protection. He will only take it out if he's highly/severely threatened or if he is in a life/death situation. If anything, He'll carry around a switchblade too, if he's in a shady/dangerous looking area.

Abilities: He's a very smart boy, with a quick mind to make fast decisions. Physically, he kicks really hard (thanks to two years of soccer practice), and he knows how to throw a proper punch. He's a real puzzle solver, and in a brain/brawn situation, he would be the brains.
Class Requested: In-Betweeners

Person who helped you when you came in: RedLanterAlpha

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Of course.
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Not enough history, and the appearance needs to be longer. We ask for his physical description. Not clothing. Explain his transgender decision in his history. It needs to be explained.
CrusaderDuck326 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  New Deviant
Name Blink Andrade

Race Fox

Gender male

Age 15

Wears a black hoodie with a hood over his face gray pants dark gray shoes.
Has white fur and the tip of his tail is gone.
Green eyes brown muzzle and a black nose.
Wears a holster on his back for his katana.
He has black finger less gloves and white straps on his shoe.

Blink was loved by his mom very much and Blink loved her.
One day at the age of 7 he went shopping with his mom.
When they were in the store a robber came in with a gun.
The cashier refused to give him the money so he held up the gun right before pulled the trigger Blink jumped in and took bullet.
The bullet hit the tip of his tail and he lost the tip of his tail.

Furious the robber shot his mom instead of him and ran out the door.
Blink with tears running down his face he had to be sent to a orphanage.
Blink had plenty to do there watch tv climb trees meet friends.
Yet he didn't feel at home.
Everyday he would get more depressed until he made a plan.

Blink decided to run away back to his house.
That night he grabbed his jacket and ran off.
When he got to his house he got his fathers katana a picture of his mom and lived in the woods.
Blink lived in the woods for 8 years.
One day at the age of 13 he heard someone in need of help rushing over he saw it was lady getting mugged.
Blink also noticed it was the same man who shot his mom wanting vengeance he ran up and cut off his arm.

Then Blink decided to dedicate himself to being a hero.

Blink is carefree and usually happy.
He can get out of hand if his friends get hurt.
He always thinks for others then himself.
Shy though able to make friends.
Blink can be sensitive if someone would to mention his mom.

The tip of tail is a weak point since of the bullet.
Blink will get nervous near water since he can't swim leaving him open.
Blink is good at stealth so attacking from the front isn't a great idea for him.
He can't fight well in flat lands cause he's used to rough terrain.
He doesn't do well against robots because he can't slice through metal.

Blink uses a katana a Japanese sword.
Blink got this sword from his dead father.
His sword comes from generations of his family tree.
The blade is made of stainless steel.
The hilt has two dragons representing good and evil.

Blink can sense people from a certain distance.
He is quick on his feet.
He can blend with the darkness to hide.
He attacks with strategy while hidden.
He can hear someone far away.

Class request
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is not nearly long enough or in a template that is easily readable. We ask for paragraphs for each description. The history needs to be for each few years of his life.
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Name: Shade Dreadnight

Race: Human/Bat Hybrid

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Appearance: During the day, Shade looks like an average man his age, aside from a few small differences, he has large triangular bat like ears that he can rotate, flatten, or prick up depending on the situation. He also has fangs and short claws. Shade's toes are long and strong allowing him to grip objects, people, and allowing him to hang upside down. His wings normally stay folded along his arms during the day.

At night Shade's appearance changes, anything that isn't covered in clothes is covered by black fur, his fangs and claws lengthen and his voice turns to a growl like tone. The skin not covered by fur or clothes such as his face and hands turn black to match his fur.

His eyes are a deep brown looking almost black at times, and he wears a dark green harness allowing him to carry a friend on his flights. He flies through the city at night, his fur allowing him to blend into the darkness, and he is known as the fastest flying hybrid.

History: Shade was adopted by his parents after being found on their doorstep at age 2. He was raised in the city of Whitewing and became it's protector at age 13. By that time no one in the city except for a select few, knew what Shade really was. After meeting a few other hybrids, Shade learned from a dream that he and his friends were part of a legend, that two hybrids of bird and two hybrids of beast would be led to destiny by the one who lives in between.

After they went to fulfill that legend they disappeared, waiting to be called back by the heart of the ones they love. Shade was called back by his friend April and he proposed to her at the age of 21. Shortly afterwards his birth father Drekamond died after explaining that he was only alive o make sure Shade fulfilled the legend. A month or two afterwards April gave birth to twins, the girl they called Hannah and the boy they called Jaymond in memory of Drekamond.

Shade still protects his city even though they all know about hybrids, but he often travels outside the city to learn more about the world. No matter how far he goes he will always return back home.

Personality: Shade is friendly, though he often appears cross, he is sometimes quick to laugh and has a great sense of humor. But when the situation calls for it, he will become protective and aggressive often putting himself in danger as a result. Shade loves his family and will do anything he can to protect them. All in all though, Shade is happy, energetic and often mischievous. 

Weakness: Shade cannot tolerate high pitch noise because of his sensitive hearing. If exposed to it too long he will grow extremely aggressive often lashing out at the source of the noise to silence it. Shade also becomes extremely tired if he is forced to use up a ton of energy at one time. Being forced away from the ones he loves especially if hey are in danger weakens him greatly until he retaliates.

Abilities: Because of his bat appearance, Shade also has certain abilities, he has night vision and can use echolocation, though he can see without it perfectly fine. Shade is a special hybrid because he carries a rare ability, he has full hybrid form that appears wen his energy is at a very critical level, it increases his strength, speed, agility, and endurance all while restoring his energy slowly. He tries not to revert to this because he is still learning control of it and does not want to hurt anyone by accident. He can witch in and out of his night form at will during the day, but has no choice once the sun goes down. He goes back to normal when the sun rises.

Class requested: In betweeners

Here's what he looks like during the day :thumb428626345:
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Name: Zephyr Cunrich 

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Appearance:   Zephyr is a regular human with dark red hair, dusty tan skin, and blue-gray eyes. He average in height, being around 6’1”and weighs around 185 lbs. His face has a scraggly but short beard, and has a piercing in each ear. His facial features are pretty strong, but blurred out behind said scraggly beard hair. His body is built strongly, having been in battle. Cuts and scars speckle his body form wear and tear as well. As suggested by his facial appearance, he also has a fairly hairy bode, pretty much like any European man. When not so beaten up, he can actually wash up to be a fairly handsome fellow, but fatigue gets the better of him, leaving him slouched, not so well-groomed, and his face dull.

He was born in a small village a few miles away from the main kingdom of Gelthon. At age 5, his sister, Elaine, was born, and he started learning about homesteading. He would learn how to take care of animals, grow plants for food, and even build. At age 15, he had his coming of age ceremony, and could then join the others to hunt. At 18, he was drafted into the King’s army where he would later become one of his most trusted guardsmen. 


    At age 23, he would learn of a great corruption that would have him killing innocent people for their land, including his own village. He then planned to escape and desert the King and get his village to flee. He made it to the village, but not in time to get everyone out. He managed to get his sister and their caretaker out before the village was engulfed in flames. Over time, he would then gather fellow deserters and townsfolk to lead a mutiny against the kingdom. 


    His main group, however, left him behind when they found a possible traitor in the pack. Zephyr chose him against the rest of the group, and was abandoned, left to himself to flee again, this time far away from the kingdom. Now he only wishes to find a new home and set up a new existence, all while trying to keep hiding from anyone who still my be looking for him. His new journey has led him to a new part of the world that he had never been to before, opening up a new chapter for him. He starts his new life as a sell-sword, hoping to learn what new path to take. 


Zephyr is a careful person in regular situations. Under stress, his head becomes clouded and he becomes brash. He is brave and loyal when it comes to his friends, not wanting to see anybody get hurt. He can be flirtatious and charming towards the ladies, as he is looking to start a family at some point. Others have said that he has a poor sense of judgment. 


Being human, we know how they can be killed. Weather by falling off a cliff, or becoming dragon food. Bleed-outs, disease, stabbings, are all possible with regular life. And then you have magics that add a whole new flavor to death. Being torn limb from limb, crushed, and being drowned are all that much more worse when it is being caused by magic. Angry mobs, hangings, and torture itself seems to be the most common. 

Zephyr tends to only carry a sword. This battle-worn sword id dull and possibly needs reforging, It is basic steel, its grip wrapped with leather bands. Its pommel is non-intricate, but still creates a rather good balance. The blade itself is dirty, still possibly caked with old bits of blood, and covered in scratches. His shield was long broken and has been discarded; he now looks for a new one. 

Zephyr was raised to know how to homestead. This includes raising animals, farming for food, hunting, and woodwork so he could build a home. 

During his time in the army, He learned to fight with swords, as well as tactical planning. He lacks in archery, but will take it up if the need arises. 


Class Requested: In-betweener

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

Yes I have, and am hoping to have fun and enjoy my time here!

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Name: Theodore Jones


Race: Human


Gender: Male


Age: 18

Appearance: He has a short and black hair with a fringe side. He’s a white skinned and his eyes are emerald-green. He’s taller than his two friends, Richard and Jonothan, but less taller than his other friend Phil. He usually likes to wear a white shirt and a green sweater over the shirt. He has a blue jeans and brown classy shoes.

History: He was born in 21th July 1996, in Nebraska, USA. He lived in this state as a child, along with his parent and her older sister Samatha. On the 1st grade, in elementary school, he was a bit shy when he started to present himself to his new classmates. Until he met another classmate named Andrew, he start to be a bit outgoing and the two boys started to be friends.

They were inseperable, until the 6th grade, when they were still best friends, but only with Andrew felt peer pressure about hanging around with the most popular boy in the school (and he did it). Because of it, their friendship broke into a very long time.

With 17 years old, he and his parents moved to Illinois, when her sister lives in. He now lives in Chicago, have 18 years old, have 3 best friends, and he is on the 12th grade in the High school of Checago. But even though, he feels hatred and contempt on his old ex-friend, Andrew, that is also in the high school.

Personality: He is a very smart guy, and also assertive. He is a gentle and clever person, who is chilled out sometimes. He’s very casual, but he is also a bit competitive and brave.

Weakness: He is sometimes insecure about the future, and sometimes a bit anti-social when he’s not on a good mood. He’s also smart, even thought that he doesn’t even care about his grades.

Weapons: He has three main weapons and a secondary one, which are both Guns. In Nebraska, when he was 12, on a summer vacations, he went to a field and meet new people here. And one of them taught him how to use guns. There are two type of guns he is using. One is the air gun and two are SIG Pro which are two semi-automatic pistols. The Secondary is a gun that use round inserts which contains a reassuring. He hides all of them from his parents, but has shown them to his actual friends as Theodore's secret.


Abilities: He has a high-intelligence level, and also has his impeccable skills of using guns.

Class Requested: In-betweeners. Really if he uses high weapons, he always see him as a casual boy.

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

Yes. I read and agree the RP Affinity's rules. I won't dissapoint you

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The appearance is too short, and we're not looking for how you're describing his height. We don't need his clothes described either, really. You need to actually describe what he looks like physically. The history is too short for his age. We need to know about more then just school life. The personality is short, and a little confusing, and your weaknesses are not what we ask for. We need a physical weakness. Not the fact that he's scared about his future, and anti-social belongs in personality. Denied until proper changes are made.
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what does physical weakness means?
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
... A weakness that can harm physically.
AF20cartoons Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015
Like, for example, if he is sensitive on his knee?
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yes. That's a little vague though.
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And I can edit the profile by another comment?
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Name: Eliza Sear

Race: genetically modified Human (it’s a long story but basically a corporation injected her dad with SSS (super soldier serum) and when he “made” Eliza her DNA was morphed)

Gender: Female

Age: 16 turning 17
Appearance: Eliza has natural black hair, which she has kept in a pixie cut in order to keep it out of the way. She also added some purple highlights just to add a little pop to her hair. Her wide set almond shaped hazel eyes will, on occasion, change depending on lighting, mood, and angle you look at them. Her small, upturned nose and freckles give her an almost cute appearance, though if you call her out on it she will give you a smoldering look that will make you think twice. Her natural lips also add to her “cute” appearance but she almost never dolls them up, merely using chap stick and that’s all. She has a soft oval face and pale completion that refuses to do anything but freckle. She absolutely HATES her Mesomorph body figure (hour glass) and is always hiding it as best she can. Long-ish legs and arms also accompany her muscular figure from all of the exercises she does. She has very narrow feet but a wide toe box, so wearing most shoes is a bit awkward but she makes it work.

She can usually be seen wearing a black tank top, shorts, and sneakers if she’s working out but other than that it’s a tee shirt (doesn’t matter what kind), jeans, and boots (if she’s on a fighting mission she usually wears all black leather armour that is designed to cover her whole body. She has leather straps that criss cross her body to hold weapons as well)

History: (please take under consideration that this is a WIP) Eliza was born September 23, 2026 in Sandwich Cape Cod MA. She grew up in a nice little house with her mother and father along with her older brother. She had a very well off childhood, went to great schools, her best friend lived next door, and she had anything she could ask for (well…. Aside from a pony). Until she turned 6. Once she reached 6 her powers started to show themselves and not three days after her birthday the SSC raided her home and killed her dad, brother, and pregnant mom. The last thing her mother said to her was “don’t trust the system”. Since then the Wysoki’s (her best friend’s family) have taken care of her, watching over her and becoming her legal guardians. When they found out that their son Zach (her bff) also had abilities they uprooted their lives and joined the GPL to keep their children safe, Eliza included. She was 10 when this happened.

From then on she was Trained (by will) to become a soldier and harness her abilities. Zach took to it like a duck to water, Eliza, however, was struggling to handle her ability. What she didn’t know was that she was one of the few who had survived getting the 5 “pure” abilities. She was the only one alive with the ability to control fire in and of itself. And it was set on killing her.

She quickly rose to the top of her other classes despite her… problem, the stealth class being her specialty. It Earned her the title of  “the blazing shadow” which she is refered to in encrypted documents and other secure texts.
Personality: on any normal day Eliza is very mellow, keeping to herself most of the time. She doesn’t exactly like interacting with others and, to further the case,  others only use her for their own desires so she has cut off everyone but Zach. On the rare chance that you catch her in an up-beat mood she is very bubbly, laughing a lot and acting like a goof. She gets loud and crazy when she’s had a fairly good day and a good song comes on but its rare that anyone every witnesses this. Pissing her off? BAD IDEA! She gets loud in your face, and will often times set something on fire accidentally. If you push her too far she will actually loose all control, resulting in devastation and horrible pain for her and anyone near. Others would describe her as your run of the mill “emo” child but Zach simply states that shes “misunderstood. Like a lot of people.”

Weakness: normal human weaknesses apply  If she gets wet however her abilities will do nothing but drain her to the brink of death if not beyond
Weapons: at all times Eliza carries at least one, black modified Kimber Custom TLE II along with a Smith and Wesson H.R.T. boot knife. She also has a Bear Ops AC- 100-B4-P-SR Folding Knife in her pocket. When she’s on an assignment she carries a steel bastard sword with a black leather wrapped handle. In the pommel her family symbol (a smoldering S) is carved in and along the blade is a simple saying “let the fires of the stars temper your blade and light your path”. She also carries a M4A1 Carbine when on assignment

Abilities: as a subject of the SSC Eliza was born with two abilities, fire wielding/ creation and healing. As she went through the GPL she learned hand to hand combat, lock picking, marksmanship, and the mental state that anything and everything is a weapon. She can fight better than any other person who has taken fighting lessons at a dojo or other place for 18 years. She can unlock a door within 5-20 seconds or if it’s a harder lock it can take her up to 2 minutes maximum. She can shoot and hit her target from a large distance with a rifle, bow, throwing knives ect ect
Class Requested: In-betweeners
Person who helped you when you came in: I don’t remember. It started with Aries ^^; sorry

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules? Yes!

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Is this a fan character from the Marvel universe? Super Soldier Syrum was used in both X-Men and Avengers.
TheJaddedWanderer Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Student General Artist
No it was something I created. I didn't realize SSS was already a thing I'll have to change that lol
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Even then, your profile is very jumpy. What color does her eyes change to? We don't need to know that she gets angry if someone calls her cute. That should be mentioned in her personality. Your history may be a work in progress, but we do mention what we need from you in the rules. It seems like you just patched it together. Try to lay it out a little more please. We need something then human weaknesses. If she has super solider abilities, play on that.
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Ok I don't mean to be rude but this is a character sheet. Not a novel. I'm sorry it's a bit jumpy but this is not how a i usually write. Details of a character are usually laced throughout a story. I pulled all of the details from all of my character sheets that I've done for this character over the years. Writing style has changed along with a LOT of details. Most of it was details I pulled from my head that had been solidified in my mind but never put into words.

if you search up "hazel eyes" you will get a multitude of colors. That is the reason I put HAZEL as the eye color. There is no need to elaborate on the colors as they are not that drastic of a change either.

the weaknesses are as I said. And even in the rules it says "if normal human weaknesses apply please state that" which I did. Anything and everything that can kill a human can kill her. Or hurt her. There is no difference between her and a human aside from the fact that she can heal others and make things spontaneously combust.

and as per the history it is a WIP. I have followed all of the instructions and If I come up with something I will add it. Other than that what you see is what you get. I suggest you lighten up your rules a bit. There is no reason to deny a sheet for little things that a rp partner wouldn't ask for. If you're the type of person who wants to know every little detail about everything then you take the fun out of the rp. When you read a book do you get a police description and know every tiny detail about everything in the beginning? No. Because then what is the point of continuing? It's the same thing with a rp. If you know everything there is no point in rping.

If you don't care for what I'm saying, fine. But it's the truth.
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If you can't handle what we ask for then don't join. I'm just the person who checks profiles to see if they can be approved. It's not the rules I've set personally. And yes, books are normally very well detailed. That's what they are for.
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Picture:  (-3-)
Name : ???
Nickname: The Author ,Author, Bookkeeper, or Artie
Age: 21
Date of Birth: Jun 20, 1994
Place of Birth: England
Gender: ???
Race/Species: ???
Language(s): British English and English
Phrase: "Curiosity killed the cat but at least it learned something new."

Physical Description
Height: 5,7ft tall
Weight: 139
Eyes: White
Hair: None
Skin: White
Physical Description: No nose and mouth and eyes are pure white with no iris
Typical Clothing: 1890's look
Equipment: Book and Quill

Personality/Attitude: Curious, A bit stubborn at time but sweet, Creative, Helpful, Clumsy, Energetic And daydreamer
Talents/Skills: Crating thing out of junk or stuff people find useless, knows a lot about books, can remember every book in it's store
Favorites/Likes: Books, Coffee and Lemon Cake, Puppets, and It's top hat
Most Hated/Dislikes: Tea and Scones, Loud people at his shop, ungrateful and snobby people, most modern day electronics
Strengths: Being able to think outside of the box
Weaknesses: Forgets to think about its safety and health before others and will get power-hungry when writing
Fears: Creating something that it cannot control and would bring destruction to man-kind 
Hobbies/Interests: Writing new stories, creating new characters, getting or reading the news book, practicing his magic
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Would sometimes get so deep into a stories it thinks it's real when really its not
Sexual Preferences: Straight
Place/Type of Residence: A little home with it's store on the bottom (kinda like this… )
Occupation: An author and a book store keeper
Family/Friends/Pets/etc: Spirits maybe?

Additional Notes
-When Author writes something in a book while using hit's powers it can place it in a void called Skabelsen. when they are placed there it is able to observe them and even connect their spirits to a puppet.
-Author can connect with spirits and use their powers when needed.
-it's possible that Author's creation can come out of the Skabelsen void with or without his own will.
-the only way to git rid of the character is to get rid of it's store or it's very first sketch.
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Please reformat this in the template we give you in the journal.
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Character Name: Willow Izumi

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: half angel half human

Appearance: Willow has fair skin she is five feet and seven inches. she has a silky black hair that goes to the mid back she wears her hair in a pony tail most of the time. she has  chocolate brown eyes. she wears half a skull mask most of the time to hide her face. she loves wearing sweat shirts, hoodies and tank tops along with skinny jeans and combat boots. she has beautiful strange markings that go up her arm to her shoulder blade. she has a hour glass figure which she hide's with her sweatshirts and hoodies. Her wings are black and go 5 feet wide they have gold swirls on them.

History: Willow was born in Washington with her mom and dad. Her dad was in the army he had to leave her and her mother to go to war. Willow was only four when he left. Now she is going to turn six it was supposed to be a happy day but how can it be happy when a officer comes to your home and tells you your father died in battle. Willow and her mom were devastated. Three years later Willows life is horrible ever since the officer told her and her mother that her father died her mother became a alcoholic and sold a little drugs.

Her mother became a bad person. she yelled and hit willow. Willow was alone people at her school bullied her she was all alone she missed her father all willow had from her father was his sweatshirt and a locket that he gave her on her fourth birthday. One day willows mother could not take it anymore. she hated willow because she looked like her father  so she brought willow to a place they called school. willows mother dropped her off there with nothing only the things she was wearing.  For the last four years willow was tested on and injected with so many needles she couldn't keep count they tested on lots of kids like lab rats it made willow sick Willow was there favorite person today they did something Willow never thought would happen they put wings on her.

All willow felt those last four years were pain, sorrow, and anger. she couldn't believe her own mother put her her in this horrible place  Willow couldn't take any more so she made a escape plan they usually let her go out side and fly around. so she could escape when they let her out. when they did willow escaped they sent lots of people after her her to catch her but she didn't want to go back so she flew faster. five years later willow is 14 she has gotten used to her wings she actually loves them now. Willow made a house in the middle of the woods to keep her away from people. she was happy to be free. but Willow knew happiness wouldn't last for ever a year later the school found Willow they caught her and brought her back for the last two years she was experimented on they didn't feed her as much they didn't let her out of her cage at all when she turned 17 Willow escaped again and this time she went home were her mom is when she got there her mother was mad she started yelling saying "why are you here" and "i was happy when you weren't here you always ruin my happiness" Willow left and never came back she knew she couldn't stay  in one place for long so Willow has been on the run ever since.

Personality: Willow is shy around people. Willow is also smart the kids at her school bullied her because she was a nerd. she is Funny she loves seeing other people smile or laugh. Willow can also be strict when it comes to something important. Willow loves a little adventure here and there. She is the most kindest person you will meet.

Weakness: Willows weakness is 
tranquilizer guns. ever since willow has been at the school her weakness was tranquilizer guns. She always hated those if she shes one she might freak out or pass out.

weapons: Willow knows how to use a 
katana, daggers, and a gun But Willow would rather try to avoid a fight.

Abilities: Willow has super speed, night vision, all of the elements, super strength and a supper sense of smell

Class Requested: in-betweeners 

Hve you read the rules? yes
AriestheShadowLurker Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Let's start with your appearance. You're very vague about things. Beautiful markings don't describe what they are or look like. If she's only wearing half of a mask, it only hides half of her face. You don't really describe her with detail. Secondly, your history is choppy and jumpy. You need to tell us what happened within the two years of her suddenly turning six. Also, I'm thinking this may almost be a fan character when you're mentioning "The School" which is from the Maximum ride series. I won't say anything else about your profile, until you tell me whether or not it's a fan character.
Lucinais18 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  New Deviant

Character Name: Lucina

Age: 19

Race: human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Lucina a fairly average person, she stands at five feet and four inches. She has jet black long hair which changes colors depending on the situation she is in. She has olive skin but mostly because she spends most of her days outside. She as of right now has a shaved head and the bottom half of her face is gone forcing her to wear a mask all the time. She wears a black long sleve shirt, jeans, and a black leather jacket.
History: Lucina was born somewhere in Russia but she ran away from her broken home at age 12. She lived on the streets for 5 years until she was picked up by a man named Ronnan for picking his pocket. While with him she was taught magic but Ronnan had other plans for her. He ordered her to kill an nnocent man who was carring presents home on Christmas. However when Lucina refused, Ronnan took control of her and made her kill him.


Lucina then ran away and lived for a year in the mountains in hiding. One day while she was thieving for money and food she came across a man named Croc. Long story short. The two ended up falling in love but were eventually separated when a portal exploded trapping her inside it. Lucina for the past 8 months has been living as a slave to a man named Locutus, half sneak half lizard, who loves to torture her.


As a result of this constant torment. Lucina cannot tell whether she is awake or if it is all a dream and can no longer use her big magic. However she can use healing and mind control spells but cannot keep them up for long periods of time.

Weakness: She can be wounded like anyone else. However the most effective weapon used to defeat her is a tranquilizer gun. PLEASE NOTE: Do not take her mask off or try to take ANY of her things, This includes going through her satchel…she will kill you in the most gruesome way possible if you do.

Weapon: She was taught how to use a katana, bushwaka, and a pistol however she is mostly passive and likes to sit and watch rather than get involved.

Requested Class: Peace_Maker

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Not nearly enough detail. We don't need to know what she's wearing, just what she looks like. The history is choppy and jumpy, you need to put it all together and tell us about her twelve years at home. Weaknesses need to be physical and you can't say wounded like anyone else. The mask and satchel weakness do not count since you added she will kill you for it. You did not say whether or not you accept the rules. Denied until changes are made.
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ok i submitted it again
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I don't see it.
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Its about the third one down in the comments....

im sorry in advance...
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This isn't an updated profile, and if it is, you did not make the changes asked.
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I have the updated verssion but it is long...would you like me to post it anyway?
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Yes please.
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I know sorry I thought you were asking where the original was
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Okay well if you make an edited version, let us know.
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Name: Mesi Wilson 

Race: Human 

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Mesi as his name implies is rather messy, his hair is an unkempt shade of latte brown that extends just below his shoulder blades. He usually wears his hair in a low ponytail. His skin tone is rather fair, there is a fair amount of freckles scattered across his nose. He has pretty ordinary features if anything, his ears are smaller than normal size. Mesi stands slightly above average height of 6'1 for males his age, athletic build. Most people seeing Mesi would rather the way he carries himself and the clothing he wears rather than his actual features, he wears loose, gypsy like clothing completed with matching earrings. Walking with the combined grace of a martial dancer and the discipline of a ballerina. 

History: There is nothing special about Mesi, he had a normal upbringing. His mother was a Japanese woman (hence the name) whom studied overboard in her late 20s. She met Mesi's husband in her local university and the two fell in love and married two years later. Mesi was born in the states until the age of five, where he moved over to Japan due to their divorce. His father apparently fell in love with another woman on one of his many business trips overhead and eventually never returned, leaving Mesi and his mother to fend for themselves. Because of this Mesi developed a distinct disdain for men, American men in particular. His childhood ran a much smoother course when his mother moved back to Japan. However in his early teens, Mesi ended up mixing into the wrong crowd and ended up as part of the neighbourhood drug gang. After quickly discovering that drugs are not to his taste but enjoyed the process or trading and dealing drugs, he became a part-time drug dealer. 

Mesi maintains a very close relationship with her mother and his fellow relatives, family is the one thing he holds close at heart. They've had many nature outings during his childhood and this developed into a tradition later on. 

Personality: Mesi's personality is..once again messy. It's a combination that both contradicts his upbringing and compliments it in a way, he holds a very strict moral compass on most things, yet at the same time he's a free spirit once something has piqued his interest and doesn't cause harm to anyone else the compass starts to weaken. Mesi also has a high sense of tradition over most family things, he's quite arrogant in a sense about his knowledge of the world but at the same time open-minded. Most people describe him as a distant but cool character, some say that he's impolite at times and his manner of speaking is often very concise, and at others, at great length. 

Weakness: Family, any family related things is a weakness for him. Mesi is very stubborn at times which may or may not be a good thing, he's also rather dense when it comes to emotions and can be rather insensitive. Often appearing as arrogant because he thinks he knows everything, sometimes aggressive (just don't piss him off).  

Weapons: Considering he's a human, Mesi dislikes using weapons on people but he does know how to disarm them. He's practicing aikido and judo on regular basis and despite his code, carries around a pair of butterfly knives. 

Abilities: N/A He's a human, does sarcasm count? 

Class Requested: Short stories 

Have I read the rules? Yes. 

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Okay, first of all, the history is a little flat. And I think the word you're looking for is abroad for overhead and overboard. If you're saying there was nothing special about his upbringing, I'd think that's wrong considering about his father leaving and becoming a drug dealer in Japan. You should spread it out and take it a few years at a time. Second, how would his name come into play with his messy attitude? I doubt his mother saw into the future and did that purposely. Third, how does he have a compass moral and a free spirit at the same time? It wouldn't make much sense, especially with the fact that he is a drug dealer. Fourth, he needs a physical weakness. Fifth, no. Sarcasm does not count. Make some changes and you'll be approved.
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Name: Olivia Sophia Beatrice-Rose Thorne

Race: Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: Appears about 23 years old, however, she is 559 years old (From Birth to Present Day)


Olivia appears as a tall woman, about 5’7, with an elegant and graceful bearing. Her hair is a bright shade of jet black, falling straight down her back to her hip-bones, and always pulled out of her face. She is very pale, which makes the contrast very startling to her hair and yet appealing. Her eyes are a bright, and yet pale shade of blue, lighter than the sky, even, but not quite an icy blue and her lips, while pouty, are a pale pink color. Her nose is slender, slightly up-turned, and could gently called aristocratic with lovely high cheekbones and a heart-shaped face. Her legs are long, but not out of proportion to her body, and while her limbs are slim, she is of average body-size for her height, with a slight curve to her over-all body that makes it, not quite an hour-glass shape, but fairly close to it.


Born on a little farm in England in the year of our lord 1456 on May 1st, Olivia was the youngest of seven children and was, by all means, a well-loved and mischievous child. She had a normal upbringing, raised by her nearest sister, Margaret Thorne, who was just 8 years old at the time of her birth. When she was but six years old, she’d already been able to attend to their pigs and milk their cows. She steadily learned how to take care of the animals, and how to butcher them.  She would go with her father and eldest brother to market and sell her family’s’ wares, calling out in her little voice over the din of the many other hawkers.

She was her father’s favorite child, especially as the older girls got married and his son’s left for establishments of their own. Olivia swore she would never leave her father’s house, and therefore would never leave him, but that was not quite how things turned out. When she turned sixteen, she was told by her mother that she was the prettiest girl in the village, and, indeed, she was, for her fair skin(which stayed fair despite working outside) and dark hair drew everyone’s attention…including the son of the Lord who they rented their land from. He had been smitten with her for the last two years and now, at nineteen, with his father deceased, he could do as he wished, and he wished, at first to simply bed Olivia, and yet she would not have it. She was uneducated, but she had a natural quickness that made him think of her as more than her beauty, and this lead him to offer her marriage.

She accepted only for the comfort of her parents, but she slowly grew to love her husband, and they lived happily together until he died of plague five years later. They had no children, so all of his wealth she inherited through his will, and she was able to mourn and live quietly on the estate ( much of whose goods she had to sell over the years ) until imminent poverty forced her to sell the house and move back in with her parents. The man who purchased it was unlike anything the towns people had beheld, and the party of friends he brought with him were rude and conceited, and they constantly turned to Olivia to make things right, as the party frequently disrupted the villagers.

This was the beginning of her descent into her transformation as a vampire, for that was what these people were, and, one night as they descended upon the village to feed, she was caught in the cross-hairs and bitten savagely, but she was saved by one of them. She never found out which of them had turned her, for she awoke to the man who’d bought her husband’s home standing over her, watching with amusement as she saw that he now drank from her very own father, and, to her horror, she joined him.

Her guilt over this act was the start of the next years she spent almost like a wild dog, feral and wild, unwilling to think overly much of what she was doing or whom she was hurting. However, the group she was now a part of could not contain themselves, and turned on themselves, wearing themselves thin and scattered, and Olivia found herself, all at once, quite alone in the world but this is what she needed, for it began her ascent back to a relatively normal existence. She found her way home, but the village had been decimated, and the few who remained fled before her. She cared not, for when she entered the manor, she found herself again, and slowly began to rebuild her life and the house, and then, after a time, the village.

She would not, she decided, feed upon the people in her village, and so, she made a point to do as she always had done. Use every part of the animals of the forest, only now, she kept their blood and sold off their meat and pelts, for she had no need of them and, over time, the villagers grew used to her, though they hardly traveled outside of their small homes, but this was to her advantage as well, for she could remain there in secret, and no one would know. However, as people from the outside world began to encroach upon their little village more and more, Olivia found herself needed to travel to stay out of the spot-light, always staying in grand-stately homes until she needed to move again and as the modern world began to dawn, she was able to find solid refuge in the New World, where she built her grand home in upstate New York in 1846, and where she had quietly been living till this day ( though with the occasional trips around the world to keep suspicious persons at bay).


Olivia had always been sweet, steady child, with a mischievous streak that usually gave way to solid pig-headedness when she didn’t get her way. She was willful and obedient by turns, as the young so often are, but with a quickness of mind that marked her as slightly different from her siblings and friends, and she seemed to mature much more quickly than other’s her age, though a large part of that was he devotion to her father and his religion by proxy. As she grew up, she grew into herself, becoming a beautiful young woman with a naturally happy disposition, and easy smile, and an air of gracefulness about her that only swelled as she aged as did her charm and gentleness. This translated directly into her transformation, where both her good and bad qualities were amplified. As time caught up with her, she learned many things, which brought to her the ability to be wise, and she is a very logical woman, and yet very private, with horrible memories that she does not wish to relieve. In our modern terms, however, she might be called eccentric, and she always seems to know more than she should, and more than she ever lets on.


She is susceptible to the normal problems that vampires have, including but not being limited to: Sunlight, Silver, A Wooden Stake through Her Heart, Crucifixes, and her head being cut off and her heart being destroyed

She is also a very gentle soul, despite her affliction, and the few people she cares about are people that can be used to great effect to target her. Most especially her brothers’ daughter and his only living descendant, Perdita Thorne


She has no need of man-made weapons, as her own abilities compensate for them, but, while she does not need them, but, through the years, she learned how to handle a short-sword, a bow, and in more modern times, guns


She has the common abilities of a vampire, including, but not limited to: Heightened senses of hearing, sight, and smell, Near Super-Human strength and speed, along with the unique ability to compel a person/to manipulate their mind.

She’s quite a graceful dancer, a lovely singer, and an excellent horse-woman, but with all of her lovely, gentle abilities, she’s also a fierce warrior, inclined more towards hand-to-hand combat and the martial arts rather than fighting with weaponry, and she is rather skilled at it, having more than a few centuries to become quite a fair fighter.

In a ‘political’ way, at least in the supernatural community, Olivia is known as a peace-keeper, as she has been around quite long enough and has the unique ability of seeing things for how they truly are, not how one ‘party’ or another represents them. This is what she considers to be her most valuable ability and accomplishment.

Class Requested: Short-Stories

The Person Who Helped You Upon Entering The Room: No one, I had not spoken to anyone before posting my character

Have you Read and do you Agree to all of Affinity’s Rules? – Yes, Absolutely.

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