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June 23, 2012


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RPAffinity Rules, Classes and Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 23, 2012, 8:48 PM

RPAffinity Rules

:star: Rules:

Anything that has a :new: next to it has been updated.


:bulletblue:) You must have your character sheet approved before requesting RPs or getting comfortable in the chat. Please do not talk to the members while you are doing your character sheet you should focus on that alone. You may tab a mod if you have any questions.

:bulletblue:) Please do not re-post your RP request more than once every 15 minutes.

:bulletblue:) Bold is only allowed when making RP requests, and should not be used for anything else. If it is then you will be kicked as your warning and if done again, then you will be placed on a temp ban for 24 hours.

:bulletblue:) CAPS is allowed in moderation and we do mean MODERATION!! Each mod is different and will warn you on it. So do NOT abuse this (both member and mod) because if it is abused then Miyu WILL put her foot down!

:bulletblue:) Also, please avoid excessive "stretching" of words, which is repeating the same characters in a row.  We consider excessive to be over 15 characters.

:bulletblue:) NO advertising please. This means chat rooms, websites, pictures ect....Anything that a mod considers advertising. It will be a kick/ban.

:bulletblue:) Please avoid using "text speak" (or typing like "u r so cool lol").  As a roleplaying channel, we want people to put effort into using good grammar.  Occasional "text speak" can be considered acceptable, but overuse to the point where readability is affected is not allowed.

:bulletblue:) We have a one (1) hour idle limit for Readers, which is enforced through our bot.

:bulletblue:) We are an English-speaking channel only.  Please don't use other languages in our channel, so we can all understand you.

:bulletblue:) We do not allow spamming in our channel, and have set our bots to automatically remove people who spam in our channel.  Spamming is automatically handled by our bot, however, mods will intervene when they feel they must. Spamming can be icons, phrases, causing drama, the mods will decide. And they will be honored, nor does it need to be explained to you. It could be a kick for something small, or it could be a temp/perm ban if the mod feels it should be.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ignore the mods.  Our mods must be able to talk to you in order to resolve issues, and if they are unable to do so, they have to resort to using bans to get their points across.

:bulletblue:) Please do not ask for channel privileges (aka mod status).  We encourage everyone who wants to help to volunteer, but access to admin commands are given as necessary.

:bulletblue:) No bots in the room except those owned by the mods.  All bots in the channel must be used for the benefit of our community at large, and vanity bots (e.g. single-user welcome messages) are not acceptable.

:bulletblue:) All members and visitors are allowed to have one (1) account active in our chat at a time.  If you make a new account, you must talk to a moderator so they can activate your new account and remove your old one.

:bulletblue:) We have a strict no-drama policy.  We ask that people take personal conflicts to private channels.  A moderator can intervene if asked, but do not allow any fights to spill into the channel. This will also include bugging the mods, talking back to the mods, being harsh or an ass in general. Mods reserve the right to kick or ban a user for ANY reason, and it does NOT need to be explained to you, though most will give you a reason. If you argue about this then you will be perm banned. This is also applied to existing members.

:star: Applying:

:bulletblue:) DO NOT POST JOURNALS OF ANY KIND, NO LINK TO IT, NO COPY AND PASTE!! NO EXCEPTION!! It Must follow our sheet, however you can add info at the end of the sheet. ;) NO EXCEPTION!!

:bulletblue:) Once you have read all the rules and have chosen a class you would like to be in, then fill out a character sheet, and tab one of the mods to look your character over.

:bulletblue:) Once your original character has been accepted, you may use any other characters you see fit for your request. You DO NOT have to post each character you use.

:bulletblue:) If you post someone else's character, or if someone else does the sheet for you, you will be banned. That is a permanent ban, and will NOT be reversed.

:star: Enforcement:

:bulletblue:) We typically have a kick / kick / ban enforcement policy with the exception of blatant infractions. If you feel like you were banned unfairly, please send a note directly to MiyuDimon for her to make the decision to bring you back or not.

DAmn Rules

:bulletblue:) No spam. This includes icons and emoticons. (please don't use more than four in one post or too often.)

:bulletblue:) Keep it clean. All and any type of cybering (sexually explicit rping) references that are too mature is against dAmn rules and will result in a ban and a policy report to the staff. Here is a link to the dAmn rules.… Keep your requests PG-13... I will NOT tolerate this, First offense is a perm ban.


Ceo - This class is for MiyuDimon ONLY, she is the owner of the room.

CM- This class is for SkittlesRus and Jacob-C-Wolf only, they are the Co-Owner's of the room. Works along side MiyuDimon.

Head-Security- This class is for our bots who maintain our welcome message and watch for spamming.

Editors - This class is for the mods of RPAffinity.

Proof-Readers- This class is for the secondary mods of RPAffinity.

Helpers- This class is for people to help check sheets and monitor when a mod is unavailable.

Copy-Writers - This class is for the bots of RPAffinity.

The-Imaginators- This is a VERY new class. This will be the class that creates events, advertises RPA, and thinks of new ideas.
(To be in this class, you MUST be a member of RPA for at least a month, and must send Miyu a note with request to join, make her want you.)

Special-Friends- This class is for friends of Miyu's who do not rp, but are in the room for the social aspect of the room.
(Mostly made for Miyu's friends at Deviant365 or Mods of dA- DO NOT ASK TO BE PUT IN THIS CLASS!!!)

Lovers - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do romance rp's over any other genre.

Fighters - This class is for those Rpers who prefer to do battle rp's over any other genre.

In-betweeners - This class is for those Rpers who do NOT have a preference genre and will accept/request different genre's.

Novelists - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post over 400 words.

Short-Stories - This class is for those Rpers who do not have a specific genre, but who usually post under 400 words.

Readers - This class is for Guests who have not yet posted a character sheet.

Silenced- This class is for those who get into trouble, but not banned. Be careful!!!

Deleted - This class is for those who have broken the rules and are no longer welcome in RPAffinity.

:bulletblue: Character Sheet :bulletblue:

NO FAN CHARACTERS OF ANY KIND!! It will be auto denied.

Name: (First and last please. If it's only one name (IE something like Blood), then please explain why.)

Race: (If the race of your character is something you created, or something that is very rare for a character, then please explain what it is. You don't have to be too detailed, just a brief explanation.)

Gender: (Female or male)

Age: (If the character is immortal, like a vampire, then please tell us what age they look like and what age they really are. If you don't know, then please give us an estimate. We highly suggest you don't go over the top with the age. We do NOT allow any characters under the age of 13.)

Appearance: (This needs to be a paragraph long (Five sentences at the least for a paragraph.) If you find yourself having trouble describing your character, try starting from head to toe: Start from their head, starting with their hair. The down to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, etc. etc. It really helps.)

History: (This needs to be at least three paragraphs long. Like the appearance, try and start from the beginning. When they were born, where, any important information about their family. Go on to child hood, then to teen, young adult, and then further on depending on how old your character is.)

Personality: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Try to explain your characters personality as best you can, what they normally feel like, what happens when they get mad or happy, how people would describe them.)

Weakness: (This needs to be a paragraph long, and their weakness must be able to kill them. A good example would be water killing a fire monster, things like that. Please list as many weaknesses as you can, and if your character happens to be a human, just point out that the normal human weaknesses apply to your character.)

Weapons: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Explain all weapons, if you do not have any weapons then please explain that. )

Abilities: (This needs to be a paragraph long. Please list all abilities, this includes the abilities your character has from its race (IE a vampire has super speed, super strength, high senses, etc. etc.) as well as physical abilities, like being able to fight very well or some magic abilities.)

Class Requested: (Feel free to pick whatever you like, though it's suggested that you pick something that fits your character. If you can't decide, feel free to ask a mods opinion.)

Person who helped you when you came in:

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?

:new:(Make sure to check your spelling and grammar before you submit this, if you don't use word (Which is high suggested) then you can use an online spell checker. Tab a mod when you've finished. IF YOU HAVE NOT FILLED OUT ALL SECTIONS THEN YOU WILL BE DENIED!!)

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Tails1213 Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Name: Melancton Grimm (prefers Mel)

Race: Grim Reaper. In my story, the Grim Reaper's job is to get rid of demons that dwell in human's mind. The demons form as actual demons when they're fighting.

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: He has pitch black hair that hangs in his face, with a cowlick on the top of his head. For his face he has emerald green eyes, a sharp nose, thin lips and chin, and still has those childish cheeks. He looks very small, skinny and pale. For his usual attire, he has a black hoodie, gray shirt, dark blue jeans, and black converses(?). But for his his Grim Reaper attire, he has a long black (a lot of black, sorry) coat, with shoulder pads on the outside, white rectangle clips, white lining, and gray baggy pants that are stuffed into black boots with white lining.

History: He was born at Portland's hospital, mother by the name of Nellie, and father dead in an accident. But that doesn't mean sadness for Mel. He was (and still is) Nellie's little sunshine. But, alone, Mel couldn't help but feel as if his father was still alive, and wanted to go and find him. Even if it was hopeless, he needed a father figure.
A couple years later, Nellie's sister and brother-in-law died in a horrible accident. Sadness lingering, she realized their daughter, Harmony was alive and alone. Nellie adopted the 3 year old girl and promised she would live a happy life. When Mel (7) saw her for the first time, he realized the little girl would be the same as him if she didn't have a father figure. He vowed to be better than his so-called father, whom he now held hatred for, and protect his new little sister.
At age 13, Mel knew he had to get a social group, since his friends all had separate groups. He decided to be his own character. He really loved the color black, he became a (as he called it) loner. This caused him to try to do things on his own. His friends really didn't like that. To prove he didn't need people around him, he went of on his own in an underground waterway. He then literally fell into his destiny of becoming a Grim Reaper, as his father was before. (though he doesn't know that.)

Personality:As I wrote before, he becomes a loner at a young age (he still is young XD). But despite that, he still cares for the people around him. He's brave, as every hero has to be. He's also grumpy and rude to people around him. They still love him though. (He's lovable.)

Weaknesses: He has normal human weaknesses. I... can't exactly write a paragraph about this, sorry. :(

Weapons: Mel has the stereotypical scythe for fighting demons (as much as he hates it)(This is really hard to describe, I'll do my best) it doesn't exactly have a color. For example if you looks at it, and behind the scythe is a park, you'll see it in negative colors. It's a godly weapon, therefor does not... really exist in this world. Also, if Mel drops it, after five seconds,  the scythe will 'teleport' to Mel's location. It is impossible to lose it. When Mel is not using the weapon, it turns into a ring, which he puts on his left middle finger.

Abilities: He has the ability to summon his weapon, of course. He has speed healing, which comes in handy. Unless you like your mother questioning why you look like you've been thrown in a blender. He also has more strength than the average person. Finally, Soul Power (this is currently being renamed) he can summon the power from his soul, and use that to either heal or destroy. How much it effects what it's being used for, depends on how strong the will of the user.

Class requested: u-uh... in-betweeners please. ^^ I need to explore what I can do.

Person who helped when you came in: Asuos

Have you read and agree to ALL of RPAffinity's rules?: Yes!! :)

I am so sorry, I wrote this at 12 in the morning. Adding this is my first time doing this. XD Thank you for your consideration.
Pyratesque Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
Name: Celio Concori (Traditional name in the story: Siralle Joh un Koncur)

Gender: Male

Birth date/Approximate age: Approximately sixteen years of age

Species: Magician's Son/ Spell-caster (He is a being who are like humans with powers of magic but he only has few magic powers. He is a spell-caster which is someone who uses objects to conjure magic)

Alignment: Lawful good. He is a journeyman seeking to fight the evil of his realm. He is slightly reluctant of his destiny but he has the willpower to pressure through the harsh times.

Personality: He often starts out as timid and awfully respectful but once familiar will be more outspoken and social. He is kind and considerate; funny and reluctantly charming in his own way. At times, he is very hyper as well as having times of being somewhat depressed and glum. He is very much a pushover but seems convincingly assertive when upset, distressed, or offended. He can be offended quicker than angered and is quite reserved when it comes to showing frustration or contempt. He is also quite emotional and takes great consideration in other’s feelings. When in pain, he appears to be tired, depressed or deep in thought. When pleased or relaxed, appears to be content in a haughty fashion on frequent occasions. 


•Face: Low, broad jawbone that slightly points out more as he ages. A cute button nose when younger that eventually narrows a bit and sticks out more in a royal manner but still elegant and well-shaped. Smooth, flawless skin with lightly blushed cheeks; cheekbone accented more only as he ages. Quite attractive possibly because of the femininity deep within his features that last through the ages; he always seems to display a childlike charm—an ever-youthful aura that radiates mostly from his face.
•Build: Very toned muscles around thighs and calves. Arms are built up nicely but the muscles are not too noticeable and thick.
Skin Tone: Can be from lightly tanned to burnt caramel *large beauty-mark at bottom left corner of eye* 
•Eyes: Metallic blue slate/ sky blue; always look childish even when age narrows them.
•Hair: Pearl white; bright white with tints of blue and purple. At the very roots, it starts out black/ dark gray but quickly fades into white (is his natural hair though). Front of hair is swirled and naturally curves to the back and covers part of his left eye. His hair is as thick as stallion hair and reaches, decently evenly, to the low of his back but most of the hair in the front reaches no farther than to his chin. Wears ribbon to tie it together at the end. (lately he has been wearing his hair where it passes the shoulders due to lack of time and patience to care for it like he used to) *Brows*: Kind of bushy nearer to the nose, thins out a bit to the end then curves down, almost to the entire width of eye, a little bushy. Most is a really dark gray bit lightens very slightly to the end. 

Weapons: The Sword of Life. In the story, there is legend that the Sword of Life was made during the creation of the world Celio resides in or that the first sentient beings of his world were the ones to make it. Of course this is legend and thus no one knows its real origin. It has been passed down for centuries in his royal family line. The sword has mystical powers where it morphs to best defeat its adversary and quite possibly has a manmade soul of its own. This is what makes him a spell-caster. He also wields smaller daggers and knives.

Strengths: He is very witty, wise and intelligent. He is a fast runner and speedy reader. He soon has a good hand at swordsmanship but still has much to learn.

Weaknesses: He is not good at magic and hasn't been able to harness spell-casting yet. Overly emotional at times and it sometimes clouds his judgement. Rather gullible at times and can be easily persuaded to the point that it makes him naive.


At a young age, (approx. five years old) Celio's father was killed in the war and, being the only one to succeed in reaching the lair of the wicked AkoShoh, he was the only one to fall by the hand of her awful power. Thereafter, his mother was kill by some spontaneous and unknown magical toxin spread out to the town by AkoShoh bent on ridding the village of all who had The Royal Concori Blood in their veins. But  reluctantly, only his mother was killed, leaving young Celio alone.

From then on, he had to be raised by his grandfather, a high nobleman of the king. And for the next nine years, he stayed in the residence of his grandfather, Alirixi Concori's mansion.

On one harvest morning, he was told of the terror that AkoShoh had brought onto the land and how she had made several attempts at world conquest for the past centuries. He also found that his destiny was to go on a journey to stop the sorceress' greatest attempt at world conquer that could possibly succeed.

So for the next few years, he went on this long journey with the companionship of a young she-wolf by the name of Farsynja, in search of her castle at the darkest realm of the world to finally end her terror on the world.

Class: Fighters~

Let me know if I left anything out, thanks!
PandieKey Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Student General Artist

Name: Roseabella Charleston
Race: White, Vampire

Gender: Female

Age: She Looks to be 20 years old, Such because that is when she became the Vampire. But she is about 102. April 12,1912
Appearance: Roseabella is a tall lean female. Hair Long Brown hair (with a red tint) comes to the bottom of her back, it is wavey and She parts it on the Right Side of her head. Her eyes are a Bright Blue (Drinking only the Blood of Freash water animals). Her lips are a bright red. She has a Scare on the bottom left of her of her left eye. She stands to be 5'8 about 160, She has a necklace that is a golden chain but at the base of her neck hangs a red circular Dimond. Her nails are red as well. She wears a white button down with the Sleves rolled up to 3/4 liength. Her Pants are a dark Blue with a Black belt hanging Losely from the Top of her Right of her hip. She walks around with a White umbrella protecting herself from the sun

Roseabella was born on the Day of April 12, 1912. Her father was on the Titanic when it Sank, Her mother comitted Suicied after leaving Roseabella on the Front steps of an orphanage in the City of london. She grew up knowing what happened to her parents because of the Nun taking care of her told her and it was destainy that brought her to the orphanage(The Nun was 20 when she begain to take care of Roseabella). Roseabella was not liked by most because she tend to stay to her self when she was young. All she wanted to do was Draw and paint, and sew handmade dolls together.

When She went to the School that catered to the orphanage she was struck with the fact that other people knew about her mother. The other kids teased her saying things as "You where such a burden that your mother killed herself to get away from you." She tucked the pain away for many years untill she was about 16. By this time the Nun had adopted her and raised her as her own. "Rosey you are so beautiful I dont understand way you let the others make fun of you." the nun would freauantly say to her. One day when she came home late she found something she never thought of. The Nun was laying on the floor. Her legs where in an unatural position and her arms tied behind her. The nun moved and moaned Roseabella quickly came to her side held the nun in her lap. "This is not your fault Rosey, dont let anyone tell you are not beautiful, or smart, or sweet, I love you rosey..." Rosebella Held her nun tightly untill she herd the last breath come from her lips.

When she was 17 she dropped out of school and met a boy named Alexander Charleston, they where a happy couple he gave her everything but all she wanted was to be by his side forever, in which she will be forever, but not by his side.... Alexander and Roseabella got Married two months after She turned twenty. With Alexander being the heir of the Charleston estate he lived in the large Mansion. In the Fall of that year, only being married four months both where laying in bed when Roseabella herd a sound in the hall she got up to observe what was comming threw the house. She walked out the door and saw that one of the big windows had been slug open by the wind. She sighed with relife has she closed the window and came back to the bed room. Once again she sees blood everwhere, two men with skin as white as the moon and eyes as red as the necklace that hang from her neck stared at her with her husbands body parts scaddered everywhere and some where in the men's Mouths. They attacked her and she Blacked out. She woke up the next morning laying in a morg, to her surprize she was on the table, and her husbands remaining parts where laying on the other side of her. She dashed out of the Room coming into the sun feeling her skin burning.. she looked down at her hand and it was just that. Burning. She ran under the protection of the pavilian of the Funeral home. Her Skin was just a white and Cold as the snow of the winter.

Personality: Roseabella is a very sweet and caring person, she has gone threw so much but she has learn grefing and hatered is not the way to live life, because would Nun or Alexander want her to be sad all of her life ? She will do anything for anyone that she can or they will let her. When she is happy she is loving and caring and it takes alot to make her mad, but when she is mad you do not want to be near her. She blacks out and most of the time when she gets mad.... and there is blood allaround her.

Weakness: the Sun and the smell of fresh human blood. When she smells the blood she goes crazy like it is said before she blacks out and it is a wonderwhy she isnt dead her self. Oh and People ripping her head off and burning her body and head isnt good either....

Weapons: The only one she has a handgun because she wants to be played off as an albino. She doesn't want to be strickened from the world so she walks around town with her umbrella, and a few times she has been contronted by men that want to "Help her" so once she flashes the Gun most leave her alone. (This one was hard to make a paragraph)

Abilities: Such as being a Vampire she has the super speed the strenth and the supernatural sences.The unusual abilities she has are the zoomed in sight in which she could be a snipper but she loves her hand gun. She is ancreadable voilen player (But when you have eterity to learn it you get pretty good). She still makes the dolls to sell so she can pay rent for apartments but she moves every five years so she isnt noticed to be staying the same age.

Class Requested: Lover (maybe different need opinions )

Person who helped you when you came in: Asuos
Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3]Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3]Llama Emoji-58 (Hop and Jump) [V3] 

LoveableHothead Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Name: Esme Sanders

Race: humanoid turtle

Gender: female

Age: 16

Appearance: She has light green skin in between Raph and Leo's color. She has turquoise eyes with a pink mask though she changes her mask a lot depending on her mood. her hair is long and black and silky and stops in the middle of her shell. she is about and two to three inches shorter than Raph about Mikey's height. she is fairly skinny but not to skinny. her body is built like a mixture of how Mikey looks and Donnie.

History:  (from OC pov) Hey my names Esme. Yea i know what your thinking and yes i am a turtle. I wasn't always though. Here is a little bit about me. I was born March 26, 1996 to my mother, Nina Sanders, and father, Joseph Sanders. I grew up in Queens and when i was older my mother gave birth to my baby sister Samantha Sanders. When i was fifteen I lost my mother and sister to some Purple Dragon thugs which caused my father to become very abusive. A year later I moved and attended a new school where I met and befriended April O'Neil and later on met the turtles at a costume party. That's when i first met Raphael. Let me just say we didn't hit it off at first being that we both have a temper, though he says i actually scare him sometimes so whatever. I became mutated into a turtle like the guys later on after being captured by the Kraang. Man those walking trash cans are annoying. Well I now live and train with my new family and actually i don't think I've been this happy in a long time. So that's a little about me. Wanna know more just ask i wont bite.

Personality:  Esme is head strong and has a bit of a temper. she can control it better than others can but when pushed to far or cornered  her temper can get the best of her and she will literally, lose it. She is very emotional and caring as well as sarcastic and hard headed. She loves helping people but will try to avoid being helped unless necessary. She loves video games and pizza as well as rock music and training. She hates polka music, the foot clan and the kraang along with Shredder and his hench men. She probably hates the Purple Dragons more and their Kunoichi Misa Kashi.

Weakness: Esme's anger is one of her weaknesses. She lets her anger get the best of her a lot and she ends up paying the price physically.  She has basically the same weaknesses as the other turtles physically. She has one emotional weakness which is her extreme fear of heights.
Weapons: Esme's weapon of choice is a pair of twin Kama. She also has throwing stars and smoke bombs as well as some small hidden daggers. She has a secondary weapon of choice for her long rang missions which is a bow and arrows.

Abilities: Esme is a great fighter. She is fast and stealthy and she is a fast learner which helps her learn new moves and Kata quicker than others do. She is skilled in ninjitsu and close combat and she is also skilled in stealth and archery.

Class Requested: Fighters

Person who helped you when you came in: Asous

read rules and i agree
R4DI04CTIV3 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Electra Pleiade

Race: Fallen angel. (Like a ghost, a spirit, but with a more morose demeanor and raven wings owo)

Gender: Female

Age: She appears to be 14, but she's actually 2,000 years old.

Appearance: Electra has extremely curly, messy black hair that reaches her shoulder blades. She has pale skin, and her eyes always seem to be leaking black gummy tears. Electra has heterochromia; one eye is a misty gray, and the other is a pale blue. She has a small, button nose that slightly pushes upward at the end, and full lips, that have a slight grey-ish tint to them. She has a tiny, dainty structure with a prominent collarbone and bony fingers. She wears a black, long-sleeved lace-up dress with a tight dark grey corset fitting around the torso. The sleeves balloon out a tiny bit and pull tight back onto her wrists. The bottom half is split into the middle, showing another dark grey layer. The dark grey layer does the same, showing a white ruffled layer. She wears black Mary-Jane shoes, and white knee-socks, although the socks aren't visible. As mentioned earlier, she has huge black wings, like those of a crow, that are softly feathered and powerful.

History: Are you ready for this history? You better be.

It started back in the old times, in a village in the Borders, that is, the lands near the border between England and Xcotland-on the edge of a dark forest. There was a bell maker in this village who was famous all over the world for the bells he made. All the grandest cathedrals wanted him to make the bells for their towers because it was said his bells had the purest chime. Some said he added the blood of falcons to carry the sound far and wide. Some whispered he used the blood of fallen angels. But that was nonsense, because everyone knows angels don't have blood.
The real reason the rumor of angel blood arose afterward on account of what happened to the bell maker's seven daughters. 
The bell maker's wife had a dream that she would have seven daughters, each as beautiful as a star, so when she did, she named them after the seven sisters who became stars; the Pleiades. When the youngest girl was born, her mother named her Electra, and then died. Once the girls became older, they strive to shine such as their namesakes. They helped their father by gathering wood in the forest for the foundry fires, when they were old enough they helped pour the molten bronze into the molds for bells. They could all ring changes on the bells and it was said their voices were as sweet and clear as their father's bells. One autumn a wealthy prince commissioned the bell maker to forge seven bells for the bell tower of his castle that lay beyond the forest. The bells had to be ready in time for Hogmanay-that's what they call New Year's Eve in the old country. There was hardly enough time, but the pay was so generous that the bell maker would be able to give each of his daughters a handsome dowry. All of the girls were happy at this prospect, except for the youngest daughter, Electra, who worried that her father was working too hard. When she could not convince her father to give up on the commission, she worked extra hard to help him work the forge and pour the molds. Her father hlet her help mold the last and smallest bell herself, the treble bell, and named the bell after her. Then so his other daughters wouldn't be jealous, he named each bell for one of his daughters. Each one is stamped with it's name; Maia, Taygete, Merope, Alcyone, Celaeno, Sterope, and Electra. The bells hang upon the Starbell Academy for this very day. Except for Electra, but I'll get to that soon. Despite the girl's help, the bell maker worked himself so hard that when the bells were finished, he fell ill-too sick to bring the bells himself to the prince's castle. The girls would not risk losing their dowries, though, so they agreed to take the bells themselves. Electra begged to stay home to nurse her father, but the oldest sister, Maia, thought that the appearance of the seven sisters delivering the  seven bells would make a pretty picture. She hoped to gain the princes admiration by the show. She even composed a seven-part peal for the sisters to play on the bells when they were installed in the tower. 
When the bells were packed in straw and loaded on the cart the sisters dressed in their best dresses and cloaks and set out for the prince's castle. Electra urged her sisters to take the longer route around the forest, because not only were the woods full of wolves and wild boars but it also was whispered that they were the abode of fairies and that many a traveler had gone mising in the fog never to be seen again. But the oldest sister insisted they go through the woods. because she wanted to be there by nightfall when the prince would attend mass. And they would have if they hadn't been caught in a fog bank that swept down out of the mountains and swallowed up the whole forest. The girls couldn't see where they were going. They heard a rustling from the woods on either side of them. At first they tried to convince themselves it was only deer or foxes, but but the creatures making these sounds were larger, and soon they heard the yip and bay of wolves call to one another.They were surrounded by a pack of wolves. And not just any wolves- shadow wolves. Shadow wolves aren't made up of flesh and blood like most animals; they're made up of shadows and pure evil. The horses knew what they were. They bolted and the reins fell out of the oldest sister's hands and the horses rain wild- right into the ditch. The wagon pitched sideways and dumped the sisters and the seven bells out into the snow. As they broke free from their straw packing, the bells made a huge and terrible clamor. When it ended, the forest was silent around them. 'The bells scared the wolves off,' Electra whispered. They could hear the baying of the wolves in the distance. Then they heard it coming closer. 'Not for long,' Taygete said. 'We should run,' Sterope said. 'Where to?' Maia asked. 'We'll only get lost in the woods and the wolves will pick us off one by one.' They could hear the wolves coming closer...and then they heard a terrible scream that they knew was one of their horses brought down by the wolves. Some of the sisters began to cry. Electra looked down at the seven bells that lay scattered in the snow. She ran to one that lay on it's side, the treble bell, and reached inside to grab the clapper. Then, with all her might, she struck the clapper against the inner rim of the bell. It silenced the wolves...for a moment, at least. All the sisters quickly caught on and grabbed the bells. 'The prince will hear it and know it's us,' Maia said. Electra began to call out the orders for the peal. They rang the bells through the night, Electra calling changes.
In the castle, the prince heard the bells. At first he thought it was the fairies playing their tricks, but the prince listened and counted the bells to seven and said to his knights, 'Those are the bell maker's daughters ringing my bells. Whoever will come to me to save them shall have one of these brave girls for a bride. And so the prince and six knights rode into the forest, following the bells through the deep fog. As they grew closer, though, they noticed that one of the bells had dropped out of the peal. One of the sisters must have grown too tired to strike her bell. They kept falling out until the only one still ringing was the treble bell- Electra's bell. They reached the sisters just as dawn was breaking. As they entered the clear, their horses scatted the ring of wolves and the fog with them. Over each of the bells lay one of the sisters, their arms too weak to ring anymore, but alive. The seventh bell, the treble, which lay farthest from the overturned wagon and hidden in the fog, still rang. But as the prince dismounted and walked toward it, the bell tolled it's last chime. But nobody was there. There was only a single black feather beside it. But as they looked farther, there was the imprint of Electra still in the snow, but filled with blood. There were no signs of being dragged away.
The prince took the bells and the sisters, and installed the bells on the tower. However, in the next week, Electra's bell had been knocked down, and knocked into the river where nobody could find it. There was only a trail of black feathers where the bell was.
Some say you can still here Electra's bell ring. Some say they spot her with huge raven wings, holding her little treble bell.
But nobody believes them.
As of today, Electra lives high up in a tree house woven of branches and leaves. If anyone happens to spot her, which is rare, she cuts down the tree and finds a new one.

Personality: Electra has a morose demeanor. She doesn't trust anyone outside of the magical realm, and won't show herself to humans. When she's angry, she often takes flight or just leaves without saying a word; not like she talks that much anyway. When she's sad, you can hear her wailing from a mile away. She doesn't cry easily, but when she does, it's explosive. She gets angry easily, however. She doesn't show happiness or joy easily, but when she's with someone she's fond of, she cracks and lets a little slip through, but never more than a little. She loves big, black dogs.

Weakness: Electra has two main weaknesses. Starting with the light of day. It will catch her wings on fire, and without her wings, she'll die. It also harms her skin. This is because she is an almost demonic entity, something that wasn't supposed to be there. Her next weakness is pure bronze. It reminds her of the only thing she had with her sisters; the bells. Her memories and strong feelings towards bronze make her body susceptible towards it; if it touches her skin, it burns like hell.

Weapons: Electra never carries weapons, because the only people she will ever allow herself to get close to/get close to her are people she trusts deeply. She would never allow herself to get caught in a fight, because she doesn't hang around with people she doesn't trust.

Abilities: Electra has limited shadow manipulation and illusion manipulation. To a certain extent, she can make you see what she wants you to see or drive you insane by casting scary shadows on the walls. She doesn't use this often, because she never gets close to enemies or humans. She can also fly (duh?) because of her wings ouo

Class Requested: In-Betweeners

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Name: Shey Vikil

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Race: Krinut, a race of small, humanoid creatures that are approximately seven centimeters tall, and live in densely wooded areas. They dress in clothes made from plant fibers and dyed with berries and flowers. They are typically unseen, and survive by using long-range weapons and poisons produced in their saliva to fight against creatures that might attack. They build long bridges out of bark and spider silk that run between the branches of trees, creating an above-ground city that is easily defensible. To deter humans, they rely on powerful magical wards in the trees that cause confusion and mess with compasses and electronic equipment. 

Their diet consists mainly of berries and nuts that are only eaten once they have fallen to the ground, so they do not have sufficient farms and instead send out gathering parties to collect the fruit. They also enjoy insects and spiders, but will usually only kill them if they attempt to attack first. 

Their government is a sort of oligarchy, with one ruling family that is considered royalty, and they hold the entire political power in their cities. However, it is an unspoken rule that abusing that power will stir a revolution, so the threat of war gives the people some power over their rulers, and police states are rare.

The Krinut use creatures called Kipplie (singularly Kippli), which resemble dragonflies with long antennae and broad pink wings as a mode of transportation. Kipplie feed on plant nectar, and are mostly nocturnal. 

Weapon: Shey uses a bow carved out of a cedar tree and strung with spider silk. The arrows are licked prior to firing to add a toxin that kills most predators. He also uses the sap from certain plants to either shoot a nonlethal toxin, or to tranquilize insects. He carries a small knife as well. 

Appearance: He stands at only seven centimeters, give or take a millimeter. He has short, dark hair that parts to the side, round ears, slightly greenish skin, wide brown eyes that allow for better vision at night, and a narrow frame. He speaks with a guttural voice, but his language is the same as the human's.  He wears a brown tunic made of dried frog skin, black shorts, and heavy boots. Along with his quiver, he carries a part of a black beetle carapace to use as defense in case of an attacking predator. 

Personality: Serene, but cynical. He has a hard time forming meaningful relationships as he is overly pessimistic about people. However, he keeps most of his observations to himself. He does love his family, and tries to stay out of trouble for their sake. He isn't particularly ambitious and chooses to work in the construction department, rather than leave the safety of the city to the ground below. He has an innate fear of spiders.

When he does leave the city, he enjoys going to the Hall of Leaves, a protected garden at the base of a tall cedar which is marked as sacred ground, as the wards in the trees are powered from these gardens. He enjoys the peace and quiet, but most of all, the flora. He has an immense appreciation for growing things, but his fear of the ground prevents him from growing his own garden. 

He is indifferent toward the ruling family, the Ika, and so is often out of the loop on recent political developments. Only edicts regarding new construction projects are relevant to him. 

Abilities: Emotionally, he is able to remain calm under pressure and can quickly figure out a solution to a problem. Physically, he is strong for his size, and he has good aim with his bow as far as target practice goes, but has very little practice with using it out of necessity. He has a Kippli named Dersy that he uses to navigate the city fairly quickly, and can fly her out to the edge of the forest if necessary. 

Despite his appreciation for plants, he isn't very artistic, and most of his knowledge is practical rather than philosophical. He is quite capable of fixing things he knows and figuring out things he doesn't. He enjoys building both structures and equipment, and has a room full of devices with varying degrees of usefulness, but they are all his own creations. Inventive, resourceful, and dedicated, Shey Vikil can find a solution to just about anything...

Weakness: ...As long as it isn't people. As mentioned before, he cares very little for relationships and isn't very persuasive or charismatic. Then there's the obvious handicap of being the size of a bug. Like most Krinut, he has little use in close quarters combat, and his poisonous saliva is only useful if he can get it into your bloodstream. He also doesn't like going down to the ground. He's used to navigating the treetops, and will typically get around using Dersy. If he must go to the ground, it's using designated pathways, or with a party of well-armed hunters.

Furthermore, due to his smaller size, illnesses are caught much faster and do much more damage. Hygiene is a matter of life and death for Krinut. He must prepare all of his food himself or risk a deadly infection.

History: Shey Vikil was born in Cedargard to parents who were both gatherers. From a young age, however, he displayed an interest in building and creating, and his parents knew he was destined for a career in construction. At the age of ten, he received his first bow, and his father, Ruz, taught him how to use it. He was home schooled, as his mother believed that the Cedargard educations system was not sufficient for him.

Then his mother died.

She was stricken ill with fever and died shortly after. Her death made him more of a recluse, and his father eventually stopped going out, taking up construction as well in order to take care of Shey. Realizing that his son was not getting out, and that he needed friends to help cope with the loss, he enrolled Shey in the local academy. 

There, he learned construction from the experts and developed a close relationship with one of the professors. He also fell in love with a boy named Inruf, and they dated for a while. However, it didn't last, as Inruf was much more emotional and sensitive, and didn't like how distant Shey was. 

He graduated at the age of seventeen and immediately went to work in construction, impressing his colleagues with his quick thinking and innovative solutions. However, when he was sent to collect silk to build a new bridge, he had a difficult time approaching the web, though he knew it was uninhabited. He had to have help unraveling it, and he apologized profusely before bringing it to the site.

He continues to work in the construction field, with his dad in retirement. He is not occupied with being in a relationship anytime soon.


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Name: Midnight Blue ( Named for a feature on her body)

Race: Dark Imp/Forest Nymph hybrid (She was raised by Forest nymphs and adapted to that environment) 


Age: ??? (No one knows exact age, but she is only 24)

Appearance: She has no hair. Her ears are pointed (Like an Elf's). She has vampire like fangs, and her eyes are a deep Midnight blue (That is where her name came from) She wears a tattered green Ancient Greece type of robe. She goes barefoot. Unlike most Imps, she is quite attractive and even has a kind of cat-like appearance.Her hands are human like, but her feet are like a cat's hind legs. She has sharp retractable claws.  She is only 4 feet tall. The final feature is her wings. They are like angel wings, but instead of feathers, they are leaves. Her skin color will change with the environment (If she is flying over a lake she will be blue, if a meadow, green, etc)

History: Her birth mother gave birth to 20 other children besides her, and not only that, but she was the most feeble, and she was the smallest of the pack. So they abandoned her to die shortly after she was born. They had left her in a jungle like forest. But some forest nymphs found her, and the decided to take her in. The named her Midnight Blue because of her beautiful blue eyes. They raised her as if she was a forest nymph, but they never told her she was really a Imp. She had grown up believing she was an odd looking forest nymph. But at the age of ten, she ran into an Imp. This imp, was her father. He instantly recognized her, and he called the rest of the family. In the time she was gone, her mother had given birth to 30 more children on top of the other 20. Making a grand total of 52 family members (All of them having combat skills) to come and kill her. They had abandoned her to make sure Imps are portrayed in a bad way. They believed that even though she was now strong and healthy, they still thought she would show to the world that Imps were helpless and weak.  And they had expected her to die. And they wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

 Not wanting to hurt her family, she let them beat her, to close to the point of death. But that is when she discovered  a power she never knew she had. Not having wings before, her wings sprouted, and she flew high enough to escape her family. She then released a magic spell that turned every single one of them into stone, except her father. Who got away, and ran. She realized she was born with it

In her teens (About 12 to 15) She started to go out scavenging for food, and occasionally stealing it from humans. But on her 13th birthday, she came home to a horror show. Every single Forest Nymph was painfully murdered, each in a different way. And her adoption parents were together next to a tree, and in the tree, was engraved

"No one can live forever. Find me and kill me if you want all them back."

So she searches. And the rest of her life up until now was dedicated to finding her evil father. And until she does, she jumps from safe haven to safe haven, always wandering.

Personality: She is sweet and caring. She has a lot of empathy. She understands everybody who has lost someone important. And she is an easy person to get along with and talk to. But mention her family, or piss her off, there will be hell to pay. She is normally a loner. When she travels, she travels alone. To avoid hurting anyone.

Fire; Due to the fact that she adapted to a Forest Nymph

Silver: Because it was something that ran through the family. Most of the past generations had been killed with a silver knife

Her Father: Just the thought of the Imp will paralyze her into thought. Although she is pursuing him, she is still afraid of him. 

Weapons: She uses magic such as nature and dark magic to inflict a series of pain and paralysis before giving a final death glare that turns the enemy to stone.

Abilitys: Healing wounds: If a comrade is slashed badly by a sword or gets burned, she can heal using magic

Future sight: She can see a certain part of the future if a statement is said to trigger it

Mind Reading: She can read most others minds, and answer questions before they are said. She doesn't use this often, but she will use it against enemies to predict moves. The downfall is that she will not always read correctly. So she will read one thought, but it wasn't accurate.


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